Transformation at the Lake House: Part 2

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I stood in front of the mirror and I barely recognized the image staring back at me. Moments earlier I was a normal 45 year old woman with a decent head of blonde hair, cut in a bob to chin length with a full set of pristine white teeth. After I drank that mysterious blue liquid, every strand of hair fell from my head, and every tooth was easily plucked from my mouth. I stood there in the bathroom, naked, bald, toothless, afraid, and oddly aroused by the whole process.

“What the fuck am I going to do” I said sloppily as I inspected my now toothless mouth. “I look and sound so weird.”

As I prodded my gums, I watched as the sockets that once held my teeth began to close in on themselves. I looked down and grabbed a handful of my teeth, letting them sift through my fingers back into the sink again and again. There was something erotic about what I was experiencing, but I had to snap back to reality. I needed to figure out what I was going to do. How was I going to explain this to Mark, my work, and my friends? I needed help. I wrapped a towel around my naked body and walked back into the bedroom to get my phone and text Sabrina.

“Are you awake?” I texted. “I need you to come to my room.”

I didn’t get a response from my daughter, but I did hear a gentle knock at my door. I stepped forward and opened the door to let her in. Sabrina stood there completely bewildered by what she saw.

“Mom? She said, finally speaking. “What happened?”

“I drank it.” I slurred “I drank the glass you poured for me in the kitchen.”

“Mom…” Sabrina replied “I am so sorry. I was joking! I didn’t think you would seriously drink it! That glass wasn’t for you.”

“Well I did.” I said as I led her to the bathroom to show her what had happened. “My hair is currently clogging up the drain in the shower and my teeth are in the sink.”

Sabrina walked to the shower and gathering the mass of hair laying on the floor, and set it on the counter next to the sink with my teeth.

“What did it feel like?” She asked, transfixed by the sight of what happened to me.

“Is that really your response to all of this?” I asked pointing to my face. “What the hell am I going to do?”

“There is a bunch of stuff upstairs where I was looking around in that room with the barber chair.” Sabrina said, snapping out of the fog. “Lets go check it out. Maybe we’ll find something?”

I threw on some clothes and followed Sabrina through the twisting corridors to the 3rd floor. As we walked I couldn’t help but to feel the inside of my mouth with my tongue. It was amazing how much room there was with the absence of my teeth. I also took every opportunity to run my hands over my perfectly smooth scalp. To be honest, although I was freaking out, I didn’t absolutely hate my transformation.

“It’s in here” Sabrina said as she opened the door to what looked to be a barber shop.

The walls were lined with draws and cabinets. In the center of the room sat a single barber chair with a cape draped over one of the arms. On the far end of the room, there was a another door. Sabrina began rummaging through the cabinets, looking for something to remedy my situation, and I couldn’t help but to sit myself in the barber chair and watch.

“Let me know if you find anything” I spoke carefully, trying to sound normal. “I’m just going to sit for a moment.”

I watched as Sabrina moved frantically down the rows of drawers. She always had the most beautiful red hair, which I had grown more envious of, especially given my current hairless state. Her hair reached down to her waist. She was never opposed to getting a haircut, but she never seemed to get anything more than a trim at her scheduled appointments. My mind started to wander and I wondered what Sabrina would have looked like if she had been the one to drink the blue liquid.

“It actually felt really good.” I said staring off into space. “I didn’t really get a chance to appreciate the transformation because the shock of everything, but I don’t hate this.”

“Really?” Sabrina asked, turning around with peaked interest. “Your scalp looks so smooth, like you’ve never had hair.”

“The more I touch my head, the more I like the idea of being hairless.” I responded, dragging my fingertips over my scalp.

“What about the teeth?” Sabrina asked as she reached out and touched my cheek. “What did it feel like when they started to fall out?”

“Hard to explain.” I responded. “There was something deeply erotic about reaching in and plucking the teeth from my gums.”

With gentle coercion, Sabrina opened my mouth and ran a finger over my gums. They were still sensitive from the events of the evening. I felt Sabrina shudder as her finger left my mouth.

“Let’s keep looking.” Sabrina said, turning back to the cabinets.

After a short while, Sabrina’s searching hit pay dirt when she found a drawer filled with denture sets of different sizes. The inner linings of each of the sets had a soft, moldable compound to create a better fit in the mouth. Although it wasn’t as ideal as having a custom set made to fit my mouth, we eventually found a suitable set after some trial and error.

