Tradecraft, The Story Of An Angry Girl

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It had been a rough life for Megan so far.  Her mother had been killed in while she was away on business, leaving just her and her father, Her father was much older than her mother, the two of them almost 20 years apart.  This, plus being away on business most of the time anyhow meant that Megan was left in the care of her paternal grandmother.

A very conservative woman, she disapproved of just about everything Megan did or had.  Everything caused friction, from the clothes Megan wore to school, to the things she had in her room.  Even though these were what you would certainly expect to find in a young girls room the old woman would soon see that there would be major changes in her upbringing.

Megan was a popular girl in school with plenty of friends in her social circle, both girls and boys.  She had walked to school with her neighbor Justin since the two started first grade and now, as the two were hitting puberty, the two of them were quite fond of each other.  Justin, a fine young man would always carry Megan’s backpack for her as he walked her to the sidewalk in front of her house.  This annoyed her grandmother as she believed that young woman should stay away from boys until they were much older.  Megan, who loved how Justin had always treated her, ignored her grandmother’s wishes to stay away from him.  The two would continue to walk together for the rest of the school year.

The last straw for Megan’s grandmother was during the last few weeks of school, when she saw the two holding hands as they walked towards the house.  The two would always stop half way up the block so Megan’s grandmother wouldn’t see, but one day her grandmother had been late getting back from shopping and drove up behind them, catching the pair in the act.

Standing on the porch as the two of the kids arrived, the old woman sternly told Justin that he was not to walk with Megan anymore followed by telling Megan that she was grounded for the rest of the school year, and especially not be going to the school dance in 2 weeks.  In tears, Megan mouthed to Justin that she would talk to him later, but her grandmother made it clear to both of them that she would not permit that to happen.

True to her word, Megan’s grandmother did everything she could to keep the two of them apart, even having the teacher move their desks away from each other in class.  For the rest of the year Megan would be picked up and dropped off at the front of the school so her grandmother could keep track of every minute she was not there.  As the school year came to a close, Megan was excited to be going to middle school the following year and all the new people she would get to meet there.  There were four elementary schools in the district, so Megan was sure she would make tons of new friends in just a few months.

This, of course would not do for her grandmother.  To her a school was not a social club, but should be a disciplined place of learning.  Unknown to Megan, her grandmother had gotten her father’s approval to move her to a different school after telling him that his daughter’s schoolwork was becoming too disrupted by her overwhelming interest in boys and she should have somewhere to stay with once she finished school.

After a miserable summer of not being able to do whatever she wanted and hang out with her friends, her grandmother told Megan it was time to get her the new clothes she would need for school.  To Megan this meant a trip to the local shopping area where all of her favorite stores were.  After driving past the area, Megan thought she had missed the place…”grandmother, I always buy all my clothes at the places back there.  Where are we going?”  Her grandmother had a slight grin on her face as she answered…”The clothes from those places will not be acceptable in your new school.”  Megan, of course knew that all her friends bought their clothes at the same places and suddenly felt if something was wrong.

They continued to drive another 15 miles out of town until they came upon a large walled off facility.  As they turned in thru the wrought iron gates Megan saw the sign on the stone wall “Holy Sisters of The Blessed Shroud Convent and School”  Megan went straight into panic mode…”Grandmother what is this place?  I’m not going to school here.” The old woman said nothing as she drove towards the front of the building.  Then, as the car was parked, her grandmother made it clear to her…”This is exactly where you will be going for the rest of your academic career and possibly much longer.”  She then grabbed Megan by the arm a led her into the building.

Inside, they were directed to wait until the principal was ready for them.  Megan had already seen enough as the few people that passed by the office were either dressed in religious outfits or wearing clothes that she would never consider being seen in.  Minutes later they were invited in to the principals office.  As she entered the room Megan saw a very old woman in a nuns habit sitting behind the desk.  Megan’s grandmother introduced themselves before going on to explain that it was Megan’s wish to be placed in the school.  Before Megan could say she had no interest in going to school here the principal looked at Megan, and though she was unimpressed by the way she had dressed for their meeting, she told her that she was looking forward to many years together.  Her grandmother then went on to say that Megan was a good girl and an excellent student, but was starting to become too interested in boys, causing her work to slip.

