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Part 3/3


Melanie Buzz


At 1:05 p.m. Billi pushes Thea into the salon. “You promised me.”

They sit next to each other on the barber chairs, cape wrapped around and the hair brushed thoroughly. A few minutes later, Thea’s long ponytail is off, then Billi’s blonde hair is first trimmed around at lip level.

It is Thea’s turn again, the scissors cut the shoulder-length hair massively.

When the two are back on the street, Thea has exactly the cut she imagined. Again and again she runs her fingers through her short, strong hair.

Billi is also visibly satisfied. The fringe is quite short, the sides barely cover her ears and the back is clearly cut up. Her hand keeps running from the neck up to the back of her shaved head.

The two sisters hug.

“I never thought you could look that great.”


> Now the story could end here, but Thea has a bad feeling in her stomach <


You drive back to Luckow.

> This Opel has been following us all the time <

“I have to stop by Benni!”  Thea just smiles and nods.

When they stop in front of the police station, they see an older officer getting into a patrol car. He has the bag with the evidence in his hand.

When they enter, Bernd Puchki drops his pin into the full new coffee mug.

> Stunning effect <

“Billi! You look great! ” Billi slowly turns in front of him.

“Madness! So pretty! I never thought. ” He turns to Thea.

“You too, of course, Chief Inspector.” “Thank you, but Thea is enough.”

“Bernd, can I use your laptop? Of course for work. ”

Thea opens Lotta’s homepage, nothing exciting, the usual.

“Click on the star below,” suggests Bernd.

Two buttons: for guests, for club members.

A password is required for club members or registration.

For guests: the image of a woman, shiny, shoulder-length black hair.

She sits on a barber chair and turns. Happy looks different.

A powerful male fist brings a hair clipper into the picture.

Again the woman, on the head only a 1 cm high brush, the sides and back shaved. A small woman’s hand shows an open razor. Again the woman, two hands holding her head forward, another one puts the razor on. Thea turns off. “Who is the woman?” “I don’t know, but I think I’ve seen her in the development area before.” “And who is a Martina?” “Martina?” “Drives an old blue car.” “Martina Ammer? Also lives in the new development area. ”

“I think we’re going to visit them now.”

The woman who opens them has very wailed eyes.

Extremely short bangs, hair cut 2 cm above their ears, including everything shaved bald.

In the living room they meet the woman with the black brush cut.

“Who are you?” “Bettina Frank,” she introduces herself.

“Now out with the language! What has happened there!

You didn’t do that voluntarily? ”

“We did courier services for the three to Poland. Whenever our men were on assembly. Young women, mostly students, who were employed by Hermione for 3 months as housekeeping and kitchen help. And every time we got a package for Boris. ” ” What was in the package? ”

” I don’t know. But it felt like a powder. ” ” Who is Boris? ”

” That’s Lotta’s fiance, a brutal guy. ” ” And the girls? ” ” We always took her to the inn. And Hermione always received the package. ”

Bettina interrupts her friend.

“I once had to take three straight to the hunting lodge and should wait.”

“And what happened there?” Bettina shrugs. “What has happened there!”

“Boris and Lotta sheared them. All hair shaved to 3mm. One after the other. They cried like that. Boris said about hygiene when they were put back in the car. I remember one of them had hair all the way up to the waist. ”

” Why did you do it? ” ” In the beginning it was easy money. We had just built new houses. When we wanted to stop, they threatened us and even forced Lotta to be available for their films. ” “ Didn’t you go to the police? ”

“The Ueckermünde police chief went in and out of Hermione. He was even sometimes in the hut. And we had no evidence. ”

” One thing. When is the next transport? ”

“Tonight Bettina should go.”

Thea stands up visibly moved.

“Police chief Bernd Puchki! You are subordinate to me from now on! ”

“Very much, Ms. Chief Commissioner!”

“First of all: no information to your colleagues! Then you notify the border station. They should touch Ms. Frank with kid gloves! Follow the car until it is handed over and then access it. If the woman has even a bruise, I personally clean up the shop! Billi and I go to the inn, we are normal guests.

