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I still remember sitting on that chair crying. Not wanting to get a haircut. Although it’s been so many years it’s a story from when I was in the junior year in high school.


My mother the principal of the school in which I studied. She was very strict always made me look perfect and that includes my hair. For all my childhood I don’t remember ever having long hair. I always had what people then called a boy cut. My mother never let my hair ever touch my ears after all I was the principal’s daughter I had to be a role model for other students. I could never dare stand up to my mother so I always accept the haircut the same old boy cut unattractive boring look but high school was different I had left primary school It was a new start I wanted to fall in love and stuff and most importantly I won’t be the principal’s daughter now. On the first day of high school, I realized I was the only girl in this school who had short hair and because of that, it was really difficult to get in a group. In a place like India a girl of my age having short hair the probably the most surprising thing. I hated having short hair I really wanted to grow my hair out but I had no idea how I would convince my mother about it. There just seemed no way of escaping my regular trim.

In just three weeks of the start of the high school, the time had come for my trim as I realized my hair had started touching my ears. I didn’t have the guts to say that I didn’t want to cut it but I thought off stalling the haircut and so began the lies. Just as my mother asked me to come with me to the salon for the trim I told her that I had to do some project and didn’t go with her. I was safe for the time being mom went for her haircut alone. Like this I kept making up stuff someday I had a lot of homework to do other days I had to study so hard that I didn’t have time to sleep how was I supposed to visit the salon. Of course, all of these were lies. I kept this up for 3 months and then in 3 months midterms were coming so I acted like I had to study so hard for the exams I didn’t have time to leave the house.

As the midterms ended I had been 6 months since I had gotten my hair cut. I somehow had stalled my regular visit to the salon for 6 months. This was so alien to the girl who had never ever missed her regular trim. My hair was roughly in a bob I was loving the look of my hair covering my ears. I just had longed for hair like this so much. My hair had grown out healthy and thick and I was also getting attention now. I was happy.

After the midterms, there are winter holidays the first day of the winter holiday I woke up to only to see my mother getting ready to go to the salon. She asked me to get ready too according to her my hair had gotten out of control and as I was to get it cut today.

This time there was no stalling it. No excuse to get out of the situation. I got up from the bed and looked at my hair it was just touching my chin I had come so far I didn’t want to give up. I made up my mind and decided to tell mom that I didn’t want to cut my hair. I faced my mother and said it “Mom I Don’t want to cut my hair short. I like it this way….”.

“Listen you are going to the salon with me you have 5 mins to dress up.” She said this in a higher than usual voice. I was shit scared there was no way of convincing her but still, I tried. “But but…”

“No buts you have 5 mins get dressed fast.” She didn’t listen she wasn’t going to listen I was going to lose my hair. I had no way of getting out really. I thought of something there must be something I could do some way out of this. Mom was staring at me ” Fast young lady, I haven’t got all day.”

I got dressed I didn’t look my mother in her eye as I did. As we were driving to the salon I was thinking the whole time of something to get me out of this situation. Mom didn’t speak a word to me during the whole way and I was still thinking a way of getting out somehow.

We arrived at the salon the end was so close and as mom opened the salon door and gave me the stare to enter I lost hope. There was the dreaded chair and mom stylist. I hadn’t been here for 6 months and now there was my nightmare.

Of course, the salon was empty it was the start of winter no social animal let’s go of their fur in this season, and even if they do they don’t come to the salon this early in the morning. So there I was in the salon door closed behind me and I mom stood behind me.

The stylist who had just opened the salon greeted my mom as she was a regular.

“Good Morning Shakshi.” My mom said to the stylist.

“Please do my daughter’s hair it’s gotten out of control.” Mom continued

“Sure” She directed me to sit on the chair.

With wobbly legs I started moving towards the chair I saw my mom’s reflection in the mirror the angry face she had made me take quick steps towards the chair. As soon as I sat on the chair Shakshi put a big white cape on me. With this I had given up my hair is as good as gone no way of saving it.

“My My your hair has really grown long it really has been a long time since you got it cut.”

“Yes Shakshi as you can see she didn’t come for a trim for 6 months and so I was thinking to making her regular haircut shorter than what she used to get so her hair doesn’t get this long even if she skips some visits.” Mom said to the stylist.

“Mom please don’t make it even shorter.” I tried to say but got the look from mom so I stopped.

I really had given up I felt like I didn’t even have the strength to move I just sat their staring at my reflection.

