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Bella was bored looking at her tangled, long hair but on the other hand she was running out of money to get a haircut as she had no income and only relied on the money given by her dom. She decided to give herself a trim. She was home all alone as her dom just left for work and a trim wouldn’t take long.


She collected numerous newspapers, some alligator clips, a shear, a comb and a cardboard box to throw her hair. She decided to place newspaper on floor as it would lessen her hustle to clean the floor afterwards. She spread couple of them on floor just ahead of a huge mirror in her room, which was attached to sitting area with no doors. Her dominatrix’s house was quite huge and was designed to let a sub reside with her ever since she got it under her control. Bella while being in her room can have a look over main door of house which was a relief for her as she wouldn’t have to get worry about robbery.


Bella parted her dark black, straight hair from the middle to the front. She combed through them thoroughly to get rid of every ridged tangle. Currently her hair reached nearly up to her hips and she wasn’t intending to cut more than an inch or two. She kept longest of her hair loose while she pinned up shorter ones. She took a part of her hair and placed her finger just above where she wanted to cut, she chopped the bottom part of her hairs and at that very moment her dominant opened the door and entered the house.


“Well, well what’s going on here?” Trix spoke up as she saw Bella chopping a chunk of her hair.


Getting startled by sudden presence of someone else in house, Bella almost jumped up. She tried to find the words but her mouth went dry by looking at her dominatrix. Trix was looking amazing in her business suit with a small bag in her right hand going just right with her colourful clothes. The thing which caught most of Bella’s attention were her hairs, they were cropped in a long pixie just according to Bella’s liking. The brunette shade of dominant perfectly matched with her fair complexion and coral suit.


Trix saw Bella’s shocked, admirable face looking just as if she was under some trance, to clear the thick air she again spoke up, “I haven’t received my answer yet.”


Bella came out of her ‘admiring her dominatrix’ state and chose to reply back, “Uhm uh, I thought about giving myself a trim at home itself as I don’t have much savings left and I don’t wanna spend this month’s money that you gave on a salon just to get a trim.”


Trix walked towards where Bella was sitting and spoke, “That’s very thoughtful of you.”


“How about we become more thoughtful and preserve your salon expenses for months?” Brunette head girl asked that in a very slow, sensual tone and right after that circled her fingers around Bella’s head. Bella felt out of breath in that moment just like how she feels during their sessions after a good release. She can’t believe having her mistress so close to her head with shears being this close to her can make her feel so horny and dreamy.


“How about I give you a head shave?” Trix whispered in her sub’s ear.


As if the words suddenly hit her like a truck, Bella spoke up in a very low tone as if she was saying to herself, “No, I don’t wanna go that short. I love my hair more than anything.”


“You wouldn’t say no while you will be in that.” Trix warned Bella by showing her the collar.


They had this rule while having their session, Bella can’t say no to anything, she can only deny the event by saying red and after that the practice will be never performed by her or on her.


“I just came back home to get my phone but I guess I am leaving by giving you a fantasy to imagine. Tonight, I will be back by 7 PM, get ready to get a head shave. Wash your hair and I’ll bring some essentials that we might be needing.” Trix announced that and left their house with her phone while Bella didn’t even greet a goodbye as she was utterly shocked in the moment. Her simple attempt of giving herself a trim could even end up with her having no trace of hair on head.


Trix was oblivious of what Bella was feeling in the moment. She was feeling as if she was floating in air where all her fantasies would come true, hair kink was one of the most erotic kink for her but she forever denied it, as it took her feelings to next level, she felt everything altogether. Anxiousness, excitement, thrill, nervousness all came in one go whenever she thought about chopping her hair off to something very short or something like her mistress said, a head shave.


Bella passed in getting her panties wet just by imagining different scenarios on how her hair will get detach from her scalp. She couldn’t help but feel euphoria just by visualising her 20-inch-long hair falling on ground or on her lap and she could do nothing but just get shaved under her mistress’ shadow. She wondered how will she be treated, would she get shaved while being on knees? Would she be positioned on a chair? She was clueless and overthinking about the situation was taking a troll on her emotions, she really wanted to have a head full of hair but on the other hand she wanted to give in to her kink.


She treated herself with a glass of water and some deep breathes to calm herself down, she really had an option to keep her long hair as it is, she can always say red and it will all be okay. After calming herself down, she picked up all the things she collected initially to give herself a trim and kept them in their respected places. She tried different hairstyles on her hair because who knows this might be her last moment with them. She gave her hair a good wash and air dried them as the time of her mistress getting back home came near.


