Time for a hair cut ……

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Time for a hair cut

By JimB (C)opyrighted 08/17/2023


“Mel,” Rose called out to her boyfriend.

“Mel, I think it is time I got my hair cut.”

Rose got out the bed and walked to the bathroom.

Not seeing Mel in the bathroom she walked to the kitchen.

“Mel,” Rose call.

“Sorry, I did not hear you calling me,” Mel told her as he walked inside from the backyard.

“What do you want?”

“I said I think it’s time I got my hair cut,” Rose told him as she sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee.

“What to you think!”

“Hua …..” Mel answered as he walked to the table with a cup of coffee.

“MY hair!” she told him again.

“What about your hair?” he asked her and taking a sip of coffee.

“MY HAIR,” she said.  “I think it’s time I got MY HAIR cut.

“What do you think?”

“Look at the time,” he told her as he got up walked out the kitchen.

“Randy will be here in five minutes to take me to work.

“It’s his turn this week.”

Rose sat shanking her head.

“I’ll have scrambled eggs for dinner tonight,” she called to Mel.

“That sound good,” he called out to her.

“See you later.”

Rose waited an hour and called Mel at work.

“Did you hear me?” she asked him.

“Sure,” he replied.

“You’re going to wash your hair with scrambled eggs.

“And, your are going ……

“Got to go.  Have a meeting with the boss.”

“I going to get my hair cut you ass,” she said as he hung the telephone up.

Getting up from the couch, she ran her fingers through her waist length light brown hair.

“Wash my hair with scramble eggs!” she thought to her self.

“Margaret, it’s me Rose,” she told Margaret.

“I think it’s time I cut my hair.

“What do you think?”

“Did you ask Mel?” Margaret inquired.

“He wants me to wash my hair with scramble eggs,” she told Margaret.

“What?” Margaret said.

“Nothing.  Just something Mel told me this morning,” Rose said.

“Do you think I should cut my hair?”

“It’s about time you came to your senses,” Margaret told her.

“Long hair has been out for years.

“What are you think about?”

“You’re right,” she said to Margaret.

“Was thinking about a little above my shoulders.”

“Why does Mel want you to shampoo your hair with scramble eggs?” Marg asked her again.

“This morning I asked him if I should cut my hair and told him I was going to have scramble eggs for dinner.

“I called him at work an hour later and I asked him if he heard  what I said.

And, he said “You’re going to wash your hair with scrambled eggs.”

“His mind in is Wonder Land,” Marg told her.

“Do you think it’s time I cut my hair?” she asked Marg.

“Shoulder length sounds nice,” Marg told her.

“But, you should consider going to Jessi at her barber shop.

“She does great hair cut for women.

“She has been cutting my hair for the last seven years and I have not regretted going to her.”

“Jessi!” Rose said.

“You know about her?”

“Yes, I know about Jessi,” Marg answered.

“You just have to push that out of mind.

“Just go and talk with her.”

“Well you might be right,” she told Marg

“Is her barber shop in the same place?”

“Yes,” Marg told her as she handed her the telephone.

“Jessi’s Barber Shop”,” the female voice said.

“Jessi, it me Rose!” she told her.

“I’m thinking about cutting my hair and Marg said I should see you.

“When can I get an appointment?”

“Rose, I haven’t seen you in years,” Jessi told her.

“So, you’re going to cut your hair!

“Will three this afternoon.”

“Three sounds good,” Rose told her.

“And, we can talk a little and catch up on the years.”

“How short are you thinking about?” Jessi inquired.

“That’s why I want to talk with you,” Rose replied.

“Just push the pass back in your mind,” Marg told her.

“Push the pass back in my mind!” Rose thought to she self.

“If only Marg knew about me and Jessi, she would crap in her pants.

“I still remember the first night we spent together at her home and her parents were out of town.”

Rose arrived at the small shopping center where Jessi had her barber shop.

She looked in her rear view mirror and brushed her fingers through her long hair.

“This will be the last time I see my self with long hair,” she told her self as she got out her car and began walking to Jessi’s Barber Shop.

Her mind flashed back to ten years ago, the last time she was in Jessi Barber Shop and the hair cut and special service JessI gave her.

She remember how Jessi checked for the smoothness.

She never told Marg and Mel about those days.

Jessi looked up from her barber chair as Mel walked in.

“ROSE,” Jessi said as she walked to her with open arms.

“You made a few changes since my last visit,” she told Jessi as the gave each other a hug and kiss.