“So a shorter than usual boy cut” the stylist asked.

“Yes a lot shorter than usual.” Mom replied.

And so the stylist took the spray bottle and sprayed so much water my hair was dripping wet. She took the scissors and comb and stood behind me. She pushed my head down and then it started. From the she took the comb and placed it so that the comb was lying flat to my scalp and all the hair above the comb met the scissors schkh shckh sckhchk skchshk

Chunks of wet hair slid down the side of neck and into my lap. I hadn’t seen that huge a chunk of hair ever. I just watched it as the comb went up the neck and another chunk came down and another and higher and another the pile grew a tear fell down my eyes and the tears didn’t stop. At this point I felt cold on my back yes I could feel my fur was gone. My beautiful hair was gone and yet the cutting of the nape hair continued with the scissors over the comb very tiny hair rained on the cape. My head was lifted and maybe for the first time, mom saw how much I had cried. The cutting now started on the left side now the tears rolled down my cheeks and I could really see the amount of hair I was loosing. I just watched and saw my hair get reduced to nothing on the sides too.

Mom was asked by the stylist if the sides and the nack were short enough mom replied yes and said to blend the top. Well it was really short but I think mom had planned to cut it even shorter but seeing me crying so much maybe she left me out of pity. The blending of the top hair is something I can never forget mercilessly cutting of the long hair made me cry even harder. Well whatever I was numb now I didn’t feel anything as the haircut was done the cape was opened and all the hair feel on the ground that thick beautiful hair all lost. I didn’t move from the chair I could I had lost all strength my hair it was gone all gone all was left was tiny brushy hair though which you could see the skin. Why did you cut it mom why can’t I have long hair……………..


“MOM MOM …. Wakeup”

“Huh oh Nightmare.” I said as I realized I had been dreaming.

“What happened mom you were shouting.”

“Nothing baby just a dream of my past, it’s just been so long don’t worry go to sleep.” I replied to my daughter as we both retired to our beds.

The incident I was dreaming of was from my childhood. So much time had passed. Now I was a mother and my daughter named Sara and she is in high school junior year. I am now a 40-year-old woman. My mom died 10 years ago. Strange I had this dream now but when I think of it, it does make sense. The other day me and my daughter were looking to an old picture album and she had spotted a picture taken of me mom and dad it was after some days of this haircut incident so the haircut was still fresh you could clearly see how sad I was in the picture clearly didn’t want to take a picture with my mom. After seeing that picture my daughter commented that I had a really cool hairstyle. Well, it wasn’t stylish back then somehow it has become stylish now. It’s not like long hair is out of style Sara just love to cut her hair short. That’s why she got an undercut bob. It was a really bold hairstyle no average girl of her age could pull it off.

Thinking back that was the last haircut that mom took me for. That day I cried so much that mom never took me a haircut. I never got a major chop after that my hair has been long since. Even now it is almost to m chests just below my boobs. As for my daughter I never ever forced her to get a haircut she had had long hair her entire childhood just some trims here and there. But as she is now in her mid-teens she recently got a bob haircut with the nape shaved apparently my daughter loves to cut her hair short o the times have changed. Her bob haircut really looks pretty on her.

So much time has passed since then. So many things have happened. Yet after this incident, something changed in me I get sexually aroused when watching someone getting a haircut. Seems it’s called a hair-fetish. I really try hard that my fetish doesn’t interfere with things in m real life and I really try hard that I don’t become controlling like my mother was and force my daughter to cut her hair, though I am tempted to do it every time me and my daughter go to the salon.

I wonder if my mother also had this kinda thing which she couldn’t control. If she did it was incredibly selfish. Or was it. I don’t know but as my daughter keeps growing my feeling of just watching her get her hair cut incredibly short is growing uncontrollable. But I don’t want her to cry as I did maybe she will as for a short haircut herself.

As I laid on the bed the scene of the haircut I had gotten in the past played in my head all over again. I remembered mom had planned to make my hair shorter. I wonder how short it was meant to be. That haircut itself was the shortest I had ever had it. Well, guess I will never know because I am not cutting my hair short ever again.

The next morning I got up and started with the house chores. My husband was away for a week I also had taken a holiday and my daughter’s summer break had just started. It’s had to imagine that my daughter after this summer ends will be in high school. It feels just like yesterday she was a small crying bag of mess and now look at her.

I was busy getting breakfast ready.

