Three families of Boy cut ladies

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Vidya’s Story-1

I am Vidya, 59, a dentist in Bangalore.  While I was in first PUC, a classmate of mine went to Tirumala with her family, got her head smoothly shaved (gundu) and came to college showing her bald head happily.  She looked so beautiful in that getup, I also wanted to do it once.  But my parents initially refused saying that such practice was not there in our house.  After a lot of haggling, I was allowed to do it only if I took some vow.

Somehow, I had developed a desire to become a dentist.  For the average marks I had got in SSLC, it would be a tall order.  So, I made up my mind to achieve it, convinced my parents that I would study better and took the vow with their permission that if I got a free BDS seat, I would get a Tirumala gundu.  Lo and behold, I got third place in the BDS list and my parents happily took me to Tirumala after I joined the college and got my head smoothly shaved.  Oh!  What a beautiful experience it was!  My parents were also surprised that I looked superb in that getup.  Since then I am a strong votary of religious gundu for females.  They happily agreed when five years later I took the vow of my next tonsure if I got MDS seat.  I got that also and got my second Tirumala gundu – another happy moment of my life.

On both these occasions, I saw whole families getting gundu in Tirumala.   So I dreamt of introducing family gundu in my post-marriage family whenever that would happen.  I had waist long hair when I got married four years later to Satyamurthy, a PSU officer.  His mother had been widowed when he was in college.  When my first child, Radha completed 2 years, I wanted to do a family gundu in Tirumala along with her mundan.  My m-i-l did not agree at that time.  After some tantrums from me, she allowed me to get Radha tonsured, that too at home itself with a small ceremony.  My son Raghu was just 3 months old at that time.

But 2 years later, when my son Raghu’s mundan was due, I again insisted on a family gundu at Tirumala.  This time both Satya and my m-i-l happily agreed for it.  So all the five got gundu in Tirumala.  My m-i-l was extremely happy after it and told me “Vidya, I never thought that you would look so beautiful like this.  Do this family gundu once in five or six years, dear.”  She used to affectionately caress my smooth dome once in a while for a few days.

My husband said “Vidya, anyway you are a MDS and a popular dentist.  Why don’t you keep a boy cut and do this gundu once in two years?  You look so beautiful like this!”  I told him that I prefer to grow it long and do it once in five or six years as his mother had advised.  I happily went about my dentist’s duties with my smooth dome exposed.  I proudly put my bald photos in my dental clinic.  I did not care for those who laughed or ridiculed me because of my bald head.  Unfortunately, my m-i-l who did not have the best of health passed away three years later.

In our batch of BDS all except me and another girl took drinks including my best friend Lata.  Lata had been pressurising me to drink ever since we finished BDS.  My husband used to take drinks occasionally with friends and in parties.  She several times told my husband to pressurise me also to start drinking.  So he also started pressurising me to take it whenever we went to parties.  But I did not agree.

When Radha was 10, we did the next family gundu.  Radha did not like it one bit.  But Raghu loved not only his bald head but mine also.  Satya again suggested that I keep a boy cut but again I refused.  When Radha completed SSLC and turned 16, we wanted to do the next family gundu at Tirumala.  She had grown into a religious girl and a bright student no doubt, but very haughty and egoistic one.  She ridiculed the practice of Tirumala gundu and refused to do it.  Reluctantly only we three did it.

Within a month of her marriage Lata chopped off her long stresses and started to keep a boy cut, took drinks once or twice a week at her house and wore trendy clothes.  Being a good friend, she visited us often and was a big influence on my husband and children.  Radha became attracted to Lata’s ways and told me several times that I also should become mod, keep a boy cut and take drinks.  Later, Raghu also joined her bandwagon of pressurising me once in a while to switch to boy cut, biennial gundu and a weekly drink.  I refused.  When she was in first PUC, Radha got a boy cut in a parlour without telling me or her dad.  I did not talk to her for three days.  She kept it like that till she completed her 2nd year BE when we forced her to grow it long.

