Tina with the golden locks – Part 3 – Tina examines the damage

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Jennifer and Anna had left Tina in the abandoned house. After awhile Tina got free from her constrains. Her thoughts immediately wanders to the mirror that is nearby. She walks towards the mirror slowly as she really isn’t prepared to see for herself what just had been done to her.

But the mirror is there and Tina has to see. She takes a peak. Nothing has changed when her hair is down. But when Tina suddenly moves the hair from her side then it is there, the naked part. On her left side everything around her ear is naked, and it goes all the way up to her temple and even higher. All the way to where her hairline begins. Same on the other side. How can she hide this? At all times her hair from the crown needs to cover the naked parts. A ponytail would show the naked parts. And this will be as long as she lives.

With tears flowing from her big brown eyes she slowly walks out of the house, carefully covering the bald parts.

Tina’s degration surely has begun.

To be continued…

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