Sara – “Hey, mom what’s for breakfast.”

Me – “The usual.”

Sara  – “Oh come on the toast is so repetitive.”

I also hated eating toast but summer in India is so punishing you just cannot stand in the kitchen. I just somehow prepared to plates and retired to the dining chair. I was drenched with sweat so badly that I couldn’t even eat. I noticed my daughter was also sweating a lot. My daughter noticed that I was staring at her.

Sara – “Awful isn’t it mom. The heat is killing me I am so fed up of this.”

Me – “Well summer problems for girls.”

Sara – “You didn’t have to face this problem when you were my age you had your hair cut short must have been so easy.”

Thinking back I really never had this always drenched with sweat problems. I mean I did sweat a lot but it wasn’t trapped in my hair because I didn’t have much hair. It’s just long hair is such an important beauty feature that it’s worth the heat. Why is my daughter suddenly so mesmerized by my short-haired look.

Me- ” Short hair comes with its own set of challenges Sara you won’t understand.”

Sara – ” I really feel like I can deal with any problem as long as I am cool.”

Me – “Are you saying that you want to get a short haircut??”

Sara – “Well… I …..”

I don’t know what happened at this moment but I really thought that this was my chance to fulfill my wish after all I won’t be forcing her I am just giving her a push. I thought of a lie.

Me – “You know at your age this haircut really made my life easy. I hated long hair so much that as soon as my hair got past my ears I went to the salon and got it cut. Ahh, those were simpler days. You know Sara if you want to cut it short it will really make your life easier.”

Well, it’s just a small lie she won’t know what actually happened.

Sara – “Then why do you keep it long now mom.”

Shit, I am stuck. I don’t know what is this messed up feeling she is my daughter why am I after her hair. My fetish has really taken over I need to fix this up.

Me – “I cannot keep it short Sara because of circumstances.”

Sara – “Then given chance will you cut it short again.”

Me – “Yes”

I needed to be consistent with my replies so I answered yes but I think I just have motivated Sara to get her hair cut I feel what I am doing is wrong but still, I think I am not imposing anything on her.

Sara – “Will you also cut your hair with me if I decide to go short.”

As soon as she said this the whole haircut scene from years ago started playing in my head. That chunks of hair falling on the cape and I just replaced my image with my daughters and I just lost it all the good mother thing just died on me.

Sara – “Mom say something.”

Me – “Oh…. It’s just I was imagining how I would look with short hair and kinda lost it.”

Sara – “So what do you think will you do it??”

Me – “Go short … hmm… Yes I will but on one condition”

Sara – ” what condition??”

Me – ” I decide your haircut.”

Sara – “Yeah sure mom I was going to ask you to decide anyway I have no knowledge of that short hairstyles.  You can decide and please can we do it today I am eager to get it done.”

I got up from my chair and got closer to Sara and slid my fingers on the bob ” I will decide a haircut for you which will make you feel cool and comfortable. Now finish up your breakfast I will see where can we get this haircut done.”

Sara – “ok mom.”

With that, I took a toast from my plate in my hands and left my daughter in the dining room to eat by herself. I did really agree to cut my hair too. Well, I won’t cut mine that short just something that makes Sara feel that she isn’t going short alone. I was really doing it for real I was pushing my daughter to cut her hair short.

For the salon, I decided we should go to some fancy salon who would have good hairstylists who would be comfortable with cutting short hair and won’t mess up my hair. I searched google for reference hairstyles what haircut would be good. First I searched short haircut for girls, a disappointment it had mostly bob hairstyles my daughter was currently rocking a bob I wanted shorter. Next, I searched pixie cut, another disappointment there was nothing that appealed to me. Then I searched Crew cut for girls and wallah the first pic caught my attention it was short really, really short but I was set on this I wanted my daughter to have this. Even my mother never got me to cut my hair this short ever but I…

Sara – “Mom are we going??”

I quickly turned my phone so Sara couldn’t see what I was seeing.

Me – “Yes, just a sec wait outside the house with the keys I am coming.”

Sara – “Ok. Oh by the way have you got some style for me in your mind.”

Me – “Yes I do but I think it’s going to be really short for you maybe I should go easy.”

Sara – “Short is what I need mom you don’t really need to care about what it’s going to be I am prepared to go as short as I saw you in the pic actually I am tempted to go even shorter. Anyways I am waiting outside come fast we will decide on the way there.”