At that time we had our next family gundu in Tirumala.  She was 20 then and of course, she again refused to do gundu and only we three did gundu.  When we were back from Tirumala with bald heads, a hairy Radha again said “At least this time, do not grow long hair, amma.  Learn from your friend, Lata.  Get a nice boy cut and, for God’s sake, start drinking and become a ‘mod’ dentist.”  And to my consternation, the two male baldies joined chorus with her.  Exasperated, I said “Look, Radha.  I will start taking drinks when you will happily do a Tirumala gundu.  Both are like the Sun rising in the West.”  A cheesed off Radha angrily said “I doing gundu?  Forget it.”  Equally angrily I retorted “Then forget about me taking drinks.”

After completing BE, Radha joined a reputed firm.  She asked permission to start drinking.  We said “Not now.  When you get married, if your husband agrees, then you can”.  Cheesed off, she told us angrily not to bother about finding a boy for her and she would herself choose one who will like a mod girl.  As a compromise, we permitted her to wear short trendy dresses.  Her desire to find her own groom fell flat when one of her colleagues that she thought would be a suitable boy for her, misbehaved with her.  She got panicky and told us to find a boy for her who should allow her to become mod – boy cut, drinks, short dresses and allow her to continue to work.

I was afraid that if we did not find a suitable groom for her, she would one day fall into wrong hands, what with her misplaced sense of ‘mod’.  So we started searching for a good but mod family who would allow the girl to have short hair and take drinks.  A little more than a year passed.  A few whom we shortlisted refused when we told them her conditions.  I just did not know how we could find a groom for her.   It was at that time that I met Lakshmi, an Insurance Officer, as a patient.

Radha’s Story-1

I am Radha, a successful engineer in a reputed firm.  I am from a traditional and religious middle class family in Bangalore.  My mom, Dr Vidya is a dentist in our area.  But instead of going with the times with a neat bob or a boy cut, she stuck to her long plait and more than that did Tirumala gundu once in five or six years!  A dentist facing patients with a bald head!  Ridiculous!  I despised this practice no end and told my mom so in her face.  Barring those which they forced on me when I was young, I refused to undergo tonsure and as a rebellion got a boy cut without permission.  I maintained it and enjoyed it for four years till I was forced to grow it long for marriage.

When many modern day female professionals take drinks in healthy limits, when her own dear friend Dr Lata takes it, I could not understand why my mom refused to take it.  Goddamn fossil culture, I told her once, angrily.  She could have at least allowed me to take it after I was employed.  Even that she did not agree.

I tried to find a boy for me myself telling my parents defiantly that they need not bother.  One such boy, whom I thought was decent, tried to molest me.  I got the fear of my life and somehow escaped from him.  I dropped the idea of finding my own fiancé and told my parents to do it.  But I told them that I want a boy who would agree for me to be mod – boy cut, drinks, short dresses, etc.

Lakshmi’s Story-1

In my parents’ house, we had the family gundu practice once in a few years.  I immensely loved the gundu.  The process of wetting the hair, tying it into two knots, sitting cross legged in front of the barber, the chrr… chrr… noise of scraping the wet hair from the scalp, wet hair grazing the cheeks and shoulders, the feel and look of the smooth gundu head and the feel of water on the bare head while bathing – all these are turn-ons for me anytime.   I was really proud of my smooth dome in the three Tirumala gundus I remember I had before marriage.  One was when I was 10, then 14, then when I completed 18.  The three gundus I had earlier, when I was 2, 3, and 6, I do not remember.

When my marriage was fixed with the Physics Lecturer Vishwanath, I proposed to get a Tirumala gundu within a month of the marriage.  At that time I was 22 and working in an Insurance firm.  After some haggling, Vishwanath’s parents reluctantly agreed.  So when my son, Gaurav was conceived, Vishwanath and myself were smoothly and happily bald.  My in-laws really appreciated both my piety and my bald beauty and happily allowed me to introduce the periodic family gundu practice in that house.  Even my colleagues in the Insurance Office appreciated my beauty with a smooth dome.  When Gaurav was around 2, a baby girl popped out of me whom we named Vanaja.

