To Catch a Thief

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“A Dug?” She thought. “ANOTHER Dug? I HATE hunting those damn hand walkers!” Only the lovely Twi’Lek dancer kept Jujou’s mind from wandering to the distasteful appearance of Dugs and their even more distasteful personalities. Her thoughts would have stayed on the lithe green skinned woman had not Jaba’s next words penetrated her bored mind.
    “I…I’m sorry” she inquired of the smuggler kingpin…”Did you just say 1 MILLION Credits?”

    Jaba paused and stared at the diminutive bounty hunter with irritation. “Were you not listening?” replied the auto translator hidden deep within her ear canal. “Yes, ONE MILLION CREDITS.”
    “Wow,” she replied, “That hand walker must have REALLY done something to piss you off!”

    Jaba just stared down at the flame haired woman and from the corner of her eye she could see the subtle shaking of the shoulders that indicated her rival, Boba Fet was quietly laughing at her.

    “Any more Questions?” asked the mechanical voice of the translator unit.

    Boba Fet shook his helmeted head in the negative. “Nope” replied Jujou.

    “GOOD! I expect Shedoba to be delivered alive and intact. I need the information in his head more than Credits. Should he be hurt or killed, it will go very badly for the responsible party.”

    Boba nodded and smartly spinning on his heels…left.

    “All business and no fun that one” said Jujou as she took her leave in a far more casual manner. She was in no hurry. Probably because she knew that the mass converter in his Hyperdrive had been rendered useless. Not that SHE would know anything about THAT!

    She cut a fine figure as she sauntered down the catwalk. Even the immense Jaba the Hut could see that! The red, form fitting ablative armor, thigh high electrically neutral boots and of course, that incredible head of gorgeous red hair. That hair had giver her her nick name. throughout the inner systems she was known by her professional name: The Scarlet Huntress.

    As she entered the public hanger Jujou pulled on her helmet, cutting off Boba Fet’s tirade before he could even get started. Five minutes later she had finished her pre-flight check and was jockeying for position on the flight line. A quick glance at her rear vid screen showed her the angry Boba Fet pulling his engine apart in a futile effort to locate the problem. given enough time, he might even find it before she got back with her prize.  
    With a guilty giggle she plotted her course and engaged the pulse engines that would boost her beyond the thin atmosphere of Tatooine. Twenty minutes later she hit the hyperdrive button and the the stars went sideways. Then, she was on her way across the Galaxy to the Dug home world of Malastare.

    She hated Dugs. They were mean spirited and greedy. Dangerous as well. “Never trust a Dug!” her mentor Kopo Sule had told her as a child and time and again they had proven him correct. “Never trust a Dug” she said under her breath as she lay back and relaxed in preparation for the coming two day trip to the outer arm.

    Back on Tatooine Boba Fet cursed and smacked a sonic torquer against the hull of his damaged ship. “I am going to get even with that girl if it’s the last thing I do!”

    “Need a hand with this?”

    Startled, Boba swung around, blaster raised.

    Before him stood a creature with the makings of a nightmare.

    “I think we can help each other”

The Dug home world was an ugly place. It reminded Jujou of the Dugs themselves, gray, craggy and hot. It was hard to believe that a star faring race lived is such a primitive looking place. No cities, not even any buildings of note. Just gray holes in a gray world. Portals leading to the individual warrens of Dug clans.

    “Ha!” she laughed, “These guys are so mean they can’t even stand each other. It’s a wonder they ever got off this ugly rock!’

    She strode toward the lone Dug who was eying ship suspiciously. Loxinpope, chief warder of the Dug star port of Gert.

    “Why do you come here off worlder?” asked the rude official.

    “I have business with Shedoba. Know where I can find him?”

    “Arrr, arr, arr!” Laughed the Warder. “What you want with Him?”

    “Private business.” The Scarlet Huntress replied bruskly. “VERY private business.”

    “There is the small matter of the ENTRY FEE.” replied the Dug as Jujou shoved him aside and moved on.

    “Charge it!” the red head called dismissively over her shoulder.

    The hand walker made a rude gesture with his foot to her back. “This is not over off worlder” he said under his breath as she entered the main passage way to the interior.
    The cool air and darkness brought quick relief from the bright heat of the surface and Jujou strode arrogantly down the corridor past various stalls selling all manor of wiggling, squeaking creatures, ready for immediate consumption. “Guess I wont be eating around here!” she thought. All around her the Dugs swarmed. Wiry males, Hugh, muscular females and everywhere…Little ones. Under foot, hanging from the rafters…everywhere! And the smell! Like wet leather and piss. The faster she got out of there the better. Away from all this “activity” and stink.
    It took about ten minutes to find her but, at last she rounded the corner and came face to face with the biggest Dug she’d ever seen. Sitting before her under an awning was an amazing creature. Corded muscle covered her arms and the hands that sprouted from the ends of her legs were cracked but strongly built.

