Tricked and treated

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Fran smiled at herself in her princess outfit, she felt sexy and knew it.

Her sister, Barb, was going as a nerd , she permed her red locks and gave herself freckles with makeup.

”Don’t you two look scrumptious”,their mother gushed,”Oh! Fran, Misty called and said that Mark caught the flu that was going around”

”Really!”exclaimed Fran,” I was hoping to-“

”Make out with him”,Barb assumed.

”Shut up”,replied Fran.

”Alright, girls”,their mother interjected,”I guess you both are going trick-or-treating”

”Fine”,sighed Fran,”Come on, Barb”

The sisters were bid farewell by their mother and patrolled the streets for sweets.

They got to the street corner and a vehicle pulled up ahead of them and the window rolled down, showing Barb’s friends.

”Hey, Barb”,a sexy parol officer hailed,”What’s the score?”

”Not much”,Barb answered,”Couple chocolates and some sours”

”Well”,sexy officer said,”Get in”

”See ya”,Barb told her sister but she was apprehensive by Fran.

”Where do you think you’re going?”

”To a party”,smugly put Barb.

”No you’re not”

But, Barb managed to free herself and entered the car.

”See ya”, she called as they drove away.

”I’m calling mom!”Fran yelled but it was no use, Fran was alone on the street.

She walked down the street and went door to door, acquiring much candy as she went along.

Until the last house on the block, it was ancient and spooky.

Fran turned to see two kids walking on the opposite street.

”Hey”,she called to them,”Who’s house is this?”

”Old lady McKenzie’s”, one boy replied,”She’s crazy”

Fran thought about going on but the house looked as though it contained many a candy.

She took a breath and went up to the door. The handles were dusty and she grew ever so nervous.

One, two, the door-signal was brought down and she heard a voice inside: it sounded excited and feminine.

An old woman answered the door, having her hair up and a barber’s uniform on; she was old but very sprawl.

Fran couldn’t speak, the woman noticed.

”Trick-or-treat”, the barber dressed woman laughed playfully.

Fran nodded and held out her bag, the woman dropped some sweets in the bag but Fran didn’t turn away.

” I have more if you’re willing to do a favor for me”,the woman said as Fran, dumbly, accepted the offer.

”Perfect”, the woman smiled,”Come inside, it’s chilly out here”

The lady let the young one inside like a butler welcoming a guest.

The villa was warm and lit by a combination of candles and lights, it was cozy and non-threatening.

”So..”,Fran’s voice faded then was picked up,”What’s the job?”

”Follow me”,gently swayed the woman,”It’s just ahead”

Fran followed and she was swept away by the scent of cinnamon and lavender.

Even the barber chair the lady got behind was no shock to the girl, she was just slightly surprised.

”Won’t you have a seat, please”,the woman invited,”I don’t bite”

Fran had free will but the perfume in the room influenced her choice, she wanted to stay.

She walked up and sat in the chair, the hairdresser lady made sure she was sitting straight and Fran’s hair, behind the rest.

The lady took off Fran’s tiara and set it aside, she brushed the hair with a vintage brush and hummed quite heavenly.

Fran conjoined her hands on her lap and hummed with her.

”You’re good”,said the hairdresser lady, setting down the brush and going to a closet.

Opening it, capes hung up and a chest rested on the bottom.

”Take your pick”, the lady said, Fran pointed to a red cape with words “pretty girl” printed on it, lined with a sparkly fabric.

”Good choice”,smiled the woman, taking the cape and flipping it over Fran’s princess costume.

The lady then took the chest, put it behind the chair (lid towards her), and opened it.

She unfolded a feature, three, wooden rectangles, in which were clipper guards; ready for use.

“I don’t believe I told you my name”,the hairdresser stated with a smile,”My name is Gertrude”

Fran replied,”Mine is Franny, but people just call me Fran”

“That’s a lovely name”,said Gertrude, picking up the clippers and blowing them off,”Let’s give you an equally lovely haircut”

”Wait”,hesitated Fran, she was beginning to regret having agreed to this.

”Sweetie”,spoke Gertrude,”I locked the doors when you came in”


“You can go and see”,allowed the hairdresser,”I assure you, it’s locked”

Fran left the chair, with the cape still on, and went towards the door.

She tried to turn the knob but it wouldn’t budge and it was a key lock, she was trapped inside with her psychotic stylist.

Fran opened her phone but Gertrude had a WiFi-blocker, preventing service from coming in.

”My darling”,Gertrude said from behind Fran, the girl turned around quickly,”Let me out of here”

”I’m afraid I can not”,Gertrude confessed,”I lost the key”

”You did what!”

”After I am done”,Gertrude smiled,”My memory will allow me to obtain it. Now, come along”

”I don’t want a haircut”,said Fran.

Gertrude sighed and pulled a powder from a pouch on her utility belt, she blew the stuff onto Fran’s face which turned the princess docile.

Gertrude took the tranced Fran back to the barber chair and sat her down in it.

”There”,said Gertrude, readjusting the cape to cover all of the chair,”Isn’t better when you obey your elders”

The hairdresser lady then used her comb to separate top from sides and pin it in place.

”I was considering just shaving you bald, like the others”,admitted Gertrude,”But it would be sinful for me to gluttonously hoard your tresses unto myself”

She walked to the front of the chair and booped Fran’s nose with the clippers,”I will only take most of it”

Gertrude side-stepped to Fran’s right and gently tugged on some of the hair on that side.

”Such fine hair, very beautiful indeed”,sung the woman,”But it is the very price I set for your bail”

And, with that, she started up the clippers, the clippers traveled up the section til it was stubble.

Gertrude laughed as she dusted her cheek with the hair she cut,”Very fine hair”

She let the hair fall and went back for more, up and up, the side became stubble and the other two followed suit.

