Through the Window

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It was the big day; Sabina had a hair appointment scheduled in the evening. Sam kissed Sabina as both of them went their separate ways to their respective workplaces. Sabina looked stunning dressed in a business skirt and suit jacket with her straight brunette hair hanging to her waist. Sam watched his beautiful wife walk towards her building before continuing to his. She chose to wear her hair down today and he loved seeing her long luscious hair swing against her back. It was recently washed and blow dried and it shone as the morning sunlight kissed it.

At work, Sam went about his day but kept thinking about the upcoming haircut. Around midday, he texted Sabina “Have you decided on the cut that you are getting?”. A short time later he got a response from her “Just a trim, possibly layers, not going short! But we’ll see ;)”. The text got Sam edgy and excited. He had no clue what might transpire. Based on previous experiences with Sabina, a “trim” could be a couple of inches or could mean a foot of hair cut off. He decided not to probe further and got back to his business.

He struggled to concentrate at work and kept thinking about how the salon trip would turn out for Sabina. Over the years he enjoyed coming along to her cuts. He found enjoyment from every step of the process, starting from meeting the stylist to watching Sabina get led to the chair for consultation, the stylist releasing her bun, the length unraveling and tumbling down the back of the chair, the stylist playing with her hair as the haircut consultation unfolded to caping her followed by the shampoo and finally the cut of her freshly shampooed, wet and brushed out dripping(at times) hair. Sabina’s salon trip would usually make Sam nervous about the stylist getting scissor happy and Sabina ending up losing her beautiful tresses to the salon floor. In contradiction, the thought of this happening would also excite Sam, though he preferred to keep the thought to himself and hoped it would never come to fruition. He loved Sabina’s flowing long hair and wished that she would retain the length in place of the quick rush he’d get from watching it get chopped.

Not inclined to be late, Sam tested his code one last time, noting the error that came up, before committing his day’s work and putting his computer to sleep, and heading out the door. It seemed things were suddenly moving slower than usual. The elevator seemed to take forever. As he was exiting out of the building into the evening air and started his walk to the salon he noted the sun had just set leaving remnants of pinkish hues in the sky.

He pulled his phone out to check the time and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Sabina’s text.

“Got to the salon early, how far are you?.”

Sam replied, “Just heading out of work. Will be there in the next 20 minutes.” He promptly got a text back “All right, I’ll wait out here for a while”.

Sam increased his pace to catch the metro. As he entered the station, another text from Sabina buzzed his phone. It read “It’s hot out. I’ll wait inside”. The connection within the subway station was choppy at best. The 10 minutes wait for the train seemed like an eternity. He boarded his train and was responding to the message that he received previously but the delivery failed given the poor cellphone network. As his train rolled into the next station and before he could resend his message, he received another text from Sabina. This time it read “Jessica was free and I checked in early. We’re getting started here. See you soon ;)”. Well there goes witnessing the consultation and shampoo, Sam thought as he responded with an “All right. will be there shortly!”
Sam couldn’t ignore the wink emoticon in Sabina’s last message. He thought to himself “What might be unfolding there? Did Jessica suggest a big chop and more importantly did Sabina take the bait???’
Sam thought that Jessica would love to sink her scissors into Sabina’s long hair since the first meeting. Sabina has been visiting Jessica for a couple of years. He recalled the shine in Jessica’s eyes and the excitement in her voice when she took down Sabina’s bun the first time that Sabina sat on her chair to get a trim. She couldn’t stop basking about the length and her crowning glory the whole time she had her on the chair.

As Sam’s train rolled into the platform, he had a billion thoughts rushing through his mind, wondering what all action he’s already missed. He ran through the platform trying to beat the fellow commuters to the exit gate. As he got on the escalator, he stopped to catch a breath and the next moment he recalled Sabina’s last message that read “See you soon ;)”. He took a deep breath and sprinted out of the station and down a few blocks towards the salon. He was able to get to the block with the salon in about 10 minutes. The frantic sprint had sucked the air out of him and didn’t have much energy. Breathing heavily and catching up on air he walked the last half a block.

As he rounded the corner to the first side with windows, the salon’s lights shone out through large windows into the night, showcasing all of the inner happenings to the street and sidewalk. He scanned the side of stations closest to him to see if he could spot his wife though, unsure if she was still consulting with Jessica, back at the shampoo bowls or done with the shampoo and in the chair.

There was an older lady in the first chair, a blonde lady in the second, a 30 something-year-old guy after that, and then there standing behind the last chair was a woman with black hair. Is that Sabina? he wondered as he got closer. The lady had a light-colored cape on and the stylist appeared to be finishing sectioning her client’s hair. The hair length seemed very similar to Sabina’s and as he was starting to realize it was his wife, he was close enough now to see details and recognized his wife’s purse and shoes.

He recognized his wife a second before he realized that Jessica had scissors in her hands and she was running the comb through the back section. Sabina was standing behind the chair with her head looking down towards the floor. Jessica was holding a mirror in her left hand and running her comb through the length of Sabina’s wet hair. At that point, Sabina looked up into the mirror and saw Jessica hold her comb to the length she was planning to cut. Sam saw Sabina give a nod while biting her lips and Jessica quickly put the mirror away. Sam was in a daze as he came closer to the salon window and saw Jessica placing her scissors where she had indicated right in the middle, closing the blades of her sharp scissors at Sabina’s collar bone level in an action that sent ~12 inches of beautiful long wet hair cascading down to the floor.

