Three Girls in a Barbershop

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The three seniors walked into the local barber shop. They had just turned 18 and were very attractive. Two had long beautiful hair, Jane with blond to her waist and Kelly with silky jet black to her bra strap. The third, Bobby Joe was brunette in a cute French Bob. The two long hair girls were very well developed with C and double D cups. Bobby Joe was much more petite with small double A cups.

Jane and Bobby Joe had lost a bet and the losers had to get flattops.

The barbershop was quite large and had ten old fashioned leather and chrome barber chairs with porcelain arm rests lined up in a row. It was Saturday and the shop was busy with boys getting ready for graduation and their summer haircuts.

One of the barbers said you girls take a number and we’ll be with you shortly. They took numbers and the three sat in the long row of benches facing the barbers with all the boys.l

The girls watched nervously as the barbers buzzed the boys. Slowly their numbers were getting closer and closer to being called and they knew they would soon be next.

Jane watched the barber skin one boy from school from a beautiful long head of hair to a severe induction cut. He was bald in less than a minute. He quickly released the boy from the chair, and looked directly at her and said number 47 next, that’s you honey. She sat frozen. He said let’s go cupcake, yes you with the big rack and nipples.

As Jane stood up, everyone was staring at her. She was wearing a revealing outfit with her pierced nipples showing clearly through her bra and tight low cut t-shirt. As she walked up to the barber’s chair, he said that’s some bubble butt you have there.

She sat in the chair and he quickly tied a tissue tightly around her petite little neck. His phone rang and he took a call which lasted for five minutes. Bobby Joe’s number was also called and sat in the chair next to her.

Jane sat there very aware that twenty guys were all staring at her and her friend. She knew she looked rediculous sitting in a barber’s chair with tissue tied around her neck and her big boobs sticking out with pierced studs showing off her erect nipples, waiting for her long blond hair to be buzzed. The barber came back and said sorry to keep you waiting. She said I think all the boys are staring at me, I guess you don’t get many girls. He said no, and I think those pierced nipples and that rack of yours has captured their attention.

Bobby Joe said well they’re not staring at me, I’m flat as a pancake. Jane felt humiliated as the boys all pointed and talked about her large boobs and her very pronounced studs through her nipples. She could hear them talking about squeezing and sucking on her tits. She could tell they all had enormous rock hard erections. She was getting vey aroused and moist.

So how do you girls want your hair cut? Bobby Joe said we both have to get flattops. Jane’s barber said, are you sure Princess you want all of those golden locks buzzed off? She just shook her head yes.

He said, no problem, if any of these boys didn’t have erections before, they’ll be hard as a rock watching me buzz all of this blonde hair off. Both barbers finished caping the two girls and took their heavy duty Oster clippers and began to shear the girls. Bobby Joe’s barber plowed them up at her nape, straight up the back of her neck, and Jane saw the clippers dive in around her ear leaving a strip of skin and sending 3 feet of her beloved blond curls to her lap and floor.

Bobby Joe, was pleasuring herself up her skirt under the cape and most of the boys could guess at what she was doing. The more the clippers buzzed her neck the more wet and excited she became.

In a matter of minutes both girls looked like boys with perfect flattops. Kelly watched in horror as her friends were sheared. She wanted to run out, afraid that somehow she would end up in one of the barber chairs and skinned.

The guys indeed all had enormous erections and watched in awe as the two girls were buzzed.

Another barber looked at Kelly and said number 49. She said, oh I’m not having my hair cut today, I’m just waiting for my friends. He said well you took a number and you’re on the waiting bench next in line. It’s a mistake she said looking now very nervous.

It’s no mistake young lady, your number is next and you’re getting your hair cut whether you like it or not so don’t give us any trouble. Move those boobs and get in the chair now. Her hair was tied up in a bun, so you really couldn’t tell how long it was. Not knowing what else to do, Kelly slowly got up and walked over to the waiting chair, which was much further down the line from her friends.

The boys from school knew how long her hair was and watched her as she approached the large barber’s chair and stepped in as it devoured her. He quickly tied a tissue tightly around her little neck. It felt like a noose around her neck, and then a white striped cape was fastened in place. She felt like she couldn’t move.

She expected the barber to undo her bun and then ask her how she wanted it cut, and would tell him to just trim the ends.

Instead he picked up his menacing looking big black Osters, and without so much as another word, switched them on and with one hand firmly holding her head in place, plunged them into her bun. Kelly felt the steel on her head and the noise and vibration as it sheared off her entire bun. In less than a minute it was completely off. She was left with just a few inches of uneven hair. He showed her the now severed bun and tossed it on the shelf in front of her. He said that will make a nice trophy for my collection.

He said don’t worry I’m not doing to give you a flattop like your girl friends. Crying she said what haircut am I getting.

I’ve decided to give you a little boys haircut. You’ll look cute, and with that rack, guys will still want to do you.

Jane and Bobby Joe’s barbers lathered the sides and back of the two girls and shaved high and tight around their ears and neck. The barber said we gave you both white walls to go with your flattops. You’ll be the talk of the school, and these boys will remember this for a long time, as I know you will too.

As Jane was released from the chair, she now noticed Kelly in one of the chairs being buzzed and said, I can’t believe you decided to get your hair cut too. Kelly said I didn’t have a choice, the barber said I took a number and had to get a haircut and told me to get into the chair or else there would be trouble. He then buzzed off my bun.

He’s giving you a cute boys haircut with little sideburns and now he’s shaving around your ears with a straight razor. They did that to Bobby Joe and I, but shaved the entire sides and back of our heads. He called it high and tight white walls.

Bobby Joe walked over to Kelly’s chair and Jane said look what Kelly’s getting. Can you believe it.

As the three girls paid and were walking out, the boys were still staring at the beautiful girls who had come in with long hair and were leaving after being skinned down to almost nothing.

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