When my daughter Vanaja completed 2 years the four of us had the next family gundu – Vishwa, myself, Gaurav and Vanaja.  Subsequently we had it again when Vanaja was 7, 12 and 17 – once in about five years.  My in-laws passed away in quick succession when Vanaja was around 10 years old.  Vishwa, Gaurav and Vanaja also loved the gundu very much.   In fact, Vishwa told me once “Lakshmi, you look so beautiful with a gundu head.  Why don’t you keep a boy cut and get a gundu once every year?”  I said that I don’t want to cut hair outside a temple and I like to shed long hair in Tirumala and not short strands like gents.

Like me, Vanaja also grew up as a very religious girl and for her Tirumala gundu became one of the most pious and happy things to do.  But with sufficient influence from her dad, brother and some friends she also started leaning towards some modern practices.  One of them was open talk of below the belt words, not insulting type but sexy words.  Initially I did not like it and even chastised her a few times.  But she just ignored me and carried on happily.  And to my consternation, her dad and brother encouraged her in that.  Finally, I learnt to put up with it.

In the meanwhile, both Vishwa and I rose up in ranks in our fields.  He became a professor and even HOD while I became a branch head.  He picked up light drinking with colleagues in parties to my consternation.  In one of the parties I attended with him three days after returning bald from Tirumala, he started cajoling me also to take it since some ladies were taking beer in that party.  I had flatly refused.  Gaurav became a lawyer and a brilliant one at that.  So he started practising independently at the age of 26.  And he picked up social drinking after his LL.B.  Now both he and Vanaja also started pressurising me to take drinks.  Vanaja said “Amma, you are now a branch manager of a reputed Insurance company.  Come of age, keep a boy cut and take drinks.  You will really enjoy it that way.”

A year later Vanaja completed her B.Sc. and joined a Bank.  At that time her dad and brother told her to celebrate it by taking drinks.  Though I did not want to take it, I said “Vanaja, go ahead and take it, if you like it.”  Initially she flatly refused.  After some more pressure by those two, she said that she would take it only if I also start taking it.  I took her aside and told her “Look Vanaja, I want a bride for Gaurav who will happily do gundu soon after marriage.  Then I will also happily start drinking.  Till then allow me to be like this.  But you go ahead and enjoy, dear.”  With this assurance, she happily started taking drinks.  A mini-bar entered our home and the three started taking drinks at home twice a week.  A day after she was initiated to drinks, Vanaja told us to quickly find her a groom who would allow her to happily do Tirumala gundu once in a few years.

So, we started looking for a bridegroom for her.  Three families rejected her for her gundu condition.  Once, I met a rich bob cut lady Yashoda, who said that she was looking for a girl both religious and mod.  It looked to me to be contradictory but Yashoda explained to me that it need not be.  Would she be interested if the girl likes occasional Tirumala gundu, I asked.  She almost jumped with joy saying “Oh, so nice to hear!  For a woman to happily get a religious tonsure is the height of religiosity.  I had the desire but never the guts to do that.  If I can get a d-i-l who loves to do it, I and my husband will be more than happy.  But we want her to accept our mod ways of life also like keeping short hair, taking drinks, wearing trendy short clothes, etc.”  I asked her “And what if such a girl talks below the belt words frequently?”  Yashoda countered “Is it insulting type or sex words?”  I said “Oh no, not insulting type.  Mostly sex related words.”  She again smiled and said “That will be another advantage.  We also openly talk about sex related things in our house.  So no problem.”  And so, I seized on the opportunity to fix Vanaja to this family.

Vanaja happily got married to Yashoda’s son Prakash.   She quit the job before marriage and chose to stay home as a homemaker which was happily agreed to by her m-i-l.  Yashoda was very happy when her new daughter-in-law happily took drinks with them all – her f-i-l, m-i-l, Prakash, his recently employed boy cut sister Sarita – the day after the marriage.  Two weeks after the marriage the two families – mine and Yashoda’s – together went to Tirumala.  There all the eight – Vanaja’s f-i-l, m-i-l, Prakash, Vanaja and Sarita, Vishwa, myself and Gaurav – got gundu in Tirumala.   Yashoda and Sarita were ecstatic on their first ever gundu.  Six months later, Sarita was married off to another rich and mod family.  She, her mom and Vanaja were all in nice boy cuts in the marriage.  Vanaja introduced many missing religious practices in their house.  Biennial family gundu also entered their house.  Yashoda also happily switched over to boy cut and biennial gundu along with her d-i-l.

