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Claudia often provides an extra romper in the house, after all, we both like some kinky games with a young girl. So when I recently went to her house it wasn’t strange to see another young dark haired girl sitting there. Her long hair over the shoulders, dressed in a sexy top. She was to feast on.

I knew what the purpose of this girl was when my blond friend stroked the brown hair and lifted a few locks to show me.


meeting tirza

“Beautiful girl isn’t she, her name is Tirza, I brought her for both of us. Look how long her brown locks are, all the way to her bottom. Come and stroke it, she’s here for your pleasure too. Feel how nice and soft this brown hair is, … I can see that you already like it.”


Claudia was referring to the bulge in my pants. The young brunette did indeed have very long beautiful hair, but I also knew – in anticipation – that Claudia would do something about it and that gave me an unconscious kick right away. Tirza had come with long hair, but would leave with short tufts at most. I even hoped she was going to get shaved, all the hair down to her scalp.

Her beautiful dark millimetres long hair would make that scalp very beautiful. Claudia would use the cropped brown hair for a few more days to play with, to please each other with it. Then she would start using her own long blond hair again.


I joined Tirza and took some of her brown locks in my hand.

“Blissfully soft and nice and thick is it, Tirza. You take good care of it. I can understand why Claudia took you.”


Tirza blushed and thanked me for the compliment. Her hand ran through her locks and she examined the tips. Claudia also played with some of the brown locks again.


“Do you want Gawein to comb you, he is very good at that, he does it very tenderly. Especially if you’re nice to him. Unbutton his pants, I think something is pinching, and that’s your fault.“ She laughed at that.


releasing tension

Tirza’s green eyes gleamed as she ran her hand over my pants, squeezing the bulge teasingly. “Shall I set you free then?”

She unbuttoned the pants and slid them off my buttocks. My underpants got a kiss on the bulge before she popped the stiff cock out. She licked it gently, only the side at first, then she got more eager and ran her tongue all over it.


I took her hair in my hands and stroked my hard-on, which the brunette had almost completely swallowed by now.  A few strands of hair let I slide through my fingers, the rest of the brown mane over my hand. I longed for the moment when Claudia would start cutting the first locks. That idea always creates a kind of tension that gives me a shot of adrenaline.


As I lifted the brown locks and let the hair slide from my hands, I looked questioningly at my blond friend.


Claudia pointed to the scissors and comb laid out on the table, the clippers still missing. Tirza meanwhile was still on her knees enjoying my erect penis, she licked it vigorously and her eyes were up.


first strokes

Claudia handed me a comb, I lifted some brown strands and let the comb slide through it slowly, from bottom to top. I let go of the combed hair and it fell over the brunette’s bare shoulders. Tirza looked at me with her green eyes in love, I melted!.


”I like you. Do like a firm cock, although sucking on a flabby one is nice too. Claudia is lucky to have you in the house. And you comb my long hair so well, you probably do it more often dear, maybe also with your cock naked?”


“Yes, dear, he certainly does that more often. Usually we go naked together when he combs my long hair, that’s really nice, you would definitely like to see me, young romper of mine.”


“Watching your blond hair being combed and brushed by a naked man is definitely exciting, I would love to be naked myself. See if he could also enjoy me when I sit or stand in front of you.”


“Gawein, I think you should start combing my blond hair again quickly, our cuddly cat gets warm from the thought that we do that, she wants to undress for us, I can immediately perform step 1 in our game. ”


I stroked back the long brown hair from the forehead. I could admire the hairline, she had a nice head to be shaved by us. It would make a whole pile of brown hair if all the hair were off.


first cut

A smile appeared on Claudia’s face as she made another comment about Tirza’s long hair. “Of course we can also use your long locks as panties for him… Then his cock is wrapped in your beautiful brown hair. That’s quite an exciting idea, using your hair for panties. Maybe you want to cut a piece for him first?”