    Mikitan, Most powerful of the Dug Matriarchs.

    “Lady Mikitan!” she said with a flourish. “Might I have a moment of your valuable time?”

    “That depends, what tribute have you brought me?”

    Reaching into her pocket the Bounty Hunter drew forth a thing of beauty. A ring mounted with a large and lustrous green stone that glowed subtly with an inner light.

    “Verdelith,” said the Huntress. “Highest quality, mounted on white gold.”

    Mikitann leaned in closely, the emerald of the stone reflected in her eyes.

    “Where did you get this…bauble?” she asked with feigned disinterest.

    “I got it, that’s all that matters…interested?”

    “That depends.” replied the Matriarch coolly. “What will it cost me?”

    “Information…nothing more.”


    “I need the location of one Shedoba.”

    Mikitan leaned back, one craggy hand-foot stroking her chin barbels.

    “Shedoba eh? I MAY be able to help you.”

    “Tell me where he is and the greenstone is yours.”

    “Not here…he’s on the Balosar home world. Mingling with those cheating Death Stick sellers. Now…the ring.”

    “I thank you mistress Mikitan” said Jujou as she rose and passed the greenstone ring to her.

    Passing through the galleries to the bright outside she squinted into the glare of Malastare’s double sun. “Damn I hate these binary systems!” she said out loud.

    Another flight, another jump. It was going to be a very long week.

The trip to the Balosar home world was a a long one and The huntress took advantage of it to catch up on some much needed rest. She’d been to Balosar a couple of times and knew from experience that she’d need to be at the top of her game. Between the off world Corps, drug syndicates and the native low lives she knew she was in for a tough time. 

    So, she tuned into some Alpha wave calming music and dropped a couple of sleepers and was soon drifting off into that state somewhere between conscientiousness and true sleep engendered by the pills.
    Within a few minutes she began to have some really strange dreams.
    The lovely green skinned Twi’lek was dancing around her again, her soft, velvety green skin glistening with a light layer of sweat. Jujou stood there mesmerized as the lithe woman slipped the white tunic from her shoulders and let it slip into the darkness that surrounded them. The emerald breasts swayed and bounced to the rhythm of the dance, soft nipples tracing mesmerizing shapes in the the air before her.
    The dancer pirouetted gracefully and leaned in touching The Huntress’s bare skin with her cephalic tentacles. It was at that moment that Jujou realized that she too was naked. With a swift and sure movement the dancer raked her nails gently down Jujou’s pale translucent white skin. The contrast between the dancer’s skin and hers served to highlight just how white the human woman was. Spinning once more the beautiful Twi’Lek worked herself behind the huntress and reached around her cupping her high breasts petite breasts with long and graceful hands. The human girl’s rose colored nipples were swollen with excitement and protruded invitingly between the dancer’s emerald fingers. The contrast sent a shiver of ecstasy through Jujou’s already tensed body.
    Then, the dancer’s hands slid down the Huntress’s ribs and continued their journey downward. Downward to that secret place. The place Jujou ached to have them visit.

    Pointed nails raked the human’s red pubic hair and the Huntress’s skin flushed rosy pink. Slowly, sensuously, the Twi’lek girl’s fingers probed the warm wetness of Jujou’s beautiful pussy and her clit rose in response. And then, just like that, the hands withdrew, retracing their path back, through the red pu…something was wrong! Jujou glanced down and realized that her lovely red pubic hair was GONE! In its place only pure white skin remained!

    As she gasped in surprise the dancer’s hands passed once more over the huntress’s breasts and continued up her throat and into her hair. The Twi’Lek girl’s fingers raked through Jujou’s magnificent red locks before curving over her forehead then down the human’s luminous face.

    With a start the Huntress thought, “If her fingers removed my pubic hair, what will they do to my head?”

    The Twi’Lek girl leaned in close and as Jujou’s hands went to her head the green lips whispered in her ear, “Much better…”

    The proximity alarm woke her and in an instant Jujou’s hands were at the controls. “I fell asleep!” she said out loud. “I can’t believe I fell asleep!”

    Her mind was occupied with the controls in preparation for landing but, in some distant corner the wheels were turning. There had been a dream, a dreadful dream but, it had quickly faded and now she had no memory of it at all.

