Transformation at the Lake House: Part 1

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Looking around the pristine lake house, I couldn’t believe that I was really staying here. Just a week ago, it was announced in that I had won an all expenses paid vacation at work for me and one guest. With my work schedule at the office as hectic as it was, it was difficult for me to step away, especially when I could feel the jealous eyes of my coworkers staring daggers at me for being the lucky winner. I had decided that I was going to let my hair down for a change and really enjoy myself. I convinced my 22 year old daughter Sabrina to join me, as my husband could not get the time off to come. Sabrina and I desperately needed a break from the city. So we packed out bags and drove upstate to the company lake house. The house itself was built on a large island in the center of the lake and could easily house 100 people. They typically used the house for corporate retreats, but occasionally they offered the location to staff members who needed some R&R. 

“Would you look at this place Sabrina?” I said as I dropped my bags to the floor. “This place is amazing.”

“You’re right Mom.” She replied as she took a lap around the kitchen. “Is anyone else coming? Seems like a waste of space for 2 people.”

“As far as I know it’s just us.” I said as I inspected the fully stocked fridge and bar area.

“Well, how about tonight, we kick back, make camp here in the living room, eat junk food, and watch movies on this enormous television.” Sabrina said as she jumped onto the sofa in the sunken living room.

“Wouldn’t you rather explore this place first?” I responded. “There’s like 40 bedrooms.”

Sabrina waved me off as she attempted to work the overly complicated remote for the tv. I took it upon myself to find the 2 nearest adjacent rooms and set our bags our of the way. There was no reason for us to be slobs while on vacation. I wandered the halls for what seemed to be hours before I made my way back to the living room where Sabrina was still sitting.

“You hungry yet?” I asked as I opened the fridge in the kitchen

“No, but you need to come see this shit.” She responded transfixed to the screen. “This is the freakiest porn I’ve ever seen.”

I turned around to step down into the sunken living room where the television was. There was a woman who looked to be in her mid thirties sitting in a nice barber chair on the screen.

“Turn this off.” I said with a chuckle, looking at the image of the woman, who seemed to be happy and content sitting in the barber’s chair. “I don’t want my boss getting charged for your pay-per-view.”

“It’s not pay-per-view.”Sabrina retorted. “These are home videos. And there is a lot of them saved to the hard drive on this tv.”

On the screen, a man wearing a lab coat walked up to the woman and handed her a glass of bright blue liquid. Without saying a word, the woman drank the contents of the glass before handing it back to the man. The camera then zoomed in to the woman’s face. She had petite but very gorgeous features. Her hair was a beautiful dark brown, neatly trimmed to shoulder length.

“I’m very confused.” I said still staring at the screen. “Doesn’t seem very pornographic. Turn it off, God knows who saved these videos anyways.”

“Keep watching.” Sabrina said pulling her legs up onto the couch to sit Indian style. “It hasn’t happened yet.”

The woman on the screen began brushing her hair, which really was beautiful. The hair had a soft sheen to it and appeared well taken care of. As she brushed, it seemed that more and more hair was accumulating on the brush. With each stroke, the woman’s hair became thinner and thinner. After a while of brushing, the woman’s head was reduced to whispy strands hanging on to her scalp. The lone hairs were quickly removed as the woman ran her hands over her scalp. She looked perfectly bald and seemed pleased with the results. She sat there in the barber’s chair smiling as the camera zoomed in further to showcase her mouth. The woman reached her hand up to touch one of her front teeth, which appeared to be loose. With a little wiggle, the tooth popped out of her gums. I sat there next to Sabrina watching this bald woman pluck every tooth from her head with no effort. We could hear each tooth drop into a metal tin somewhere off camera. After the last molar was removed, the camera zoomed out to show a woman who seemed to be absolutely happy with her transformation. As she inspected her new hairless and toothless head, the man in the lab coat returned. The woman stood up from the chair to let the man sit. The man unzipped his pants, revealing a large erection, which the now bald and toothless woman began to go down on as the man caressed her head. After finishing, the woman collected her fallen hair and walked off camera before the video stopped rolling.

“Holy crap.” I said, looking over at Sabrina. “What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know, but there are at least 20 videos of different women, all drinking that blue stuff.” She replied running her hands through her waist length red hair. “I think one of your bosses has a kinky hobby.”

“The guy in the lab coat didn’t look familiar.” I replied touching my own chin length blonde hair. “Neither did the woman.”

“Maybe whoever commissioned these videos, just likes to watch.” Sabrina said as she messed around with the remote. “I wonder if they filmed here. Did you see any rooms with barber chairs in them.”

“No but I’ve only been through half of the house.” I said as I finally stood up from the couch.

“Well then lets go find that room and do some snooping.” Sabrina said with a mischievous grin.

“How about we don’t, and say that we did?” I replied with a smile. “I’m going to run to town and pick up some Chinese food. Do you want to come?”

“No, you go ahead.” Sabrina replied. “I’m going to hang back.”

“Okay, but be on your best behavior. Don’t go investigating while I’m gone.” I responded before grabbing my purse and leaving.

Driving to town and back to get food took me about an hour. I pulled into the garage and Sabrina met me at the care to help bring in the food.

“What did you do while I was out?” I asked as I dumped my kung pow chicken onto a plate.