The principal shook her head as she looked over Megan’s application…Well, she will receive a proper education while she is here with us and will certainly have no more trouble with boys once she is inside these walls”  Megan sat confused by all of this.  She never had problems meeting new people and even thought she wanted no part of going to school here she figured she would just have to make some new friends.  The principal then said they would go get sized for her uniforms, something that Megan hadn’t expected until now.

When she saw them, Megan could believe how awful the uniforms were.  Several colors of the same drab clothes she had seen people walking in the halls wearing.  After she was measured for her size, a woman brought out a light grey dress with long sleeves and a bag of other garments inside.  The principal then told Megan to put the dress on so they knew it would fit.  As the girl looked around for a changing room, her grandmother instead began to pull her shirt over her head…”We’re all women here.  You have nothing we haven’t seen before.”  Her grandmother then quickly unhooked her bra with Megan trying to cover her chest while at the same time unbuttoning her jeans.

Once they had stripped her totally naked Megan was handed the bag and told to try on what was inside. She couldn’t believe what she pulled out of the bag.  The bra and panties were both huge and made of heavy fabric, nothing like the pretty ones she had gotten used to wearing.  She was then handed a pair of white tights, which she struggled to pull on.  Megan had already seen enough, before her grandmother pulled the dress over her head.  She felt almost like she was being strangled  as the dress was buttoned up to her neck.  Her uniform was completed with a pair of plain brown shoes.  She saw her reflection in the mirror, covered from the neck down except for her hands, and she couldn’t think of anything worse.

She was then startled when the principal told them…”You will take this home with you to wear on your first day with us.  The rest of them will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive.”  Megan couldn’t believe what she was hearing…”WhwhWhat what do you mean they would be in my room?”  The secret was now out in the open.  Her grandmother smiled as the principal made everything clear to her…”This, young lady is a boarding school.  You are going to live with us while you finish school and possibly much longer.”  Megan could only process that she would be living here.  It was the second time she had heard she might be here much longer, but Megan hadn’t understood what exactly that meant.

Megan then wanted nothing more than to put her old clothes back on, but they had already put into a plastic bag. The principal held them, almost disgusted by the thought of anyone wearing such horrible clothes…”Would you rather I just dispose of these?”  Megan went to grab the bag, but her grandmother told the principal that Megan will have no more use for such terrible clothes.  The principal then told Megan’s grandmother…”You will, of course do something about that hair before she arrives?”  Megan immediately grabbed onto her long hair, telling herself there was no way they would make her do anything to it  Her grandmother told the principal that it would not be an issue as they would be taking care of it that afternoon.  Megan was getting more upset that she was about to go out in public in the horrible uniform, and as she walked towards the door the principal said something to her grandmother that immediately broke her spirit…”Remember students are to have no hair below the chin.”  Her grandmother agreeing with her…”That certainly will not be a problem.”

As they rode in the car, Megan sat looking down at her dress and the white tights covering her legs, unable to figure out what was happening so fast to her.  She asked her grandmother if her father knew what she was doing to her, to which her grandmother replied… .”I told him exactly what you needed for your future, and he, of course didn’t question my word.”  Her grandmother then pulls in to a small strip of store fronts, none of which Megan had ever even noticed before.  She then saw the sign above one of the shops ‘Betty’s Beauty Salon’.  Before she could even react, her grandmother was opening her door…”Come on, they’re waiting for you.”  Megan could barely speak as her grandmother quickly pulled the door of the shop open and escorted her inside.

Megan quickly saw 2 women standing behind behind the salon chairs.  The one nearer to the door was working on a client who looked to be her grandmother’s age, but the other one had an open seat. …”Doesn’t Megan look just lovely in her school uniform.  I can take her right over here.”  Megan didn’t know how the woman knew her name, but as she spoke with her grandmother she assumed that this was the place where her grandmother got her hair done.  The woman went on to speak as if Megan wasn’t even there…”So, I know what the school requires as far as length, would you rather I just take her nice and short?”  Megan’s grandmother had other plans…”Her hair grows much to quick for that.  She would only have to have the nuns cut it all off again in a couple month’s.”

Megan didn’t like what she was hearing, certainly not wanting all her hair buzzed off, but then her grandmother said something even worse…”If you perm it really tight it should hold until her first break, then I’ll bring her back to you to give her another one.”  Megan never expected this, she just figured her grandmother was taking away all of her beauty so the boys would stop paying attention to her.  Seconds after the heavy cape was put around her neck the woman surprised Megan by chopping deeply into her still dry hair…”No sense wasting product on hair that’s coming off.”  Megan’s lap, and the floor around the chair were soon covered with piles of her beautiful long hair.  Megan’s eyes well up as she saw her look in the mirror transform from a pretty girl to someone who could only be described as homely looking.

