Time’s Up.

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The reality of thinning hair can be a daunting occurence for anyone as they age.  For some of us the reality sets in a bit sooner than others.  I had accepted this 4 years back when I began to notice my hair thinning when I was 18.  My girlfriend at the time noticed as well but was very supportive and didn’t seem to mind as nearly all the adult men in her family were bald.  I can remember her saying, “I don’t mind bald men.  Actually I find it attractive especially when a man owns it and takes control of it.”  That put me at ease although I really wasn’t sure what she meant by “takes control of it.”

We dated 4 years and were eventually married.  We were happy and shared everything together it seemed.  My hair thinned a bit more on top and I maintained a tidy short back and sides over the years getting it cut in a salon every 4 -5 weeks.  My wife never said much about my hair other than commenting she liked a fresh cut and encouraged me to go a bit shorter over the years.  Eventually I ended up with a short crop with a #3 on the back and sides and 2 inches on what was left to my top which I parted on the left.

One day we were out getting lunch downtown.  Having just finished eating we walked down main street back to the car.  We passed another couple who looked about our age.  The girl was attractive and had a super short pixie and a punky style of dress.  He partner was a well built guy about my size with a completely shaved head.  My impression was that they looked hip and were attractive.  My wife paid a bit more attention as she turned her head back to them as they walked past.  “I like her haircut.” I commented.  “Yeah, said my wife. Me too.  I like his look too.” she stated.  “He did pull off the look.” I admitted.

We walked on getting closer to the car.  As we approached the car she grabbed my arm saying “I want to check out this shop down the street.”  She pulled and I followed as requested.  We walked along relaxing and taking in the scene.  She stopped and stated “Here we are.”  Looking up I noticed the barber pole first next to a  sign that simply stated Kate’s Barber Shop.  I looked toward her confused.  She made direct contact and placed her hand on my cheek stating “Time to own it.”  She took my hand and pulled me into the shop.  We were greeted warmly by two attractive females in their early 30s.  Both barbers had short bob haircuts that caught my eye.  “Welcome, have a seat and we will be right with you.”  We sat on a row of chairs facing the two chairs.  They were just starting on two young boys who appeared to be there with their mother.  “Summer cuts Mrs. Stevens?”  asked the barber closest to us.  “Yes Kate.  Just like last year.  I want this to last until school is back in.” she stated briefly looking up from her magazine.  The boys sat there sheepishly looking at each other in their red pin striped capes.  Almost simultaneously the ladies turned on their clippers as a loud whirr filled the shop.  The clippers were then guided without hesitation on a path from the front of each boy’s forehead to the back.  Each pass reducing the hair to a very short buzz cut.  “Is a number 2 short enough Mrs. Stevens?” inquired the second barber.  Looking up to examine the boys thier mother stated “Whatever you think Emily.  Just get us at least 2 months out of this.” Emily looked at Kate and commented “Better do a 1 don’t you think?”  “Definately.” responded Kate.  They both stopped shearing the young boys and placed a new blade on thier clippers.  They quickly reworked the top of the boys heads reducing the length to a few millimeters.  They continued around their heads until they were both properly buzzed.  They cleaned up around their ears and nape with a trimmer and released the two from their capes. The boys rubbed their heads with a dazed look.  Mrs. Stevens paid cash thanking the barbers as she exited with the boys.

Kate and Emily turned to us.  As the only male in the shop I felt like I was on stage alone.  “Who is getting a haircut today.”  inquired Kate.  I could feel the three of them looking at me.  “I guess I am.” I relplied in a bashful manner.  “Emily, you get your lunch.  I have the shop covered.  You sir, have a seat.” Kate directed.  Emily thanked her and walked out.  I was seated in the chair, my wife staring lovingly at me with a smile.  “What are we doing today.”  asked Kate cheerfully as she moved to my front making eye contact.  “Something short I guess. Maybe not quite as short as the two boys you just buzzed.  I am thinning on top and would like something that is easy to manage.”  I said.  Kate inspected my crown as she combed my hair in different directions.  Standing behind me and now facing my wife she made eye contact with me in the mirror.  “Have you ever thought about taking it all off?  You are pretty thin and a buzz cut is really in style these days.” Kate said in a warm tone.  I looked at my wife as she nodded in approval.  Kate observed the interaction and knowingly inquired “How short are we going?”  I hesitated a moment shrugging my shoulders.  My wife broke the silence, “All the way Kate.”  Kate directed her attention to my wife “Shaved?” “Yes ma’am.  As short as you can get him.  I want him bald like to the skin.”  my wife said confidently.  “Sure, we can peel him with the clippers and do a wet shave if that’s what he wants.” Kate said with a grin.  My wife sat back folding her arms.  “Definitely, I want him shaved smooth all over.  He has been avoiding this reality too long.”  “I think he will look awesome and I love a shaved head myself.” Kate stated as she put her hand on my should and caped me.  Moving to the back of her station I heard a pop and a humm that was diferent than what I heard when she was buzzing the boys. “Ready?” Kate said.  “Sure, I guess I don’t have much of a choice.” I admitted.  With my wife smiling contently at me Kate gently moved the clippers up my temple.  The initial vibration was striking and got my attention as folllowed by cool steel and then a definate cool breezing.  She quickly passed the clippers around my back and sides exposing my ears and scalp.  She finished the shearing by removing the hair from the top of my head.  The shop door opened and Emily returned with her lunch in a bag.  Drinking from a straw she swallowed quickly and exclaimed “He is getting his moneys worth!”  “Yeah, he’s going all the way.”  stated Kate.  “Slick” inquired Emily  “Yeah, that’s what the lady wanted!”  Emily glanced and my all too pround wife and commented, “I love it girl.”  Kate was done removing my hair as I sat there completly shorn.  The next few minutes were some of most pleasant in my life.  She massaged my head with warm lather and applied warm towels before she carefully used her straight razor to bare my pate.  She followed with sensual scalp massage and neck massage that left my wife looking a bit jealous.  Kate usured me back to reality as she removed the cape.  I stood and walked toward my wife.  She reached up delicately caressing my bald head.  “You own it now” she said with a knowing smile.  We paid Kate as she observed out obvious affection.  As we walked out into the afternoon sunshine Kate instructed “Don’t forget to get that stud some sunscreen babe!”

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  1. Hi,

    Loved reading all of your stories, and this one in particular. I really enjoy reading a story where a lady (or ladies) take control and dictate how short a man will get his haircut.

    I hope you continue to write stories, and I will look forward to reading them.

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