    “Ah well,” she said aloud as she nervously ran her fingers through her red locks. “It was only a dream…”

  The Balosar world was as ugly as the Huntress remembered. The dim cool red sun left mid day looking like evening on most inhabited planets. 

   “Depressing” she said as her boots hit the ground.

    A few minutes later she was heading down the throat of a cave on her way to the Balo fields.

    As she descended the walls became damp. Sweating at first and dripping soon there after. As she rounded a corner the vista that opened before her was spectacular. The narrow passage gave way to an enormous cavern supported here and there by pillars of native stone supporting the ceiling high above. This vast space was lit solely by the glow of millions of phosphorescent orange Balo Mushrooms, the key ingredient in the powerfully hallucinogenic (and eventually fatal) “Death Sticks”, second in popularity only to the Ryloth drug Ryll in the Empire.

    A few meters away a lone figure trudged along scattering handfuls of stinking black humus among the tall Balo stalks. 

    “My, my, my…how the mighty have fallen!” she quipped as she quietly approached the hooded figure from behind.

    The Balosar turned with a start at the sound of her voice and shrunk back in fear.

    “Huntress!” the humanoid figure said nervously upon recognizing her. “I wasn’t expecting to see you…here.”
    “Of course you didn’t Bano!” she answered sarcastically. The Balosar’s antenepalps rose and fell, a sure sign of fear. “But, since I am here, maybe you can help me out with a little problem?”

    “Of course! I’d be happy to help!” His pale coloration betrayed the lie.

    “I’m looking for a Dug. Seen any around here?”

    “I MAY have seen one but, at my age, the memory begins to fail. Perhaps a little something to jog my memory would help?”

    In a flash the bounty hunter’s blaster was pressed hard beneath the Balosar’s chin.

    “This something little enough?” she said venomously.

    “Ahhh, yes, yes that seems to be working quite well.”

    “The Dug…?”

    “Ah yes, yes, the Dug. There was one here but…he’s gone.”

    “Gone? When did he leave?”

    “Well, he didn’t actually leave.”

    Jujou pressed the blaster harder against the Balosar’s sweaty chin. “You just told me he’s gone. How can he be gone if he didn’t leave?”
    “Wha…what I meant was he didn’t leave on his own. Someone took him.”


    “Friend of yours…Boba Fet”

    “Damn it!” she yelled as she pushed the mushroom farmer into his mushy crop.

    As she raced back to her ship only one thing was on her mind: Intercept Boba Fet’s ship before he could deliver the prize to Jaba. Her ship was faster, it’s arms were better and she was smarter. How hard could it be?

The ion trail was plain to see and easy to follow. Boba Fet wasn’t even trying to hide it! Obviously he was counting on his head start to reach Jaba’s headquarters before her. He knew the Huntress was on his trail but, what he didn’t know was that she was so close behind…and gaining.

    By her calculations she would catch up about half a parsec out from their destination. More than far enough away to recover her quarry and eliminate “the competition”.
    Inch by inch the Huntress’ sleek ship closed the gap until at last the trail was thick and strong. Her Nav Computer calculated Boba Fet’s position to be only about 100,000 klicks distance, just past that small cluster of rocky planetoids…

    The jolt was as startling as it was sudden. Boba’s ancient tin can of a ship nearly collided with hers as he cleared the asteroids and opened fire. The Huntress’ shields held though and her ship remained undamaged. Twisting away, she returned fire, hitting Boba’s ship at the critical juncture between the engines and hull. As the engines sheared off and flew into the blackness of space the Huntress grinned. “Gotcha!” she exclaimed with joy.
    Maneuvering alongside the useless hulk of Boba Fet’s ship she extended the umbilicus and dawning on her helmet made her way onto her rival’s ship.
    Inside she found…one dead Dug and an empty cockpit!

    “Damn!” she exclaimed as she finished her inspection. “Looks like no one gets a pay day this time!” She wrapped up the remains of the slightly built Dug and muscled his corpse over to her ship. At the very least she reasoned she could prove that Boba Fet had broken the rules of the contract by killing the him.

    Though she was mad at the loss of credits she still managed a small smile the thought of how Jaba would torture her rival for his transgression.

    A few hours later the dust of Tattooine settled as she carried her prize into the underground lair of Jaba the Hut

  The vast room fell silent as The Huntress parted the crowd and unceremoniously dumped the lifeless Dug on the dusty floor.

    “This is the Dug you wanted Jaba” she dramatically announced. “I found him dead on Boba Fet’s abandoned ship. Seems he himself got away in the escape pod. Give me a day or two and I’ll bring him back to you…dead or alive.”