Her hair washed, Megan didn’t expect it when the woman started in again with the scissors.  This time taking most of what was left off her head.  Megan couldn’t believe it as her head was covered with tiny colored rods.  The beautician then started pouring liquid on the rods and the smell that she noticed when they walked in the door was now much stronger as her head was being soaked.  She could hardly stand it as she was taken to strange looking chair in the back of the shop.  As she sat and the heat began blasting her head, she saw her grandmother sitting with the biggest smile she had ever seen on her.  Megan knew that her grandmother had gotten her way for now and all she could think of was some day getting revenge on the old woman.

It was about a hour later as Megan was shown the tight head of curls hugging her scalp.  As she stood up the whole new look came into view with the new hair and the uniform on full display.  The only thing Megan wanted to do now was go home and hide away so neither her girls friends, or especially Justin would ever see her like this.  She couldn’t even look at her grandmother now as they rode in the car.  Her grandmother, happy with what she had done to her made it clear…”Now you can forget about having to deal anything but your schoolwork.  I don’t think I have to worry about boys chasing you for the next few weeks until school starts”

Megan thought she would make it her mission to find a boy at her new school that would like her, telling her grandmother…”I’m sure I will find a boy that likes how I look.”  Her grandmother was surprised at how Megan had talked to her, but then told Megan something she didn’t want to hear…”I know that there is absolutely no chance of that happening once you start school.”  Megan thought she would prove the old woman wrong by dating any guy she could find.  Her grandmother then took all the fight out of the young girl, laughing as she said…”The school doesn’t permit men on the grounds.  They don’t even allow deliveries to be made there.”

A few weeks later Megan was taken to the school and assigned a room with 3 other girls.  The very strict and conservative nature of the school meant that there weren’t many students.  While Megan would have went to a school of over 1200 students in her town, this school had less than 50 covering grades 7-12. As the year started, she became friendly with her roommates, even though they would often tease her about her hair.  Every girl in the school had various degrees of short cuts, from short bobs and bowl cuts, to several of the senior girls who had their hair buzzed nearly off.  Megan, on the other hand, was the only one with her hair permed, and just like her grandmother had predicted, her hair stayed tight against her head while her roommates were all required to go to the school barber after a few months.  As she saw each one of them return from the barber whenever the were told to do so, she was almost happy that her curls meant she wouldn’t have to be buzzed down to almost nothing.

The first break in the school year came after Christmas, as the students were required to stay at the school during all the religious periods.  Megan was collected by her grandmother, who instead of driving her home went straight to the beauty parlor.  Megan didn’t put up a fight, or an argument this time as they walked inside, knowing that she would again be walking out with a head full of tiny curls.  This time Megan was led to the first chair.  The woman asking her grandmother…”Same as last time, of I can give her a nice clean neckline.”  Megan had no idea what she meant, but would soon find out as her grandmother told her to go ahead and do it.

Megan sat and watched as the woman rolled her hair like it had been done before.  She then noticed that the woman had stopped rolling the side of her head half way down.  The back was the same as the woman pushed the trolley of rods out of her way.  A loud whining noise followed and the woman was at the side of her head with something Megan was unfamiliar with.  Pushing it up to the bottom of the rods, Megan couldn’t believe it as the curly bits that weren’t rolled fell into her lap.  Two more passes and Megan saw that their was nothing but bare skin where she used to have hair….”Hey, why are you shaving my head?” she asked the woman.  The woman and Megan’s grandmother both had a laugh as the woman continued towards the back of her head, then followed with a different tool that took off all the tiny stubble that was left.  Soon Megan’s head was bare skin a full inch above her ears, all the way around.  Her grandmother stated her approval to the woman…”She certainly won’t have to worry about it getting to long now.”

The rest of the perm went as Megan remembered, but as she was shown the final results the severe look devastated her….”Oh my god, I look like a freak.”  Needless to say, the ridicule towards her hair only increased after she returned to school.  The following June was a repeat of what happened in January, with Megan being taken directly to the beauty parlor to have her look refreshed, including shaving the bottom.

