This Is How It Began

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This Is How It Began

Author: Tigris
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Location: Barbershop

(another of my sis older stories)

This is kind of one of my first attempts to write a store so please let me know what you think!
Hello!, My name is Tigris, I am what you might call an unusual person, why you ask, well to start with I’m a girl, I work as a hairdresser and a proud owner of my shop, so far I sound like quite a normal person you would say, the interesting thing is that I am completely bald!

No, I do not suffer from cancer, alopecia or any other sort of disease that might have pushed me into it, I am bald by choice, at work I must admit I sometimes work with a wig no to scare certain type of costumers, but I have quite a few loyal persons that want to see me working without them, and most of them wanted to know how I came to bear such a hairstyle, well this is how it began…

I was younger back then, I had turned 18 a few months before, I was quite rebellious back then, I used to go against everything that was told to me and fought against the oppression of being born a female in a macho society, yet I was very proud of my hair, I showed my defiance by playing with it, changing it’s color and shape, but never its length, I used to love my long flowing mane, teased boys a lot with it too, my natural hair was in a dirty shade of blonde, it was well into my mid-back, I changed its color down to a shade of dark brown, got bored of it and went almost platinum blonde, and after that to a bright beautiful red, very intense, counting a perm of two in between, I used to love having my hair done, set it in rollers, well you could say I was in love with it, not giving notice at how it made me feel when my hair was being treated by someone else, yet things were to change…

You see, I have a friend, she used to be as rebellious as I was, she was also into changing her hair as often as I did, and it was possible since her father owned a salon/barbershop, he was one of those barbers that went into the trade because his father and his father’s father had all been barbers down to ancestral times, or so he claimed, so we had ourselves a pretty good playground for our hair at night after closing time, most of our hair changes took place there, it was quite a fun place to be.

So, we kinda made it our hideout after it was closed, we set up a table and it had tv and cable and a good stereo so it was a good place to hang around after a day at school and other locations around town, it was also where another interesting thing happened, we used to play a card game, it was one of our favorite things to do, it has a name but I don’t know it in English to be truthful, it’s like poker but much more fun, we used to play this game for fun or to decide certain things, one of such was who was going to get a new hair change and who was the “barber” as we used to call ourselves too, all was fun until one fateful evening.

I was returning home after a few things I had to do, such as grocery shopping and walking around looking at all that stuff we girls love, it was around 7 pm so I pretty much thought about going straight to Jessicas (my friend) place, the grocery bag was not so big and my feet were actually killing me, and since I was already closet he choice was made, I made my way to my friend’s house walking happily, it didn’t take me long to reach the barbershop, which was still open and Jess dad was working on one last costumer, an interesting fellow, tall, muscular, and quite handsome, one thing was out of the ordinary for me tho, he was having his head shaved, there he sat, looking peaceful as Jess dad glided a razor over his head, it stroke me as odd but not too much out of the ordinary. Guys, after all, are supposed to be allowed to do such things, I waved and said hi to Jess dad as I walked in he smiled and without distracting himself much pointed me to the back door.

“My daughter has been waiting for you Jaz (short for Jazmine, one of my names), she is down the kitchen, I’m closing soon so you won’t have to wait long”. He said clearing up the blade in a towel, resuming his work.

I smiled, placed my grocery shop down near the table we had set up in there, and walked to open the door.

I wasn’t able to open it since Jess came running in fast, almost knocking me down, startling me because I was really near the door, she looked straight at me surprised, took me by my hand and quickly got me into her house.

“Are you ok Jess? it seems you are going to explode!”, I asked since it was obvious she was excited about something.

“Oh don’t worry Tig dear I just wanted to see something, please go to the kitchen and make us some popcorn while my dad finishes!”, she said smiling, returning to the shop and closing the door behind her.

It didn’t surprise me, she loved watching her dad work, I assumed he must have liked the guy his dad was working on, so I shrugged and walked down to the kitchen, making some refreshments for later in the evening, doing popcorn, preparing some drinks with mild alcohol in them, and some other random snacks, while waiting, a few minutes later, I saw Jess dad walk out of the shop and into the house, waving as he passed by, the usual sign the shop was closed and it was all for us, I smiled and took some of the stuff heading for the shop.