    “He was very much alive when I left him!” said Boba Fet as he emerged from behind Jaba’s huge dais. “Now that’s odd…” he continued as he glanced at his ship’s status indicator, “Looks like someone fired on my ship at just about the same time our hand walking friend here died.”

    Setting the indicator module on the floor Boba Fet pressed a button and stepped back. The projected hologram showed a sleek silver arrow like ship blasting Boba Fet’s engines into space. 

    “Hmmm…” he continued. “That ship looks very familiar. Recognize it Huntress?”

    There was no denying it, the ship was hers. The trap had been sprung and she had walked right into it. In the silence that followed you could hear a Pau’anian pin drop.

    Jaba’s angry and booming voice broke the impasse.

    “Well Huntress, What do you have to say for yourself?”

    “He…he…” she stuttered, “It was a trap! A trick! Boba must have killed…


    Even Boba Fet started at Jaba’s loud command.

    “The contract was to bring him back ALIVE! This pile of meat is useless to me. By my accounting…you owe me one million credits! Your ship is worth 10,000 and your armor and weapons are good for another 1,000. Just how do you intend to pay off the remaining 989,000 credits?”

    While Jaba spoke armed guards had moved in and disarmed her and an ancient droid began the process of removing her beautiful crimson armor. Moments later the shocked huntress stood before the assembled crowd clad only in a flimsy white body suit that failed to hide her swiftly hardening nipples or the outline of the fiery pubic hair beneath it.

    Boba leaned and whispered something to Jaba and the laugh it elicited boomed around the cavernous room.

    “Make that 988,990 credits!” said Jaba with a nod to the droid.

    A few seconds passed and The Huntress was reduced to Jujou, a pale naked girl with fiery red hair.

  The naked girl’s flesh flushed from porcelain to pink and her deep humiliation was obvious to all. No longer the proud and confident scarlet Huntress she was reduced to jujou, a small defenseless girl clothed in nothing more than fiery red hair. In her embarrassment she sought to hide her nakedness with her hands but, a quick nod from Jaba the Hutt put an end to that, as the security droid pulled her hands behind her back and applied electromagnetic cuffs.

    “Why do you seek to hide such a delicious body from its admirers?” asked Jaba through his interpreter. The booming laugh that followed let her know in no uncertain terms that his concern was feigned. Even worse than Jaba’s sarcasm was the noticeable up and down bobbing of Boba Fet’s head. His ever present helmet did nothing to hide the fact that he was laughing at her sorry condition.
    He only stopped laughing long enough to lean over and whisper something into the ear of the Twi’lek interpreter Bib Fortuna who then approached Jaba and passed it on.

    The crowd was silent with anticipation as Jaba paused in thought. As he slowly stroked his multiple chins the enormous Hut seemed to come to a decision. Indicating Boba Fet through his translator he said to Jujou, “This bounty hunter has expressed an interest in buying you slave. We have agreed upon a price but it is not the full amount you cost me so, before he can have you you must make up the remainder”
    Trembling in angry shame Jujou shot Boba Fet a menacing glance. If looks could kill he would have dropped dead on the spot but, Boba Fet was used to such things and only laughed harder.
    With a word from Jaba the security droid lifted the unfortunate ex bounty hunter from her feet and strode to the edge of the dais upon which the enormous Hut Lord rested. There she was lifted high into the air, feet pointed toward his disgusting face. “How ever,” continued Jaba, “this agreement all hinges on you…” The Hut lord reached up and taking a foot in each hand easily spread the horrified slave girl’s legs wide. “and how sweet you taste.”
    Through her spread thighs jujou looked on in horror as Jaba licked his lipless maw and slowly snaked his enormous, sticky tongue up her leg from ankle to thigh stopping just short of her flame red pubic hair.

    “Mmmm…” he said. “Not bad…not bad at all.” after pulling her flavor into his mouth. “Shall we try the other side?”

    Again, the huge, slug like tongue traveled up her leg leaving a vile mucous trail. After a few savoring moments in his mouth the disgusting member reappeared once more. This time it did not hesitate. Without preamble it snaked from ass crack to cunt before disappearing into her most womanly parts. Its tip began to wiggle around seeking out her most sensitive places. Once located a strange new sensation began. The tip of Jaba’s tongue began to vibrate at a very high rate of speed and Jujou became incredibly excited. Unbeknownst to her, the tongue of a Hut had a very strange effect on humanoid females. For it secretes a hormone that increases their sexual stimulation a hundred fold. It is also highly addictive!

