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Part 2/3


Melanie Buzz



Monday morning two suitcases are balanced in the car. Thea is at the wheel.

“Is your door closed properly? The seat belt locked in place? ”

> Not that I have to collect them from the street again after the first curve. Fortunately, nothing else happened<

They are leaving Berlin. “Have you thought about it now?” “What?”

„That you have a bob cut. ” ” I think that’s not for me. Then I may not be able to tie them together anymore. Also much too labor intensive. I need something more practical. ” Thea looks over at her. Disappointment.

“But if I have them cut briefly?” Thea takes up the topic again. Joy.

“I saw a woman there recently. The top hair is longer, up to the ears, but the ears are free. A little bit on the back and very short on the back of the neck. Do you think that suits me? ” Sybille beams at her.

“And how should I have it cut? What do you think of extremely short, even shorter than the Kruse. ”Thea grins. “Stupfis!” “Stupfis, what’s that?”

“3 mm sheared with the machine.” “Uih! Who does that! ”

“My friend Caro, then at the police school. Has had fun with a plumber in the patrol car. They accidentally switched on the blue lights. Half of the school stood around and watched until the boss came. She could choose, entry in the personnel file or to the hairdresser. Then she went to the hairdresser with her shoulder-length blond curls and came back with short hair shaved. ”

” Oh no, the poorest. By the way, she still married her plumber. I think they already have two children. ”

“Well, I’ll do it too! But only if I can find a suitable plumber for me. ”

Both laugh out loud.

“Where do we actually go?” “To Luckow, a 600 soul village, near the coast and the Polish border.” “Luckow?” “Yes, that is near Ueckermünde, a very nice town. We can stroll there and go for a walk on the beach. ”

” Is there a hairdresser there too? ”

” Probably not in Luckow, but certainly some in Ueckermünde. ”

” But there is no police station there! ”

“Probably only one man in Luckow.” “You have already informed yourself?”


“Thea I have to be on toilette very urgent.”

“It’s only a few more kilometers, then we’ll be there.” “Very urgent.”

“Ok, there’s a grove in front.”

Even a parking lot, a nice forest parking lot with tables and benches.

“Don’t run that far, otherwise you won’t find your way back.”

> It takes forever again <

“Billi how long do you need? Or do I have to hold you up? ”

She hears Sybille trudging through the undergrowth.

“Ouch!” And she lands on her stomach.

“Thea! Can you come? ” ” How about getting up yourself. ”

“Thea, come on now, that’s really scary.”

Sybille kneels on the floor and has both hands full of stuff. “What’s this?”

Thea bends down to take some of it in her hand. She holds it up to her face and smells it. “It’s hair. Human hair. ”

Sybille continues to rummage through the leaves and finds a long strand of hair. “These are women’s hair. Look how long. ” She keeps digging.

“Here, blonde and brown here. It doesn’t just come from a head. ”

” Wait! Do not touch anything! ”

“Here, in the middle of the forest? How do they get there? ”

She gets her gloves and is now searching the undergrowth. She holds up a razor knife in her hand. “There, further back, I think I saw a hut. But nobody has a hair salon there, ” explains Sybille. “I’ll take a look at that.”

“Completed, nothing noticeable.”

“I was looking a little further,” says Sybille, holding you well

15 cm long light blonde ponytail high.

“But it doesn’t match the color of the other hair,” says Thea.

“Come to the car!” From the trunk she takes the bag with her shoes, tips it out and goes back to the site.

As an experienced police officer, she collects everything. Most hair is between 10 and 30 cm long, only a few really long strands are included.

Then she discovers something else, several severed cable ties.

> Someone shaved the hair off at least three women. And they were definitely not in agreement with it<

“We’ll take that to the police station afterwards.”

Thea hears a crack in the undergrowth, but it’s too dense to see anything.

>Could have been an animal<

But somehow she doesn’t let go of the feeling of being watched.


The two enter the police station in Luckow.

A young official sits bored behind his desk.

“What’s up?” He asks without looking up.

“This!” Thea bangs the bag on the table.

He looks up and sees the two pretty women. A handle to straighten his tie, his finger gets caught and is pulled back with a swing. The coffee mug slows the momentum, but detaches itself from its location and smashes on the ground.

His eyes fall on Billi and he turns red. “That could have happened to me,” giggles Billi, who has slowly recovered from the first shock.

“What is it about?” He seems to have regained his composure.

“Look in there,” Thea turns to open the side of the bag.

“It’s hair,” he says expertly. “Who are they from? And what am I supposed to do with it?“ „We found her outside at the forest car park. ” “ Oh there, ” he says, relieved. “Young people often hang around and drink too much alcohol. Then come up with stupid ideas, such as cutting their girl-friends’ hair. ”

“With zip ties and razor?” He takes the bag and puts it on his desk.

“All right then. I ask if any girls miss her hair. ”

He looks at Billi. “You have very nice hair too.”

Now Billi blushes and Thea rolls her eyes.

“I see the initial suspicion of a crime here! And you have to start an investigation, police chief Bernd Puchki. ”

>At least that’s how it says on the counter sign<

He straightens up his lanky figure. “Maybe you’ve read too many crime novels lately! Mrs …? ”He looks at Sybille particularly intensely.

