Traci Bets it All Part 2

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A loud moan escaped Traci as she watched a two inch wide pale swath materialize in the wake of the clippers.  The path of destruction continued all the way to the back, when Jessika lifted the clippers and sent a long lock of light brown hair down between their bodies.


“Oh Jesus,” Traci moaned as Jessika peeled another strip of hair, widening the bald patch.  The vibrations from the clippers radiated from Traci’s head and down her spine, settling in her pulsing womanhood.


“You’re going to look amazing,” Jessika whispered, shaving more hair off, dropping it to the floor after the clippers chewed another path to the back of Traci’s head.


“I can’t believe how good this feels,” Traci said as another swath of hair was clipped off and fell to the bathroom floor.  Cool air rushed her scalp as her chocolate hair fell away, each stand tickling her as it dropped.


Jessika was ruthless with the clippers, pass after pass denuding Traci’s scalp, revealing the creamy skin beneath.  She could feel her lover’s juices flowing down her back making the hair stick as it fell between them.


“Oh fuck,” she gasped as Jessika repositioned the clippers to her nape, slowly pushing them up “I’m about to cum,” she moaned.


“Don’t you fucking dare,” Jessika growled as she continued the clippers rampage of carnage, leaving more hair on the floor than on Traci’s head, “You let me finish you off.”


Traci swallowed and obeyed, trying desperately to hold back her brewing orgasm, wanting to please the woman who was stripping her bald.


“Hurry, please,” Traci begged as more and more hair kept falling.


Jessika turned Traci’s chin to the side, giving her access to the paltry amount of hair left hanging at the side of Traci’s head and beginning to shear it to the same almost invisible length of stubble.  Traci was so focused on holding back her orgasm that she didn’t even realize Jessika had finished until the clippers had turned off.


“Babe, check yourself out,” Jessika commanded as she dropped the clippers onto the sink.


As Traci moved her head to get the first glimpse of her new hairstyle, Jessika moved her hands.  One cupping her partner’s breast, and one wrapping around Traci’s hips, sliding to explore the wet, freshly shaved sex of her partner.  Traci was shocked to see herself, her eyes unshadowed by brows, and her head completely bare, save a dusting of light brown stubble.


When Jessika’s hand moved over her smooth mons and down to slide between her wet lips Traci couldn’t stop herself and orgasmed, squirming and gasping as her partner kept sliding her fingers in and out, her wet vagina pulsating around the extremely welcome fingers, her legs giving out as she collapsed into Jessika’s arms.


Traci looked up into Jessika’s eyes and Jessika smiled back down.


“I’m fucking bald,” Traci moaned as she tried to stand again, the pleasurable pulses still roaring through her.


“You’re shaved,” Jessika corrected, “I’m about to make you bald, baby”


Jessika leaned down and kissed Traci, their tongues dancing between their mouths, the hand cupping Traci’s breast tweaking the stiff nipple it found.


Traci’s hands moved up and touched her creamy white scalp for the first time, amazed at how good it felt to have her scalp moved back and forth by the sandpaper stubble beneath her hands.


“I can’t believe it,” Traci said, touching every inch of her freshly buzzed head, “Fuck, that’s my hair”


“Not for long,” Jessika said, “We gotta finish this all off”


Traci stood up straight, Jessika leaned forward to kiss her girlfriend’s long neck and picked up the shaving gel once more.  She squirted it directly into the bald head in front of her and began to massage the gel in until it became floral scented foam.  Traci closed her eyes and moaned while Jessika worked, forgetting the fear and hesitation she felt on her march to the bathroom and focusing on the sensations she was feeling now, wanting it to continue forever.


“Get your hair out of the sink,” Jessika commanded.


Traci looked down and was shocked at the amount of her long, soft hair that had found its way into the sink bowl.  She tentatively reached out and picked up the soft brown locks, dropping them on the floor with the rest.  She turned the water faucet on so Jessika could rinse her hands and the razor, which she did.


Jessika put one hand on top of Traci’s head and began to shave back, against the grain with the razor.  The sensation of the razor shaving began to build a deep pressure in her stomach again, but she knew to remain still so the razor didn’t cut her.  The sight of her freshly shaved snow white scalp stunned her.  This was her hair now, and she didn’t know if she would ever want long hair again.


Jessika was skilled with the razor, rinsing it after each pass to clear the stubble and then returning for more.  Traci was almost hypnotized by how quickly she worked, the sensation of the stubble being removed and the creamy white soft scalp that replaced it.


Before Traci knew it, Jessika was leaning forward with a dot of foam for each eyebrow, which she dispatched just as efficiently.


