Time to change Jen — 3-weeks later …..

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Time to change Jen – 3-weeks later ….

By JimB © January 2019

“Just a few inches today.”

Jen was smiling as she took hold the cape and patted the seat of the barber chair.

“That should be in about three weeks,” Jen said in a strange voice.

“Just when Mrs. Heights comes in for the haircut she really wanted.”


“Morning, Louis,” Jen said as she entered the shop.

“Mornin’ to you”, Louis answered. “A few minutes early!”

Looking at her watch Jan replied, jokingly, “Half and hour early.”

“Have a seat,” Louis said pointing to the waiting chairs.

“Dawn has one ahead of you.

“You getting a coloring today?”

“No,” Jen replied.

“Believe it or not, I am going to get my hair cut short.”

“How short?” Louis inquired.

Looking at her self in the mirror, she took hold of her hair and pointed to the five, or so, inches of grow of her black hair.

Pointing to it, she told Louis, “To about here.”

“That’s a lot of hair for you!” Louis commented.

“Yes,” she answered. “It is time I made a change.

“Long, bottle blond hair is not working any more.”

As she took her seat in a waiting chair, Dawn stepped up.

“Three weeks!” she said to Jen.

“Just like I told you.

“So, another trim?”

Pointing to the black of her grown out hair, “To here.”

“You will look better with all the blond gone.

“I have a just the short cut for you.”

Just then Mrs. Heights stepped from the back of the shop from getting her hair washed.

“Be with you in a minute,” she told Mrs. Heights, as she was walked, by Connie the shampoo girl, to Dawn’s barber chair.

Dawn walked to Jen and brushed her hair off her face.

“Yes,” she told Jen. “Short will be better.”

Stepping back she turned and walked to her barber chair.

She caped Mrs. Heights and gently ran her fingers through her three weeks grown out Buzz Cut.

“Surprised me!” Mrs. Heights commented.

“And, turn your barber chair so I am looking at my self in the large mirrors.

“The one behind your barber chair is too small.”

Dawn laughed and turned her barber chair, “You will not be “surprised”!”

“I know,” she replied as Dawn turned the barber chair to face the large mirror behind the waiting chair.

“Hi,” Mrs. Heights said. “I remember you.

“Jen, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Jen answered. “How was your trip?”

“Except for the weather, it was great.

“It was every over cast every day.

“But, it gave us time to spend inside.

“If you know what I mean!”

Dawn laughed, “Girl talk is getting a little …..!”

“Don’t tell me you and your husband don’t have fun when the weather keeps you inside,” Mrs. Heights said, laughing.

“So, where did you go?” Jen inquired.

“Italy,” she answered.

“My husband’s, Elia, parents are from Italy.

“We went there for his material-grandmother ninth birthday six years ago. She passes away two years later.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Dawn and Jen told her.

“Okay,” Dawn said as she patted Mrs. Heights on her shoulder.

“So, what are we going to do?”

“Surprise me,” Mrs. Heights told her, again.

Dawn looked at her in the mirror.

Mrs. Heights watched as she reached under the shelf.

Dawn turned with her big clippers, with the .00000 cutting head, in her hands. She was attaching an attachment to it.

Without saying any thing Dawn began pushing the clippers up the back of her head.

“My, your hair has grown,” she told Mrs. Heights as almost an inch of hair was clippered off.

“I told you it did,” she answered Dawn. Dawn went about with the clippers.

First the back, then stepping to the left side of her barber chair and making pass after pass until it was short as the back, a quarter of an inch all over.

Walking around the back of the barber chair, Dawn brushed her left fingers through Mrs. Heights’ cut.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, Dawn wasted no time and began moving the clippers over the right side of her head.

In no time the back and sides of Mrs. Heights’ head was a quarter of an inch.

Dawn then placed the clippers to her forehead.

Without even asking she slowly moved it back of the top of Mrs. Heights head.

Slowly, it was a quarter of an inch, too.

Finished, Dawn brushed her fingers through Mrs. Heights’ hair.

She looked at her self in the large mirror.

Turning her head sided to side.

She took her hands from under the cape and brushed her fingers through her hair.

Turning her head to Dawn, standing there with the clippers still in her hand.

“Remember three weeks ago!” Mrs. Height asked her.

Dawn shook her head, “YES”.

“SURPRISE ME”, she, kind of, commanded Dawn.

“I want to have some more fun with Elia when he gets home from work tonight”, she told Dawn.

Holding the clippers up where Mrs. Heights could see it, Dawn removed the quarter inch attachment and “CLICK”.

Mrs. Height smiled and turned her head so she was looking at the large mirrors.

Dawn tossed the quarter inch attachment of the shelf and placed the clippers in the center of her head.