    In a matter of seconds the poor girl found herself in the throws of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. An orgasm that has her bucking in ecstasy for quite some time! When at last Jaba withdrew his tongue from the poor slave girl’s pussy she was totally limp with exhaustion. Beyond even that was the deep revolt and disgust she felt for having cum at the hands of so ugly a creature as a Hut. Seconds later the full horror of the situation hit her. She wanted more. No, not wanted…NEEDED. She needed more. How could this be? How could she need to be violated by this disgusting blob of a Hut again?

    Lost in thought Jujou had not noticed that Jaba was once again speaking. All she caught was the last part of the translation: “remove it now!”

    Another droid approached. A type she had never seen before. Spider like and low. Two of its forelegs shot forward and firmly grasped her ankles and once again jujou’s most intimate parts were on full display for all to see. As the poor red head looked on in horror a blunt missile like probe rose and entered her cunt. Struggle as she might there was nothing she could do to dislodge it. A moment passed and the probe heated to a somewhat uncomfortable level before a second arm joined the first. This arm ended in a flat, oval, blade like structure that quickly came to rest above Jujou’s defenseless pubic mound. soon, it too began to radiate heat.

    The ex bounty hunter’s breath was coming in short ragged gasps as the two probes began to make a high pitched scream.  The poor girl thought, “This is it! The stories about Hutts are true and I’m about to be cooked and eaten!”

    There was a sudden blinding flash and an awful smell and Jujou thought she was dead. Slowly, her vision returned and with it her sanity. She was still alive. They weren’t going to serve her up after all but, SOMETHING had been cooked. That smell, it was very familiar. With a flash it hit her and her eyes darted downward to her beautiful red bush.

    Where once there had been a prized stand of coppery red pubic hair there was now only an expanse of pale pinkish white skin.

    The utility droid reached up and with a gentile touch glided one of its “hands” over the poor girl’s newly bare skin. Here and there it encountered a stray hair which deftly eliminated with a tiny laser. One final pass and it was finished. Retracting its arms the droid withdrew again into the shadows.

    Jaba leaned in once again and looked closely at the droid’s work. Again, his tongue approached her womanhood and invaded her special places, licking her vulva and pubis for evidence of a missed hair or two. In spite of the disgust she felt Jujou found her self straining to position herself for penetration by Jaba’s slimy tongue. In due time, he obliged her and wrung a series of volcanic orgasms from the pitiful human.

    At last he withdrew his tongue leaving the quivering girl satisfied though amazingly still wanting more. With a nod from him the security droid set the ex bounty hunter down on rubbery legs.

    Jaba’s voice thundered across the vast room, almost drowning out Bib Fortuna’s translation.

    “Normally Master Jaba requires that his slave girls wear attire befitting their station but, it would seem that he is quite taken with you and so is willing to forgo this requirement.”

    As the interpreter spoke the utility droid reappeared. Rearing up in front of her it reached forward and snapped a heavy collar around Jujou’s slender white neck. There was a jingling sound as the chain was attached and passed to Jaba’s hand.

    “My Master orders that from now on you will remain naked and on full display at all times.”

    Sobbing in humiliation Jujou’s head fell forward, her long read hair cascading over her pert breasts.

There was a collective intake of breath from the crowded room. Even through her distress Jujou perceived it. Her bounty hunter’s instincts kicked in and she froze as if she were facing a rampaging Ackley. She had been taught that it is best to be silent sometimes and to avoid detection. This was clearly one of those times.

    Seconds ticked by like hours and at last she dared to look up. There was Jaba, big, fat and disgusting as ever. The enormous Hut lay there just staring at her as though she had flung a pile of Tauntaun shit in his face. What had she done to enrage him so?

    Bib Fortuna broke the silence at last. “Did you not hear Lord Jaba’s instructions?” he whispered horsey. “On display AT ALL TIMES?”

    Now clearly in danger Jujou desperately looked down at her body. She was naked as a Tach! Even MORE naked since Jaba had had her pubic hair forcibly removed. EVERYTHING was on display without its covering of silky red…”Oh MY God!” she thought as the realization came to her but, she was too slow, too late.

    Jaba uttered a loud command and the depilating robot advanced upon her once again. As it stopped before the poor girl it reared up on its hind legs and raised its arms. Whirring blades tipped its appendages and a robotic voice commanded her to “hold very still”.

    With computer guided precision the arms extended and traced the surface of the poor girl’s head. In a matter of seconds her luxurious mane of red hair lay on the floor.

    As Jujou stood open mouthed with surprise the other arms, the ones she’d seen in action on her cunt, rose up and moved forward to attack what was left of her once beautiful hair. As they came to rest on either side of her head Jujou felt the heat and a static tingle travel up and over her scalp. Moments later a soft rain of ash, the remnants of her hair, floated down before her eyes.