She ran her hands through Tirza’s long locks, lifted them up and let the hair fall again, doing so from all sides. Tirza got excited, the blond woman had wild plans, she went along because she wanted some sex with her and her partner, not to be sheared like a sheep. Although that did give her a strange tingling in her pussy. When she was asked to cut a piece, she noticed that she kind of liked the idea quite a bit, and wanted to use the scissors to please me with her locks. She took the scissors in her hands, chose a lock of her long hair on the side and let her head hang to the side, so it was easier to cut.


“Would you like to hold the lock Gawein, I don’t know if I can aim properly, otherwise my hair will be on the ground…”

I grabbed the tuft and pulled it towards my stomach, so that Tirza could cut her hair away from under my fingers .


She looked at me again, I drowned in her green eyes, which also had a certain kind of lust radiated, which excited me enormously. She also felt something of excitement, I heard her gasping softly. With a free hand she stroked her own shorts.


“This is the first time my hair is cut for pleasure, otherwise only for necessary maintenance. So you get a first dear Gawein.”


The scissors cut through an inch or two of dark brown hair, when it came loose I had it in my hand. Tirza sighed with pleasure, I took her face in my hands and kissed her, her mouth opened and she eagerly received my warm tongue.


Claudia looked on and stroked the brunette’s bottom, “thank you sweetie, it’s about time I spoil you too, I want to see your pussy and I’ll wet you with my fingers, Gawein will lick you dry. Undress for us, show us what a beautiful body you have, I’ll help you.”


tirza undressed

She pulled up Tirza’s top and took it off, along the long hair. Meanwhile, she licked the young girl’s ears. Her hands slid to Tirzah’s breasts and held them. I also took one of her beautiful breasts in my hands, with my fingers I played with the nipple, while Claudia kissed the breasts exposing her blond hair.


Tirza stroked the blond locks, she should have waited a while, but now that she was kissed by Claudia and felt the long blond hair on her skin, she slowly got tense. She knew that if Claudia would take off her shorts to finger her, she would cum.

Claudia did indeed unbutton the pants, my hand was the first to slide into her pants and I massaged the pussy through the panties.

“Take off her panties baby, I want to feel her too, if she’s not smooth we have more work to do before we start the main job.”


Together we laughed at the ambiguity. Tirza didn’t understand him and looked at me questioningly. That sweet face just begged for a kiss, which I planted on her mouth.

“Claudia loves extra work, shaving a hairy pussy. And doing your beautiful long mane is her main job…”


But Claudia didn’t need extra work, she noticed that there was a flood … Tirza had cum for the first time tonight, my massage had provoked the push. Claudia and Tirza kissed violently, my blond friend held the brunette’s breasts and kneaded the nipples in her fingers into stiff bars.


“You are beautiful naked too Tirza, naked your hair falls nicely along your breasts, they are even covered by it, that’s a shame because they have to be clearly visible for Gawein and me. So your hair is actually too long, I’ll make sure it’s the right length in a moment dear, so that your breasts are free. Maybe I’ll cut some extra hair while I’m at it.


the use of cut hair

We’ll make Gawein some panties, put his balls and cock in a bag of your long hair. Would you like that, a thong on Gawein, made with your hair and then kiss it when he wears your hair. I think I would like that, then you will also be with us when Gawein and I play together without you as a spectator.”


She pushed back her long hair to look at the romper’s face. She kissed her again and lifted the long hair.


“Oh yes you have a beautiful face, your green eyes really come into their own when you wear short bangs, Gawen loves that too. It might be the first to do that with you, free your eyes from your long hair, then you’ll lose a meter of hair strands, we’ll use those for the string.”


enjoying the girl

I heard everything and saw a pleasure passing through Tirza, my cock was stiff again, luckily there was Tirza’s hand to keep it under control. Claudia asked Tirza to turn around for her, she slid the bottoms off, panties off her bottom and then her bald pussy became visible.

I was really looking forward to that, unfortunately. Claudia beat me to it and ran her fingers between the legs of the young brunette.

