The wrong penalty

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Manuela is a young girl with an unbridled passion for football. From an early age she played soccer with both boys and girls and growing up she became a professional soccer player. She is not very tall but she has beautiful clear eyes but what really stands out about her is her red hair. She had always had short hair even though in the last two years she had decided to let it grow out and in the field she was nicknamed the red genius because of her brilliant red hair. We are in the season finale and in a few days there will be the final where Manuela will try to win the cup together with her teammates even if the match won’t be easy because on the other side the opponents are very strong and among these there is Vanessa an old acquaintance of Manuela who have faced each other in various challenges since they were children. The day before the final the two girls met on the street and Vanessa didn’t miss the opportunity to tease her rival “Are you ready to lose tomorrow?” Vanessa said defiantly and with a mischievous smile on her face. “I’m sorry for you but I’ll win!” Manuela’s words were decisive and she didn’t want to grant any satisfaction and she continued “Tomorrow we will show you what we can do and the cup will be ours”.
Vanessa smiled at this statement and her answer was not long in coming “How about making a bet? Who among us wins can do whatever he wants to the loser” “I’m in!” Manuela immediately retorted self-confident. “Then we have an agreement. Tomorrow after the match I will have a lot of fun with you” and laughing Vanessa she walked away from Manuela. On the day of the final, the teams were very ready for the match and there were many fans in the stands to support the teams. The match was very hard fought and Manuela even managed to score a goal with a nice shot from outside the area but in the second half the opponents equalized and the match ended in a draw and continued with penalties. Vanessa was the first player on her team to shoot and she had scored but Manuela’s teammates had also scored and with the fourth penalty the turning point came: a teammate of Manuela’s kicked the penalty and the opponent scored so Manuela appeared from penalty spot to kick the penalty for a possible draw or defeat. The tension was very high and while she was kicking Manuela lost her balance and slipping she threw the ball on the post. She had lost. The opposing team ran all over the field to celebrate while Manuela was desperate for having missed such an important penalty. During the awards ceremony all the players complimented each other and when Vanessa approached Manuela she said “Nice game” and after a handshake she added “after remember I’ll wait for you at my house for the award” and laughing she walked away to celebrate with her friends. Manuela was low in spirits from the defeat and most of all she didn’t have the slightest idea of what Vanessa would make her do so she took a shower and after tying her hair up in her classic high bun she reluctantly walked to Vanessa’s house. Her rival was very elegant in a long black dress and the long blond hair that reached her shoulders was curlier than usual. “Well, well, I’ve been waiting for you. Come in and sit on the couch.” Manuela complied and as she walked she saw Vanessa’s house which was well cared for. “Then I see that you have come. Are you ready to satisfy me in everything I ask of you?” Vanessa began. “As long as we hurry,” Manuela replied in kind.
“Well, then I thought a lot about what I could make you do for me or what I could make you also because occasions like these don’t happen often” said Vanessa as she walked around Manuela and added “I thought that only one thing could make me remember this forever fantastic experience”
“Would be?”
“I’ve decided I want your hair”
Manuela remained silent while she stared at Vanessa who sat down in front of the girl and pointed to a black bag that was placed on the coffee table between the two sofas. Manuela didn’t know what to say because by now she was growing her hair carefully and she didn’t want to cut it but at the same time she knew that she had lost a bet and she had to keep her word. Vanessa meanwhile opened her bag and thrust an electric razor out of it which she turned on and the sound filled the room for a few seconds before turning it off.
“Are you ready? Now let’s start” so Vanessa got up but first placed her phone on the table “you don’t mind if I film the scene, right? I want to be able to watch it again calmly later” and so she started the video recording of her cell phone and taking the razor he went behind Manuela who had not yet spoken. Vanessa showed Emanuela the razor up close and with a POP she turned on the device and made the young redhead jump for fear of her. “Don’t worry, it will be beautiful for both of you” Vanessa laughed while she grabbed Manuela’s bun with one hand and pulled it hard. “Your hair is really long but after tonight you won’t need to do this hairstyle anymore to play.” Vanessa finally placed the razor in the center of Manuela’s forehead and very calmly made the first pass towards the huge chignon.

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssededed down” Vanessa yelled with joy as her first tears fell down Manuela’s face that she couldn’t hold back. Vanessa was finding it difficult to shave Manuela’s huge bun due to her hair getting thicker as she got closer to the base of the bun so she put down her razor to take the scissors from her black bag and slip them into the base of the bun . For Manuela the agony seemed endless as did the sound of the scissors that with difficulty were cutting more and more hair on top of her head. After several SCHINK SCHINK SCHINK her grip on her head ceased and the bun was now in Vanessa’s hands.
“FINALLY. Sorry if I kept you waiting but it was bigger than I expected” and after showing it to Manuela, he placed it on the table before taking the razor again and restarting the strokes on the young redheaded girl’s head. By now Manuela was just hoping that Vanessa would finish soon because she wanted to go home and after several minutes Vanessa had finally finished the procedure.
“Perfect. I couldn’t get the smallest stubble out of you but I’m satisfied with my work.”
Manuela raised her hands and felt her head completely shaved and although her razor tickled her as she shaved her head, especially the nape of her neck, she couldn’t hold back the tears.
“Come on, they’ll grow back,” Vanessa said as she set down her outfit and picked her hair off the floor.
Manuela stood up and was heading towards the door when she stopped and said “Next year the cup will be ours and then I’ll be buzzing that blond head”
“We’ll see,” Vanessa replied as she laughed and watched Manuela as she passed her front door.
That night was terrible for Manuela because she had lost both her cup and her hair and as she was about to go to bed she received a video and a photo on her cell phone where it said
“I thought I’d send you the video of your shave as a reminder of today and I also sent you the photo of my medal with the new decoration” the photo showed Vanessa’s medal on the bedside table with the chignon that belonged to Manuela and serve as medal crown. The message ended with
“Til the next challenge from your blond barber”
Manuela watched the video and thought that this should be a stimulus for next season so as to give her an extra push to win the cup and to give Vanessa back the same humiliation she had suffered.

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