“Yes, I have made a few changes,” Jessi told her as she pointed to a back door.

“So, you want to cut this long mess off,” Jessi asked her as she ran her finger through Mel long hair.

“How short are you thinking?”

“That’s why I …..

“Marg said I should come to you for a few recommendations,” Rose told her as she sat in the barber chair.

“Do you still do the extras?”

“After I cut your hair,” Jessi told her.

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“His name is Mel,” Rose said.

“And, he is always in Wonder Land.”

“Does he know about our past?” Jessi asked her.

“NO,” Rose told her.  “And, that how I want it.”

“I think I should cut this long mess to a little above your shoulders,” Jessi told her as she showed Rose her scissors.

Rose just sat in the barber chair as Jessi began cutting her long hair.

“I understand why you don’t want Mel to know about our past,” Jesse said as she combed and cut more long hair.

“Do you still shave your ….?”

“Some what,” Rose said.

“I am sure you will be taking care of that.

“And, checking for the smoothness!”

Jessi combed a section of long hair and cut it five inches from Rose’s head.

“I hope you don’t go too short!” Rose said to Jessi with a smile.

Jessi combed and cut more long hair.

“Didn’t you come to me for a few recommendations!” Jessi told her as she cut another long section of hair.

Rose thought back to the hair cuts Jessi gave her years ago.

She remembered the day when she came home with her hair cut in a Crew Cut and her mother wanted to know, “WHO THE FUCK CUT YOUR HAIR?”.

She remembered what she told, and did not tell, her mother.

“I am twenty seven mom.  And, I can do what ever I want, even cutting my hair.”

But, she did not tell her mother the barber’s name and what Jessi did after her hair cut.

Rose looked at the cape.  I was past her knees.

She took a deep breath and slowly moved the cape above her knees and crossed her legs.

“I see you still have those lovely legs!” Jessi told her as she combed and made another cut of long hair.

“Yes,” Rose said some what surprised.

“I shave them every day and wipe them with the oil you gave that night.”

Jessi smiled and combed and cut the last long section of hair.

Jessi put the comb and scissors down and reached for her clippers.

“You still want my recommendations?” Jessi said as she showed Rose the clippers with the half an inch attachment.

“NOT too ….” Rose stated to asked when she heard.


“This is the same clippers I used for your last hair cut,” Jessi told her.

“And, the same half an inch attachment.”

Rose took a deep breath.

Jessi placed the clippers in the center of her forehead.

“And, I am going to give you the same hair cut, in the same way I did that day,” Jessi told her.

Rose looked in the mirror over the waiting chair.  She took another deep breath.

Jessi began moving the clippers, with the half an inch attachment, over her head to the back of her head.

Her mind remembered that day.

“Are we going to the back door?” she asked Jessi as made as she made another pass over her head.

“After I cut your hair,” Jessi told her.

Jessi made the last pass over Rose’s head and removed the half an inch attachment.

She replaced it with the quarter of an inch attachment.

“This time I am going to go a little shorter,” Jessi told Rose as she raised the clippers to her forehead and began slowly moving the clippers over her head.

“Does Mel know how short you want your hair cut?” Jessi inquired as she began another pass over Rose’s head and leaving behind a quarter of an inch hair cut.

“No,” she told Jessi.  “Like I told you he’s in Wonder Land.”

Rose watched as Jessi made another slow pass over her head.

“Will “Wonder Land” give you any problems?” Jessi asked as she removed the quarter of an inch attachment and tossed it on the shelf.

“You know I use liquid wax instead of shaving cream.”

“Really!” Rose said.  “How long does it last?”

“Six or seven months,” Jessi asked as she began moving the attachmentless clippers up the right side of her head.

“Did Marg tell you about the night she and Ron came over for a visit?” Jessi asked Rose who was surprised.

“I showed them the attachmentless clippers and the wax,” Jessi began telling her.

“When they left for home I told them, “NO hair for six months”.

“And, Marg told me, “Thanks for the smoothness”.”

“I did not know that,” Rose said.

“Did you ever tell me …..!”

“Yes, I did,” Jessi told her.

“But, your eyes and mind was on what we were doing that night.”

“Will the waxing hurt?” Rose asked.

“Just relax when I start removing the wax if from your eyebrows and your head,” Jessi told her.

“I hope Mel will leaves,” Rose said.  “So you and Marg can come over and you can waxed us.

“And, you can check us for smoothness.”

“Just relax,” Jessi told Rose as she began removing the wax from her eyebrows and head.

Rose did not realized Jessi had her waxed while they talked.