Clock struck 6:30 PM and main door was unlocked again by Trix but Bella wasn’t surprised this time, she was just looking at a wall in fear and amazement. She was in a mood less zone and to Trix‘s bewilderment she wasn’t greeted hello with a kiss, today. Trix walked in front of her sub and sat on her lap to gain her attention. Bella smiled half-heartedly and gave his Dom a kiss on cheeks while engulfing her.


“What’s disturbing you so much?”, Trix inquired.


“Today’s session, I don’t want to go bald.”, Bella replied truthfully and placed her head on Trix’s chest.


“Have I ever ordered you to do anything you don’t want to do?”


“No”, came the reply.


“Then don’t worry this time you’ll have a choice too.”


Bella relaxed a bit at that, reassurance by Trix made a different effect even though she was saying herself same thing since hours.


“Now go keep your lingerie on and sit on the chair in my room.” Trix commanded.


Bella walked off while Trix took out everything she bought for their fun. She collected a big wooden piece from their backyard and kept all the equipments on that. She walked off to her room and witnessed a very cosy sight in front of her.


Bella was engulfed by Trix’s office chair, the cushion comfort of chair was definitely helping her. She was staring at herself in mirror while chewing her bottom lip, thinking about some movie in order to not think about what’s going to happen in few minutes.


“Hey, are you ok?” Trix asked with a certain softness in her voice which consoled Bella a lot. She replied with a nod.


“Come get off this chair.” Trix ordered to which Bella quietly reflexed and got down. Trix placed a thick wooden piece on arm rest to provide certain height to the chair. Bella blushed at that as she realised how her head quietly hid behind back rest at chair’s normal height. Trix moved all the items from wooden piece to her dressing table.


“Sit” She commanded. Bella sat on the wooden piece and felt slightly embarrassed as it take her back to her childhood days when chair always used to be bigger for her.


Firstly, a cape engulfed Bella body and then a collar and leash, her promise; was attached to her neck. Trix guided further and placed leash’ handle in her sub’s mouth, “If you want me to stop just drop this handle from your mouth, okay?” She asked as she gave as kiss on her sub’s cheeks.


Bella nodded and tried to get herself ready for the cut as Trix started to wet her hair with water spray. No other bondage was applied on Bella but according to their rules, she adjusted herself. She kept her hands on her thighs and tried to keep her legs as straight as possible, which barely reached halfway of chair’s leg. Her cheeks turned crimson as she took in a look of herself in mirror, the cape she wore was longer than her and her favourite black leash was leading it’s way from collar to her mouth, it was a moment to capture in her mind. She didn’t feel any anxiety within herself but a feeling of submission as she tried to get more of her mistress’ touch as her hand was placed on Bella’s crown.


“I’ll give you a trim like you wanted, first. Is that okay for you?”, Trix asked gently. Bella gave a slight nod to it and with that Trix started chopping off her 3 inches, well that was more than what Bella decided to chop but at least she wasn’t getting blad!


Trix chopped one strand of hair and aligned all others to same length, she slightly smirked by watching those hair fall, she couldn’t help but think about how soon this pile of hair on floor is gonna increase, the position where all those long luscious are securing its place is soon going to turn into shiny, bald held. She wasn’t most excited about that though, she was awaiting for a result that this test might bring. She soon finished with the trim and asked Bella for next step. “Next I am gonna chop other 6 inches of your hair, if you want me to stop then drop off leash in this very second.” Bella didn’t do anything in response as a result Trix continued.


Trix started chopping off another six inches of hair as if it was nothing meanwhile Bella clutched the leash in her mouth tightly as if she was gritting her teeth, her expression spoke nothing but shock as she looked at the hair falling on floor through the mirror, she felt like crying in the moment but she also felt an adrenaline rush as she thought about what’s going to happen after this, currently her newly chopped hair landed on her middle back. The cut was soon finished and all her hair from left to right were as long as 11-12 inch.


Trix moved in front of Bella and removed collar from her neck, Bella didn’t admit out loud but she did admit in her mind that she kind of felt sad, she really wanted to go through whole process, maybe she was crying for her hair in starting but in that very moment she herself realised that she really wanted to go bald and these 6 inches were nothing, she wasn’t able to feel her mistress finger on her head like she always wanted to. Bella was soon free of cape and her slim body with medium length hair were reflecting in mirror. Soon collar was locked back again and a smile of relief spread on Bella’s mouth. “I think we don’t need this anymore.” Trix said as she squished Bella’s face and kiss those lips passionately, Bella gave into the kiss and let her mistress’ lips dominate hers.


