This grandma needs a shave’’in

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Granny always had long, now graying hair, all the way down to her butt and she refused to cut it…until today.
(To be clear, this ain’t my grandmother but my “client’s”)
The day was blue with no clouds in sight.
I was counting my earnings when a slim woman escorted a feeble old woman into my shop.
“Hello, can I help you?” I queried as the slim woman sat the other lady on the waiting couch.
“Yes”,she started,”Do you by hair?”
“Of course, ma’am, if you would just follow me”
“Oh, I’m not the one who’s selling it”,the slim woman corrected,”the old kook is”
“Pardon?”,I put confused, why did she just insult her grandmother I presumed.
“Look, I’ll level you on this”, the slim woman,”Granny desperately needs a shav’in, she has never had a haircut in ages and I’m tired of washing it. Besides, she’s old, she’ll never notice. Can we do this now?”
I was disgusted at the disrespect for her elders but the slim woman seemed to notice my reluctance and offered a big tip if we could do it quickly.
“Fine, bring her back”
“Excellent”,cheered the woman,”We’ll be there in a sec”
I wanted to throw up for what I was about to do but then I devised some revenge.
Grandma waddled over to the chairs and took a seat on the far left one.
I wrapped a cape around her and undid her updo bun.
Like a witch, the slim woman started recording the operation.
Granny began dozing off so that was good.
I felt despicable as I started severing strand after strand of silver hair, shorter and shorter, the grey tresses became.
When the bulk was removed, I brought out the clippers and removed its guard.
I started buzzing the crown then I fully finished the head of hair.
I felt the short bristles of stubble and wept inside.
(What have I done to this woman?)
I looked back at the slim woman as if to say,”Is this enough?”.
But the woman wasn’t satisfied,”Come on, shave her completely”.
(Jeez, duck this woman)
I lathered the elder’s scalp and wiped her scalp clean.
(God, smite me!!)
As I finished, the woman had stopped filming and was at the register.
Annoyed, I walked over to her and said,”I’m not paying you”
“I’ll level with you”, I sneered,”Either you get shaved or no dice”
“You listen-“
“No, you listen, your grandmother lays there, bald as a cue ball, and you disrespect her by profiting off her hair”
Slim woman said nothing and tried to leave, I caught her hand.
“Let go of me!”
I didn’t:
Just then, the old woman woke with a snort and asked her kin what happened.
(Apparently, she did not know she was bald)
“Granny! It’s terrible, he forced me to shave you”
The old gal looked my way,”Sir, may you remove this cape?”
“Yes Ma’am”
I removed the cape and the old woman confronted her grandmother.
“I heard everything that you said, how dare you to suggest that I would never had noticed my lack of hair”
“Grandma, I-“
“Save it and get into the chair, young lady”
The slim woman wouldn’t budge so the scalped granny pinched her kin’s ear and forced into the chair.
“Please”, the woman pleaded,”I’m sorry”
“Shush!”the elder ordered, she turned to me,”Shave her bald”
(Yes, ma’am)
I wrapped up the slim woman and combed out her dirty blonde waves.
I started with the clippers, buzzing her down as she was crying histarically.
When all was left was tiny stubble, I lathered the scalp twice and scraped the cream off.
“Do you have any Naire, sir”
“No, granny, please”
The grandmother ignored the pleas as I retrieved the hair remover.
A coat later, the slim woman had no head hair to speak of.
The cape was removed and the slim woman ran out of my shop.
“I’ll take whatever the two heads of hair will get us”
“Your head will fetch $1000 but the other woman’s will only get hmm… about $80”
“Perfect”,praised the elder, stroking her new dome.

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