Theresa & Her Twin Brother at the Barber Shop

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Teresa McMillan and her three brothers walked into the local barber shop. Their mother had sent them and asked Teresa to drive them as she had her license.

In her senior year of high school, Theresa was 18, Robert was 10, James 12, and Thomas was her twin. The McMillian children all had gorgeous blond hair. The boys all needed their long locks cut as they were all below their ears.

The shop was quite crowded and had three old fashioned leather barber chairs with porcelain armrests. Two of the barbers were older men and Janet was 18 and had attended the same school as Theresa and Thomas.

Robert was first with one of the old barbers he said what are we doing with these kids. The other older barber said, their mother called and said the kids should all get flattops with shaved sides, white walled and high and tight, and absolutely no exceptions, as he looked directly at Theresa and smiled.

Thomas was next with Janet. Theresa was sitting right across as Janet tied a tissue around her twin brother’s neck and fastened the white striped cape in place. Thomas knew he was in for a pretty severe haircut as his mother had called and he could see his little brother being sheared.

Theresa looked at her twin with his long blond curls over his ears, as Janet picked up her huge Oster clippers and proceeded to skin the side of his head. Janet looked at Theresa smiling and said, not many people can see what they’re going to look like with a flattop. Except for your boobs, you two look exactly alike.

Until that moment It didn’t occur to her that she would be getting a flattop, and she started getting quite nervous. Theresa’s golden locks were stunning and reached to her waist.

Her brother never had short hair before She watched in horror as he was skinned and his golden blond locks fell to his lap and floor. In a matter of minutes he was white walled high ad tight with a perfect flattop.

When her brother stepped out of the chair, Janet looked at her and said, your next cupcake, have a seat. Theresa said I just want a trim, and Janet said, no problem, I know just what to do.

Theresa nervously walked up to Janet’s waiting chair and slowly sat in the large leather chair as Janet tightly secured the tissue and cape around her petite neck.

The Janet said, I can’t imagine getting a flattop. Then said you know with a flattop you will look exactly like your twin brother.

I can’t believe you’re going to cut off all of my hair. Your mother was very clear that you’re to get a flattop, she said absolutely no exceptions.

Teresa with tears looked at her brother now sitting across from her in the waiting chair, he said, mom insisted, you don’t have a choice sis, it will be over in a few minutes.

I’m going to loose over 2 feet of my gorgeous blond hair. I’m going to look like a boy. You’re going to look like me, Tom laughed.

Janet  enjoyed brushing Theresa’s beautiful long blond hair saying you have the best hair and I sort of hate to cut it all off but I’ve always wanted to cut off all of your hair since seeing you in high school. I never imagined I’d get to do it but when you walked in with your brothers I almost came in my pants, and when I heard what your mother said, I knew this is my dream come true.

She then picked up her menacing hungry Oster clippers and Theresa jumped as she heard them switched on and watched as Janet moved them closer to the side of her head. Enjoy Pumpkin, this is a day we’ll both remember for the rest of our lives.

Theresa tried to move her head bit Janet held it tightly with her right hand as the large black menacing clippers plowed into the long blond locks next to her ear and proceeded to skin the side of Theresa’s head.

This was repeated over and over until the side of her head was sheared skin tight. Janet twisted Theresa’s head and repeated this on the other side then the back up her nape.

She then plowed the top down to two inches, as Theresa with tears watched over two feet fall to her lap and floor. Her brother watched and said holy shit as his twin sister was buzzed down in front of him.

As Janet was finishing up Theresa’s perfect flattop, a couple of boys that they knew from school walked in and seeing her in the chair said wow Tom, thinking she was her brother.

When they glance across and saw Tom, they realized it was Theresa in the chair, and they saw, over two feet of hair on the floor and her lap. Both boys laughed and said you really look Ike twin brothers now.

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