Trix broke the kiss and moved to Bella’s back and ruffled those hairs, massaging at right points just like Bella admired. Bella couldn’t help herself but lean on to those pointy fingers pressing in her head, she did feel dizzy but also a different spark of relief sparkled her insides. “Next cut is going to be major, it’s gonna be a chin-length bob, shall we continue?” Bella nodded to that with leash’ handle securing her yes.


Trix combed through all the hair once again to get rid of all the tangles which occurred while giving massage and spread hair in all direction blocking Bella’s vision. She walked off to Bella’s left side and slide comb through the nearest hair, stopping right below Bella’s jaw; she chopped off all the hair hanging below it. She positioned comb just below jaw on the next strand and with the help of shears chopped them off again. *Shrink… shrink….* Bella never heard that voice so closely, this was her first time and surely it had a deep effect on her, her panties started to get wet as she felt comb being rubbed on her scalp so closely. She was so lost in the moment that to live it she closed her eyes and closely listened and felt cold metal and plastic comb’s movement. As more hair started to get away from her scalp, she felt hornier, she got an urge to right away tell her mistress to chop her hair as soon as possible but she closed her mouth because if she spoke, the handle will fall and she will loose this golden opportunity. She couldn’t believe how during the starting of this session she wanted to keep her long hairs and now in the moment she just wanted to get bald in quickest way possible. This was the reason hair kink was most erotic kink for Bella. Bella was so engrossed in feeling the strangeness of comb’s bristles so closely that she forgot how much of her haircut is finished. Trix moved to her front and positioned comb just above Bella’s eyebrows to give her bangs. She swiftly chopped them off like every other strand of hair and soon took a hold of thinning scissors. Trix adorned the sight as she was thinning Bella’s hair, so much hairs were kissing their right position but still her mind waited for that shiny cue ball. However, first step of her session was passed by Bella, her panties were soaking wet. That’s the exact thing she wanted; she cleared her throat which got Bella’s eyes open. “Remove your panties and next cut is gonna be short pixie are you up for it?” Trix asked in her most dominant voice but she didn’t wait for Bella’s nod and just started correctly clipping her hair.


Bella looked totally like a baby girl, sitting just in a bra that too on a wooden plank with her front hairs clipped in a small pony tail, soon her right and left side were clipped in two different clips too. Bottommost part of hair was only left open while every other hair were bonded together in alligator clips.  Bella’s head was pushed down with a strong push as it touched her chest.


The experience of this cut was way too different then all others, comb was being passed through her scalp multiple times for just one chop which definitely wasn’t helping her, she desperately wanted to touch herself but then that would means breaking the rules which she wouldn’t dare to. Thankfully the wooden piece was polished otherwise she wouldn’t be able to count the cuts she would have sported on her bum just by the slightest of movement she was making. “Keep your eyes open.” Trix suddenly demanded out of nowhere. She was keenly watching every scene unfolding in front of her, she really wanted to get over this as soon as possible, she really wanted to get her hands on straight razor and get the scalp in front of her, clean and smooth but she waited in fact, she delayed it, she was taking this pixie as slower as possible because she knew exactly what will give Bella a long, awaited orgasm.


Trix finished with Bella’s backside and didn’t forget to pass a hand through those short, soft strands. Soon Bella’s left side of hair were unclipped and the process on it began as well, she kept her eyes on her hair this time, not wanting to miss anything. While the first hair strand was chopped off, she noticed that barely 1 and half inch of hair was being left on her scalp. She loved the movements her long hairs made, they were her comfort blanket but now those strands were either landing on her floor, on the seat, on her lap or on her bust. As soon as left side was chopped appropriate length, Trix moved to right and chopped all the hair present there in nothing longer than 1 and half inch. Soon the top part of Bella’s was left open which covered her vision. But it wasn’t too long after her top was just 2 inch in length. Trix this time didn’t say anything but just moved her eye towards Bella’s leaking V while plugging in electric clippers in the socket. That stare somehow spread a chill through Bella’s spine as the gaze get connected to her own eyes as if asking ‘what’s this’.


She was speechless, she really wanted to hid herself somewhere, Bella was asked multiple times about her kinks but she never told Trix about her hair kink, she didn’t even say it when  she was asked directly while she requested Trix to get short hairs. And today she was leaking openly without being touched while she was in full display.


Her thoughts vanished as a hand held her jaw and electric clippers were passed through her scalp; she was about to moan but stopped as she fear that she might let the leash fall. She couldn’t handle the amazing buzzing feeling that clippers provided, she closed her eyes and clutched leash tightly between her teeth while she let out muffled moans. More and more liquid was falling from her seat to the leather chair.