Yet when I opened the door I saw something quite odd, Jess was sitting on one of the chairs, looking at some magazine, her lips slightly open, her breathing a wee bit overworked, I smiled and walked in silently, placing the plates on the table quietly, walking slowly to her since my presence seemed to have gone unnoticed, she seemed quite absorbed on the magazine in her hands, just when I was behind her I pinched the sides of her tummy and loudly said BOO!!, making her jump and scream, I laughed hard since she made such a funny face, she stared at me in awe for a few seconds but her mood changed swiftly from mild surprise to being angry.

“Jazmine!!! You know I don’t like being startled!!” I smiled and gave her a mischievous smile.

“oh come on Jess!, you just set the perfect trap! I had to take the chance! what were you reading tho? It seemed pretty interesting!” I asked taking the magazine from her hands quickly, looking at the article she was so interested in.

Then I felt confused, it showed several pictures of bald people, lots of them girls, the article was about a new fashion that was running around some places in the United States and Europe, I was confused and looked at Jessica puzzled.

“What is so interesting about this Jess??” I asked frankly quite amazed that she was looking at it.

“you kidding me?” she said looking at me in a dignified manner “it could be the most awesome thing I have seen! what could be more extreme than such a look! the people would flip out if we showed up at school with no hair at all!” she exclaimed proudly.

It took me a few seconds to register what she was saying, I had to agree with her, we were quite against the stated fashion of our country, that said girls had to be quiet, pleasing and must have long hair down to the waist in a single color but that was a bit too extreme for me.

“You are joking right?, I mean we love to play around with each others hair, why would we do that? then we wouldn’t have to use the shop for anything!” I said nervously, looking straight into her eyes.

“Of course we could! We could keep shaving each other if we wanted! and its hair! It grows back!” she exclaimed jumping out of the chair, sitting down on the table in front of us.

“You are out of your mind!” I said looking at her a little bit angry “I know we don’t go by their standards but I love my hair!”

She looked straight at me, a stern look on her eyes.

“Then you are telling me the rebellious thing is all a game to you? That you are really like those dumb kids at school and want to be just like everyone else?” she asked coldly striking a nerve in me.

“Of Course Not!” I yelled, “but…” I was a little bit desperate, I didn’t know how to answer to that, she had me cornered.

“Haha you should see the look on your face Jaz!, you are really scared!” She said smiling “I can’t Belive hair is so important to you after all we have done to it!” It took the tension off the moment, I saw in her eyes she was joking.

“Darn you, Jessica you almost made my heart jump out of my chest,” I said sitting down at the table too, moving the plates I have brought so we had the middle of the table free.

“Its called payback baby, you know how I hate being scared!” we laughed a little bit, and then she looked into my eyes.

“Oh I know what will make this game interesting then, I want revenge over what you did, so let’s make a bet, if you lose, I get to shave your whole head!” she said smiling.

I had learned over the years, that Jess usually joked when she had that smile on her lips, so it gave me some wild ideas.

“Ok, but if I win, I get to do that to you and you will be my brother’s slave for a whole week!” I said laughing, sticking my poor brother into the bet.

“Oh harsh!, I don’t think he will be happy with that,” she said smiling again, but this time it was a more mischievous smile, I knew she did like my brother, a lot, so it would be a perfect time to play cupid for a bit.

“So then you accept? I’m not kidding here!” She asked playfully, taking the cards out of their package.

“You bet I do, you have no chance of beating me today darling, not with my brother’s happiness on the line!” I said smiling.

And it was true most of the time, 95% of the time we played cards I came out as the victor, and this time I wanted to win since I wanted to let Jess and my brother know each other better.

The games started a few minutes later after we had established how many points we had to get before we decided who won, it was quite an intense assortment of games, until about half of them I had the upper hand, but then after some few bad hands and one devastating last encounter, Jess was declared victorious, she sprang from her seat screaming and laughing, mocking me for a few minutes, while I just impersonated a bad player and crossed my arms, looking angry.

“Fine you won’t be my brother’s slave for today!” I said crossing my legs, taking a few sips on my drink, she smiled widely while she walked over to one of the chairs, she slowly turned it around to face me.

“Oh no you are not getting off the hook, you lost, henceforth you get shaved!” she said looking at me with that playful look on her eyes, I sighed wondering what she wanted to do.