“How does that feel mom?” Sabrina asked as she stepped back to allow me to see myself in the mirror.

“So much better!” I said with confidence. “At least I don’t sound weird anymore.”

“Let’s check out the room on the other wall.” Sabrina said grabbing my hand.

The door led into a dark, expansive closet area. After Sabrina found the switch along the wall, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hundred of wigs of different shades and cuts sat on mannequin heads. Sabrina and I walked down the line, fingering the fine craftsmanship of the wigs. They clearly were real human hair and were obviously expensive in their construction. Sabrina picked up a shoulder length brunette wig and set it on my head with care. After getting it to set right on my scalp, I could feel a slight suction from the cap. The wig appeared to adhere to my smooth head like a vacuum.

“You look good with brown hair mom.” Sabrina said as she played with the hair. “I don’t suppose anyone would care if you took a few of these wigs to compensate you for everything that happened.”

I found a full length mirror in the room where I could admire myself. I did look good. Other than my missing eyebrows and lashes, no one could possibly tell that I was secretly hairless.

“Thanks honey, but I almost prefer the bald look.” I said as I peeled the wig from my head and sat it back on the mannequin head. “Weird huh?

“It’s not weird.” Sabrina said admiring some of the other wigs. “You look good bald. I know dad will feel the same way. We should still take one that matches your old style.”

“You’re right.” I said as we continued to search the room until we found a suitable chin length blonde wig.

Sabrina helped me set the wig on my head until I felt the suction from the cap.

“You look like you again mom.” Sabrina said with a smile. “Like tonight never happened.”

“Did you really not mean for me to drink that stuff?” I asked, recalling what she said when she first saw me.

“I really didn’t.” Sabrina responded, pushing her hair behind her ears. “I wrote that note for myself after I poured a glass and chickened out. I figured that I’d see the note during the night or in the morning and convince myself to drink it. I really wanted to find out if it worked like in the movies”

“Now that you know it works, is your curiosity satisfied?” I asked as I gently removed my new dentures from my mouth and peeled my wig from my scalp.

“Not really.” Sabrina responded touching my face. “I kind of wish I had drank it instead of you.”

“I’m not going to stop you Sabrina.” I said taking her hand and moving it to my scalp. “I told you that I don’t hate this at all.”

Sabrina reach up and ran her hands through her hair while biting her lip in indecision.

“Sit down and I’ll be right back.” I slurred, placing my dentures and wig on the counter top. Sabrina looked like she was in a trance as she climbed up and settled into the barber chair without saying a word. 

I walked downstairs to the kitchen and located the glass container with the blue liquid. There looked to be enough for one more full glass. I poured the remnants into a clean cup and made my way back to the room with the chair. By the time I had got back to the room, Sabrina had taken off all of her clothes, and placed a tin cup on the arm rest. She had pulled her hair into a tight pony tail that she draped over her shoulder. 

“Are you ready baby girl?” I strained to say without my dentures in. “It all happens very quickly once it starts.”

“I think I’m ready mom.” Sabrina said reaching a hand towards me. “For some reason I really want to experience what you and those other woman went through.”

I handed the glass of blue liquid to her. Sabrina held it for a moment before taking a small sip. A smile grew across her lips.

“It actually tastes really good.” She said before raising the glass to her mouth and drinking the remaining fluid quickly, sealing her fate. “Did you feel anything before the process started?”

“I was in the shower shortly after I drank the it, but I don’t remember feeling anything.” I slurred as I reached up to caress my head. “I noticed my pubic hair coming out rapidly before I started hearing the hair slide from my head and slapping on the shower floor. The heat and sensation from the shower could have masked any feelings of the process starting, because before I realized what was happening, I was already bald”

“I only ask because I’m starting to feel a little tingling on my scalp.” Sabrina said. “It doesn’t feel bad, but I can also feel a warmth sweeping over my head.”

As she spoke, I noticed that the hair on her forehead started receding backwards slowly. I walked behind the chair and placed my hands on Sabrina’s massive pony tail.

“It’s happening baby.” I said as I fingered her pony tail. “Do you want to let all of this red hair slide from your head, or would you like me to take it all off with one pull, like a bandaid?”

I could see that Sabrina was enjoying the experience and wasn’t listening to my garbled voice. She spread her legs, exposing her firey red pubic hair. She ran her hands through the hair and it came off in one clump. She held the hair in her hands for a moment before dropping the handful to the ground. She then ran her hands over her forearms, releasing a mist of fine arm hairs to the ground. As she relished the removal of her body hair I moved her pony tail back over her shoulder and placed it in her hands.