The school only had 2 weeks each year when students left the campus as the accelerated would allow its students to graduate a full year before most other schools.  So, after almost four years of living in the school Megan was about to graduate.  She was looking forward to soon hooking up with some old friends and most of all finally being able to grow her hair long again.

While she would be graduating with nearly perfect grades during her time there, she realized that nothing had been said to her about picking a college to go to, or even what careers that she might be interested in.  With her graduation date was just a day away, the 8 girls in the senior class were informed that they would be moving to the other building once their schoolwork was finished.  Megan wondered why they were told this as that was where the nuns from the convent lived.  When she asked the teacher why they would be moving she was stunned by the answer…”You won’t be students anymore, and will live there until you take your vows and join our order.”

Some of the students knew what was going to happen, but a couple of them, Megan included, were taken completely by surprise…”You mean we’re not going to get to go home?”  The teacher looked at Megan and made it clear to her…”This is your home from now on, you will not be going back to your old lives.  As all of you are still minors, you will have no say in the matter as the decision has been made for you.”  Megan, getting totally upset now…”My father would not agree to this.”  At that point the teacher made it perfectly clear…”Your grandmother was your guardian, and she knew fully that when she enrolled you here that you would enter the convent immediately after your studies were completed..  She signed your guardianship over to the Mother Superior when you came here as a part of accepting you into the school and our order.  So it’s all up to her you will be staying with us, and you know what she will say about it”

The next day, the 8 girls were moved straight into the convent.  Once there, their outfits were changed to an even worse set of clothes, much heavier and not at all comfortable to wear.  She was now put in a room with one other girl, a few years older but still quite young.  The room they shared was sparsely furnished, having only 2 beds and a small dresser.  A small table sat between the beds with a lamp and 2 bibles on it.

Megan had gotten used to not having a TV, as the school didn’t allow them either, but now it seemed like every discussion that was had by anyone was only about what went on in the convent.  After she was there for a few months, she realized that she was thinking less and less about her outside life as the constant repetition of what they were being taught was starting to take hold of her.  Her old life was becoming a far away memory to her as her head was filled by the new life they were giving her.  In what was planned move by the order, there were no calendars anywhere on the grounds, so all of the new girls would even start to lose track of when their 18th birthday’s were going to happen.

She had actually been there just over a year, and Megan had now been now fully indoctrinated into the order.  She was excited to be just months away from taking her final vows and committing to live this life forever when she was called to the Mother Superior’s office…”Sister, I’m afraid I have some bad news.  Your father has recently been killed while in Asia.”  Megan was only slightly upset as she hardly knew the man who was her father, not seeing him at all in the past 10 years, but told the Mother Superior that she would pray for him.

The Mother Superior than went on…”As his heir, you have been chosen to handle his estate, so you will be aloud to leave the convent for 2 weeks while you settle his affairs.  Understood?”  Megan’s only question was why her grandmother wouldn’t be taking care of it.  The Mother Superior then informed her that her grandmother had moved to Florida, and was unable to travel any longer.  With nothing to pack except for several pairs of the heavy undergarments and the nightshirt she had been wearing for the last five years, Megan was then driven to her father house just 40 miles from the convent.

Megan hadn’t been in her real home since her mother died.  The large luxury home almost seemed foreign to her as she had lived a simple life since going to the school and the convent.  In the large foyer she found that all of her things from her grandmothers house had been stacked against the wall.  Megan had assumed that the mean old woman would have just had all of her stuff taken to the charity shop once she entered the convent.

That afternoon Megan began to open the boxes from her grandmother’s house.  The first one contained several pairs of her favorite jeans and a couple of the crop-tops she used to love.  As she held them up she, at first couldn’t believe she ever wore something as revealing as that, but she soon thought that they really looked cute.  The next box was her bra and panties, all from either Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret.  Again Megan wondered why she would wear such things when she was that young, but after looking at them for a while, she started to remember just how good they felt on her, and how good she used to look in them.

Megan then went in to her father’s office, noticing his credit cards on the desk, she decided that she wanted to have one last feel of what wearing her old clothes felt like.  It took her several minutes to get online as she hadn’t touched a computer in years.  It quickly came back to her as she searched for thru several of her old favorite stores.  Money being no object, she wasn’t shy about ordering several matching bra and panties sets as well as several new outfits, some of which were very sexy looking.  She then made sure to order several pairs of shoes, from comfortable to a pair of stiletto heels.  She finished her marathon shopping adventure with 2 new bikini’s, both with thong bottoms.  She didn’t think twice about paying the extra to get it all delivered the next day as she figured she would be back at the convent in two weeks resuming her new life.