“Nothing much.” Sabrina replied with a sly grin. “Checked out a few of the rooms, and found this.”

Sabrina took a large glass container from behind her back and placed it onto the counter. The contents of the container was a bright blue liquid.

“Where did you find that?” I asked, looking at the container for any distinguishable marks or labels.

“Under the sink in one of the bathrooms on the third floor.” Sabrina said as she scooped some rice onto her plate. “There’s a barber chair in the room next to that bathroom.”

“I told you not to go snooping.” I said putting the container back down. “We need to go put that back.”

“Come on Mom, aren’t you curious about what that stuff is?” Sabrina said as she shoveled food into her mouth. “I am.”

“For all I know, all of that stuff we saw was staged, and this is just blue kool-aid.” I responded. “I bet all of those women were already bald, and were just wearing wigs before. The teeth were probably just some clever editing to make it look like she was pulling them out.” 

“Okay then maybe we should drink some of this blue ‘kool-aid’ to prove your point” Sabrina said pushing the container closer to me. “If you’re right, then it just means you have a boss with a rich imagination and some serious video editing skills.”

“I’m not drinking some mystery liquid you found underneath the sink Sabrina.” I said pushing the container back. “For all I know it is cleaning solution.”

“It smells too sweet to be a cleaner.” Sabrina said as she unscrewed the top to take a whiff. 

“Don’t do that!” I said half joking and half stern.

“Are you afraid my hair and teeth are going to fall out mom?” She replied with a smirk. “I thought you said all of that stuff on the tv was all video magic.”

“I do, but I still don’t think we should drink random stuff we find under sinks.” I said smirking back. “I raised you better than that.”

We polished off dinner quickly and watched a normal, non pornographic movie before retiring to our respective bedrooms. Sabrina said she was going to call a few friends, and I figured I should call my husband to check on him. I caught him on FaceTime before he started getting ready for bed and told him everything that had happened since we got to the lake house.

“And there are more videos like that saved to the hard drive?” Mark asked, clearly curious to Sabrina’s and my strange choice in movies.

“Sabrina said there was at least 20 of them.” I replied. “Can you believe that someone would be in to that kind of stuff?”

“I don’t know.” Mark joked. “I think seeing you bald and toothless could be kind of hot.”

“Don’t tempt me Mark” I said back in a seductive and joking tone as I ran my hands through my hair. “Sabrina found, what she believes to be the liquid from the movie and basically dared me to drink it.”

“You’re kidding right?” Mark looked surprised. “She found that stuff just sitting somewhere in the house?”

“Yep, she sure did.” Still playing along. “I’m going to drink a big glass of it before I go to bed and get rid of all of this hair. And you know how much I hate going to the dentist.”

“Okay” Mark said clearly done goofing around. “On that note, I’m going to bed. Some of us need to go to work tomorrow.”

“Okay sweetie.” I replied, dropping my sexy act. “Have a good night.

I hung up with Mark and made my way back to the kitchen to get something to drink. Low and behold, the glass container was still on the counter sitting next to a glass filled with the blue liquid. The glass was sitting on a note that said “I double dog dare you.” I picked up the glass and smelled the liquid. It did smell sweet. I didn’t know what I was trying to prove, but I put the glass to my lips and took a sip. The liquid had a berry flavor to it, and was actually very pleasant. Satisfied with the thought that either Sabrina was messing with me, or I was 100% right about the liquid being fake, I drank the rest of the glass before placing it into the sink.

Moments later, I decided to take a shower before bed. I quickly stripped down and hopped into the warm water cascading over me. As I began washing myself, I noticed that a fair amount of pubic hair was coming out. My realization turned into alarm, when the rest of my pubic hair came off in my hand as I washed. As I stared at my perfectly smooth mound, I started hearing wet slaps hitting the tile floor. I looked around to discover that my beautiful hair was falling off of my head in clumps. I frantically reached up to my scalp and only felt smooth skin and the remnants of my hair. The more I ran my hands over my scalp, the more smooth it felt. I stood there in the shower, water beating over my hairless head, completely in shock. After recovering for a moment, I stepped out of the shower and stared at the alien looking back at me in the mirror. My eyebrows and lashes were also missing. Although I was completely stunned by what had just happened to me, I couldn’t help thinking that I didn’t look half bad. As I stood there, admiring myself and my newly exposed features, the next step of the transformation dawned on me.

“My teeth” I said out loud as I approached the mirror to inspect them. They didn’t appear loose like they did on the video. Maybe I didn’t drink enough of the liquid to have that effect on my mouth. Satisfied for the moment that I wasn’t going to be toothless, I started brushing my teeth. As I went to rinse and spit, I felt something dislodge in my mouth and come out. It was one of my canine teeth. As I reached up to inspect the newly formed gap in my teeth, an adjacent tooth tumbled out of my mouth. Although I was terrified about what was happening to me, I couldn’t hide the fact that the excitement was turning me on. Resigning myself to the transformation I was going through, I systematically went through and pulled each one of my teeth. My gums did not put up much of a fight, and before long every tooth that was previously in my mouth were now sitting in the sink. I looked so weird, toothless and hairless, standing there naked. 

“What the hell did I just do?” The words slurred out of my mouth as I tried to speak.

To be continued.

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