“Oh fine, fine, Ill indulge you,” I said getting up and walking in a sexy manner to the chair, climbing up, sitting down, crossing my legs, and letting my hands rest on the armrests.

Jessica smiled while she turned me around to face the mirror, going through some of the drawers looking for some stuff.

“So what do you have in mind then?” I asked dandling my leg up and down, as I loved the feeling of sitting in this big comfy red leather chair.

“I’m going to shave you!, remember our bet!” she said laughing, I sighed and smiled.

“Ok ok if you say so,” I said closing my eyes, enjoying the feeling of the leather against my skin.

After a few seconds, I felt something strange, she had used a special strap we had bought in one of those “kinky” stores a few months ago, quickly strapping both my wrists to the armrests of the chair, I opened my eyes, relaxed, I knew she liked kinky things like this, it had become a plaything between us before, I had set her hair and tied her down to a chair while she had the dryer working on her head, she had strapped me down to shave my legs before and some other fun things, so it was ordinary.

“oh I’m so excited,” she said kissing me slightly on the cheek, “you are gonna look so incredible”

I laughed a bit, thinking it was all a game, she was gonna do something mischievous and different but not shave me, I was almost certain of it

Suddenly I felt a cool latex cape closing in around me, she then took a paper tissue and placed it around my neck, closing the cape shortly after, she knew I loved that, when it touched my bare skin it sent little jolts of joy down my spine, I moaned a little enjoying the feeling.

“Well then I might as well enjoy my “shave,” I said jokingly, closing my eyes, mild surprise in my mind, waiting to see what she was going to do.

She then startled me by kissing my lips tenderly, (we indeed had already explored each other before, just to know and experience, as I said we were quite rebellious), and then I heard what I thought was a vibrator, thinking this was going to be one of those times when we used to play with each other just to have some fun, it was a Friday night, her dad was out of the house already, and he wasn’t going to come back until the next morning, Jess didn’t have a mom, so we usually did those kinky things on such nights.

I smiled, thrilled for what I thought was going to happen next, I felt the vibration near my chin, she moved the object up my cheek and then let it sit on my forehead.

“Well that is new, I thought you were going to my mou…” I couldn’t finish the sentence when I felt the strange object pulled from my forehead to my crown, and I felt it cutting hair!.

I opened my eyes in disbelief, shocked to see that what she was holding where clippers!, she had already mowed a path in my beautiful hair right in the middle of my forehead!, I looked in disbelief at the reflection, looking at that path with very short hair staring at me, I could not utter a word, not move or make a sound, Jess on the other hand, quickly took the clippers and placed them right next to this path, mowing another one right next to it, making it larger.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” I screamed, tears starting to flow out of my eyes “Damn you, Jess, How COULD YOU!!!!!” I said trying to get out of the chair, but the straps were very well placed, I couldn’t get out, I squirmed around, trying to release myself.

“What are you doing!?, you agreed to this!, I even told you right when you sat down!” she said surprised.

“I thought you were joking!, I would have never agreed to this!!!, I made that point clear!” I said crying loudly
Jess sighed, placed the clippers in a hook near the counter, and placed her hand on my shoulder, looking at me in the mirror.

“Look Jaz, I told you I wasn’t kidding, I made the bet and you would have shaved me and made me your brother slave if I lost!” she said looking at me in a very serious way.

“I wouldn’t have shaved you!, and I wanted you and my brother to get to know each other better!” I said, unable to stop the tears flowing down my cheeks.

“Oh, don’t worry about that I know your brother very well, and that’s why I have the hots for him, I’m quite sure he won’t mind this change at all! he might even encourage it!” She said smiling.

“How can you say such a thing,” I said sobbing.