    Eyes wide, mouth open in an “O” of surprise the poor girl glanced down at the robot’s reflective carapace and saw the new Jujou. To her surprise and utter horror the laser depilator had removed every hair from her scalp and more! Gone as well were her finally arched eyebrows and lovely eyelashes. Her entire head was now totally hairless. In her surprise she didn’t even notice that the robot barber had re-positioned its arms. The pulse of heat and static went almost unnoticed as it completed the job, leaving the ex bounty hunter without even a single hair on her body.
    The robot withdrew and Jujou, the look of astonishment still on her face, looked up at Jaba and broke into tears. Jaba’s bellowing laugh echoed off the walls and in no time the entire chamber echoed with the laughter of the audience. 
    As the hilarity subsided Boba Fet approached and looking her hairless white form up and down snarled and said “From Scarlet Huntress to bald slave. quite a fall.”
    Broken and without hope Jujou began to sob. She knew all too well the efficiency and thoroughness of robotic depilation. Never again would she have hair. She would be forever the bald slave of…of who? Was Boba Fet REALLY going to buy her or would Jaba keep her as his own hairless sex toy?

    “Well, now that you’ve had your fun Jaba, should I load her up and go?” asked Boba Fet.

    Through Bib Fortuna Jaba said “Soon but, not yet. I still have to show her how we Huts mate!”

    With that, Jujou fainted.

  In shock, arms still held behind her back jujou was guided by her droid sentinel to Jabba’s dais. In a daze she mounted the steps and surrendered to whatever fate had in store for her. With any luck she thought, his enormity alone would put her out of her misery.

   Nothing could be further from the truth.

    With surprising speed the enormous Hut Lord swept the ex bounty hunter off of her feet and clasped her tightly in his arms. His grasp was gentle yet firm as he slowly maneuvered the hairless girl down toward his belly.

    “This is it!” she thought. “He’s going to suffocate me with his bulk as he rips me open with his…His what” At that moment she realized that she had no idea what so ever how Huts mated of for that matter, with what!

    Just then Jaba reared up his enormous bulk and pushed the unfortunate Jujou beneath him. In an instant she was plunged into total darkness. Sticky, gelatinous darkness.

    She should not have been able to breathe as the gooey liquid flooded around her and yet, somehow…she did. As she came to grips with her situation she realized that the jelly like substance around her was heating up and moving. At first the feeling was very subtle but, with time the movement became more and more obvious. Now, it was not only ebbing and flowing around her body. It was beginning to move with a purpose, beginning to press against all of the orifices of her body.
    She clamped her mouth tight against the gooey flood but there was little she could do to defend her other holes. The liquid was slowly gaining more substance, becoming more solid, more insistent. It flowed into her cunt, her ass, even her nose. At last her jaws gave way and the sticky substance invaded the stronghold of her mouth She could feel every inch of its progress as it filled her sinuses and lungs, as it crept through her anus and up her intestines to meet the flow coming down her poor throat.
    At last it stopped. Poor Jujou was literally filled from one end to the other (though she could somehow still breathe!). Then, the jelly began to harden a bit and…expand! The feeling was rather uncomfortable though by no means painful but, panic still set in.
    She began to struggle. The more she fought, the hotter the somewhat more solidified gel got and…the more sexually stimulated Jujou became!
    Soon enough her sexual desire was so intense that her panic subsided and she began to move even more violently just to increase her sexual response. Eventually, she found a rhythm that sent her into paroxysms of ecstasy and time lost all meaning in the darkness as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her.

    Then suddenly, the gel within and around her momentarily became solid. Now for the first time her breath was cut off. The poor girl began to panic as she neared the end of her reserves. Just when she thought death was near the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced ripped through her body.
    She came to on the floor before the dais in the empty and dark audience chamber. She had no idea how long she had lain in the dirt but, it was long enough for someone to place a collar around her neck and chain her to the wall.
    The ex bounty hunter looked down at herself, expecting to see a dried coat of slime but, she was clean and dry. Just how long had she been inside of the giant Htt? For that matter, how long had he been inside of her? She has so many questions and no one to answer them.
    Standing, Jujou rubbed the sand from her legs and stretched. She felt surprisingly good considering what she had experienced. Good and…VERY horny! In fact, she felt VERY, VERY horny. Hornier than she could ever remember feeling before. Checking to make sure she was alone she lay back on the dais and took care of business. It didn’t take too long for the orgasm to come. It was a good one too. An orgasm that would have satisfied her quite nicely before this all began but now, after what she’d experienced within the Hut’s darkest recesses it was barely adequate.
    She began to rise then paused and thought, “I need another one” and sat back again.
    She came once more. And then she came again. and again and again. Every time she stood she felt an incredible urge to orgasm again but, no matter how many times she came, no matter how hard, she still needed to cum again.
    Hours later, as Tatooine’s triple stars began to rise she was still at it. Totally exhausted after 20? 30? orgasms Jujou was about to pass out.
    “Just one more.” she said aloud.