After spending the day going thru her boxes and buying her new clothes, Megan then thought about her hair.  The perm had grown several inches and was now hanging over her ears.  The girls joining the order were not required to keep their hair short until their vow ceremony, at which time they would surrender it all all in a final commitment to the order.  She even surprised herself as she picked up the phone and called ‘Betty’s Beauty Salon’.  The woman told Megan she would be more than happy to give her another perm and she should come in the next day at 2:00.

Megan then went on going thru her father’s office, soon realizing that her father was much more than the salesperson she had been told.  Megan found files that made it clear to her that not only was her father in the CIA, but her mother had been as well.  As she read thru some of the folders that were in his desk she quickly learned that her father was a special kind of agent, trained in mind control techniques to get people to do they they wouldn’t usually consider.  She read thru the materials several times, skeptical at first at what she read, but Megan decided she would test it out tomorrow at the beauty parlor.

The next day as she sat in the waiting area, dressed in her new clothes, Megan struck up a conversation with the middle-aged woman sitting next to her.  Surprisingly, as their conversation moved on Megan told the woman how great she would look with her hair cut super short.  The woman, who had long hair all her life, blushed as they spoke, then as she was called to the chair Megan couldn’t believe her ears when she told the operator…”I think it’s time I lose this childish haircut.  I want you to cut it super short for me.”

Megan couldn’t sit still as she watched the woman’s hair hitting the floor.  The operator didn’t hold back as she buzzed the side of the short pixie cut the woman now had.  The woman winked at Megan as she happily walked by and out the door.  Megan was then called to the chair, the beautician asked her where her uniform was as she walked towards the seat.  Megan saw the image of her old self in the mirror, instantly snapping out of the thoughts that had been drilled into her since she was first brought here.  As she sat, the woman assumed that Megan was there to again have her hair permed like always.  The regrowth was long enough so the woman just starting cutting off all the curly parts at the end, and in minutes Megan saw herself with straight hair again.  This too brought her back closer to her old self, and as the woman wheeled over the trolley full of perm rods, Megan told her to stop.  I think I’ve had enough curly hair for a while, cut mine just like the last lady that was here.  The operator complained to Megan, telling her that the perm suited her perfectly and that she had allotted the next 2 hours of her time for her perm.  Megan didn’t care, telling them woman to charge her for them perm anyhow, but to give her the same pixie cut.

Megan had a new bounce in her step as she walked out the door.  Her old self was nearly back, but now she thought about other important things.  She had committed herself to joining the order, and she had always been true to her word, however she was no longer sure how she could give up what had been returned to her.  A few days later the Mother Superior was on the phone to find out how things were going, and when she could expect Megan’s return to the convent.

Megan then informed her that she should not expect her anytime soon, but if she changed her mind about it she would return.  The Mother Superior wasn’t used to being told no, especially by one of the young girls under her direction.  She then told Megan that she belonged in the convent, and she would only give her a few more days to finalize what she needed too before she would be back to pick her up.  Megan let the woman finish talking before hanging up the phone.

Most of Megan’s old friends were away at college at this time, but she met a few of them at the local coffee shop.  As she familiarized herself again with the delicious beverage, her friends all wanted to know where she had been for all those years, and certainly about her clipper short haircut.  Megan decided that she would see if she could work her magic on the three of them and as they continued to talk she dropped several suggestions to them at how they needed to give up their long hair as soon as possible.  The group agreed they would meet again the next afternoon at the coffee shop, with Megan expecting to see all three of them with hair as short as hers.

The next morning, the Mother Superior was at the door, and she was quite surprised as Megan opened it up.  Dressed in low-cut jeans and a crop-top, Megan had plenty of skin showing as she greeted the head mother.  The old woman was aghast at how Megan appeared…”Sister, we do not go around with our bodies on display, you should be embarrassed with how you are dressed, and what have you done to your hair?  You will feel much better when you put your proper attire.”   Megan then told the woman, in no uncertain terms…”I think I prefer to stay here for now, but if I feel like I’m ready to give it all up, I’ll put on the clothes I left with and commit myself to stay there forever.”  The Mother Superior was about to pull Megan by the arm into her car, but before she could react the door was closed in her face.