“Look dear, I’m sorry you thought I was joking, but there is not much we can do right now, let me finish the job and then you will see I was right!”. She said taking the clippers again, I didn’t respond, I was too in shock, too sad…

She didn’t lose her time, quickly taking the clippers at my forehead, mowing path after path of my beautiful hair, I watched as it fell in front of my eyes into my lap, pilling up, my tears running down my face, soon after Jess was done with the top of my head, she placed the clippers at my cheek, next to my ear, the sound was dreadful for me at that time, too loud, too strange, she worked quickly there too, moving the clippers from my cheek to the back of my head, up and around my ear, repeating the same motions on the left side of my head, she gently placed her fingers on my crown, such a strange sensation came rushing down my spine, but I was so concerned about what was going on to notice…

She pushed my head forward with care, exposing the back of my head to the monstrous thing on her hands, placing the clippers on the crown of my head, and mowing down the hair quickly, making big passes from my crown to my nape and down my neck, five passes later she allowed me to look up, my tears had already dried out, but I was incredibly sad, I saw a stranger in the mirror, a face I knew all too well but with something missing, my hair very short, a greyish tint on my head, my ears seemed big and my eyes, oh my eyes looked huge…

She finally placed the clippers on the hook again, and I let a sigh of relief thinking it was all over, but to my surprise, she reached for another pair of clippers, smaller, and clicked them on, they made almost the same sound but in a higher pitch.

“Are you not satisfied already?” I asked miserably, totally lost in dismay, she smiled, she cleared the hair in my lap, tossing it to the floor, I could swear I saw it fall in slow motion, a sight that almost brought me to tears again, but my attention was suddenly brought back to her, she had placed her hand on top of the cape, but right on the line where my tight and my waist joined and placed the little clippers above my private area.

“Oh no my beloved Tigris, I am just starting…” she said sensually, closing her eyes and kissing me, forcing her tongue on my lips, asking for a deeper kiss, she was very excited, and, even though I didn’t want to admit it, the little clippers where sending quite a pleasurable message to me being so close to my private spot, after a few more kisses she got up, took the clippers and whispered in my ear.

“It’s already too late dear, you might as well close your eyes and enjoy it”, then I felt her hand on my head again, that strange sensation down my spine one more time, once again she pushed my head almost down to my chest, while I felt the vibration of the smaller clippers up my neck again, she moved slowly this time, making smaller passes all over my neck and my nape, I felt what was left of my hair being eaten by the smaller thing, she made a few more passes and caressed the area, making me shiver, I thought it was from anger, confusing the signals with my sadness.

After she was done, she tenderly reached down on my face for my chin and lift my head placing the clippers on my forehead again, moving the clippers down my head again from there up to my crown and down to the nape, then working the sides of my head, and finally running them all over my head.

And then that sound, she took a can of shaving cream, she was wiggling it around, looking at me in the mirror…

“You are going all the way?” I asked with a hushed voice, fearing the response.

She answered by smiling and pushing the small button on top of the can, releasing the white foam into her hand, she walked slowly to the back of the chair, and with tender fingers, lathered my head carefully, with gentle movements, if I had not been so shocked I would have enjoyed her caresses.

After what seemed an eternity to me, and I wore a white helmet of foam, she seemed satisfied, I just sighed and closed my eyes, resigning myself to what was happening.

A few minutes later I felt something strange on my head, something warm was wrapped around it, I opened my eyes to see a steaming towel covering my head in a turban.

“What is this for?” I asked surprised.

“Well, my dad told me that it would help to soften the stubble and make it easier to shave”, she responded, looking for something in the drawers.

“You told your dad you were going to shave me?” I asked ashamed.

“Haha no” she laughed “I was talking to him before you arrived while he was shaving that guy”

I sighed and looked at her moving around everywhere.

“Mm I can’t find it, perhaps it’s stored on dad’s closed drawer, oh well I’ll be right back!” she said smiling and walking out the back door.

For a few minutes, I sat there alone, feeling the warm new sensation in my head, wondering why this had happened, what would my brother think when he saw me, I was lost in my thoughts, so I did not notice when Jess came back until she removed the towel on my head, she started to re-lather my head with shaving foam until once again I had the white helmet.

Humming, she took a cup full with warm water and what she had gone to look for, her dad’s 3 bladed safety razor, she lowered the chair so she would be able to reach all my head from the back of the chair, sank the razor on the cup, moved it around, and then placed it right on my forehead.

The razor gliding thru the foam was a new experience, it felt strange, and the little shivers that went down my spine as Jess made each stroke with the razor confused me, I looked in awe, my mouth slightly parted, my breathing a little it worked, as was Jess’s.