“Now we can go to the back door,” Jessi said and pointing to the back door.

They got up and slowly walked to the back door.

“See the jar of wax?” Jessi told her as she pointed to a jar on a shelf next to a somewhat bed.

“Time you take all this off,” Jessi told her as pulled on Rose’s clothing.

“I can’t wax your lovely pussy with all your clothing on.”

“Are you going to check for smoothness?” Rose asked Jessi.

“What do you think,” she smiled and showed Rose her tongue.

“I see you somewhat shave here.”

“I am sure you are going to take care of that,” Rose said.

Jessi just showed her her tongue and wiggled.

“JESSI,” a female voice called.

“JESSI,” the female voce called out again.

“It;s me Margaret.

“Did Rose came by for a hair cut?”

“Back door,” Jessi called to her.

“Yes, Rose is here.”

“You never told me about the night you and Ron visited Jessi,” Rose said as Jessi clicked the little clippers she was using to remove what hair was above and around her pussy.

“Give me the clippers,” Marg told Jessi.

“I’ll take care of this mess while you take care of Rose’s pussy.”

“Is Ron come?” Jessi asked as she began spreading the wax over Rose’s pussy.

“NO,” Marg said as she turned the little clippers off.


“All you have to is take care of my head and eyebrows.”

“What about your ….?” Jessi asked.

“Take care of that every six months,” Marg told them as she started taking her clothing off.

“SEE …..!

“And, I also take care of Ron’s head and his …..”

“So, Jessi gave you the same hair cut she gave you when you came to her for your last visit,” Marg told Rose.

“Jessi just showed me her clippers with the half an inch attachment.

“Then, the quarter of an inch attachment.

“Before I could ask her “how short she was going to cut my hair”, she was moving the clippers without any attachment over my head.

“Then, she started waxing my head and eyebrows.”

“Of course I asked her if she was going to check for smoothness.

“And, she showed her her tongue and wiggled.”

“Have a seat Marg,” Jessi told her.

Jesse began spreading the wax over her head and eyebrows.

“So every six months!” Rose asked.  “Do I have to make an appointment?”

Jessi looked at her and showed her her tongue and wiggled.

Let’s see,” Jessi said to them.

“Marg ….. all I have to do is removed the wax from your head and eyebrows.

Rose ….. I have to removed the wax from your head, eyebrows, and pussy.”

She looked at them and …..

“Your pussy Rose,” she told her as she pulled the wax off her pussy.

“FUCK,” Rose let out.  “You could have given a little wanting.”

Jessi reached for the wax on Rose’s head and pulled off.

“Your’s is next,” she told Marg as she pulled the wax off.

“Now I will remove the wax from both of your right eyebrows.

“Then, the left eyebrows.”

Jessi stood looking at them.

“Marg, do me a favor!” Jessi asked her.

Jessi just showed her her tongue and wiggled.

Marg and Rose looked at each other and Marg showed Rose her tongue and wiggled.

“Now Rose,” Jessi said.

“Show Marg your tongue and wiggled.”

Marg and Rose looked at each other and Rose showed Marg her tongue and wiggled.

“OKAY,” Jessi told them.

“Now both of you open your mouth wide open.”

Marg and Rose opened their mouth wide open.

“Marg …..

“Just stick you tongue in Rose’s mouth and wiggle it.

“While I remove the wax from her pussy and check for smoothness.”

Marg and Rose smiled as Marg stuck her tongue in her mouth and wiggled.

They kept wiggling their tongue until Jessi finished checking Rose for smoothness.

Jessi stepped over to Marg and began checking her for smoothness.

Marg and Rose continued wiggling their tongue until Jessi had finished checking Marg pussy for smoothness.

“OKAY ….. OKAY,” Jessi said to them.

“You can stop the tongue wiggling.”

Marg and Rose just raised their hand and continued wiggling their tongue in each others mouth.

Jessi just shook her head and walked to shelf.

She opened the drawer and pulled something.

“WHO’S first,” she said to them

They stopped the tongue wiggling and turned their head to Jessi.

“Well, who’s first.” she asked them again.

Marg and Rose looked at each other.

“She did that to me the last time she cut my hair,” Rose told Marg.

“Well, she did not do that the night Ron and I visited her,” Marg told Rose.

Jessi smiled.

“Front of Back?” she asked Marg.

“It does not matter,” she told Jessi.

“Ron has been doing me in both for the last twelve years.

“And, the last last three years, he has not used any lube in the “back”.

“So, take your pick!”

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