In five years Vanaja got two kids and two biennial Tirumala gundus.  Vanaja loved her life style – biennial Tirumala gundu, a neat clipper boy cut between gundus, pooja and bhajan at home, daily temple visit, rich household, drinks at home almost daily, two lovely kids, loving in-laws and husband, staying at home and attending parties with skimpy dresses, talking sex related language openly with husband, in-laws and other grown-ups.  She became a big votary of short hair and light drinking for all grown up females.  She insisted that Gaurav’s wife should also be like her – religious and mod, Tirumala gundu, boy cut, drinks, etc.  Gaurav strongly agreed with her.  Vanaja’s family was about to go for their next biennial gundu when it was put on hold because a girl appeared on the horizon to be the right choice for Gaurav.

I was recommended by a friend to Dr Vidya, a well-known dentist to cure my dental problems.  I was attracted to her bald photos in her clinic.  In a few visits and some chit-chat, we came to know of our common point of happiness of Tirumala gundu and became close friends.  She told me of her immense liking for a family gundu and the fierce opposition from her headstrong daughter Radha.  Like me, she was also under pressure from her husband, son, daughter and from friend Dr Lata to become mod by sporting a boy cut and taking drinks.  Unable to resist the constant bickering on this, she had told them that if Radha happily gets a gundu in Tirumala, she will start drinking.

Once she said “Lakshmi, I don’t know how to solve Radha’s marriage problem.  She is religious yet wants to be mod – boy cut, drinks, skimpy dresses, parties, etc.  Nobody from our community is willing to accept such a bride.  Four grooms have rejected her because of this.  I don’t know where I can find such a groom.”

I was thrilled to hear what Vidya was telling.  I told her that my own son Gaurav would be the ideal candidate.  A surprised Vidya said “You practise Tirumala gundu.  Radha hates it.  I don’t think she will ever accept.”  I told her “Vidya, I know how to handle her.  For now let her not know of our gundu practice.  I will tell her AFTER marriage.  If she rakes up an issue I will know how to tame her.  Let the horoscopes match, first.  But be ready to start drinking.”  Both of us giggled.  The horoscopes matched very well and Vidya managed to convince her daughter to at least see the groom.

Radha’s Story-2

After I rejected four grooms because they did not want a mod wife, mom convinced me that the lawyer boy Gaurav could be a probable candidate for me.  He takes drinks and his married younger sister Vanaja is highly mod – boy cut, drinks and all.  So I hoped that Gaurav and his mother may allow me also to toe Vanaja’s line.  When I raised my desire for a mod life, Gaurav’s mom accepted it happily but advised patience.  So I accepted him.  The beautiful and mod Vanaja became a close friend of me within a few weeks.  And when I learnt that she revels in talking about sex openly for nice giggles, I became closer to her and started enjoying such language with her.

By now, Raghu was also employed in a PSU and was allowed by my parents to start drinking making me highly jealous.  The marriage happened.  My parents were very happy.  They sent a chill up my spine when they warned me that if I showed my ego there and get thrown out by my in-laws, they would not rescue me.  After the first night, I happily realised that – mod or no mod – I had married a real stud.  The great fuck experience continued in the next two nights also.

Next day I asked my m-i-l as to when I could start drinking and get a boy cut.  She counselled patience.  That night Vanaja trooped in with her two kids for stay over.  The next day after lunch, m-i-l dropped a bomb and all hell broke loose.  The gist was that we four and Vanaja’s six would be going to Tirumala the next day morning and all the ten would become bald – a vow of family gundu soon after Gaurav’s marriage for m-i-l’s family and the delayed biennial family gundu for Vanaja’s family.

Suddenly the haughty side of me surfaced.  “Oh! No!” I shouted.  “Chi! Like my mom you people also follow this dirty practice! No, I will not shave my head” I screamed.  My m-i-l, who had been very nice to me all these days showed her Kaali side.  “What non-sense are you speaking?  You said you are religious and is this the way you react to a vow?” she shouted.