She was fast, she shaved the top of my head in a matter of minutes, moving from my forehead to my crown, clearing the blade in the cup, and repeating, the sides of my head where shaved in equal speed, then she tilted my head forward slightly, surprised that I no longer offered resistance, she placed the razor on my crown and slowly glided it to my neck…

The feeling was unbelievable, I was so shocked when I realized I even had moaned a little bit, Jess seemed so concentrated she didn’t notice, as the next stroke came down my neck I realized I was getting excited over this whole ordeal, then came the third pass of the razor and I slowly opened my eyes until they were half-open, and looked at myself in the mirror, such a strange image, a girl half her head already shaved, looking turned on stared right back at me, I didn’t want to think about that so I closed my eyes again.

Jess continued to shave the back of my head with long, sure strokes, once she was finished, and only small hints of shaving cream remained on my scalp, she took the towel that had adorned my head minutes ago and cleaned the remaining foam, she then caressed my entire head, sending those jolts of joy down to my tummy and lower.

I opened my eyes to look at her, she looked unhappy, she went off again thru the back door leaving me with my thoughts, wondering why I was getting that feeling down my stomach between my legs with all this…

A few minutes later my barber returned with a brand new razor, taking the shaving cream again, she once again covered my head with it, lathering even the sides of my face, and then that wicked smile on her lips again…

“You know… I have something to confess to you…” she said blushing as her hands began to wander around my face, covering it with cream too.

“I experienced something so wonderful the other day I want you to experience it too right now…” Jess said looking at me like in a trance as her hands slowly covered my face with shaving cream, my cheeks, my chin, my upper lip, and then my neck, covering it all from front to back.

“What are you doing Jessica?” I asked with a hushed voice, trying to cover my excitement over the whole thing, but I was surely surprised at this new action she did.

“A few days ago, my dad and I were talking right after he had finished shaving one of his costumers, he told me it was one of the greatest experiences men had, getting a warm professional shave, so I dared him to shave me, and to my surprise… he closed the door and did it, you have no idea how exciting it was, and I want you to experience it right now as well…” she said as she walked to get fresh water on the cup and the new razor.

I had no words, I was confused by everything at that time, I was lost in my little world.

“I’ll ask him to give you a shave as he did with me later since I can’t do it as he does right now but Ill promise I’ll practice…” she said as she walked up to me, and sat on my lap.

She placed her hand on my forhead and slowly pushed backwars, forcing me to look up, I closed my eyes as I felt the razor moving up my neck to my jawline, I was shocked but mezmerized, the feeling was amazing, she continued with slow strokes, shaving my neck and the lower part of my jaw in a few minutes, once she was done, without moving her hand from my forehead she moved my head to one side, exposing my cheek to her slowly placing the razor on my sideburn and gliding it down my to my jawline, clearing the blade on the cup she had placed on her lap, once again took the razor to my face, shaving with tenderness my cheek, and after that one was done she continued with my other cheek, shaving it likewise with 5 strokes, leaving my chin and upper lip to the last, the sound of scraping the razor made as it glided over my face, sent shivers down my spine, I was in eccstasy and thrilled, but also scared, these feelings were making me feel weird, why was I enjoying it so much?…

Jess continued shaving my chin and upper lip in a fast manner, clearing them both with 6 simple strokes, she dropped the razor on the cup and placed her hand on the back of my lathered head, and slowly brought my head back down, she closed her eyes and kissed me once again, it was a long sensual kiss I must admit, one full of love and desire, she smiled once she parted her lips from mine, looking at my half-opened eyes.

“I’m so glad you are finally enjoying this, I have to tell you Tigris Marianne Jazmin, I love you, I love you so much you have no idea, I… I didn’t have the guts to tell you before but now… I feel so much closer to you…” she stated as she once again joined her lips with mine.

I never knew Jess felt like that, I always thought that what we did was casual, part of our rebellious nature, we wanted to explore all the new sensations we could, but this moment felt so, private and exciting, I couldn’t say a word…

Once we finished our long, loving kiss she got up from my lap, leaving me in my half-dazed state, looking dazzled at the girl in the mirror in front of me, her head covered in white cream, her face with small hits of the same white lather here and there, she didn’t clean my face up, nope, she allowed myself to watch the face of that young girl like that, having her head shaved too, but this time she didn’t shave with the grain of the hair, she shaved against it…

Starting at my neck, moving the razor up slowly and with love, from my neck, up to my nape and my crown, the sound of the razor shaving the smallest stubble away once again sent shivers down my spine, my head was shaved quickly this time, after clearing my neck she moved to my sideburns and sides of my head, placing the razor on my jawline and moving up, then above my ear and then behind it, proceeding then to the other side, the girl on the mirror now had some sort of white foam mohawk on her head, the sides of her head clean.