Me- “coming”

As I could hear Sara exit the house thought the main door I unlocked my phone again. That picture…


Pin on Hairstyles For Women

Why is my daughter so persistent to get a short haircut to the point that it’s making me uncomfortable and this picture isn’t helping either it’s just adding fuel to fire. It has got me totally under control. Well, Sara said she is ready to go short but she doesn’t know it’s this short. Am I not doing the same thing that my mother did to me.

Then I thought for the first time through a different perspective, did my mother also have a hair fetish.

Well, I didn’t think it was this easy to understand all these years. Thinking back mom also used to cut her hair in those days what we called a wedge cut. No other lady used to have it only my mom did.

The way Sara said it I don’t care if it’s shorter than the haircut I had in the picture normal girls don’t say that. The haircut Sara has is already considered short for girls. Oh my god maybe just maybe but then I would need very concrete evidence and I need to do it somehow that Sara doesn’t get away from me as I did from my mom. Also seems like we cannot go to a salon because there is just no way they are going to cut hair this short without asking a thousand different questions. Things were easier when I was a teenager the hairstylist would do as the mother directed that won’t work.

With an unusual calm on I saved the picture and went downstairs to leave the house. There Sara was waiting with the keys and by the look on her face, I could see she was excited.

Sara – “So where are we going to get this done mom.”

Me – ” I am not sure, do you have any salon you have in mind who are good with short hair?”

Sara – “Mom let’s go to the nearby barbershop where dad goes I have visited that before women come there to get their hair done short.”

Me – “Barbershop… Well I am not sure if we should…”

Sara – ” Nothing will happen mom I have accompanied dad there before though I haven’t gotten a cut there but trust me I have seen her work and there is only one Barberett there.”

Oh what the hell am I getting myself into a barbershop but she is right no salon would do this kind of haircut.

Sara – ” It’s just walking distance away mom we can go there now.”

There was no stopping Sara she was going for the barbershop I followed her sheepishly.

Sara – “So mom did you decide a haircut.”

Me – “I did but I won’t show you let it be a secret.”

Sara – “Oh surprises but it better be short mom.”

Me -“yes dear it will be.”

The more I talk to her the more I feel like it. She really has a hair fetish but I still wanted to be more 100% sure about it so that when I watch her haircut I know that she is also happy. I made a decision at that moment weighing on the fact of what I want more. My long hair or watch my daughter get a short haircut which was more important. The answer was clear so I took the call.

Me – “Sara we are almost at the barbershop I was thinking that if I am deciding your haircut shouldn’t you decide mine.”

Sara – “What are you saying mom.”

Me – “I am saying why don’t you tell the stylist about what haircut should I get.”

I could clearly see the joy on her face.

Sara – “Yes mom I would love to do it but I don’t really have a good idea about short hairstyles”

Me – “So why don’t you get a reference picture Sara oh and don’t show it to me let it be a surprise ok I won’t blame you if it’s bad.”

Sara – “Oh this is going to be so fun love you mom.”

She gave me a hug, the barbershop was visible now though you couldn’t see the inside at least it isn’t one of those transparent ones.

This deal I made with Sara is amazing. Let’s say she decides a very short haircut then the stylist will confirm it from me since my hair is so long and then I can deny it if I want to. I will cut it shorter than usual to give a morale boost to Sara but I would also know that she enjoys getting haircuts so no regrets and if she gives me some conservative cut which is modern I would know there is no fetish thing and I will drop my plan of giving her a short haircut. For all this to happen I had to get my haircut done first.

As we approached the barbershop’s door I quietly whispered in Sara’s ears.

Me – “Do you mind if I get mine done first after that long walk I cannot bear the heat anymore.”

“Sure mom.” Sara whispered back.

With that I opened the barbershop’s door. The shop was very small. It had 2 chairs in one of them a woman was sitting who got up to greet us. “Hello. How may I help you.”

She had a really cool looking side shaved pixie. These things are really famous these days.

Sara – “Hello we are both are here for our haircuts.”

Salena – ” Oh allow me to introduce myself I am Salena and I think I have met you earlier.”

She said this while looking at Sara.

Sara- “Yeah I have been here earlier with my dad, today here with my mom.”

Me – “Hello.”

We exchanged greetings her

Salena – “Oh so mother-daughter here for a change hop on in Sara we will see what can we do for you.”

Sara – “Oh actually Mom is going first.”