Tirza’s wet pussy was scooped empty in hurry. I had the honour of licking Claudia’s fingers, which she held out to me. Tirza looked with her green eyes longingly at Claudia’s hand. She also wanted to taste her own juices. Claudia dipped her fingers in one more time between the naked legs,  and let Tirza lick them off as well.


claudia undressed

“Now you can take off my skirt and I want to feel your tongue inside.” She stroked the romper’s dark hair and pressed her gently to her knees. Tirza unbuttoned my blonde friend’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. Claudia was wearing a sexy pair of knickers, Tirza pushed it down a bit and she went for an inspection with her fingers, soon followed by her tongue. Claudia loved this girl, and knew there would be more to enjoy once the scissors went into the locks.

She let her hands play with the dark locks in front of her, tangling it nicely so that it had to be combed again before cutting. And she would cut, I could tell by the way her fingers moved through the locks. I was really hoping that Claudia would even shave Tirza, something I look forward to when there are long haired girls at home, more often than before. It becomes addictive for me!


the next cut planned

“Come on baby, Gawein has to comb my hair and I want to see you satisfy yourself while you comb your long hair for us. Then I’m going to free your beautiful breasts from that long hair like I said and give you a lovely fringe that Gawein loves so much. Gawein will hold your hand when I cut you, it must be hard for you to take such a drastic step. You will notice that you will also get very wet yourself. Gawein can help you with that.


Hmm I’m so excited to see your brown locks slide on the floor, excited to be able to cut you and welcome a very beautiful romper into our bed. ‘Cause you’ll stay the night after we’ve played with your hair. You can lie between us, there is plenty of space when we huddle close together.

Come on, it’s time you play with yourself baby, we want to see that too, we like that.”


claudia pleasured

Tirza watched as Claudia continued to take off her clothes. She gasped when she saw the blonde’s big breasts, her hair just hanging over them. She didn’t want to have to wait until bed and walked back over to Claudia. Her green eyes blazed with desire, Claudia saw that and reached out to the romper.

“Come and touch me baby, I see you need that and I like it too.”

She let Tirza come close to her and moan with pleasure as the brunette’s mouth and tongue worked her nipples. A hand of Tirza’s was fingering Claudia and she herself moaned violently with pleasure.


From a distance I watched and wondered how Claudia managed to get such a beautiful long-haired girl with her every time and then make love with you as a spectator. And often also as a participant. The most special thing is that she would eventually cut the long hair, with which she could also feed our fetish.


Tirza’s butt length brown hair moved up and down wonderfully rhythmically with the sucking of the nipples. I actually wanted to participate, but it was Claudia’s turn now.

I longed to see these buttock-length brown locks slide to the floor, the tension in my lower abdomen increased the longer I had to wait for the first cut.


How wonderful it would be to then have the bald romper in bed between us… I knew from experience that there would be little sleep. But there was a lot of pleasure and warmth in return.


blond locks too?

“Tirza baby, turn to Gawein, give him a kiss and go to that chair, we’re going to play with your hair. Let’s skip the foreplay. He craves your brown locks on our floor, and I want to keep him super horny. Play with his cock, you can still use some of your long hair while you still can.”


Tirza turned, her lovely long locks whipped against Claudia, who liked it, and she came over to me. She clamped her hand around my stiff cock and crawled close to me, she whispered horny “Would you cut me a blonde lock? I want that around my neck as a collar, then I really belong to Claudia and you when you have me in bed”.


Just as softly I whispered in her ears that Claudia probably didn’t want to miss a lock, but if Tirza asked very nicely for a collar, she would probably get one. She licked my ears and massaged my cock.


“I’m going to ask her, then she can have my hair to wrap your balls with, panties are nice, then my hair is still useful after cutting.”


I kissed her and sent her to Claudia who was waiting for her with scissors and clippers in her hand, my excitement continued to grow. Tirza ran her hands through her long hair and pulled them forward, she played with it and let it fall over her breasts, she looked seductively at Claudia.


“What are you going to do with those clippers? Do you want to shave me or something?”.


“Haha you give me an idea Tirza, but this is also for making your bangs and making the first cut in your long hair.”


blond locks too!

“You can shave if you want, then I would like a long blond lock of your hair in return. I will wear it as a memento of you, around my neck as a collar.”