“I’m Billi.” “Billi?” They look each other in the eye and Thea swallows bad. “Yes, Sybille Körner, from Berlin.” “And you?” He turns to Thea.

“Thea Körner, also from Berlin. Chief Commissioner Thea Körner. ”

He swallows. “Chief Inspector?” “Yes, homicide unit.”

Bernd Puchki tries to take a stance and takes a step backwards. No problem if the desk lamp cable was not there.

> His acrobatic performance to find his balance is really ready for the circus <

At this moment Sybille is already scurrying around the counter and trying to catch it. The result, of course, is that the two roll wedged together over the floor. Sybille comes to lie on him, her longer blond hair stroking his face.

“Don’t you two want to get up again? Billi and Herr Pechki! ”Asks Thea and rolls her eyes. “My name is Puchki,” he improves, still lying on the floor. Thea sees her sister write him something on the notepad, then a brief touch on the arm. > Oh no! It won’t  be<

In the car she asks: “What did you write him down?”

“Oh, just my phone number if he has any questions.”

“Oh, something Billi, please don’t tell anyone else that I’m with the police.

We’re on vacation. ”Her cell phone whistles. “Bernd thanks me.”

They drive up to the Inn `Schwanen`. The landlady is already waiting for you. An older, somewhat plump woman with short blond hair. “It’s great that you’re here, I’m Hermione,” she receives the woman who is immediately sympathetic to her.

They are shown their rooms. Everything fits, balcony, beautiful view.

“When do you want breakfast?”

“Not before 8 am.”  “Very nice, please go to the village for lunch and dinner.

I can recommend the “Lion“ of Marta, it is not far on foot. But I always like to make a sausage or cheese bread if you want.“

“Dear Hermione, I am Thea and this is my sister Sybille, preferably just Billi.” “That is very nice of you.”

After they have settled in their rooms, they meet down in the dining room.

On a table there is a platter of sausage, cheese and butter, a loaf of bread and two very generous glasses of beer.

Sybille is already eating, Hermione is sitting with her.

“Benni is a very nice one,” Thea hears a sentence fart.

Thea sits down. “The picture with the woman with the very long hair, outside in the hallway, is that you?” Asks Billi. “Yes, I had it really long, down to my waist. Then my daughter, Lotta, needed a model for her hairdressing exam.

Then they were off. ” ” Oh dear, from so long to so short? ”

“Didn’t hurt, it was just pretty unusual at the beginning.”

“You know, we want to have our hair cut differently on vacation now. Can you recommend a hairdresser to us? ”

“Oh how sweet. Both sisters together to the hairdresser. Go to my daughter Lotta, she has a salon in Ueckermünde, next town. ”

” You’re welcome, did you give me the address? ”

” How short is it going to be for you two pretty girls?

“We don’t quite agree yet.” “Then you are in good hands with Lotta.

She always has great ideas for a new styling. ”

” Thanks to you, Hermione, we’ll do that. When did it open? ”

” I think it opens a little later tomorrow. She went to Berlin with her fiance over the weekend, because he works there as a hairdresser. But it should be open from 10:00 a.m. ”

On Tuesdays early in the morning Thea sits on the balcony with a book and enjoys the morning sun. Nothing can be heard of Sybille yet.

An old blue car comes rolled into the parking lot.

A young woman gets out, blonde side parting, tied back in a ponytail.

Hermione comes to meet her. The young woman looks kinked and Hermione talks to her. Thea only understands a few snippets of sentences.

“You know what happens when …” The woman makes a desperate gesture and Hermione pushes her towards the car. “And next Tuesday you have a tour. Be punctual! ”Hermione watches the car drive away.


Sybille and Thea stroll through the city. Thea keeps looking around.

Somehow she can’t get rid of the feeling of being watched.

“Look here! Lotta’s salon is over there. ” “ Wait. ” Thea sees the woman from this morning sitting on a bench. She gets up and walks hesitantly towards the hair salon, slipping her ponytail through her hand.

“Let’s have a quick coffee, and I’ll tell you what I saw this morning.” ……

“So now you can go in and make an appointment.”

When the doorbell goes, Lotta comes out of a back room. Scissors in one hand and a blonde ponytail in the other. She puts both on the desk. “What can I do for you?” She asks kindly. “I would like to have an appointment for my sister and me.” Lotta turns around and calls back: “Martina, you can comb your hair. And move with it. ”She smiles at Billi. “Oh you are the two nice women?

My mother has already called me. ” ” My sister would have liked to cut it short, a little longer at the top and clear her ears. ” ” Does her sister have hair as beautiful as you? “” She has breast-length black hair. “Lotta eyes Sybille again. “A cheeky Mecki cut would look great on you.

And it would actually be great to have the same cut for both. ”

“ Honestly, that’s too short for me. ”Lotta looks at her book.

“Unfortunately this morning it is no longer possible, we are currently making a film for my homepage. With Martina, I’m going to need another hour. Wait a minute. ” She takes the crest and goes back. “Martina, play around with it a little in front of the camera. The machines are also charged straight away, so we can continue cutting. ”She comes back.

“But this afternoon I could take them both at 1:00 p.m.?”



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