Without saying any thing Dawn began moving the clippers back over her head.

“Now, that is what I call a SURPRISE,” Mrs. Heights commented as Dawn slowly moved the clippers back over the top of her head.

“Now you are getting it!

“I told you three weeks back, “When I came back”.”

“You surely did!” Dawn told her, as she started pushing the clippers back over her head again.

Jen sat there watching not believing.

“By the way,” Jen asked Mrs. Heights. “You said your husband’s grandmother …..!”

“Yes, my dear,” Mrs. Height replied quickly. “I am sixty-two this year.

“Pretty good looking at that!”

Jen looked at her then Dawn.

With the last pass made, Dawn looked at Mrs. Height.

“I told you SURPRISE ME,” she told Dawn.

“Just like you wanted to three weeks ago!”

Dawn looked at Jen, who remembered.

With that Dawn hung the clippers under the shelf and undid the cape and removed it, hanging it on the rod across the back of the barber chair.

She removed two towels from one of the cabinets.

One was tossed into the sink and the other one she tucked into Mrs. Height’s blouse and spread it over her shoulders.

Patting her on her shoulders, Dawn stepped to the sink and turned on the hot water. Letting it flow until the towel was soaking wet.

Carefully ringing it out, she turned and wrapped Mrs. Heights’ head.

Jen’s eyes could not believe what she was watching.

Did Mrs. Height mean!

Was Dawn going to!

Dawn stepped to the shaving dispenser and shaving lather began flowing from it.

To Jen’s surprise Dawn removed the warm towel and began lathering Mrs. Heights’s head. She worked the lather in, spreading over the back, sides, and top of her head.

Jen blinked her eyes, still wondering if this was happening.

With her straight razor sharpened Dawn brought it up to the center of Mrs. Heights’ head and began shaving.

“NOW this is the surprise I have wanted,” she told Dawn who smiled at her and Jen.

Jen could not believe Mrs. Heights was getting her head shaved.

She could not understand why a woman, any woman, would want to get her head shaved.

She looked at the smile on Mrs. Heights face. It was wide and not surprising.

As Dawn continued shaving Mrs. Height’s head.

First the right side then the back.

Finally, the left side.

Mrs. Heights looked at her self in the mirror.

“Nice hair cut,” she commented, as she looked a Jen.

Jen just smiled, not believing what she just watched.

Wiping any excess shaving lather from her head, Dawn removed the towel and lowered the barber chair.

As she walked to the waiting chairs, Mrs. Heights just brushed her fingertips over her shaven head and smiled, “Should have done this three weeks ago.”

She picked up her purse and began walking out.

“Add twenty-five per cent for your tip, this time,” she said to Dawn.

“I think I might get Elia come in tomorrow.”

Shanking her cape out, Dawn looked at Jen, “Your turn!”

Shaking her head, Jen walked to dawn’s barber chair and sat in it.

Capping her, Dawn Inquired, ”SURPRISE!”

Quickly Jen said, “NO. No way!”

Dawn laughed, “Not talking about you but Mrs. Heights’ hair cut.

“She has asked me many times about shaving her head.

“Each time I told her, ”Do it.”

“I thought for sure she was going to go for it three weeks ago.

“So, what do you want to do?

“Another trim?”

“No, not this time,” she told Dawn as she pulled her long bottled blond hair outward, showing the six of so inches of black hair.

“This short,” she told Dawn pointing to the black hair. “Long bottle blond hair has had its’ time! “Time I got a nice short hair cut.

“So, just cut the bottle blond off and trim it up.”

Dawn looked at her hair, “Going to be at lease three feet.”

Jen shook her head “yes”, understanding what Dawn was saying.

Dawn combed out a section of hair and just where the bottle blond and black hair met, she snipped it off.

She looked at Jen, who was smiling.

Dawn began combing section after section and sending it to the floor.

After what seemed like a half an hour, Dawn had cut all the long bottle blond hair off.

She started combing Jen’s hair this way, that way.

“Well,” Dawn asked her. “Just a little shorter,” Jen told her. “About an inch!”

Dawn began combing and snipping another inch off.

She worked her way around the barber chair combing and snipping.

When, she got the left side, Jen asked, “You said you had something in mine!

“How much shorter?”

Dawn continued combing and snipping, “It depends on how short you are willing to go!”

Jen sat watching as Dawn made the last combing and snipping. She then brushed Jen’s hair through her fingers.

“Well, another inch!” Dawn told her as she ran her fingers through Jen’s hair again and again.

“If I were ….,!” Jan nervously inquired. “If I were willing to go a little shorter than another inch?

“I mean, would it be a change in my hair cut, hair style!”

Dawn patted her on the shoulder and walked to the shelf.

Putting the comb and scissors on it, she reached under the shelf.