Claudia looked horny at Tirza and met my gaze. She stroked her blond locks.


“Haha this is probably Gawein’s idea!

Shaving you completely is a fantastic plan, it can turn out well. A lock of my long hair around your neck… Would you really want that, wearing a necklace of my hair as jewellery?


Gawein, can you cut a lock of mine without being too noticeable?”


I walked over to my blond friend and stroked her long locks.


“This is all very exciting. I can secure your blondest top hairs and then cut a long lock from below. We then put them around her neck, once her locks have been cut and I have put the clippers over this nice head, it is very noticeable.


Do you think that’s a good deal Tirza? Satisfied with Claudia’s slightly darker blond hair? “


“Gawein, a lock of Claudia is a jewel for me, it doesn’t matter dark or light blond. It’s her hair that counts. Claudia can get my long hair off completely when the three of us enjoy it. And if a part is used for your panties, that’s totally okay.”


preparing the next cut

Claudia played with her blond locks and then tousled the long brown hair. I saw her thinking, and saw that she was excited. She must have felt her clit throb with pleasure.

Again they were going to make a pile of hair, for which she had to sacrifice a blond lock, it was well worth the price of this romper’s long hair.

She also stroked Tirza’s nipples, the long hair she brushed aside to be able to lick them better afterwards.


“Honey you are gorgeous, I’m going to enjoy every lock I cut from your head. Play with yourself or let Gawein help you, he will. My lock will still be on your neck if Gawein wants it.”


She let go of the nipples and grabbed a comb, a coarse one at first, which she ran through the long brown hair to smooth it out. Then a finer one for the finish and shine. She also used the fine-tooth comb to put the hair on the right side of the head and finally to comb some of the buttocks forward, after all, she would start with bangs.

In her mind grew the idea of ​​cutting everything short and then shaving the head clean, except for the bangs. Those would fall at the very end. She thought that this would make me hornier, and she’s right about that, a bit of hair on an otherwise bald head is really a very nice sight. I know her well enough to guess what my blond friend was thinking about.

It would be equally nice to see if we cut strand by strand, just above Tirza’s scalp.

We could do half this way and then use the clippers for the other half to shave off the long hair. Tirza would be buried under her own locks. I would enjoy the spectacle of a waterfall of shaved brown long hair, the thought of that felt very good. And thus afterwards the long hair remained usable for our game and for a thong.


I looked at the comb in Claudia’s hands as she ran it through the brown locks over and over. My excitement was visible, I was standing close to Tirza and had a good view of the result of the comb in the hair. Tirza stroked my stiff cock again with a few fingers, it turned me on even more, she was a natural at pampering.


how much to cut?

“How shall we do it, honey? We can only cut her short once, so we have to enjoy it to the fullest. What were you thinking about? I think her long hair is suitable for a very drastic step in one go, it is still usable afterwards.”


She let the brown hair slide through her fingers as she spoke. I got excited by the play with the locks, because Claudia knew exactly what I liked, the consultation was part of the game, to let the romper enjoy too..

She ran the scissors along the lock and looked at me horny. That mischievous look of hers was lovely to see, which is why I love her so much.


“You just say ho and I’ll cut it off there, or do you want it different? Tirza spoil him again with some of your locks. He determines the length that I can cut.

Your hair is really nice, so beautiful, so soft, your implant on your head is also so good. Whatever haircut you get, it will always suit you.


Come on, Gawein, tell us what’s it going to be… four inches off?” the scissors dropped slowly “twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty and she still has a short head left. Or do we really go for the 70 centimetres and then shave her skull?”


It wasn’t until fifty that I began to hesitate, but Claudia didn’t wait and let her fingers sink further into the lock. The beautiful dark brown hair hung over her hand. The scissors in her other hand, I was now under mega tension. Tirza still stroked me with some locks that Claudia didn’t need yet. She felt the pre-cum of my cock on her fingers, licked it off and stood up when Claudia ordered.