Salena – “Please have a seat.”

She turned the chair facing me. I walked and sat on it. The chair was way more comfortable than the ones in salons. I saw Sara’s reflection in the mirror she sat in the waiting area.

Me – “Not too many customers today.”

Salena – “Yeah well it’s the second week of summer most of the boys got their haircut and left for a vacation a week ago and plus it’s really early in the morning I just opened my shop 15 mins earlier. Just hold your hair a bit.”

She had collected my hair in a bunch in the back I held it while she got a cape and put it on me. I then let go of my hair and she tied the cape

Salena – “Not too tight is it.”

Me – “No it’s fine.”

She started combing my long hair. Honestly, it feels so nice when someone combs it.

Salena – “So you guys here for something special or just want a trim.”

Sara got up from the waiting area with her phone in her hand and showed a picture to Salena. I could see Sara giving some directions by some hand gestures and pointing towards my head. Their conversation was not really audible to me.

Salena – “Well that would be an easy cut.”

With that Salena went to get her tools from the drawer. She got a comb and some clips and she started parting my hair.

I think this is a nape shaved bob the one Sara has currently well it will be very short for me but it won’t be too bad. Besides when I saw Sara getting it done I also wanted to try it. Suspiciously she only separated the top hair from the rest.

Salena – “Head down please.”

She pushed my head gently to touch my chest and she got the corded clippers. I had seen it used on Sara but never tried it because I was scared it seemed to me like it ate hair but before I could say anything.

Salena – “Here it goes.”


I felt the clippers make the first contact with my nape. The vibrations made me go crazy I unconsciously a little but Salena kept them fixated on my nape and up it went. Another pass on the nape this time a long chunk slid down the cape it felt like I was re-living my childhood horror but surprisingly the clippers felt good on my head but it still felt a little weird as to how high it went. I saw the grin on Sara’s face who was standing behind and watching. It felt like my nape was being shaved forever. Though not too much hair was coming on the cape, suddenly a very huge chunk dropped I tried to look up as to what was going on to my horror I could see the clippers move up just behind my left ear. Just how much was she shaving Sara just has the little area on her nape shaved it has been shaved this much. Salena lifted my head and now ran the clippers on the left side and as the clippers moved I could see for the first time that I was bald. A breeze of air on the back of my head and on the sides made me realize I was bald on the back. All the hair on the left side that was being cut off fell on the cape now the pile really started to grow and let me tell you it was so huge my childhood bad haircut couldn’t even compare. I was feeling dizzy after seeing all the damage all my hair was gone. Why didn’t this idiot barber warn me? Did she felt it was normal to cut off such long hair to basically bald? There was no hair left by the clippers which had now moved up to my temple area. I was bald on the left side.

The haircut I had planned for Sara I was getting that. I felt like crying but I didn’t because strangely I was also happy to take on the clippers. As Salena was about to start on the right side.

Me – “Sara can I see the haircut I am getting.”

Salena stopped the clippers.

Sara – “Sure mom is something wrong is it too short.”

Me – “No it’s just I thought maybe I want to make some changes.”

Sara – “Here”

Krótkie Fryzury

Sara – “Here is the side.”


Sara – “And here is the back.”

Me – “hmm”

Sara – “Is it bad? Of course, it will be without the color but I think you are worried about the length”

Me – “Sara Search for crew cuts for women and show me the pic.”

Sara – “Ok crew cuts for women search.”

Me – “Yeah select the first picture.”

It was the same pic that I had gotten in the search results earlier.

Sara – “Here.”

Me – “Salena you think you can do that for me.”

Salena – “Sure but you do realize it’s going to be a lot shorter than this.”

Me – “Yeah yeah.”

Salena – “Ok then.”

Salena went to the counter in front and dropped a black plastic from the front of the clipper. I could see Sara’s face lighten up even more. She was clearly aroused by it. I had gotten my proof. As to why I was cutting it even shorter that’s because I am loving the clippers and I might as well do it since my hair has already been cut so short and as for Sara as I now know she has a hair fetish her haircut will be a bit more extreme…

I saw Salena from behind open up the hair tied on the top and she left of some more hair and again tied it up. My left side was covered by a translucent cover of the letdown hair. Though it wasn’t much so my shaved head was still visible.

The clippers started again and this time their vibrations were even more and the went up so high on the nape. Small tiny hair covered the cape. When the clippers came to the left side I was taken aback. I didn’t even realize that I had such tiny hair still on the scalp and with each pass of the clipper only skin was left behind I was properly bald now.