Taking hold of the same clippers she had buzzed Mrs. Heights hair with, she picking up the half an inch attachment.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair she showed Jan the clippers as she put on the attachment.

“Half an inch,” she told Jen. “Half an inch all over.”

Jen looked at the clippers with the half an inch attachment on it.

She took a deep breath, “That would be really short for me.

“I mean a really big change for me!”

Dawn looked at her, CLICK.

Jen took a deep breath and turned her head so she was facing the large mirrors.

“I did say I wanted to make big change,” she commented to Dawn.

“DO IT ….

“Do it before I can change my mind.”

“You will not want to change your mind,” Dawn told her as she began pushing the clippers up the right side of her head.

Beginning another push, Jen said, “TOO LATER.”

She began relaxing with each movement Dawn made with the clippers.

Dawn moved the clippers quickly. Pushing the clippers up her head, over the top of her head.

“I bet Mrs. Heights would say, “SURPRISE”,” Jen commented as Dawn began pushing the clippers up the left side of her head.

Dawn laughed as she made the last upward pass. She began making wildly passes over Jan’s head.

Jen took her hands from under the cape and brushed her fingers through her clipper hair, “Fells funny and soft.”

“It’s called a Brush Cut for women,” Dawn told her as she removed the half an inch attachment. “Boys and men call it a Crew Cut.”

Jan watched as Dawn removed the half an inch attachment.

She took a deep breath.

Dawn tossed the attachment on the shelf and held the clippers up, so Jen could watch her as she walked behind the barber chair.

Jen’s body began to shiver. A feeling she had never felt came over her.


Dawn placed her left hand on Jan’s left shoulder.

Jen began breathing deep.

Her eyes watched as Dawn slowly move the clippers over her head.

She looked up as Dawn stopped it just enough for her to see where it was.

Taking another deep breath, Jen said, ‘SURPRISE ME!”

Dawn patted on the left shoulder and placed the clippers, without the half an inch attachment, to her forehead and began slowly moving it back over her head.

Jen let out her deep breath.

A smile came to her face.

“Surprise, like Mrs. Heights?” Dawn asked as she began another pass over Jen’s head, leaving behind hair so short she looked like her head was shaved.

“SURPRISE ME!” was all Jen said.

Quickly Dawn made pass after pass over Jen’s head, leaving behind skin ready for shaving.

As she began buzzing Jen’s head in the back she whispered, “You know I am going to SHAVE YOUR HEAD?”

“YES,” Jen replied. “I want you to SHAVE MY HEAD.

“As smooth as you can get it.”

“I’ll shave you twice,” Dawn told her. “Maybe a third time if you want?”

Jen watched Dawn buzzing her hair off, not believing she was doing it

When the clippers were turned off, Jan knew what was next.

Dawn removed the cape and tucked a towel in her blouse and spread it over her shoulder.

Dawn wasted no time and lathered her head then wrapped the warm towel over the lather.

Removing the towel after a minute, she began lathering Jen’s head.

Jen sat with her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feelings she began feeling. As her body shivered, tingled.

Her attention turned to the stropping of the open blade of the Dawn’s straight razor. Her eyes watched every movement Dawn made over the leather strap.

Her eyes watched as Dawn raised the blade of her straight razor to her forehead.

As Dawn began slowly shaving her head.

The feelings, the shivers, the tingling of her body grew.

Her mine told her to watch.

Dawn shaved slowly, checking each shaving for smoothness.

Jen sat, shivering, tingling, as Dawn continued shaving her head.

Her mind began to wonder.

How would she feel if Dawn shaved another place!

To soon, Dawn was finished shaving her head.

But, like she told Jen, “She would shave her head twice”.

Dawn was lathering her head again.

This time Dawn did not go slowly, she took long shaving strokes.

As she watched Dawn remove the towel, dust her face and head.

Jen still could not believe she had let Dawn shave her head.

But, she did. She wanted her to do it.

Her mind told her, “She wanted Dawn to shave her head as she watched Dawn shave Mrs. Heights’ head”.

Her mind told her, “She wanted Dawn to shave her head three weeks ago”.

Stepping from the barber chair Jan stood in front of the larger mirrors looking at her self. Her head shaved.

Dawn walked up behind her.

“Here,” Dawn said to her, handing her a card.

“You might want to go to this Club tonight.

“Tell Sandy and Elia I will see them tomorrow.”

Jan looked at Dawn, who pointed to the card.



“The last line read, “Owned by Elia and Sandy Heights”.

Jen looked at Dawn who was now sitting in her barber chair, “NO CHARGE”.

As she walked out, she turned to Dawn ……

“Saturday will be the best time,” Dawn told her.

“Specially in the morning!”

The End By JimB © August 2000

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