My stiff cock was still in her hands, she expected a discharge and was audibly aroused by it herself, her orgasm came suddenly. Claudia still had the first lock in her hands and watched Tirza start to let her juice flow.


“Oh dear, Tirza dear, can’t you keep it dry. Don’t waste , leave some for us. Glad you’re enjoying it too, as I predicted.


cut off

As you can see, Gawein has made his choice and I can take your beautiful locks off your head very short… let ‘s start with that then.”


She tightened the long lock and set the scissors at the base. With a quick snip she had the first long lock off. A sigh of relief and a deep moan escaped my mouth. That happens to me every time, it’s also so nice what Claudia had done.


The first strand of hair that is cut is always very exciting. It is wonderful to wait for that cut, and especially if the hairdresser deliberately postpones it. Because you know it’s going to happen, the tension builds and once the cut is done, I can’t contain myself any more.


Claudia lifted the clipped lock, I saw how beautiful it was. She looked at it from all sides, played with it in her hands and let it disintegrate above Tirza’s naked breasts. Tirza took the hair in her hands and examined it.


“Oops, that’s a very long lock of Claudia, feels weird being so detached from my head.”

I could see the prickles that the first strand had left behind among the rest of the brown hair, and stroked the tuft with my fingers. Much more would follow, resulting in short and extremely tasty hair. Spines to slide my tongue over, something I really love.


Claudia was now combing again and preparing the next lock for the scissors. The adjacent lock of hair was lifted by her, she took it with her fingers from the bottom, the long dark hair hung over her hand, she let the scissors pass through her hair an inch from the head.


“Shall we keep this for now? There will soon be enough for the floor. After all, we have to use nice hair for your thong.”


The second lock was cut and Claudia laid it on the table. The stubbles were stroked by me.  Claudia meanwhile gave me a French kiss


“Are you enjoying this dear? If not, I’m going to make her so beautiful that we’ll both want to own her. And the nice thing is that we can do that together. She enjoys you so much, that’s already a reward for me. I will continue to cut, there is still a lot to harvest”.


continuing the harvest

Her hand went back into the hair, with the comb she picked up a good amount of locks from the side. She flexed the long hair, this time with the tips in her fingers. She let the scissors cut diagonally through the locks, again close to Tirza’s head. Every piece of hair that was parted from the head fell off until the whole strand was through. Claudia looked at the large amount of cut hair and let the lock slide through Tirza’s face for a moment


“your beautiful hair girl, lovely, I enjoy the cut and keep it up, keep this one.”


She let go of the lock and Tirza caught it and held it in her hand. Claudia took another section of the side, combed the lock well, and again the scissors passed diagonally through it, from bottom to top. She was standing close to Tirzah and could feel it as the lock fell from the head and hit her skin. It was a sensation Claudia couldn’t get enough of: freshly cut long hair, straight from the head to her body.


excitement grows

It excited her, I saw that the effect was there now too. I winked at my blond girlfriend, who would also sacrifice a lock of her own for our romper of the day. Her nipples were erect and I saw her caressing herself on her bald pussy for a moment. She became more excited and cut faster. The scissors she now placed directly on Tirza’s head and carefully cut the locks loose, lane by lane from the front to the back.


The first lane already showed the skin a bit, the second came off just above the ears. With the scissors, Claudia took a lock of hair a few centimetres wide from the head and then cut it off. Wonderful, not only to see it, but also to do it. Tirza was covered with her own brown hair, Claudia wiped her shoulders and stroked herself again.


I really wanted to help her, but because I was in front of Tirza, I couldn’t quite reach Claudia’s pussy. It helped my own excitement. After all, my blond friend is an experienced hairdresser and soon the rest of Tirza’s hair flew to the ground.


The amount of spikes on Tirza’s head increased rapidly, to think that Claudia only wanted to do the left half this way. The right half she  would immediately peel off with the clippers. Another fifteen minutes and this game too would come to a climax when the last long hairs would be sent to the ground. Claudia enjoyed it, she looked at me more and more horny.


returning the favour

“This is fun, honey, this long hair is also so easy to cut, it’s wonderful how it slides over my hands and falls on her shoulders. Do you also enjoy Tirza? You can show that, or ask Gawein to help you… He probably won’t mind reducing your tension.”

