The Woodland Sirens

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this story feature several ai images. I haven’t tagged it as ai written as only the images where made with ai.


I pushed open the door only to immediately close it again. A cold wind slammed into me, leaving me feeling underdressed. I grabbed a warm yellow scarf wrapping it around my neck before finally leaving the chocolate box cottage I had rented for the week.

Early winter winds blew through the autumn leaves, while the midday sunlight shone through the crystal clear sky. Layers of my long golden hair blew around me as I headed to the centre of the small market town I was staying in.

beautiful women with very long wavy blonde hair style tightly clutcching a scarf, fall colors hyperdetailed by Greg Rutk...

In the summer a vibrant market would be held but as I passed the cobbled square it almost looked lonely. But I wasn’t here for the market or the pretty cottages of the small town. What I was here for was beyond the borders of this town and even beyond the maze of public footpaths around it.

I had been struggling for inspiration and hoped that a ‘return to nature’ would help reignite my creative spirt. With a camera and map of beauty spots in my bag, I headed to the start of one the trails.


Two hours later I had gotten more photos than I had done in months. Every time I found a gap in the treeline it revealed incredible views of the valleys below. I eventually reached the peak, leaving the thick forest cover behind, waves of forest canopy rolled for as far as the eyes can see.

A gust of wind nearly blew me over, sending hair flying into my face. I gathered the mass together and throw it into a ponytail. It was still basically down but at least it was out of my face.

beautiful women with very long wavy blonde hair in ponytail tightly clutcching a scarf, fall colors hyperdetailed by Gre...

I continued down the hill. My plan was to do loop but I had noted one spot where I would leave the track. I had heard about a waterfall about half a mile from the path and though it was worth a detour.

The thickness of the foliage, even in autumn, made me question my decision. However, when I reached the diversion the ground seemed to be recently treaded. This eased my nerves slightly, but I still second guessed myself as I headed into the forest.

The path seemed relatively clear so I headed further and deeper into the woods. I ducked under a branch and looked ahead expecting to see a faint but clear path ahead of me. But I couldn’t make out a path.

A shiver ran down my spine as a cold wind raced through the forest. I pushed forward thinking the path would reveal itself but after heading a dozen metres into the undergrowth I still couldn’t make out a path.

I headed back to where I thought I had left the path. My eyes darted across the ground, looking for the track I had followed but seeing nothing recognisable. I pushed around looking for sighs of a track anything. Nothing.

A chill came over me, why had it become cold so suddenly. It was the early evening and yet it felt like the temperature had fallen dramatically. And why was it so dark. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day and yet only a trickle of faded sunlight broke through the forests canopy.

I retraced my steps I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. My footprints where barely noticeable until they just stopped.

Shit, I’m lost.

A nearby stone acted as a stall while I rethought my plan. I knew where I had left the path so if I headed uphill I must find the path eventually. It seemed to get colder so after reassuring myself that this was the best option I started to head uphill.

It seemed to get colder, unnaturally so. With every step I took the forest seemed to get thicker.

A cold breeze rushed across the forest floor. I carried on expecting it to pass. But it didn’t, it just grew stronger and stronger. Wind swirled around me and raindrops battered against my face. A wall of pellets shot into me as the rain turned to hail and then snow.

I tried to get shelter by the roots of a towering oak tree. Snow pelted into me as I curled into a ball sheltering my face from the worse of the howling winds.

“come with me” a female voice cut through the wind.

beautiful women with brown long hair wearing a knitted cloak in a snowstorm head and shoulders portrait, 8k resolution c...

She sounded almost hypnotic. Her voice was as smooth as her immaculate skin and two icy blue eyes cut through the mist that had descended onto us.

I didn’t seem to question her. She was just someone I could trust. As I stood up the wind seemed to pause and she wrapped her massive coat around me. We walked together where I thought seemed deeper into the forest a few minutes later we emerged in a clearing and a small single room log cabin.

bothy in snowstorm in a forest portrait, 8k resolution concept art Greg Rutkowski, Artgerm, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha dynamic...

Only when she sat me down did I realise what had happened.

“what is your name?” there was that voice again.

“Haley” I replied.

She didn’t seem interested in my answer, or me. Instead her focus was on a pot she was heating over a small fire

“how did I get here, I only strayed off the path my a few metres”

“you strayed more then a few metres”

“but I don’t understand, how is it possible and the snow it’s…”

“you wandered into the forest, all of the forests are linked… if you know how”

She spoke with a strange passion. Perhaps dismissively, I assumed she was some weird hippy type.

