Tina with the golden locks – Part 2 – The first assault

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What has happened earlier?

The short curly redhead with her small green eyes and that tall thin-haired girl has worked something out regarding their nemesis Tina.

The first assault is a go! 

Today Jennifer and Anna will make their first move. After this school day is over they will grab Tina to a abandoned building nearby. They know of this old house from before. Nearby and abandoned, somehow in a place where people just ignore it. Here they will make their first operation on Tina.

Anna plays sick and leave the school beforehand to gather some equipment, chemicals, scissors, clippers. She will turn up when Jennifer has manipulated Tina to enter the house.

They are not sure yet about which way they will start the operation, will it be hair formulas or the scissor way? The degration of Tinas hair has to be played smart.

Tina enters the abandoned house, manipulated by Jennifer

Jennifer can’t believe how easy Tina is to manipulate. Maybe Tina is just pretty and not that smart, is it true what they say about blondes? Well, let’s have fun then, Jennifer thinks!

Tina has been tricked to a chair that has been prepared beforehand. Jennifer with her superior strength has tied Tina to the chair and Anna has just arrived. The pieces has come together well.

The first operation on Tina begins

Jennifer will let Anna work on Tina, Anna is the handy-girl, Jennifer is the manipulator.

Tina is scared, she doesn’t now yet what is happening. Jennifer and Anna has decided what the first assault will be.

Anna will just cut some hairpieces from Tinas sides. That way the destruction of Tinas hair will begin but in a “undercover” way. The things that Anna will do on Tinas sides can be hid away with the longer pieces from Tinas crown. Anna will cut, then clipper the sides like undercuts. When this is done the hair removal serum will be applied just on the cut parts. This means that Tinas hair will stay like that for the rest of her life.

Tinas mouth is gagged so she can’t scream while Anna proceeds.

Tinas hair on the sides gets destroyed

Anna begins to cut and cut… She cuts away that waist lengt hair on the sides.. Reduces it to shorts strands. Around Tinas small pointy ears hair gets removed. Small sideburns appears.

Then the clipper starts… it hums and clipps away all to stubble… Around Tinas ears just stubble emerge.

Permanent destruction of hair roots around Tinas ears

When the clipper is done it’s time for the worst. The permanent removal of hair around Tinas ears. Never will she have even small sideburns… Tina will have to cover the damaged parts with long hair from her crown, or show the part nakedness on her head.

Anna proceeds… she smears the hair removal serum on the clippered parts. Tina feels that burning feeling when the hair roots dies… Tears flow from Tinas beautiful big brown eyes… She know that she has lost forever some parts of her hair.

It has begun

Jennifer and Anna will leave Tina at this stage. They have her. Jennifer has manipulated Tina to total submission and Anna has begun her work. They will enjoy the degration of Tina over a long time.

For now they leave Tina in the abandoned house, smirks on their faces as they slowly walk away.

To be continued…

  • This is the third part in the series, much more will come

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