“But I don’t want to shave my head.  I hate it” I shouted back, now with tears.  M-i-l then said to Vanaja to go to Tirumala on their own and to Gaurav to drop me home immediately and she would find a new bride for him who would happily get a gundu.  Gaurav gave me an hour to reconsider.  Vanaja also showed her angry side, castigating me for deriding a pious practice of Tirumala gundu.  She violently told me to “pack up and get lost!”

The marriage bubble burst in under five days.  After a few minutes of weeping, I really panicked.  If I am back in mom’s house for this type of reason, I will be thrown out from there also and I would lose Gaurav and so many things.  Then I suddenly made up my mind of undergoing tonsure this once.  With a weeping voice, I told m-i-l that I have changed my mind and will undergo tonsure.  Vanaja and m-i-l told me that if I changed my mind again, consequences would be very severe.  I expressed doubt on going to honeymoon with bald heads.  Vanaja assured me that her honeymoon was also with bald heads and it was highly enjoyable.

The trip to Tirumala happened in two Innovas.  Vanaja’s husband Prakash and his parents arrived a little before we started.  All the elders are good drivers.  In fact, everybody appreciated my driving skill.  M-i-l appreciated my volunteering to climb up the steps.  So I, Gaurav and Vanaja went up the steps while Prakash, the kids and four elders in-laws went up by our Innova.

On reaching Tirumala, I and Gaurav were entering our room in the lodging facility when a beautiful lady, may be a few years older than me, with a weeping 4 year old boy in tow, stopped me at our door, said in Kannada that her son has a minor injury and enquired anxiously whether a band-aid was with us, by chance.  She had heard me and Gaurav talking in Kannada.

Fortunately for her, we had it in our bags, so I invited her inside our room.  I dug it out from m-i-l’s bag and gave it to her.  She put it on her son’s leg, consoled him, thanked us and started a little conversation.   Her name was Kavita and also from Bangalore like us.  She said they had darshan booking at 11 am the next day and would rush at 6 am in the morning to Kalyanakatta to get gundu.  Their rooms were adjacent to ours.

My m-i-l with a glee entered into a conversation with her.  She had come with her in-laws, husband and two kids and this was their third family gundu after her marriage.  She was also against gundu when she got married but was forced by her mom and m-i-l.  Her sister-in-law Priya also happily got a gundu at that time with just six months to her marriage.  Priya had told Kavita “I would have happily tonsured even a day before marriage and got married with a bald head.  A family gundu is such a pious and beautiful practice in our house”.  This changed her mind to accept to do gundu.  In Tirumala, once the blade started to scrape her wet hair, she understood the joy and piety of it.

Later Kavita talked to me in private and told me not to miss the joy, beauty and piety of a family gundu.  She invited me to witness their family’s gundu the next day morning which was scheduled at 6 am.  I reluctantly agreed to witness it.

But when I witnessed Kavita’s gundu the next morning, I found a lot of joy in seeing her and her m-i-l’s balding.  Later, Kavita forced me to caress her smooth dome.  The very touch made me feel extremely happy.  And she looked very beautiful as a baldy.  Those few minutes suddenly changed my attitude on female gundu.  Back in our room, I told my m-i-l that I was now fully convinced and would do the gundu very happily.

With a new found anticipation, happiness, nervousness, etc. I accompanied the lot to Kalyanakatta at around 8 am.  I was surprised that Gaurav looked extremely handsome with his nice, round, smooth bald head, smooth cheeks and no moustache.  I was totally wrong in assuming he would be ugly with a bald head.  Then I witnessed a happy m-i-l sitting in front of the barber ready to shed her beautiful midback hair.  And she was all smiles as the barber scraped off her wet hair in about 4 minutes making her a bald beauty!  She looked much younger than her 52 years.  Then Vanaja got her boy cut hair scraped off to reveal a beautiful gundu head.  Then her m-i-l, Yashoda also got her boy cut scraped off with joy.