Tirza looked at me again with those beautiful green eyes. She was no less attractive now that her locks were partly gone. I longed for her naked body against me, she would soon be in our bed. Now she wanted me to help her.


I dropped to my knees and put my hand between her legs, which she spread extra for me. The cut locks fell to the floor as I ran my hand gently over her labia and gently slipped two fingers in. Claudia threw a fresh lock of hair over me and looked at me excitedly and gave me a kiss in the air.


Tirza stroked my head with a free hand. She pushed me closer between her legs, her signal was clear to me. I crawled further between her warm thighs, kissed the inside and let my tongue go towards her cave. Tirza breathed harder, but Claudia intervened, she had changed her mind, she thought Tirza was a little too eager to be helped by me.


someone is jealous

“Honey and darling, I’ve got a lot of hair to cut and you’re already making each other horny. I’m excited too, but I don’t have time to play yet. I also want to join you in the fun, don’t help her yet Gawein, let’s wait a little longer and go wild later. Let our romper suffer for a while, the more tension she builds up, the more eager she will be later on in our bed.

You can also just hold her hand, and Tirza,  you don’t have to massage him again, save his energy for in bed, where the two of us will spoil him. Licking his stiff pole together, enjoying his warm juice together.. You’ll like it for sure.”


She hurriedly continued to cut, no more toys for you or Tirza, she threw the cut hair on the floor. The left half was now cut into stubble, smooth and very tasty in your mind.

Claudia herself let her tongue slide over it and looked again very naughty at me. She handed me the clippers…


using the clippers

My job was to remove the stubble until Tirza’s scalp was visible. The growling teeth of the clippers had no trouble with the hair, from front to back the stubbles disappeared. Claudia did the rear herself. The difference between the lengths of Tirza’s hair on the left (bald) and right (still long) was very exciting. Tirza stroked the long hair and felt the bald left half as well.


Then Claudia took the scissors again.


“Shall I continue to cut, or should I shave her, which is a little faster and is actually a good idea I like.

We can do it alternately, I can do some, and  then you and Tirza can do some.”


“Oh dear, I think it’s scary to shave myself. What if I’m shaking?”


“I’ll help you, or else Gawein will hold your hand still and guide the clippers over your head.

I think it’s best if you start at the front yourself, then Gawein and I’ll take over. I want to take your hair off from the old parting, so for me from right to left .. See if you succeed, I can always correct it, your hair will come off anyway.”


Tirza took the cordless clipper in her hand and bowed her head. The locks of the unblemished right side hung free. Carefully she placed the device on her head and slowly moved it down from the left. I directed her hand so that the locks slid off. I also looked at Claudia, who was enjoying herself. She wiped the shaved hair from her head with one hand and let it slide to the floor between her fingers, the other hand was between her legs.


Tirza cooperated well and was able to shave herself halfway through her head. Claudia took over there and ran the clippers rapidly across the hairline, each time large strands of brown hair slipped down. The long hair on the floor was a lovely sight, toys for another day. Tirza’s head went bald when Claudia mowed the last lane from the top. She looked pleased at the result.


“You have a nice head Tirza, I expected that. I’m not going to shave you completely smooth, Gawein and I like it when there are still some dark stubble to be seen. It’s time for me to take a shower, then Gawein will tidy up your cut hair and we can enjoy your body… by now I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m not the only one…”


left alone

The ladies disappeared into the shower, and it was my job to sort out the beautifully cut hair for length and practicality. So I collected the locks and kept a nice tail as a toy for other days. The tufts that remained were unfortunately for the waste.

I looked forward to the rest of the evening, my excitement was clearly palpable and visible. The inclination to play with the leftovers of the brown hair and satisfy myself was strong. But the ladies also had to get their money’s worth, so I controlled myself. Albeit with difficulty.


From the shower I could hear a lot of laughter, interspersed with some moans, so the ladies were enjoying themselves audibly.


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