Jessika leaned forward, pressing her hot sex into the back of Traci and rinsed her hands, then cupped her hands with cold water and rubbed Traci’s scalp with it.  Traci squirmed and moaned as her scalp was rinsed for the first time, able to feel every individual rivulet of water as it trickled down her smooth head.


“I’m fucking bald,” Traci repeated, shocked at the bald and browless stranger she saw her girlfriend embracing in the mirror.


“And beautiful,” Jessika cooed as she leaned forward and kissed Traci’s elegant exposed neck, moving up from her collarbone to nibble on her exposed ears.


“I’m glad my ears don’t stick out, at least” Traci said


“You’ve been such a brave girl, do you want your reward?” Jessika asked, locking eyes with the bald alien in the mirror.


Traci nodded as Jessika backed off.  Jessika spun her lover to face her and kissed her on the lips, then the chin, then the neck, working her way down towards the smooth, wet pussy she had been dying to taste, with a small detour to tease a stuff nipple with her tongue.


Traci wanted to scream in ecstasy as she felt Jessika’s tongue slip inside her, exploring every bit of her fresh shave.  She buried her hands into Jessika’s hair to hold her while grinding her hips into her face.  Jessika was thorough, making sure to lick and suck and nibble every inch of Traci, her lovers juices dribbling off her chin and onto the piles of hair below.


The sound of moans and slurps were interrupted when Jessika heard the clippers pop back on.  They got louder and louder until she felt a vibration on her forehead, spreading across her head.  She didn’t even stop for a second as the clippers began to travel across the center of her scalp and she felt a long soft dark brown lock slide down her naked back.  The shock of cool air lapping her scalp was enough to get her to break away from her lover and look up, smiling at her smooth headed clipper wielding lover.


“Naughty,” Jessika moaned as Traci made another pass with the warm clipper blades, sending more hair tumbling down her naked back.


Jessika returned to her work while the buzzing clippers stripped more and more hair, each lock tickling Jessika’s naked shoulders as they slithered to the floor.  It was no wonder Traci had practically came while her hair was stripped away, the feeling of the vibrating clippers was sensational, and the cool air on her scalp was practically orgasmic on its own.  Another lock tumbled down her back as she ate her girlfriend out.  She couldn’t be too furious, if the table were turned and Jessika had lost the bet, Traci would have been sheared soon after, much in the same way Jessika was losing her hair now.


Hair rained down around her, constantly bouncing off her naked breasts as Traci quickly sheared her, a third orgasm brewing as her girlfriend diligently worked.


“This is fun, I can’t blame you,” Traci stated as she rubbed her hand over the dark stubble she was creating.


“This won’t go unpunished,” Jessika said, stopping and looking up again at the smiling bald head above her.


“Can’t wait,” Traci said back, beginning to clip Jessika’s nape.


The room fell silent aside from the roaring clippers, the odd crackling of sheared hair and the cries of ecstasy from both women.  Traci peeled the last strip of hair off Jessika and turned off the clippers.  Jessika rose, peeling whatever stubborn locks of hair remained from her as she stood and looked at herself in the mirror.  It was a shock to be shaved so suddenly, but she didn’t hate how she looked without the hair.


She turned and pulled Traci to her, kissing her deeply, pleased that Traci returned the favor.


“I want to take your eyebrows too,” Traci moaned as she pulled away from the passionate embrace.  “I want to have matching haircuts when we go out next.”


Jessika nodded and closed her eyes, feeling the buzzing clippers zip away both of her brows.  A cool jet of foam was deposited on her head and she moaned while Traci massaged the foam into her stubble.


“Let me do this, when’s the last time you touched a razor?” Jessika asked, picking up the pink razor again and rinsing it in the sink.


Traci moved to Jessika’s side, both so Jessika could have an uninterrupted view and so she could kneel behind her and attack her swollen, dripping sex from the rear.  She dove into Jessika’s firm cheeks, not knowing or caring which hole her tongue found first.


“Babe, please,” Jessika said as Traci’s tongue ran circles around her tight anus, “I don’t want to cut myself”


Traci sighed and quit, standing up again to watch the dark brown stubble get peeled away and replaced with silken white skin.


“You’re beautiful,” Traci cooed, leaning into Jessika’s backside but also keeping her hands free of Jessika’s arms so she could concentrate.


“Likewise,” Jessika replied as the last of the foam was removed from her head.  She ran warm water and splashed her face, removing her brows in three quick strokes each.


When she placed the razor down, Traci’s hands shot up to her nude scalp, exploring every inch of the newly revealed play surface.  Jessika pulled her girlfriend close and kissed her deeply once more.


“You clean this up while I get ready for some payback.  Only one of us was supposed to end up bald, young lady.”

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