Seeing beautiful baldies in my m-i-l, Vanaja and her m-i-l, Kavita and her m-i-l, I was now fully confident.  I sat in front of the barber.  He wetted my hair, bunched them into two halves, massaged my head again with warm water and bent my head down towards him.  As instructed by him, I folded my hands in namaste position and said ‘Govinda, Govinda’.  Then he started scraping my wet hair off.  The first scrape was as if an electric shock went through me.  Oh! Finally it is here.  Oh! What a feeling!  I started enjoying the scraping and its ‘chrr, chrr’ noise.  When he folded my left ear down and scraped behind it, it was another great sensation.

And when the whole left bunch fell down on my lap, it sent a wave of happiness in me.  Another two minutes, the right bunch also fell down.  The barber wetted my scalp again (Oh what a sensation to be touched by a hand on a bald scalp! How nice it will be when Gaurav caresses my bald head!) and scraped it smooth.  This second balding made me still happier.  I rose up with a wide grin and with a feeling that I have entered heaven.  Now I understood why so many women happily get a gundu here.

But I wondered why I did not get the same joyous feeling when at the age of 10, I had been made a baldy and why about 6 years later I did not recognise the beauty in my bald mom when it was there for all to see.  I still have no answer for my foolish behaviour all these years.  I regretted that I have missed two glorious gundus when I was in college.  I wonder how just the sight and touch of the bald head of Kavita on that day changed my mind and behaviour for ever.  Anyway, seeing and feeling the beauty of bald head, I resolved not to cover it even to my office.

On the way back to Bangalore, f-i-l, Vanaja and I convinced m-i-l that henceforth she would also have a boy cut once some hair grew.  She shyly accepted it.  Yashoda announced that we were invited for dinner that day to her house and there Vanaja’s mom and myself would be initiated to drinks.  M-i-l shyly smiled.  I was very happy to hear it.

Back in Bangalore, we had been invited to my parents’ house for lunch.  The four of us went there to happily flaunt our bald heads and give prasadam.  Mom, dad and Raghu were smiling ear to ear seeing me very happy with my shining dome.  Mom happily kissed my bald head and said “I will call you ‘bodi’ for a month”.  I said “I will be happy if you call me that.”  On the lunch table, caressing my own bald head, I told mom with a bright smile that the Sun had risen in the west.   My bald m-i-l looked askance.  Mom, in an alarmed voice, tried to wriggle out of it telling my m-i-l “I had stated offhand that if Radha became happily bald at Tirumala, I would start taking drinks thinking that would never happen.  But now….”.  M-i-l simply giggled.

I told Raghu to arrange a home bar in a day.  I would come after our five day honeymoon and initiate my mom at home itself.  Dad and Raghu happily agreed while mom tried to prevent it saying “Raghu, please don’t listen to this baldy.  Don’t bring the bottles home, please”.  Dad said “Raghu, you go ahead and set it up.  She is putting up a drama”.  Mom looked crestfallen while the rest giggled at her discomfiture.

That evening, a bald Vanaja fed a spoon of beer in her mom’s and my mouth.  Later, my m-i-l and I happily downed the 330 ml of beer along with the rest.  Gaurav had already arranged a home bar.  The next day I and Gaurav left for our honeymoon.  I learnt to drink various types and enjoyed great sex with Gaurav.  Our bald heads added further enjoyment to it.  At home, f-i-l had made m-i-l a drinks lady in those five days.  The same weekend, m-i-l’s colleagues gave a ‘welcome party’ to her after learning that she had started drinking.

Vidya’s Story-2

Back from her honeymoon after five days, Radha came to our house for a brief stay, chiefly to make me a drinks lady.  I again tried to evade initiation to drinks.  She had ensured Lata’s presence for an overnight stay on that Friday.  Together they cajoled me to take a couple of sips of beer, just to honour my ‘offhand statement’.  After three spoons of beer I felt very good, though bitter in taste.  I said, “It is nice.  I will complete this mug this time only. Don’t force me again.”  Others giggled.  I completed the beer mug of 330 ml and felt so happy that a small missing void in my happy life had been filled.  I felt that there should be no harm if I take it frequently.

The next evening I said with a shy smile to Radha “Hey bodi! I concede defeat.  Let me have beer today also.”  After 5 days of drinking beer, wine and whisky, I felt I missed all this enjoyment foolishly for two decades.  So I happily started having a late night drink almost daily.  I have not looked back since then.  But I have seen to it none of us exceeds the daily or weekly healthy limits.  We stop it two weeks before Tirumala trips and a few days around festivals, religious programs, etc.

