Three Nights

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Nothing ever happened in the sleepy little town of Eyam. 

Day in and out, Sabrina always saw the same townspeople pass by her bed and breakfast. She slumped further down at her post and groaned. She was terribly bored. 

“I should’ve settled in a bigger town, or even a port city. At least there I could see new faces.” She murmured to her cat. The cat grumbled back.

“Yes yes, I know we got kicked out of the last one because the townspeople found out I was a witch. I swear I’ll be more careful this time.” The cat coyly knocked off her wand from the desk. 

Sabrina rolled her eyes. She clapped her hands and it came rushing back into her hands. With a small poof, feathers cascaded out of its end. Mindlessly she began dusting around her. Anything to do to starve off the boredom. 

Behind her the old grandfather clock chimed three times. Now at this exact moment the baker would deliver the evening bread for her nonexistent guests. The bell chimed at the door. 

“Thank you Mr -” Sabrina began to call but found herself locking eyes with a beautiful woman she never laid eyes on before. 

She had beautiful curves that clung to her dress. Innocent pink lips. A clear complexion and timid smile. Thick chestnut hair fell in ringlets past her waist. But what intrigued Sabrina most was her cloudy grey eyes. She’d never seen eyes like those before. It was almost a shame they were overshadowed by such thick curtains of hair. 

“Hello there, is this the Cinnamon and Clove?” the stranger asked in a quiet voice. “I’ve been recommended by the café owner to stay here.”

“Oh- I mean yes.” Sabrina nervously giggled in embarrassment. “Sorry it’s been a while since the town’s had anyone pass by. How long are you staying and what’s your name ma’am?”

“Three nights. And my name is Hazel.”  

“Let me show you your room.” Sabrina picked up a key and grabbed her hand. “Did I mention your board also includes breakfast and dinner? We do our best to make guests as happy as can be. What brings you around these parts?” 

Hazel blushed as she pulled back her hand. “I’m a humble traveler. All I hope to do is write about my travels.”

“Sadly you probably won’t find much to write around these parts. Nothing extraordinary happens around here.” Sabrina sighed.

“Really? I’ve heard rumors of magic happening here and wanted to see for myself.”

Sabrina laughed as she focused more on Hazel’s beautiful eyes. “I’m sure they’re just silly rumors.”

At night Sabrina carefully unlocked the door with her wand and peeked in. In the moonlight, Hazel slept peacefully. The flimsy nightgown she wore clung to her body, not leaving much to one’s imagination. Her hair lay loose on the satin pillowcase like angel wings. 

“Just a trim. That’s all I need to get the edge off.” Sabrina thought to herself. “Just the split ends and I can be satisfied.”

She raised her wand and with a precise swipe cut off an inch. She waved her wand and collected the hairs from the bed. Hazel didn’t even stir. 

Sabrina stared longingly at Hazel’s hair once more. It was a shame she wore it so straight. If only she had layers, it would accentuate her beauty even more. 

With the flick of her wrist, she carefully waved her wand once more and sat Hazel’s delicate body upright. Hazel remained in deep slumber. Sabrina sighed in relief and went back to work. She conjured her haircutting supplies and carefully cut layers into the chestnut mane. When she was finished, Hazel’s naturally curly hair looked better than ever. 

The next day, as Sabrina was cooking breakfast Hazel came in like nothing had ever happened. Behind her, her hair bounced and coiled in the sunlight. 

“Good morning, Hazel.” Sabrina cheerfully greeted her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Better than ever. The tea you gave me knocked me right out.” She blushed when she made eye contact with Sabrina. 

“I’m glad to hear that. I’ll send more tonight since you liked it so much.” 

Hazel smiled and grabbed a roll before leaving. Sabrina smiled to herself as she thought of the perfect crime she got away with. 

At night Sabrina stared at her ceiling, unable to fall asleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Hazel’s beautiful hair. And how she was tempted to cut more of it off. 

Against better judgement she found herself once again on Hazel’s bed, scissors poised to cut even more. She didn’t mention noticing a change last night. Maybe she wouldn’t say anything again. Sabrina brushed Hazel’s hair once more. 

Her scissors poised at her delicate collarbones. Sabrina took a deep breath and cut. Cascades of dark brown hair littered the sheets. A few locks sat atop of Hazel’s breasts. From the left side, everything was the same as last night. But to the right, her hair hung lifelessly – barely touching her shoulder blades. There was no going back now. 

Sabrina stepped back to admire her handiwork. She breathed a sigh of disappointment. If she left it at shoulder length, she thought, it would still distract from her beauty. Sabrina looked at it once more. It seemed too…flat. 

