Those neighbor kids

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Rosemary, Emily, and Jasmine along with a few other kids kicked the ball this way and that in a game of German kickball.
Zoom, zoom, zoom went the ball as it soared up and down the street.
They had to be careful though, because of Miss Allen’s house.
If they damaged her home in any way, that would give her a reason to damn them.
On and on, they kicked and batted at the ball.
Rosemary became competitive and picked up speed in her kicks.
Miss Allen’s window lay shattered in a heap of glass.
A vote commenced as to who was to retrieve the object and Rosemary was put on the chopping block.
She wasn’t thrilled about the verdict but the evidence was clear that they committed the crime and thus she sheepishly scaled the neighbor’s walkway.
Rosemary knocked thrice on the door and a elderly frame answered.
A retired hairdresser, Miss Allen wore a knitted sweater with cats on it and modest pants.
Rosemary couldn’t speak and Allen seemed to sense her distress.
“You want your ball back?”she monotoned to the minor, the girl nodded.
Allen continued,”Alright, on one condition”
Rosemary started to cringe.
“You have to come back tomorrow, that’s all I ask. Okay?”
Rosemary nodded earnestly so Allen gave the ball to her.
Rosemary ran back to her friends.
At home, Rosemary wondered why Miss Allen allowed her to leave without incident.
She brushed her waist-length chocolate hair before going to bed and she tried not to dwell on her fate.
The next day:
Rosemary started her walk to Miss Allen’s house.
The window had suddenly been replaced, surprising Rosemary but she had no time to wonder about it on account of Miss Allen coming out to her new mate.
“You ready?”Allen asked.
“Ready for what?”,replied Rosemary.
“Come”,ordered Allen, Rosemary wasn’t enthusiastic but she had an obligation to obey.
Into Allen’s house they went.
Rosemary immediately noticed a barber chair laid in the center of the kitchen with its cape draped on the side.
Allen moved to the chair, took up the cape, and patted the cushion.
“Come sit, deary. Let’s get that mop top a trim, shall we”,said Allen but it sounded more like a order.
Rosemary was in such a state of shock that her whole body froze up.
“Come on, hun. We don’t have all day”,instructed Allen.
A glare from the former barberette caused Rosemary to walk to the chair and sit in it.
Her “client” firmly in the chair, Miss Allen proceeded to cape the shy girl and secure the cloth prison tightly but loosely.
Allen undid Rosemary’s braid and brush the hair lightly with a brush.
“Now, be a good girl and sit still while I retrieve my tools”
Rosemary could’ve run but she didn’t, out of fear or stupidity (probably), whatever the reason, the girl sat there, to scared to bolt, and contemplating her predicament.
Miss Allen returned in a white barber’s gown with a black apron around her waist. She carried a black container with a comb and pair of scissors atop the box.
She placed them on the kitchen counter, comb and scissor beside the box, and the box was popped open.
Inside, clippers laid with its guards nearby. Rosemary tried to bolt but Miss Allen pulled her back into the chair,”Please don’t run, miss, I’d hate to restrain you but if that is what it takes. I won’t hesitate”
Rosemary was so freaked out as Allen grabbed the clippers and plugged them in, flicking them on to make sure they worked.
Allen also played with Rosemary’s tresses and almost gave the girl a heart attack by pretending to start buzzing her middle section.
Allen went to the window,”My son was kind enough to replace the window you carelessly broke in such a short amount of time”
Rosemary started balling at her fate at the hands of this brute.
Allen did have a heart, in a way, not proceeding in the punishment and letting her cry it out.
“You brought this on yourself, okay”,said Allen. She combed through Rosemary’s tresses and separated the crown from the sides and top knotted it.
Miss Allen took her shears and suspended the hair on the comb like a waterfall, ready to be snipped.
With swift strokes, Allen started removing the sides’ mass, adjusting the chair accordingly.
Then the former stylist grabbed the guard less clippers and sifted through the covers to find the one she wanted.
She tried a number #1 to number #4 and decided upon a number number #3 to start with.
Rosemary started crying again, seeing her all over the floor and on herself.
So Allen took a break and made some tea.
She offered Rosemary some which she agreed to.
The unlikely duo sipped at their beverages until the cups ran cold.
Rosemary still wasn’t happy in the slightest at losing at her locks but curiosity masked her fear.
A washing of cups later, Miss Allen was back at work with the clippers.
Allen inserted the clippers behind the waves of chocolate and started buzzing Rosemary’s sides short.
Tilting her head down, Rosemary’s backside became nothing but stubble by the minute.
With the sides obliterated, Miss Allen killed the clippers and took up her comb-scissor combo and undid the topknot.
Hair covered the girl’s eyes but not for long.
Not wasting a second, Allen took off chunk after chunk of brown.
Rosemary, at this point, was desensitized to her penalty of breaking the window and was sorta enjoying the fresh experience.
The hairstyle was now attuned to a bob with the front hair becoming bangs.
Miss Allen was pleased to see a change in Rosemary and finished up the cut.
With the style done, Allen uncaped the girl.
Rosemary stroked her new locks and hopped down. Rosemary didn’t know what to do so she silently walked out.
“See you next time”,exclaimed Miss Allen,”Oh, and bring your friends, will you”

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