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Part 1/3

Melanie Buzz


Please enjoy this crime sory



It is Saturday, 11:15 p.m. in Berlin, when Thea drops completely exhausted onto the bench in the tram. “Why do I always have to train half an hour longer than the others? And why do I have more and more bruises like the others? Do you have anything against me? ”She asked her trainer. He laughs.

“On the contrary, Thea. I even like you very much and the why! Because you have talent! You could also easily make a career as a ballet dancer.

You would earn even more than the police. ”

She puts her black ponytail forward over her shoulder and looks around briefly. Except for her just a passenger, a young woman in business costume,

Her blonde hair was tied up and braided high up on her head.

Her braid is thick and extends over her chest.

Thea leans back and relaxes, but now she has two weeks of vacation.

She grins to herself because she has a surprise for her sister and roommate Sybille.

> she will freak out and look for all sorts of excuses <

Three men get on at the next stop. Based on the external appearance, not particularly personable.

Thea’s adrenaline rises a little.

Two sit with the young woman, one behind her. “Hey! Stop it!”

Thea’s adrenaline levels rise a little further.

“Don’t get upset. We just want to have some fun. ”

“Let go of my hair!” The three laugh.

“Ouch! It hurts! “” Ouch! My hair!”

Thea’s adrenaline rises a little more violently.

Thea gets up and sees the one behind her grabbing her braid and pulling her head back on it. The one next to her pushes out the blade of a paper knife.

Thea runs forward. “Stop! I am the police! Let go of the woman immediately!” The three grin at her and the sharp blade is already digging into the hair.

“No! No! Not my hair! ”

Thea’s forward movement is stopped by a 150 kg mountain of meat.

“Get out of the way! You have been arrested for the time being! Stand back there! ” Her hand reaches for the service weapon.

> Schitt, I locked them in before training. <

“Baby, sit down again. It’s your turn right away, you don’t need to push yourself. And as a policewoman you even get my special women’s haircut. ”

“ My hair! ” the woman wails only when her cut braid is held in front of her face.

Thea is still standing in front of this mountain of meat.

> He has forearms and fists like clubs<

And one of these clubs is now racing towards them.

Thea backs away and the club grazes her cheekbones and nose.

Blood shoots out of it.

> Thea’s adrenaline level has peaked.

You know every weak point in the human body.

If you meet one. then you have no more problem, then you are the problem <

Her trainer’s words are racing through her brain.

She looks up at him, smiles at him.

Three quick movements and the mountain of meat lies on the ground, its two buddies follow it in a few seconds.

Thea pulls the train’s emergency brake.

Until her colleagues come, she sits next to the howling woman and tries to comfort her. She holds her cut braid in her hands.

“Do you know how many years I had to let my hair grow until it was so long,” she cries, “and then they come and just cut me off.”

The paramedics want to take Thea to the hospital. “No thanks, nothing is broken.” A colleague comes to them, a bag in her hand. “May I please.” She reaches for the braid. “I have to take it with me first. Evidence. ”

She tries to put him in the bag. “Robert, can you help me,” she calls her colleague. He takes off the braid and holds it up. “But it is long. How did they cut it off? ” He slips it into the bag. “With a wallpaper knife. These pigs, ” says the colleague, “get a few social hours and keep going.”

Thea looks after her, a brown braid dangling over her back. The colleague turns to her and holds up the braid: “You can definitely sell something like this on ebay for € 100.”  “Is what her colleague said correct?” “Because of ebay? Unfortunately, I don’t know. ” ” No, the one with the social classes. ”

Thea nods silently. >Unfortunately this is almost always the case<


Three hours later, Thea unlocks the apartment door.

Her sister Sybille is already asleep, ¾ she has reserved the double bed for herself, but Thea smiles happily and crawls under the covers.

Thea gets up late, Sybille has already prepared breakfast.

“How do you look!” “Just a little disagreement with three guys.” “And how do they look now?” Thea shrugs her shoulders, she just doesn’t feel like discussing everything now. “You can visit her in the hospital,” she replies between sips of coffee.

