Tricked: A Lice Story

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One morning; after having a sleepover with her friends, 16-year-old Alex woke up in her dorm room with the other five girls awake and scratching their heads. Before asking, she noticed that her curly red hair covering her vision, she flipped it back over her shoulders all the way towards her ankles. Her best friends Jessica and Liz both had thigh-length wavy, blonde hair. Her roommates Ellie and Mary had knee-length straight brown tresses and Heather had hair the same length as Alex but was raven-black and crimped with blue streaks. 

They all asked what was going on. Jessica opened the door only to find a sign saying: “Please stay in your dorms. There has been a massive lice outbreak and we are trying to administer as much of the medicine as possible. However, there is not enough for all the students. So, the students who are NOT medicated by 10AM today, please come to the multi-purpose room for the alternative. The origin of this is under investigation.”

Thanks, Principal Mitchell. 

P.S., “Please have the handicapped-students and faculty come first to be administrated. The students will be next, given dorm by dorm.”

With panic in their eyes, they went out into the halls. The lights were on and signs were put up: “Medicine this way” it said. Heather, Jessica and Liz had a bad feeling about the situation. Luckily, the multi-purpose room was down the hall and it was split into two rooms. Each room had a window. Alex and Ellie looked through the windows and saw lines of barber’s chairs and students being sheared, and in the second room where line to the barbers. However, all the students in the lines were female students. 

Both girls told the rest of them to get to a safer area, but behind them was a man in an airtight suit with clippers, shears, combs and a long-range tranquilizer. They all ran when Heather tripped and fell through glass window into one of the barber chairs, but before Alex knew what happened they were caught with a long rope and tranquilized. 

The strange man took them to the multi-purpose room and sat each girl into a chair. They were held to the chairs by metal shackles, which then they were caped. Six teenage barbers in military uniforms stood behind them and the man in the suit gave the order on who was first. He chose Ellie, one of the barbers free-handedly used the scissors to take off large clumps and chunks of hair leaving her sides and back with multiple bald spots. He then took the clippers and used them to shave her clean in less than two minutes. Lastly, the straight razor went all over her head and left her with nothing but 1/32 of an inch from her forehead above. 

The others were in shock as she was then sent to another room with the doors slamming shut. After he pointed to the rest of the girls, and the barbers started. They were afraid and very nervous about the end result. Liz and Mary both looked at each lock falling down on to the pinstriped cape. Heather had her eyes closed and praying for this to be over. Alex and Jessica both let out tears as the massacre took place.

After about 5 minutes, they were all done. 

Heather got a crewcut and had her eyebrows shaved off.

Liz had been given a Flattop.

Mary received a High ‘n’ Tight.

Jessica had been given a Skullette.

Alex had a Bowl Cut w/ Shaved Side and Back.

When they all look into the mirrors and gasped. They had been sheared like sheep! When they started to get up; a slow clapping sound startled them, and Ellie stepped out with her hair intact!

They were stunned and confused; Ellie told them her father, Sgt. Luke “Buzzy” Richardson was a combat strategist, teacher of barbering and prankster in the Army. 

So, she called him and asked to pull a major prank with her and the help of the school’s faculty and Principal Mitchell. 

She got the signs printed from the faculty lounge, Sgt. Richardson supplied the chairs, tools, and other equipment from his old friend Mike Oleander; including itching powder being put in their conditioner, and Principal Mitchell asked some of the student to wear bald caps and wigs to make it look real.

Jessica and Liz then said she was with them when they were taken and tranquilized, while touching their new cuts. Ellie said she wasn’t tranquilized by the man in the suit, because her dad was in the suit the whole time and faked the injection. 

Alex then asked why she did this. Ellie wanted to focus on her work and the constant noise of their hair tools were too loud and took too long. Plus, she was always the least popular of the group.

The five girls looked at each other, Alex and Heather thought their new looks were unique, while Jessica, Liz and Mary needed a little more time to adjust. However, they did forgive her.

The next morning, Alex, and Mary woke up and noticed that Ellie was not in bed. After noticing the two girls heard a knock on their door, Alex and Mary opened up the door and saw Ellie with a red-colored Liberty-Spike Mohawk with Chelsea Bangs. 

Ellie wanted something new; and with her new leather jacket, jeans, short-sleeve flannel top, black combat boots, piercings and tattoos, she showed that it was her time to change.

The three roomies laughed and went to breakfast to meet Jessica and Liz.

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