    She recognized the soft laugh and without even seeing him knew that Boba Fet was in the room. How long had he been watching her?

    “Ha! One more?” he said in sarcastic tone. “Only ONE more? You’ve been loved by a Hut my little bald whore. You will never be able to feed the hunger you feel now. For the rest of your life you will exist in a state of extreme sexual desire that can only be satisfied by Jaba and every time you drink from THAT fountain that desire will grow!”
    With a horrified look on her face the ex bounty hunter began to furiously masturbate once again. There was just no denying the intense desire. Boba Fet looked on and laughed.

    “In a few hours Jaba will take you again” he said “and then again and again until HE is satisfied. After he is done with you it will be my turn. I’ll never be able to give you what you need but, I don’t really care just as long as I get what I want. And rest assured, I WILL get what I want. I ALWAYS do.”
    “After that, I’m going to take you someplace very far away from Jaba.”

  Once again Jujou awoke on the sandy floor of Jaba the Hutt’s audience chamber. How many times had he taken her over the last…what? week? Month? The ex bounty hunter had lost all track of time. All she knew was that each time she was released from his disgusting yet exquisite embrace the need for sexual release grew stronger.

    It was nearly impossible to think of anything else now. The need to cum had become so overpowering that she barely had time to eat between orgasms. Hell, sometimes she masturbated WHILE eating.

    The constant stimulation to her cunt was taking its toll though. She was rubbed raw all day long. Fortunately for her, Jaba’s magical guts had another important side effect. Each time she awoke on the sandy floor her finger ravaged pussy was renewed and ready for action.
    Her hands slowly crept to their favorite place as she rose to her feet and began caressing the silky soft and hairless skin of her cunt. By the time Jujou reached the raised dais she was dripping wet and near to climax. Within seconds of her ass hitting the cold stone she was deep into the throes of the day’s first but, certainly not last orgasm.

    In the few scant moments of relief she enjoyed between bouts of deep desire she paused to think about her future. How would this all end? Where would she go from here?

    Clearly, her days of bounty hunting were over. She had no ship, no money, hell, she didn’t even have any clothes never mind hair.

    “I need to be someplace where I can have my needs met.” she thought. “Maybe a busy bordello in Moss Eisley?”

    That was the most degrading part of this whole situation. Her desire for sexual release had grown so irresistible that THAT was all she really could think about.

    That…and escape.

    Escape. It seemed like a good idea. They no longer kept her chained to the wall. It was just a matter of getting up and walking down the entry hall and out of the door. No one would stop her, of that she was sure. Hell, since her third or forth trip through Jaba’s disturbingly wonderful belly hardly any attention had been paid to her at all.

    Jaba’s belly…the thought stirred within her mind and in an instant, she needed release…AGAIN!

    The time between periods of desire was getting shorter after each “encounter” with Jaba and that was what really worried the ex bounty hunter. At this rate she knew it was only a matter of time before the desire became constant and all encompassing. Only a matter of time before it completely consumed her every waking and sleeping moment. She had to escape…NOW!

    The orgasm came and went and as usual, it did nothing to slake her thirst for more. She only had a few minutes of clarity so, she thought to make the best of them.

    The bald slave rose defiantly and resolutely headed down the entry hall. No time to find food or water. No time for clothes. Just time to get outside, find a place to hide and cum again before leap frogging away one orgasm to the next.

    And then… a funny thing began to happen. Her desire began to GROW. The further down the hall she went the stronger the NEED became. By the time she reached the door it was as though she were walking against the gelatinous innards of Jaba’s enormous, disgusting, heaving, desirable, sexy…

    “Stop that!” she told herself as she exited the door into the light of a bright day. “You are the Scarlet huntress! Not some weak little girl. You have tracked down and captured some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy! You WILL escape from Jaba!”

    Escape from Jaba? But, Jaba was the source, Jaba was respite from this overwhelming and aching desire. Jaba…was the cure! Why would she even want to escape?
    Her feet were leaden. Each step was an epic struggle. It was as if her growing desire was a burden she carried on her back. A burden that grew more weighty with each step away from Jaba’s beautiful embrace.