Carefully Sabrina raised her scissors to Hazel’s feminine chin. Surely now this would highlight the enchanting grey eyes. She cut around Hazel’s head, using her wand as a ruler to ensure not a single hair made it past her chin. 

She waved her wand again and conjured a pair of hand powered shears. Sabrina pinned up the top layers and began shaving her nape. Small hairs cascaded down the back of Hazel’s nightgown. Only short bristles remained.

At first she only shaved an inch up her scalp but it didn’t sit right in her stomach. Further and further she moved the clippers up Hazel’s head until she shaved all the way up to her dainty little ears. She nodded to herself, finally satisfied with her work.  

With a flick of Sabrina’s wand, all the hair was cleaned off and Hazel was tucked back into bed. 

The next morning Hazel felt a little light headed. It was a nice sleep she had, much better than the night before. She rubbed her eyes and staggered to the sink to wash her face. A gust of wind flew in from the open window.

Funny. She thought to herself. She didn’t remember opening it the night before. 

Another breeze floated through and she felt a chill up her head. That was strange. She rubbed her eyes once more and fixated at the mirror, and almost screamed.

Her once long chestnut hair was gone. What was left was a few curls that barely reached the bottom of her chin. She put a hand to her head. 


She pulled back immediately at the cold touch. As she peered closer, she saw skin peeking through what was left of her hair. Dread filled her stomach. She cautiously raised the short locks of hair. Everything below the tops of her ears was hacked off. All that remained was a small shadow of her former pride and joy. 

Hazel crashed down to the floor. Tears flooded her vision as the tips of her short hair kissed her knees. What kind of sick monster could steal something so dear to her away? She kept rubbing her head. Instead of feeling the soft locks she lovingly grew for years, she only found foreign sandpaper-like bristles. 

There she remained for the rest of the day. 

Sabrina politely knocked at Hazel’s door. It was already nighttime and she hadn’t seen her guest all day. “Hazel? Darling I’m going to leave dinner and tea here.”

After a few minutes, Hazel quickly opened the door and grabbed the tray Sabrina left. Sabrina quietly counted to a hundred before opening the door once more. There Hazel had fainted onto the floor once more, thanks to Sabrina’s special brewed tea. 

She makes it too easy, Sabrina snickered to herself. She pulled her wand out again and carefully placed her back into bed. Right before tucking her in, she tenderly touched her hair. It still overshadowed her lovely eyes. 

I guess this wasn’t enough. She conjured her supplies once more and got to work. Sabrina began hacking away at the bob. Locks of hair fell again, varying from five to two inches in length. Soon all that remained was patches of crudely shorn hair. 

Sabrina stepped back to admire her work. The variation of bristles still drew away from Hazel’s eyes. It still wasn’t enough. 

Sabrina waved her wand and a soft foam poured out from its tip. She carefully spread it with her hands, massaging it deep into Hazel’s skull. With luck, it might stop Hazel’s hair growth completely. She ran a sharp razor across her head. In broad strokes, the bristles disappeared and gave way to smooth virgin skin. 

Sabrina rubbed the remnants of foam away with a towel. Hazel’s bald head shone like the moon. 

Her cat appeared by her side and meowed. Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“Of course I know we need to leave. But this.” She glanced back at Hazel’s face. Nothing obstructed away from her beautiful eyes no longer. “This was definitely worth it.”

Hazel woke up in a pool of sunlight. She hadn’t overslept like this in years. She yawned and snuggled further into her sheets. A good sleep was all she needed after yesterday’s shock. All she felt was the smoothness of her satin sheets. They felt just like her long hair. She burrowed deeper in the familiar sensation.

A breeze flew in through the open window and suddenly she felt cold. She bolted upright and dashed to the mirror. Her heart raced as she rubbed her eyes to see clearly. She took a few steps back. All she saw was a bald head. Her giant grey eyes seemed even bigger than before. 

Gingerly she placed a hand on her scalp and recoiled at the touch. Her scalp was two shades paler than the rest of her body. Not to mention a thousand times more sensitive.

 She would’ve given anything to have the haircut she had the day before. Short hair was one thing, but to be completely bald was a whole other issue. Dressed in her robes, she could easily be mistaken for a monk. It would take at least a year to grow out to from zero to shoulder length, and even longer to reach her waist once more. 

Hazel cloaked herself before leaving the bed and breakfast. There was no way she could reveal herself until it grew out for a few months. She looked too alien without hair. Before she left town she heard the murmurs from the villagers, rumors of a witch living amongst them. 


Writer’s note: after years of reading haircutting literature, I finally finished my own. please leave any comments/criticism on how I can improve.


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