We three went to Tirumala about a month after Radha became a baldy.   This family gundu was of additional significance to me – Raghu had joined employment in a PSU, Satya had become a General Manager, Radha had shed her antogonism to Tirumala gundu and I…. I had started enjoying drinks!  So I enjoyed the gundu a tad more than usual and prayed that none of us should go off-track in the name of enjoyment. Back in Bangalore with nice round heads, we resumed our daily late night drink.  Now it was Radha’s turn to kiss my bald head and appreciate its beauty.   Lata thanked Radha for bringing around her friend to their line.  Two days after returning from Tirumala, Lata gave a ‘welcome party’ to me where I happily drank whisky with friends.

About two months after Radha’s marriage, she was declared pregnant and she immediately stopped drinking.  Two more months went by.  Radha and Lakshmi dragged me to a barbershop and Lakshmi instructed the barber to give short clipper boy cuts to the three.  Oh! What a beautiful feeling it was to get a close clipper cut on the back and sides!  And I really looked nice in the mirror.  Lakshmi and my daughter also looked beautiful.  Another void was filled in my life.  Now onwards this would be my hairstyle and no more long hair for me.  And Tirumala gundu would henceforth be once in two years!

Five years after Radha’s marriage, Raghu married Inchara, a B.Sc. graduate girl from a traditional middle class family.  She initially did not agree seeing my boy cut.  I explained to her parents that we are mod but also religious.  We do take drinks and I maintain a boy cut which we will not impose on her.  But we practice a periodic Tirumala family gundu which she should not refuse.  Her parents happily agreed to this though they did not have any female haircut in their house, much less a gundu.  Finally Inchara also agreed to the gundu and happily did a Tirumala family gundu soon after marriage.  After the gundu, she was extremely happy with her gundu head and like me she also moved around without covering it.

As desired by me, Inchara happily agreed to stay home and so resigned from her job.  We did not force her on drinks or boy cut.  She was very happy with us and merged with us easily.  The practice was that we used to sit around at 10 pm after dinner for our late night peg and a chat.  I told her that she could sit with us and take a glass of milk or buttermilk.  She did that also and enjoyed the pitter-patter.  It was about a month after her marriage and about two weeks after the Tirumala gundu.  That night, after some discussion initiated by her, she shyly said “Amma, shall I also try today a small amount?”  I said “Not today.  Check with your parents first tomorrow.”   The next day her mom told her that she could take it if I agreed.  So I agreed.  That night she happily started drinking beer.  In a weeks’ time, she was as much a drinks girl as Vanaja or Radha, and happily so.   And like Vanaja and Radha, she also likes below the belt words and with her, Radha’s and Lata’s influence, I also started enjoying such language.  So our late night drinks chat mostly contains sexy words amidst nice giggles.

Three months later, when I went to barber shop for my boy cut, I asked her to accompany me.  She need not have any haircut.  But having seen the barber giving me a nice clipper boy cut, she also jumped into the chair and got a similar boy cut.

It is seven years now since Radha’s marriage.  She has three kids – a daughter, a son and a daughter in that order.  Raghu and Inchara have a son.  Three days ago the entire gang of three families – two gents, two ladies, three kids of Radha’s family, two gents, two ladies and one kid from my family, two gents, two ladies and two kids from Vanaja’s family – totally six gents, six ladies and six kids went to Tirumala together for our biennial gundu in three Innovas.  We came back happily in the evening, all with smooth and shining domes and went straight to my house to break our two week long abstention from drinks.  This is Radha’s fourth gundu after her marriage.

Radha who hated Tirumala gundu became a lover of it.  I and Lakshmi who loved gundu but despised boy cut are lovers of both now.  And from a hater of drinkers, I have turned into a lover of a late night peg.  But what takes the cake and makes us all most delightful is the sight of six smoothly and happily bald, educated and city bred females – I, Lakshmi, Yashoda, Inchara, Vanaja and Radha – wearing traditional saree, bindi and bangles and enjoying a cup of whiskey with giggles and sexy jokes.

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