From there I take care of the rest. ”

Hermione is full of praise for her great hairstyles. The two also pass the compliment on to Lotta. Thea dials a number in the room.

“Public Prosecutor’s Office Berlin Center. What can I do for you?”  ……

In the evening in the dining room, Thea asks: Hermione, your sausage and cheese sandwiches were so good, could we still have some of them? ”

“Of course I do. Also a beer? ”

Half an hour later, the two of them lie bent over on their plates, sleeping.

When Thea wakes up, she is sitting on a wooden chair, lashed tight.

She looks around, it must be the hunting lodge. > Where’s Billi! <

Then she looks straight into the grinning face of “club” from the train.

“I promised you that you would get my special haircut.”

His paw grabs her firm hair and pulls her head up,

He pulls the clipper so violently and quickly into her thick hair that she cries out. Despite her short hair, it is a whole mountain that gathers on her lap.

“So child, now you can go to the hairdresser again,” she hears Lotta’s voice behind her. Sybille is placed in the chair opposite. Thea tries desperately to loosen the cable ties on her hands.

> If they are cheap cables, go with the right movement, she hear the words of her trainer <

Two paws pack in Billi’s soft hair. Lotta approaches the machine and strokes her bangs backwards. The knife dips. Billi is crying.

Soft blonde hair falls. Increasingly. All!

The door flies open. Stop! Police! Put your hands up! ”

Bernd Puchki stands in the door with his gun drawn.

Boris grins up to him. “Stand still or I’ll shoot! Let your hands of my wife! Immediately! ”A blow and his weapon flies through the room.

One club lands on his face like a frying pan.

Benni lands on the opposite wall and slumps down.

> It works! <

Thea strips off the cable tie.

“Benni!” Sybille screams with concern.

“Club! Here I am! ” Calls Thea. He turns to face her.

“Not this time,” he grins. “Oh but. Just a lot better, ”

Thea replies ice cold.

The fight is going to be tough, very tough. He hit his clubs twice and squeeze the air out of her body. Thea sees her goal. Her little fist shoots forward

quickly and precisely, like an attacking snake. Exactly on his solar plexus.

Club is now gasping for air. Two more kicks on the head.

Club desperately struggles, but he has no chance.

According to the textbook, it is folded together.


A stun grenade explodes, masked men with machine guns storming space! “Everyone on the floor!” “Benni! Billi! Lie down! ”Calls Thea, who absolutely understands this procedure.

“Sure!” Calls one of the men.

A woman enters the room with a cigarette between her lips.

“Good job men. But I think someone has already done the main work for us here, ”she points to Boris lying on the floor.

“Ms. Attorney General,” says Thea, smiling and holding her open hands,

“nice to see you. Please excuse me that I cannot shake hands with you. ”

She gives Thea a quick look and smiles.

“Chief Inspector Körner, if you miss your training again, there is really trouble.” A deep pull on the cigarette. “And Thea, before you go to the hairdresser the next time, ask me for advice.” She strokes her shaved skull gently. “All other participants are already in custody, your witnesses are in the protection program.”

Billi and Benni followed everything that happened here.

Billi clung tightly to Benni. Now she is storming towards Thea, who is collapsing. Club hits were hard, very hard.

“Thea! What have you just done! ”

“Billi, that was just one of the easier exercises,” she smiles weakly at her sister.

Benni is standing next to her. “My greatest respect, Commissioner-General.”

Paramedics take care of Thea.

“Did you call Berlin?” She asks from the hospital bed. Bernd nods. “But I dialed the wrong number twice,” he admits.

Thea smiles. “And now you know what will happen to you if you make my sister unhappy.”


“What did you say earlier?” Billi asks him. Benni turns red.

“Should he let go of your wife?” Whispers Sybille.

Benni nods ashamedly.

“Thea!” She calls over to her sister and strokes her stubble.

“No plumber!” A smile flits across Thea’s face.



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