Tina and Sam Part 1: Tina’s Surprise Headshave

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Tina had really long curly with brown highlights throughout. She loved her hair but she was now fed up of it in this summer heat. She always wanted to have cute curly brown bob down to her ears showing of her slender neck to the world.
Her husband Sam who had been bugging her to keep her hair long wanted to see her smooth headshaved someday but he always knew that this is just a fantasy that will never come true. He had given a simple instruction to Tina, hip length or a real short boy cut. Nothing in between.
They both had multiple arguments over this for sometime. They finally decided that they would leave this to hairstylist’s opinion.
Next Sunday, they visited Ashley who herself sported a cute boy cut and kept her head clean shaved for summers.
Upon understanding the situation, Ashley gave a suggestion which left Tina shocked and Sam positively surprised. She opined that Tina would look her best in clean shaved head. A boycut or bob cut would he suboptimal look for her.
This only added to the confusion. There were three options instead of two now. Tina was no way going to shave her head. Getting a boycut seemed a better idea to her. But with Ashley adamant over her position conclusion was not yet reached.
Upon feeling of loosing a customer and a chance to cut illustrious locks of Tina, Ashley suggested a midway which everyone would readily agree to.
She suggested a game which initiated her to small haircuts and got her to shave her head for the first time. Game had simple rules. There are 10 numbers with 1 being for shaved head to 10 being a long hair style. Tina, Ashley and Sam would draw a number each with Tina drawing last. Tina would be given three haircuts based on these numbers with each being smaller than last one.
Ashley drew first number with Tina sitting in chair caped. To Tina’s luck and relief, number 7 was drawn out which meant a shoulder length cut. Ashley finished the cut soon excited to see next drawn number.
Sam drew next number and Tina’s shock he drew number 3. This meant a crew cut with sides buzzed to 2 and top buzzed to 4. This also meant that Tina was going to end up with number 1 or 2.
Before Tina could comprehend any of these, Ashley had already buzzed top of her hair was now working to reduce her sides to a number 2. Haircut was done with in minutes and now Tina to decide her own fate.
Ashley announced that she was now either going to have number 1 buzz or a clean shaved head. Which essentially meant that Tina was going to be a baldy for next sometime. Tina by now had given up on her fate. She now drew her number and it came out to be 1. Ashley who was already ready with her clippers to fire started buzzing her down to zero as soon number was drawn. Tina was left with only stubble within a minute. Next up, her head was being massage with shaving gel. Ashley put blade in straight razor and shaved Tina down to nothing. She again dry shaved Tina multiple times to make her completely smooth. Tina was now relieved thinking that this is now over.
But to Ashley’s mind, this was not over yet. Sam and Tina had just moved into her trap and she had much more to do with them.

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