“drink this” she handed me a large mug.

“what is it?”

“a herbal remedy. For the cold”

Reluctantly, I took a sip and nearly gaged. Not only was it boiling hot but it tasted fowl. It seemed to numb my mouth as I recoiled from the mug.

She looked at me as if telling me to drink. And I did. The numbing returned and spread down my neck into my chest. It seemed to stop sensation in me. I felt my body tensing up then I seemed to go limb.

Just as I began to take the cup from my lips she stepped forward. I tried to resist but could hardly move. She continued to force me to drink the rest of the numbing liquid.

I couldn’t move. My whole body had gone limb, like I was asleep but I was awake and fully conscience.

“oh, Haley. You will do nicely” she said, tucking a few loose hairs behind my ears.

Her nails scratched into my scalp as she moved my head into place. My chair was turned to face a large rustic mirror.

“there’s no need to be scared this will be over shortly”

I could see my limb body in the mirror. I was completely paralysed only held up by my capturers hands on my head.

“but first time to take my trophy”

She released my hair from my ponytail. Only to gather it together again and gently twist it into a loose 3 strand braid. Two feet of golden plait was tied with a strand of twine, first at the bottom then at the top.

My body didn’t even twitch as I pushed my limbs to the move. Not even a tear formed in the corner of my eye, I screamed but not a muscle moved and not a sound came out my mouth. My brain suffocated under fear of this woman; what she had done to me, what she was still doing to me.

She tipped my chin up and her eyes met mine. A smile crept across her face as she looked into my helpless form. I couldn’t even move my eyes to look away from my capture. Her fingers scratched against me, my soft skin against her nails.

My face was tilted down and she returned to behind me. Something metallic in her hand reflected the little light in the room. She lifted my braid up and I felt cold metal on my nape.

Was she going to cut my hair. My hair was my pride and joy. Ever since my parents let me I had grown it long and loved it. Both boys and girls would lust over its beauty, it was my pride, what made people think I was pretty, my safety blanket. I couldn’t cry as she cut, close to my head, above where she had tied her braid.

Short strands of hair fell out around my head. A two foot braid hung from this strange women’s hands. She placed it on a nearby table before returning to me. What I now learned was a knife was put to my head and cut through my hair. As if she was playing with me, strands of hair was thinned and layered to her pleasing.

The knife was placed on the side, next to my severed braid. Her hands grabbed mine and she placed half a dozen rings on each hand. They ranged from ornate silver, to simple brass and a few made of carved wood and what felt like stone.

She picked my limb body up and laid me down on a bed. My head was put on its side and handfuls of a gravel like substance was poured around me. Something I thought where crystals were placed on my head.

She lit something and a sweet smelling fragrance filled my lungs. The sweet almost soft feeling filled me until my whole body tingled. A sharp pain, stronger than anything I had ever felt, stabbed me. Like ten thousand needles attacking every nerve in my body. Then every muscle in my body seized up in massive pain and my body pulsed violently but with every pulse less and less. Soon I felt nothing.




My fingers twitched. But I didn’t move then.

My eyelids flickered and I stretched, but none of these actions were my own. It was as if I was a puppet.

I stood up and looked at the mirror. My short haired reflection looking back at me.

beautiful women with very short blonde hair tightly clutcching a scarf, fall colors hyperdetailed by Greg Rutkowski port...

“what was her name” my voice asked.

“Haley” the strange women replied.

“hello Haley, I’m Evaline” I, she introduced myself?

She admired my soft features in the mirror. Then she took a step back to admire my figure, her hands running down my body. I could still feel everything, I was fully conscious to everything, but I couldn’t move I had no control over me.

“I think we are going to do great things, Haley” Evaline said, a smug smile stretching across my face.





Somewhere in the southern US a group of bikers gathered at the side of a rural road. A biker pulled up to the group, the biker removed her helmet revealing a beautiful young women. Her short blonde hair danced in the wind.

beautiful women with very short blonde hair red eyes wearing leather jacket, fall colors hyperdetailed by Greg Rutkowski...

“hey, boys” she said in a thick south US accent.

“my friend, she’s gott’n her truck stuck. Would any of you strong guys be able to help a girl out”

Soon after she headed off half a dozen of the bikers following behind her. None of them where ever seen again.



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