“Pull it honey.” I said placing my hands on her shoulders. “I think you’re ready.”

I watched as Sabrina’s grip on her ponytail tightened and began pulling down. As the slack lessened, I saw as her hair was pulled from her head effortlessly in one piece, exposing her now hairless scalp. Sabrina held her intact pony tail in her hands as I began to run my hands over her head, pulling away the few remaining hairs that weren’t caught up with her pony tail. I took her hair from her hands to allow her to explore her hairlessness. As her hands passed over her brow, the hair swept away easy. With two simple pinches, her eye lashes were removed as well.

“Wow.” Was all Sabrina could say as she caressed her smooth scalp. “This feels amazing.”

“You look beautiful baby.” I said setting her hair on the counter top. “I told you it felt great.”

“Do I really look good mom?” She asked as she stared at herself in the mirror. As she spoke I could hear her having a little difficulty speaking. “My mouth feels kind of numb.”

Sabrina’s hand wandered from her scalp to her mouth. I watched as she opened wide and attempted to wiggle one of her front teeth. At first the tooth didn’t move much, but as Sabrina kept playing with it, it eventually gave way and popped out. Sabrina held the tooth in her hands, obviously enchanted by what she was doing. She dropped the tooth in the tin cup with a clink. 

“That actually felt really good.” She whistled as air escaped her newly formed tooth gap, before reaching back up to her mouth and began working on another tooth. 

Where the first tooth took some effort to remove, the second slid effortlessly into her hand before being dropped into the cup. I watched as Sabrina systematically and slowly removed each of her teeth, placing them into the tin cup. After she dropped the last of her molars into the cup, she reached back up and ran her finger over her gums which were obviously sensitive from the recent extractions. Sabrina said nothing, obviously still stuck in the moment like I had been.

“How do you feel baby?” I said as I ran my hands over her smooth head.

“I definitely don’t hate it.” She struggled to say as she gave me a toothless grin.

Together we rummaged through the dentures drawer until we found a set that fit her mouth the best. After pushing the moldable compound tightly up against her gums and palate, Sabrina opened her mouth wide and adjusted her jaw before speaking.

“Like it never happened.” She said, testing out her new teeth. “You weren’t lying about the whole process being erotic.”

With Sabrina’s transformation complete, I replaced my dentures and wig before following her into the hair room to find her a suitable wig. Although we couldn’t hope to find a wig that matched her previous hair length, we did find a gorgeous red wig cut into a pixie style. Once we fixed the wig to her head, Sabrina moved over to the full length mirror to admire her new look.

“Damn, I look good with short hair.” She said while striking a sexy pose with her perky breasts still exposed. “But I think I prefer the bald look, like you do.”

“It certainly is an acquired taste that I hope your father shares.” I said with a smile. “I think the toothlessness is going to take some convincing for him.”

“I’m sure you can highlight the benefits of the look mom.” Sabrina said smirking back at me as we made our way out of the wig room. “The girls in the videos all seemed to excel at one task after the tooth removal.”

Sabrina gathered her clothes, hair, and cup of teeth before we started back towards our rooms. We didn’t speak much on our way down stairs. Once we got back to our rooms, Sabrina turned to me and gave me a hug.

“I love you mom.” She said as she swept some of my wig hair out of my face. “Thank you.”

“Thank me for dragging you into the mess I created?” I asked with a smile. 

“No. Thank you for sharing the experience with me.” She said as she peeled her wig from her scalp. “It’s an experience that I won’t soon forget mom.”

“Good night sweetie.” I said as I peeled off my own wig. “I think we earned a good night’s rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

With that, we retired to our rooms. I place my wig on my dresser before going into my bathroom where the events of my evening first took place. My real hair sat in a soggy pile on top of the counter, while my teeth remained at the bottom of my sink. I slowly removed my new dentures and set them on the counter, turned off the light, and slipped into my bed. The coolness of the pillow felt like heaven on my hairless head and I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning I woke up, slid my dentures in and decided to forgo my wig as I made my way to the kitchen where Sabrina was making breakfast. I noticed that Sabrina chose to leave her dentures and wig in her room.

“Looking good baby.” I said as I grabbed a water from the fridge.

