Thursday at the apartment complex

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As promised I returned that Thursday to return her shirt. I had rode my bicycle back there and had my backpack with some items I hope she would let me use. Shampoo, rollers,. combs, brushes, clips etc… I knocked on the door and heard her footsteps approaching, my heart was beating faster as they got closer. She opened the door and was wearing a beauticians smock and some shorts. She had me come in and asked if I was ready to help her shampoo her hair today. I told her that I could not wait and had brought some things we might be able to use. She opened up my backpack and giggled. She said ” well, you read my mind, I have some of those things out already on the kitchen table”. We went into the kitchen where she had a chair all set up and combs, brushes, scissors and clippers on the table. She sat on the chair and wrapped a towel around her shoulders. She then handed me a hair color applicator bottle with some purple liquid in it and told me to slowly apply it to her hair. I began at the top and applied a little bit and worked it in. It lathered up like a shampoo, the more I applied the more lather it worked up. She said this is a soap cap and it has a little bit of hair color, water and shampoo in it. You work it into a rich lather like shampoo and leave it in for 10 minutes. Then rinse, condition and set. I finally had applied all of the mixture and shampooed it into her hair.

She had me get a smock that was on the table and asked me to put it on. I started to put it over my clothes’ and she told me to take my clothes off and keep just my underwear on, then put on the smock. I did as she asked and put on the smock. I then came back over to her and continued to shampoo her. After about ten minutes I took her over to the sink and rinsed her hair, then wrapped the towel around her head and had her sit down in the chair. She handed me a jar on clairol condition, beauty pack treatment and had me apply that to her hair. It was a thick cream and smelled wonderful. It was to stay in for 30 minutes and then had to be rinsed out.

While that was setting on her hair she had me come over to the sink and wrapped a towel around my shoulders. She leaned me forward into the sink and wet my hair. I could hear her open the bottle of shampoo and felt her pour some on my hair. She worked it into a rich lather and had me sit in the chair while she continued to shampoo me. She stopped briefly and unzipped her smock and opened it up to reveal her breasts. She sat on my lap and continued to shampoo my hair. Her breasts were right in front of my face and I could not help myself, I started to kiss them. She began to move back and forth on my lap as she shampooed. It was a few minutes and she moaned loudly and then leaned down and kissed me. She said it is time to rinse and set our hair.

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