“By the way,” begins Thea, “tomorrow we’ll both go to the Baltic Sea, heading northeast.” “What do we want there?” “Quite simply: go on vacation.”

“No, you can’t do that.” “Why not, I’ve already booked the inn for both of us?” “But I want to repaint our kitchen next week.” “Wouldn’t we rather have a painter do that? Think about the last time you wanted to paint the dining room. With the result that you stood with both feet in the full bucket of paint and lost your balance. How many hours have we cleaned? ”

Sybille looks at her sadly. “I just wanted …”

Thea hugs her. “Oh Billi, let’s just go.”

“I also have a hairdressing appointment on Tuesday. I haven’t been to the hairdresser for over a year and a half. Look how I look. ” She runs through her short shoulder-length blonde hair and strokes her long full bangs back.

“But I can do that.” “You? Under no circumstance. The last time you cut it off to me here. ”Sybille points to half the height of her ear. “That is not true. Only to the level of your lips, the way you always have them cut. And you wanted me to cut the tips. Crooked and crooked. More than 10 cm were gone afterwards. ”

“I was really sorry about that,” says Sybille sadly, “my finger in the scissors is somehow hooked.” Thea takes her in her arms.

“Oh Billi, that’s long forgotten.”

“I also made the hairdressing appointment for both of us,” she says sadly.

“For both of us?” Sybille nods. “I wanted to give you a new pretty hairstyle for your birthday.” “Billi, don’t you like my long hair anymore?”

She shakes her head sadly. “Oh dear, what are we going to do now?”

Thea takes a sip of coffee.

> Now the young woman from last night is already sitting on a barber chair and crying while her hair is being cut short <

“Should I really cut my long hair?” Sybille nods.

“Very short? A hedgehog head, like Mrs Kruse, the teacher? She had a half-length bob. ” ” Oh poorest. I spoke to her the day before yesterday. That must have been a real misunderstanding. She didn’t want it to be that short. She hardly dares to go out on the streets and the school holidays are over next week. ”

” A misunderstanding? ”

“I’ll tell you what Lisa told me.” “Lisa?” “Yes, Lisa Kruse.”

–I was in the city center, strolling a bit and strolling through the department stores. Somehow I thought I could have my hair cut a bit shorter this summer.

And then she saw this poster from the department store hairdresser:

“Special offer: chic short hair summer hairstyles today for only half the price.”

After washing, they put me between two men. The hairdresser who served me asked me how short he could cut it. “May be significantly shorter for the summer.”

“Very much like the lady.” He pulled up a strand of hair at the front and put on his scissors. “So?” Now I had stupidly left my glasses on the sink and without glasses I’m almost blind in the distance.

Then the man next to me says: “Such an attractive woman can wear the hair even shorter.” He repairs the streak and this time the hair hangs in my eyes.

I didn’t dare to say anything and he just cut loose. It all happened so quickly.

In the end he came with a hair clipper. I thought I was going to die when she put me on the back of my neck.

But by then everything was too late.–

“And should I have them sheared for so short?”

“No, but such a short bob would definitely look great.” “A bob?”

“Yes, so that the ears are still covered, a little shorter in the back and”, she cocks her head and smiles, “bangs. That will be really great for you, with your black hair and your pretty face. ”

“Oh Billi, you worry too much about me,” she takes her younger sister in her arms. “But I’m thinking about it. Promised! And tomorrow we go. ”

“And I was so happy to go to the hairdresser with you. It’s your birthday. Imagine the two of us next to each other on the barber chair. Then I can hold your hand too. And for me you should have chosen how it will be cut.

I wouldn’t care whether it was short or long. ”

> True, it’s my birthday next week, I didn’t even think about it anymore <

“Billi, I’m making a suggestion.” Sybille looks at her sad eyes. “We go to the hairdresser on vacation.” “And you have them cut a bob?” Or I can think of something else. ”

Billi’s expression changes to happy, but only very briefly.

“I promised Frau Krüger to help her move her furniture.” “Frau Krüger? Moving furniture? You mean buy new when I think of our living room closet. ”

” It was already half broken anyway. ” ” Billi! Pack suitcase! And now. ”



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