“I kind of prefer the feeling of being toothless.” She said with some difficulty. “While we’re here, I would prefer to get accustomed to the new me. I hope you don’t mind soft foods for breakfast.”

“Of course not honey.” I said, slipping out my own dentures. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

As we enjoyed our scrambled eggs, doorbell rang, sending us into a panic. We quickly grabbed our new prosthetics and situated ourselves before I answered the door. Standing there on the welcome mat was a very good looking man with short brown hair and glasses.

“Mrs. Henderson?” He asked politely.

“Yes, how may I help you?” I responded shaking his hand.

“My name is Dr. Townsend, and I’m here to collect some items that were left here the other night.” He responded confidently as he entered the home.

“What kind of items are you looking for?” I asked, following him into the living room.

“Namely, I’m here to collect your hair and teeth to send to my benefactor.” He said in a kind, yet creepy tone. “He really enjoyed the show you and your daughter put on for him last night.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about.” I responded with a small break in my voice showing my nervousness to his presence.

“I’m actually surprised that this happened as quickly as it did.” He said as he collected the glass canister that once contained the blue liquid from the sink. “It usually takes closer to the full week to coerce our models into drinking the formula. I see you found your way into my prosthetic supplies. Nice choice in hair pieces by the way.”

“What’s goin on mom?” Sabrina asked as she walked into the living room from the hallway.

“Ah, your lovely daughter! Dr. Townsend said referencing Sabrina. “My benefactor was very impressed with her performance. We both agreed that you truly owned your new look.”

“This is Dr. Townsend.” I responded to Sabrina. “He is here to collect our hair and teeth from last night. Apparently we have been filmed this entire time.”

“Please don’t think ill of me.” Dr. Townsend said with a smile. “I just provide the formula and collect the trophies. We never force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do. Of course, you will be handsomely compensated for your time and loss. Now, if you’ll fetch me what I’ve come for, I’ll be on my way.”

Sabrina and I went back to our rooms to collect our hair and teeth before returning to the living room where Dr. Townsend had two large bags and two jars waiting to receive our items. My hair was somewhat still damp as I slid it into the bag, whereas Sabrina’s hair was still neatly in its pony tail and slipped into the bag with ease. We then transferred our teeth into the jars he provided.

“Thank you for your cooperation ladies.” Dr. Townsend said as he collected the bags and jars and place two checks onto the countertop. “I hope that you find these satisfactory. Feel free to keep the wigs and dentures as well. The lake house is still yours through the week. I hope it goes unsaid that what transpired here needs to remain between us.”

“At least tell me who your benefactor is.” I said, getting a little heated. “I obviously work with the guy.”

“He prefers to remain anonymous.” Dr. Townsend said as he moved towards the door. “Just know that he has always liked you. Those cashier checks I have left you, are just a small token of his appreciation, and will likely finance you for the foreseeable future. Should you choose to not return to work, know that he will not blame you.”

With that, the Doctor made his exit. I stood there at the doorway and watched as he loaded his trophies into his car. Part of me felt violated, while the other part of me desperately wanted to know who in my office wanted me to go through this transformation.

“Holy shit mom!” Sabrina called out from the kitchen. “You need to come see this.”

I walked back to the kitchen where I found Sabrina staring at one of the checks left my Dr. Townsend.

“It’s a check for two million dollars.” She said, slightly freaking out.

I reached for my check and saw that mine was made out for five million dollars.

“He wasn’t kidding about being well compensated.” I said showing Sabrina my check. “I have a feeling this was why the models in the videos where so happy about their transformations.”

We did not remain at the lake house after our encounter with Dr. Townsend. We figured that we needed to rejoin reality and head back home. Mark was initially shocked with Sabrina’s and my transformation, but after some “convincing” from me, Mark agreed that the change was good. I didn’t even tell him about the money until after I showed him some of the benefits of my new look. I put in my two weeks notice shortly after returning home and made my exit quietly, as to not cause any suspicions to my motives. Sabrina and I will never forget what happened at the lake house, as it helped us discover something about ourselves that we didn’t know before. The money wasn’t half bad either!

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  1. Fantastic story here. You don’t find many that deal with women losing both their hair and teeth, so this was a nice find. What made it even better was how both women were happy with their transformations.

    I would love to see this continued or expanded upon. Maybe a look at Sabrina’s dating life as she shows her boyfriend her new look, or maybe a prequel exploring the creation of the mystery chemical that made it happen.

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