That afternoon Megan returned to the coffee shop and was soon greeted by three girls with hair even shorter than hers.  She told the girls how great they looked and was surprised when the girls told her that they had it done at a barbershop…”It was too late to get an appointment at the salon, plus barbers give the best short cuts.”  Megan was over the moon as she planned out the next person on her list.

A couple days later Megan was on a plane, headed for Florida.  She knew her grandmother would not be happy when she saw her there, but Megan didn’t care, this was the one person that she needed to get back at no matter what.  She lived in a posh retirement village catering to the well-to-do.  Megan knocked on the door of her unit and the woman became upset by her appearance…”You should be almost ready to take your vows.”  Megan laughed as she told her that there had been a change in plans and that she wanted to experience life for a while.

Megan still felt some of the pull from being in the order, but even though she thought she might someday go back to that life, she wasn’t about to let her grandmother have any of the satisfaction for sending her there.  When Megan made her plans to visit her grandmother she had called the beauty parlor that was inside the retirement center.  She had a nice conversation with the woman who ran it, telling her that her grandmother wanted to have her hair done just like she had back in the seventies.  The woman knew exactly what Megan was talking about and told her when to bring her in.

Megan then asked her grandmother if they could go look around the grounds near her apartment.  The old woman had some troubles getting around, so Megan pushed her along in her wheelchair as the old woman told her all about the place.  During their conversation Megan started to work on the old woman, planting the thoughts in her brain about how she used to wear her hair just like Megan’s was permed.  Soon they were at the door of the beauty salon and Megan pushed her thru the door.  Her grandmother was surprised and told Megan that they wouldn’t have time to fit her in today.

The beautician came over to help her into the salon chair, telling her that she would take care of everything.  Megan sat in a seat right by her grandmother, not wanting to miss even one second of what was about to happen.  Her grandmother had always worn her hair to her shoulders, and always had it done to look its best.  Several of the other woman at the center were quite jealous of her hair as their had long ago gotten thin and grey.

Without even asking what she wanted done, the woman quickly started cutting her hair very short.  Then she said the same words that Megan had heard year ago…”No sense wasting product on hair that’s coming off.”  Her grandmother sat speechless, unable to tell the woman that she didn’t want this to happen.  Shampooed and dried the woman started to section off the old ladies hair.  As she pulled the trolley of rods close she reached for the blue ones.  Megan wanted the old woman to have the same look that she head given to her, so she spoke out…”She wants it really tight.  Do you have some smaller rods?”  Megan knew from her experiences being permed that there were 2 smaller sizes.  The woman showed Megan the yellow rods, telling her…”These will keep her hair tight against her head.”  Megan told her that those would work just fine, but she wanted the bottom to be done with the red ones.

Her grandmother soon realized what was happening as Megan was making sure she had the same tight perm that she was given.  She knew that never again would her hair reach her shoulders and at that point she decided that this would be her look for the rest of her life.  As the rods were removed, Megan saw the result were identical to how she remembered hers to be.  She reached her hand to her head, almost missing the tight curls that she had worn for 5 years, for the first time since they were cut off, Megan felt a little weird without having them tight against her head.  The old woman was holding an appointment card in her hand as Megan pushed her out of the door with scheduled cycling four week trims followed by another perm in 4 months.

Returning home, Megan felt at peace now, no longer tormented by what her grandmother had done to her.  Over the next month she gave away a lot of what was in her dad’s house.  All of the the clothes that were there except for the few things she had bought the first day she was back.  She would stare at the outfit she wore from the convent every day, actually beginning to think about trying it on again.  She looked at the bikinis she had bought and decided to treat herself to a day at the beach.  Once she got there she went into one of the changing rooms to put on one of the suits, but as she pulled the bottoms up and when she noticed that her ass cheeks were totally exposed she instantly felt as if something was wrong.  She quickly pulled the suit off again and put her street clothes back on.  As she got dressed the odd thing was that now even these left her feeling too exposed.

She went straight back home and began to wonder why she was having these feelings.  She could do whatever she wanted now, but whenever she opened her closet door the outfit from the convent was all she could see.  She hadn’t been able to throw it away with all the other clothes, instead it hung there catching her eye every time she looked for an outfit to wear. That evening, when she decided to change for bed, instead of her new panties and a t-shirt she pulled a pair of the heavy underpants and the nightshirt she had brought with her.  Once she had them on, a calm came about her as she suddenly felt at peace.  As her mind was clear of everything now, she quickly fell into a great nights sleep.