    “Masturbate! NOW! before you lose your nerve.” The thought pounded through her mind and without a moment’s hesitation she dropped to the sandy ground and began to furiously rub herself. As her fingers plunged in and out of her dripping cunt passers by began to stop and point. Mothers of various species, shape and form turned their children’s eyes away while others stopped and enjoyed the show. A group of Imperial Storm Troopers pointed and gestured as their laughs echoed spectrally from their helmets. 

    “Never mind them!” she told herself. “Just do what you have to do to get away!”

    Her excitement grew and grew as she approached the point of no return but, try as she might she just couldn’t cum!

    “Come on, you can do this!” She blurted out.

    “No, you can’t” replied a voice from behind her.

    Without pausing Jujou turned to look at the figure that now crouched beside her. Boba Fet…again!

    “I’m guessing you don’t know much about the Hut’s Embrace?” he said looking into the distance.

    “You see, it’s all based upon a special type of Pheromone they secrete. It permeates the air around them and is especially strong in their lair. This chemical signal has a strange effect on humanoid females. It triggers extreme sexual stimulation as you have already found out, stimulation that grows more intense with distance. It also becomes a sort of trigger for orgasm. Once exposed a humanoid female can no longer orgasm without it. A very useful training tool for Hut slaves don’t you think?”

    The ex bounty hunter glared at him as she chased her orgasm. It couldn’t be true. That would be too cruel!

    “The best part of the whole thing is…” he continued, “Each Hut has its own special, um…flavor. Once you’ve been exposed, no other Hut can satisfy you. This is why Huts always use humanoid females as bodyguards.”
    Boba Fet got up and as he walked away said “Those women will fight to the death to preserve the supply of their drug of choice, so will you.”

    The triple suns of Tattooine were setting by the time she gave up. She’d rubbed herself raw and only managed to make the desire within her grow. Time to be healed, time for relief. “Oh hell, who am I kidding?” she thought as she walked back down the long hall. “It’s time to cum.”

   Time had passed, a lot of time. How much? She didn’t know.   

    What Jujou did know was that she had journeyed in the gut of Jaba more times than she could count. The orgasms she now experienced were literally mind numbing and the time between bouts of soul crushing desire was nearly zero. It wouldn’t be long now before the need was continuous.
    What would she do then? It was impractical to think she could simply take up residence in Jaba’s expansive guts but, what other choice was there? The desire to cum became a living hell if she walked even halfway down the hall, never mind outside. The need was so great now that the simple thought of being on her own was too terrifying to even contemplate and sent her into a frenzied panic.
    Her hand cramped terribly and she paused to stretch it. Continuous masturbation was taking a real toll on her body. Hell, it was almost impossible to get through a meal without pausing to “feed” that other hunger.

    A tremendous orgasm ripped through the ex redhead’s body, the 5?…6 of the day? She’d already lost count and the day was barely started. Soon Jaba would return and for a brief period of time, there would be relief. Wonderful relief.

    As her cramping hands returned to their only duty Jujou heard voices approaching. Jaba, her lord and master was returning at last!

    Beside him strode the arrogant form of Boba Fet. The two seemed to be in deep discussion over a subject of great importance.

    Yet another climax ripped through the poor girl’s hairless body as they paused before her.

    As sudden as a striking Acklay Boba Fet grabbed her by the collar and attached a heavy chain. “Why?” she thought, “Where would I run too?”

    They led her from the audience chamber to a nearby antechamber. An odd, dark room filled with machinery but, dominated by the large cylindrical pit in its center. Boba Fet attached Jujou’s wrists and ankles to a man sized board suspended from a hoist and then stepped back as Jabba addressed the helpless ex bounty hunter.

    “Your time with me has reached its end and I have sold you to Boba Fet” he said without further explanation.

    “No, this could not be happening!” she thought as the board began slowly to rise from the chamber’s floor. “I need to be HERE! I need to be beside Jaba!”

    The giant arm of the hoist was pivoting now. swinging her ever closer to the hole in the center of the floor.

    As the hoist came to a halt over the hole Jaba continued. “I know, you are afraid to be far from me but, don’t worry little one, I have made sure that no harm will come to you.

    The boom slowly began to lower Jujou down, into the dark and ominous hole. Then…there was a sudden, almost unbearable slash of cold.


    In a dark bordello on the Outer Rim back water of Tyne’s Horky there hangs a very odd piece of…art. It looks for all the world like a bald humanoid of small stature cast almost entirely in bronze. Almost. Only a small area is left uncovered, the cleft between her thighs. It is common practice for the whores and their customers to pause before it and fondle her cunt for a while before heading upstairs for a quick tumble. They say that if you listen closely, you can hear her moan.


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