Trix was watching all of it and still chose to stay silent, her sub was being reckless as if that one single hold of other hand was holding her whole body straight. Bella’s more then half head was reduced to nothing but a very thin layer of stubble, she didn’t even realize how the hand that was holding her jaw moved to her back and was now holding her crown. She tried to control herself; she was so near to her orgasm that if her mistress just murmured ‘come’, she would. She didn’t care if those hairs were sticking to her body making her skin itch; she was just feeling ecstasy. She felt a desperate heat rising within her which had no way to get out. However, the cold breeze on her head was a new feeling she never wanted to get out from.


“Come” Trix ordered as she finished balding Bella almost to nothingness. Bella orgasmed while clutching her thighs in a tight grip, this time there were no hair to bounce down from her head and that was the best part. She felt as if she just came out from a hypnotizing zone. Her shoulders were brought back to chair’s support as two hands removed her bra and leash from mouth which Bella was astonished to know, was still there.  Hands made there way from shoulders to Bella’s head, circling it.


“What was this?” Bella was asked in a stern tone which belonged to no one else but her mistress. Hands which were pressing against her scalp never left its position. Bella felt guilty in moment, she lied to her mistress about her kink all this time, she caught her lips in between her teeth and looked down in shame, no longer feeling giving attention to hands on her head.


“You have a hair kink, right?” Trix asked a low, cold tone. Bella couldn’t form out words that’s why she just nodded.


“And you hide it since so many years even though you knew it all along.” Trix now stopped circling Bella’s head and instead pick up a shaving foam can. She squirted a good amount of it on Bella’s head.


“You will stay adverse to any hair on your face and head for a week and your head will be shaved by me daily for at least one month. I hope that teaches you your lesson.”  With that Trix applied some foam on eyebrows too.


Bella was shocked to hear that, was an understatement. No eyebrows and no eyelashes for a week would make her look so ugly let alone be her head. However, she didn’t mind not having any hair on head for a year. She loved it and she could enjoy this experience again and again.


“Sit still otherwise you’ll get yourself cut. Here comes your complete head shave.” With that being said Trix started scraping a straight razor across Bella’s head. Her forehead was caught between Trix’s fingers as the path from her front to crown started getting clearer, there was no trance of hair at all. Bella’s head was pushed to her left as Trix started getting rid of every hair on that very head. The dominant in the room smiled at the situation, his shining cue ball was coming to glory, just the back of the head and soon everything will be like she wanted. Her urge to getting a release wasn’t hiding either, it was Bella’s inattentiveness that she didn’t notice how wet Trix herself was. Soon both the sides and top was made clear and now Trix was in charge of back, she pushed Bella’s head to let her chin touch her chest. She couldn’t help but notice how Bella was obliging to all her movements without a word and this surely was a site for her. Her submissive with head bowed, not doing a single movement without her order and even though Bella was covered in bits of hair from head to toe, she wasn’t complain a bit which she often does; she couldn’t help but notice the collar hung on her sub’s neck; surely everything gave her feeling of being in charge.


“Close your eyes.” Trix said as in one motion of razor she removed whole eyebrow. She repeated same action on other. “Open.” She ordered as she wanted her sub to take in her appearance. Soon she took out nail cutter from a drawer and commanded her sub to close eyes again. With that final every hair from Bella’s head was removed and she was as clean as a sheep is after being shorn.


Trix took a generous amount of jojoba oil in her hand and rubbed it on Bella’s head to give her that smooth, shiny head look like she always wanted to see. Bella openly moaned this time and gave head to Trix’s hands as she desired more and more touch. “Ma’am……” She tried to speak through her dizzy mind.


“Shhh just enjoy.” Trix said in a silent hush voice in her sub’s ear and then she repeated that circle, she did on Bella’s head full of hair, “Told you already, you wouldn’t say no while you will be in that.” Bella barely heard that, she was just in different zone and her Mistress’ harsh touches were definitely influencing that.


“Please ma’am let me pleasure you with my smooth head.” Bella blurred out in one go with her dizzy voice.


Trix wouldn’t be the one to say no especially when she needed a good release. “Sure, go ahead.” And with that to Bella’s disappointment no hands were massaging her bare scalp.


Trix sat on her couch with wide open legs and removed her pants along with panties. Bella like a good sub placed her hands on her back and rubbed her scalp against her mistress’ v until she came on top of her head.


“That was the best orgasm ever, come I’ll give you a shower but remember that cum on your head will stay for couple of hours.” Chimed Trix excitedly.

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