Tina, the proper

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She is madam of her book club and tea club and home-cooking club, her status among her caliber is undeniable.

One person would disagree, however; her own daughter, Macey. She heavily dissatisfied with her mother’s uptight demeanor, especially the excess of hairspray to maintain a superb beehive such as Tina’s.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, Macey thought up a plan.

While her bothersome mother was making a cake batter, Macey called her away from her task to help with her homework.

A schoolmate, Olivia, snuck to the bowl and put marijuana cloves in the mixture and stirred it a little to hide the green.

She made herself scarce as Tina returned and put the tainted treat in the oven.

When it was done;Tina ate a square of the drugged pastry, unaware of its intoxicating effects.

”What’s the matter, mom?”,Macey asked with a straight face.

”Oh nothing”,waved Tina,”I must be tired from a long day of baking, I best rest awhile”

Tina got comfy in her chair and fell fast asleep.

”Sleep tight”,Macey lulled, going to the back door and opening it to her two compatriots.

Olivia had a hairdressing cape draped over her arm as the other friend, Isabella, had a kit of god-knows-what.

”You bring the stuff?”Macey inquired.

”Yes”, replied Olivia,”Everything you asked for”

”Good”,Macey smiled,”Time for us to give my mom a makeover”

The trio went to Tina’s side, Macey took the cape from its bearer and flipped it over her mom.

She removed the pins from the beehive which sent a wave of hairspray towards the girl.

Macey covered her nose,”Ew”

After almost gagging, Macey asked for the kit, she opened it to find barber utensils.

”I only need one thing from in here”,said Macey, grabbing the clippers.

”I thought we were giving her a bob?”asked Isabella.

”I changed my mind”,put the daughter,”She needs to learn a lesson”

With that, Macey plugged in the device; she pushed Tina’s head down to her chest and started the clippers.

Up in passes, the girl ran the clippers from nape to crown.

When the head was buzzed fully, Macey wasn’t satisfied, she went to her daddy’s bathroom and retrieved his can and razor.

Some cream did get on the comfy chair but Macey just kept lathering her mother’s head white.

The razor glided from crown to nape, and when done, Macey buffed the head with a towel.

”Alright, girls”, she said,”Help me clean all this up”

The girls helped their comrade and left when done.

Macey went to her room and waited for her mother to wake up, she rested and then heard.

”(yawn) That was a good… Aaahhh! My hair!”

Macey cape out and saw her distraught mother and couldn’t help but laugh.

”You think this is funny!”her mother cried.

”Yeah, definitely worth it”

Her mother stopped,”You did this?”

Macey then realized she slipped up, Tina was shocked it was her daughter that shaved her, the daughter was sent to her room to await punishment.

Macey was in a flurry of distress, what would her mom do to her?

She got her answer when her daddy got home.

Tina went into her room,”Get up and dress, we’re leaving”


”Somewhere”,Tina vaguely answered,”Hurry up and get dressed”

”I’m already dressed”

”No”,Tina said,”Take off that fugly jacket and you’re gonna wear what I want you to wear”

Macey did as she was told and was given a turtleneck and overall-dress.

Tina gathered her hair up and tightened her blonde hair into a ponytail.

The duo went to the car where Macey’s dad had a scowl on his face.

As they drove, they were silent: it was uncomfortable.

The car stopped at a brick-building with the symbol of hairdressing out front.

”You darn messed up”,her daddy said as Tina opened her door.

Macey got out and straightened her dress, she didn’t this scene at all, the two ladies entered the shop to a packed shop.

Boys from her school were having their hair cut and surprised to see her there.

Macey blushed and frustrated but kept her composure, she presented herself as a strong woman but was dying inside.

”I can take you, missy”,a barber said.

The boys looked at Tina and slowly put the pieces together.

”What’ll it be?”

”She will be having her head shaved”,Tina instructed.

The barber nodded and chopped off the tail, Macey began to sob in front of her schoolmates.

A cape was tossed on her and the barber grabbed his clippers, he started buzzing down her top then dragged them down her sides.

The worst part was that after the boys had their cuts, they stayed and watched her process.

She was a stubble-head now, the boys ran their hands over her scalp and commented on how prickly it was.

The barber sprayed her head with cream and spread it evenly over, he wiped it off with his razor.

When she saw the finished product, she wept for she was ugly.

Her mother smiled and the boys left laughing and snickering.

Back at home, Macey wanted to go to bed but Tina told her to sit in a chair in the backyard.

While she sat, Macey saw her mother set up lights and tables to put food on.

Soon, the place was swarmed with people to gawk at the bald ladies.

Tina told the tale of that day and the lot laughed.

As an activity, Tina allowed anyone to draw anything on Macey’s free head.

The little kids let their imagination run wild over the scalp and when the party was over, Macey’s head was a mosai painting.

The next day, Tina called in her daughter into the bathroom.

Macey found a stool for her and her mom with a razor.

”Sit”,Tina ordered.

The daughter did and was lathered in cream.

“I want you shaven everyday”,Tina said, taking off the cream of her darling daughter.

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