The next morning as she went to get dressed, she stared hard at  the heavy garment it for several minutes, finally reaching for it and laying it on the bed as she pulled the heavy white undergarments and black tights from the drawer.

She told herself she needed to remind herself of how they felt, assuming that once she put it on she would immediately want to take it all off for good.  As he pulled the giant panties up into place, they it felt good to her to feel them covering everything up down there.  The tights were next and again as they were pulled into place Megan felt like they belonged on her.  Once she fastened the heavy bra into place she could hardly wait to get into the outfit, the weight of the heavy fabric pulling down on her body felt perfect to her as she walked over to the full length mirror.

The person Megan saw in the mirror saw in the mirror looked right to her.  Without thinking about it any longer, she quickly got in the car and drove towards the convent, almost if she had no control over what she was doing.  As she slowly drove nearer to the front gate she was still still not sure if this was what she wanted.  To her surprise, as she got close to it the gate opened almost telling her that they were expecting her and welcoming her home.  She struggled with her choice as she sped by the gate watching in the mirror as the gates then closed.

Megan tossed and turned all night as she tried to sleep, and the next morning she found herself logging on to her computer, feeling a sudden unstoppable need to get rid of the BMW parked in the garage.  She picked the first one that popped up in her search and after entering the cars license plate number, there was an offer on the screen.  Megan had no idea if it was good or bad, but as she hit the button to accept the offer she felt a powerful sense of relief come over her.  They would be there to pick it up the next day, so Megan drove into town now in search of a real estate office.

Megan had made arrangements for the sale of her fathers home, at first thinking she would move to a small apartment.  Once she returned home Megan sat confused as she thought about what she done, something was still wrong to her.  As she walked upstairs to her bedroom, she started to take off her clothes, and found herself reaching into her dresser for another pair of her heavy bra and panties.  Once again, they felt right as she put the items on, then she went into her closet and as she opened it they only thing that looked right to her was the heavy outfit she wore from the convent.  As she pulled it on and felt it high upon her neck, she knew that she wanted to wear it every day.

Her first phone call was to the charity service who were more than happy to come and remove everything from inside the house.  The second call was to the family lawyer instructing him to complete the sale of the house and once it sold he was to donate the proceeds from its sale and all of her fathers other investments to the convent.  The last call she would ever make was to a ride share company to drive her where she needed to go.

As she sat in the back of the Uber, dressed in he proper clothes, she saw the gates of the convent getting closer, again the gates opened when she got close.  There was no longer any doubt in her mind as she got out of the car and walked thru the gates of the convent.  As she got close to the building she was met by the Mother Superior…”Welcome back sister.  I assume you got all of that out of your system once and for all.  We will not have anymore of that, understood?”  Megan looked down as the woman spoke and could only ask her forgiveness for the way she had acted.

As they walked inside the Mother Superior then told Megan something that she didn’t expect…”Don’t think about using the special skills you may have acquired, they won’t work for you anymore.”  Megan was surprised to find out that her secret was out.  The Mother Superior looked her right in the face…”I’ve had many more years of using it, when necessary and I won’t hesitate to use it when I find it appropriate to do so.”  This made Megan think about what had happened to her.  The Mother Superior then told her what had happened…”My phone call was to get your mind back where it should be and the visit to you at your father’s house was not a social call, but it was to insure your return.  If you think about it, that’s when everything in the outside world began to seem wrong to you and your return was inevitable.  I knew you would be back her in a matter of days as the longer you stayed away the more powerful the pull would become for you to return.  You had no choice but return to your home.  As she continued to talk to her as they walked, the talents Megan had learned and what she had done with them became nothing but a distant memory.  Her mind now became focused on nothing but completing her vows.

As she dismissed Megan to return to her old room, the Mother Superior had one last word for her…”You didn’t leave much hair to take off when you take your final vows next week and it all comes off.”  Megan walked down the hall with no more care in the world comforted in knowing she would seldom again see outside of the walls of the convent again in her life.

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  1. I really loved this story! Such an inteteresting development for the characters and the mind control elements were really fun!

    As I mentioned before I would love to discuss collaborating in doing a story together, is there any way we could get in touch via email or other medium?

    Let me know your thoughts and happy new year!

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