As the clippers now came to the right side the clippers without that plastic thingi moved so fast through my hair that it felt like it was moving through butter and the pile there was so much hair the white cape was completely black now. Finally, Salena put the clippers down. She opened the top part and held all that hair with one hand while the other got the scissors from the counter. She put the scissors into the hair and chopped it off and held it high like a trophy. That mass of hair also joined the others on my cape.

Now Salena started spraying my hair with water. This I have dealt with before no surprises here. As expected the scissors over the comb cut cut cut.

Sara – “Wow mom you have got so much hair on the cape.”

Me – “Yes I feel so good shedding it all.”

Salena – “It’s going to take a long time to grow back.”

Me – “I might never grow it back.”

Sara’s happiness could be seen as I said this. Salena was continuing to cut the hair on top reducing the length blending the sides.

After a long time of scissors over comb action, the haircut was finally done. My transformation was amazing it was like a totally different person was sitting there. Salena opened the cape and all my hair went down to the floor. I stepped out of the chair. The hair just moments ago on my head was under my boots now. I was feeling soo cool. The spiky short hair cut so close to the scalp was making my look so sexy and the skin bald sides.

Salena – “Here see the back.”

Salena said as she brought a mirror in hand which showed the back there was not hair their till very high on the crown.

Salena – “You like it.”

Me – “Love it.”

Salena – “Your turn.” Salena said to Sara

I kept inspecting my freshly cut hair. It felt so great to move my hands over them. Meanwhile, Sara was being caped by Salena.

Salena – “So what are we doing with your hair.”

Sara – “Mom…”

Me – “Eh yes Sara.”

I walked up to the chair and stood behind Sara and took her hair in one hand and moved the other hand through her nape. I pulled her hair lightly just enough to hurt her scalp a little bit. Her bob was pretty but it needed to go all of it.

Me – “My my Sara your hair is so so long hair. What do you say Sara the temperature is so high, will you go ultra short.”

Sara – “Whatever you say, mom.”

Me – “Salena I don’t want to see any hair on her head longer than this.”

I joined my index finger and thumb and made a gesture. It basically meant to buzz her head. Though her jolly face became one of shock I could see she was excited as her whole body was shaking. She didn’t say a word of protest. Salena had a grin on her face she was going to have fun.

Salena didn’t ask any questions she got the clippers put a plastic guard didn’t even bother to move behind Sara started the clippers in front of her and made a pass right through the middle of her head. I stood there as I watched her bob get reduced to no hair in the middle long hair on sides to even hair all over her head. My daughter was buzzed and I took full pleasure looking at it.

Salena didn’t take a lot of time to complete her haircut and she let go of her cape. My daughter got out of the chair sheepishly. I paid Salena and we both left the barbershop.

Sara – “what was that mom you said it would be a surprise haircut.”

Me – “Don’t tell me you didn’t have fun.”

Sara – “Fun you shaved my head.”

Me – “But it was fun for you Sara wasn’t it. Come on you had a bang getting the haircut and also watching me get a haircut, didn’t you? Didn’t it appeal to your fetish”

Suddenly Sara’s face color changed to one of embarrassment.

Sara – “Mom what are you saying.”

Me – “Don’t feel ashamed to accept it Sara I also have it this drawing please out of haircut. I had noticed you also had it for a while but I didn’t say anything. Like I noticed some weird internet history and a very keen interest of my short haircuts from the but I thought of ignoring them. Now that I have confirmed it lets both have fun with our fetish Sara.”

Sara – ” If you knew then why didn’t you cut it shorter.”

Me – “what again Sara.”

Sara – “My hair why didn’t you give me a complete headshave clean and smooth it’s better than a buzzcut its way more cleaner than this I have seen men get it I also want to try it.”

Me- “Well Salena’s barbershop is still empty what do you say.”

Sara – “will you also do it.”

I moved my fingers through the top of my head well can’t wait to feel how a full shaved head feels.

Me – “I will be getting it shaved first.”

Sara – “You also loved the haircut right.”

Me – “Yes dear It was amazing.”

Sara hugged me

Sara – “oh I am so glad I thought I made you angry.”

Me – “No Sara I said whatever you decide to do I won’t be angry….  Hey Sara let’s keep our heads shaved this summer.”

Sara – “sure mom.”

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