Jess once again sat down on my lap, and placed her hand on my nape, that wonderful sensation hit me again, moaning loudly this time, I looked at the knowing smile on her lips while she carefully pushed my head down allowing her to finish the shaving of my head after it was all over, she once again placed the cup on the counter and ran her hands through my head, making me breathe heavily, she was satisfied this time, she placed her hands on the sides of my face and once again kissed me with passion for a few more minutes.

Then she got up, and took a small bottle from the counter, poured some of its content on her hands and slowly massaged my scalp with it, it was some sort of rose oil, and it felt wonderful, she spread It on my head till it glistened with the light of the barbershop after she was satisfied with it, she took some sort of rag and literally polished my scalp, with strong movements, making my head rock around, making me a little dizzy, once she was done, she finally removed the cape, and looked at the mess I had done in the chair, she moaned softly as she caressed my head and kissed me, I was still not able to pronounce a word, just enjoyed the moments.

A few more minutes later, she finally released me of my shackles, hugged me once I had stood up, caressing me trying to undress me, but I was so shocked I simply couldn’t react, I looked at the girl with the shining bald head in front of me on the mirror, tears once again filled my eyes and I pushed Jess away, and ran out the door, I ran as fast as I could home, couldn’t think of anything else.

I locked myself up in my bedroom for the rest of the night and most of the other day, I heard brother arrive home at night, and then leave for school in the morning, and when he finally returned home in the afternoon.

It took him about an hour after he had returned home to knock on my door.

“Sis are you ok? I heard what happened, let me get a look at you” he asked with concern on his voice, we are close, since we had no parents who could take care of us, we only had each other.

“You are going to laugh at me,” I said, sobbing on my pillow.

“I won’t, please Sis I’m really worried,” He said, my sweet brother.

I got up and walked to the door, I wasn’t able to lift my head, I was so embarrassed and shocked, I slowly opened the door, and the first thing that he did was to hug me, so strongly I thought he was going to break me in two.

“You should have told me, yesterday sis, I was worried,” He said placing his hand on my chin and lifting my head so I could look in his eyes.

“You know,” he said looking at me tenderly, “I think I like you more like this than with those crazy hairstyles you used to get” then he smiled.

“And I think you look hot!” he said smiling and walking me to the table.

“Don’t joke with this Brother I feel really bad, I won’t go out till my hair grows back!” I said angrily.

“Haha yes you will, the sister I know that defies everyone and doesn’t care what others think wouldn’t say that, so what if you have no hair, you look quite well like that, you are quite gorgeous, hair or not,” he said smiling sitting down next to me.

I hugged him this time, smiling and kissing him on the cheek, he made me feel a lot better.

“Even if you are joking, thank you,” I said leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I’m not kidding Sis, I really think you look fine, heck if you weren’t my sis Id go for ya right now!” he said laughing out hard, I punched him on the arm.

“Silly!” I screamed, punching him again.

“Besides,” he said pulling a piece of paper out of his backpack “Jess is very sorry, wanted me to give ya this, you should see her, I think she is broken”

I took the letter from him“I don’t think so, I’m really angry at her” I said frowning.

“you shouldn’t be, believe me, from what she told me, she gave you one hell of a time,” he said giving me a knowing smile.

“SHE TOLD YOU WHAT!!!?” I screamed punching him again and again.

“Haha come on sis, I’m 21 you are 18 or course I know what is going on, smile and enjoy it, life is to short and we already seen too much bitterness don’t you think?” he said getting up.

“I’m going to get dress up for work, you should call Jess to come here” He smiled and winked

He left me alone, I took the letter and read it, it was really hard to read since most of the ink was diluted with tears, most of it were apologies, but one of the most interesting parts of the letter stated, “you can do with me what you want but please forgive me”, I smiled wickedly remembering my brother’s words and the feelings that I had, I bit my lip as I took the phone and dialed up to her…


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