Sam’s heart thumped as he rushed to the door. As he entered and checked in with the receptionist, she directed him to Jessica’s station. Jessica was engrossed in cutting Sabina’s hair and neither of them noticed Sam approaching the chair. More hair had been chopped since Sam had witnessed the initial snip through the window and he gasped at the pile of coiled-up tresses on the floor and then looked up into the mirror to make eye contact with Sabina, “Hi honey, that’s quite the trim!”. Sabina looked up momentarily and Jessica paused. “Hey hon”, she said, smiling at him through the mirror. “Jessica and I got talking and thought it would be fun to go short for the summer. What do you think?”

“Well, I’ll miss your long hair but this will look cute on you”, he said, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

Jessica said “Don’t worry, she’ll look hot when I’m done with her” and directed him to take the empty chair across her station. Sam appreciated the nice front-row seat to witness the action. While a lot of hair was on the floor, Jessica had only just made it through the first layer of hair and was now sectioning off a second layer all the way up to Sabina’s occipital bone. Sam watched in a continued daze, waffling between shock, excitement, and mourning his wife’s soon-to-be former long mane. Jessica had re-twisted and pinned the other hair and was giving the section she had let down a final comb. She then placed her scissors in line with the previously cut section and closed them, adding more to the pile around the chair. She worked her way methodically around to the left, carefully matching up additional sections with the line that she had started with the first layer; each snip sending more long chunks to hit the floor. Once she had worked around to the left, she resumed cutting from the middle to the right. She now dropped the final section, it covered the shorn length for the most part but then was soon snipped to match it.

Sabina’s hair now hung just barely breaking over her shoulders. A ring of long locks surrounded her on the floor. Jessica now guided her back to the chair and she gracefully sat down, adjusting the cape so it hung over the sides nicely.

“I think we could bring the length a bit shorter still, maybe about halfway up your neck?” Jessica looked at Sabina in the mirror as she pressed her fingers into the intended line.

“Yeah, let’s give that a try”

Sam’s heart thumped as he heard his wife consent to an even shorter look, but he still watched eagerly as Jessica started pulling up vertical sections of hair to lop chunks off. At this point, it was inch-long chunks falling to the floor, but what was lacking in length was made up for by the number of snips being made as Jessica slowly shaped Sabina’s hair. For the most part, Sam’s gaze was locked onto the action, but he occasionally broadened his focus to take in the image of his wife caped in the chair; and while he wished more hair was still on his wife’s head, he marveled at the growing carpet of hair around the chair.

Jessica worked quickly and was now setting down her scissors on the counter. She then returned to the back of the chair and looked at Sabina in the mirror as she fluffed and zhuzhed her hair; also stepping back to inspect the cut. “It’s not laying quite right, your hair is so thick,” Jessica said after her third inspection, “I can thin it out some more, it might not grow out quite as well though, at that point, your ends are already going to be thinner but if I take out bulk they’re going to get real thin as you grow it out. Your other option is I could do a bit of an undercut, that would take out the bulk and then since it’ll just be the very button layer, will grow out gracefully with the rest of your hair. What do you think?”

“I never thought I’d say this but let’s try the undercut,” Sabina said, much to Sam’s surprise. He didn’t even get his hair cut with clippers, and now here was his wife agreeing to have a section of hair shorter than his.

Jessica misted Sabina’s hair a bit and then carefully sectioned it, with a few clips, she was able to get all but the very bottom layer of hair pinned up. The section was up to about halfway between Sabina’s hairline and her occipital bone and since it was the bottom layer had already been cut fairly short. Jessica readied her clippers, ensuring they were clean and oiled and giving them a quick test. The buzzing filled the now much quieter salon as most of the other clients had made their way out. Jessica snapped a guard on and then turned them back on; one hand on Sabina’s head, she slowly glided them up her neck.

Sam could hear the change in tone as they first bit into hair. Jessica tiled the clippers and released the first ball of hair to float to the ground. The next stroke was as careful and deliberate as the first, she steadied Sabina’s head and glided the guard up into the small section of hair, easing the clippers away as she reached the sectioned-off hair. A few more strokes and Sabina’s hair had been reduced to stubble, Jessica tided up the edges with some smaller trimmers and then brushed off Sabina’s neck to check her handwork. Satisfied with the buzzed section, Jessica released the rest of the hair once more, combing it through a bit with her fingers to smooth it out. “Much better,” she said, inspecting the finished product. It’s laying really nicely now..”

Jessica distributed a bit of product into Sabina’s hair and then taking a round brush and blow dryer, styled some gentle curls into it. Finishing with a quick spritz of hairspray she set her tools down. “What do you think? Any last touches you want?” She asked, looking at Sabina in the mirror.

“No, I love it, it’s so much lighter, it’ll take some getting used to but I love the change.”

“How about you hubby?” Jessica asked, turning to Sam.

“Much shorter than I was expecting, but it looks very cute on her.”

Jessica slid the cape off Sabina and then led the two of them to the reception desk. Sam pulled out his wallet and paid, leaving a nice tip for Jessica before he and Sabina said their goodbyes and made their way out into the evening air. As they walked away, Sam tentatively ran his fingers up Sabina’s neck, the short hair felt foreign against the back of his hand and the buzzed hair felt even more alien, but somehow he enjoyed the newness and noticed Sabina give a little shiver as he stroked her nape.

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