Gertrude ran her hand along the backside and her smile grew ten fold,”Such a shame, losing one’s hair is a tragedy but she shall gain beauty again once I’m done”

Gertrude picked up a can of shaving cream and painted the sides white, the razor did the rest.

Then, the top hair tumbled down its length; Gertrude ruffled it and began to feel a love for Fran.

”She can pull it off”,Gertrude told herself, suspending the dark hair and snipping it short.

With a wide-comb, she glided the clipper over the top; not so much to buzz off the hair, but to shape it to a plateau-type flattop.

Gertrude snipped the final touches and brushed up the cut.

She set up a camera in front of the chair and snapped a couple of photos of the girl with a flattop.

Gertrude took that picture into her bedroom; other photos hung on the walls of the room.

Gertrude holding up a girl’s Afro while the middle of it was buzzed off, a girl with twin twists (hair sprayed up) while the rest of her head was bald, and a bald girl with a captain’s hat pulled over her eyes.

”A new addition to the family”

Gertrude then heard Fran scream in horror at what she did.

Gertrude went down and looked over the situation,”Oh my”

“What have you done!”cried Fran,”My hair!”

”It is more manageable”,deflected Gertrude, going over to the girl and giving the hair a quiff,”Neat and tidy, as I always say”

“I-I”,stuttered Fran,”How could you?”

”Simple, my darling”,Gertrude said,”You’re hair needed a trim and then some and I was at the right place in time”

Fran hated her but then her mind drifted to Barb, how she blew her off to party with her friends.

”Gertrude”,Fran said as the woman swept the hair off the cape.


”Would you mind if I could bring you another head to style?”

”By all means”,said Gertrude,”What’s her name?”

”Barb, my sister”,spoke Fran.

A few minutes later; Fran called her sister from the street corner, music blared from the other end.


”Hey”,Fran replied,” I’m at the street corner that you left me, mom said it’s time to come home”

”No way”,Barb defied,”Rue is doing shots off her boobs, it’s crazy”

”You’re drinking!”

”Hell yeah!”Barb wooed,”Tell mom I will be home soon”

Then the call ended, Fran was mad, really mad.

Barb was drinking and she was only sixteen, she had to be punished.

”She’s at that party”,Fran told Gertrude,”They’re drinking as well”

”Is it Melody’s mom’s house?”asked Gertrude.

”Yeah”,replied Fran, recalling who’s car was driven,”How’d you know”

”She comes to my parlor to have her hair done”,relaid Gertrude,”Quite the character”

”Gather your stuff”,Fran said.

”What’re you planning?”asked the stylist.

”We are going to do some hair”

It was a short ride to Melody’s house and as Gertrude opened the trunk of her car, Fran went up to the door.

She knocked and Barb answered with Melody close behind, her sister was shocked to see her new cut.

Fran blew the powder into her sister’s face then did it to Melody, the girls stood still in wait for orders.

”Touché”,Gertrude marveled,”You do this better than me”

Melody’s parents were out and the guests had left, cans were still on the living room floor.

”My word”,Gertrude was disgusted,”Help me clean up, I refuse to work in a pigsty”

Fran held open a trashbag as the cans were tossed in.

”Well”,sighed Gertrude,”That’s better”

Fran carried in the barber chair and placed it the middle of the room, she lead her sister to the chair and sat her in it.

Barb’s permed locks were wildly untamed and in desperate need of a brushing.

Gertrude hummed as she flung a red cape over Barb and tied it, she ran a brush through the red tresses and motioned for Fran.

”She’s ready”,Gertrude snickered,”For you”

“I-“,blanked Fran then it was clear, she knew what she had to do.

Gertrude sat with Melody on the local couch and watched the show.

”Here we go”,Fran guessed, taking a red lock and chopping it close to her sister’s hair; one after another, all was a short, shaggy mess of red curls.

”Oh my god”,almost screamed Fran,”What have I done”

”Pick up the clippers”,urged Gertrude softly,”Keep going”

The adrenaline still swimming through her, Fran did and applied a deep red guard to it.

She knew it would leave a little hair so she glided it over the sides.

Gertrude’s face formed a critical look, she wasn’t satisfied.

Fran saw this,”I’m not taking more off”

”Fine”, she relented, getting up and moving to the youngling barber; she put her hand out for the clippers.

”Don’t take it all off”,Fran instructed, moving to the couch.

Gertrude removed the guard and smoothed Barb’s hairline but seeing Fran’s glare convinced her to do just a carving on the buzzed right side.

I heart my hairdresser, was all she wrote and Gertrude looked to Fran for approval.

Fran nodded and came to the females and ruffled Barb’s top,”Nice and short”

Gertrude agreed as she removed the cape, Fran picked up her sister and carried her to the couch.

An exchange later, Melody was put in the chair, her hair was brown and frizzy; this was Gertrude’s victim.

Fran looked at her shorn sister,”I’ll take her home”

”I can drive you”,offered the barberette, brushing up some hair and snipping it.

”No”,politely refused Fran, scooping up her sister and heading out,”Thank you, though”

Fran left Melody’s house and carried her unconscious sister back home, the wind picked up and she felt it on her bare sides and her flattop swayed as she walked.

Her parents were asleep by the time she set the body of her sister down in her bed.

She covered up Barb in her blanket and went to her room, she only then realized something was missing: her princess tiara.

”Shi-“,Fran said under her breath.

The next morning, Barb’s wail woke up her sister.

Fran’s mother was comforting her when she noticed both her daughters had their hair cut.

”Who did this?”asked her mother to Fran.

Fran shrugged,”I picked her up from Melody’s place, they had been drinking and I found her like that”

”You did what!”cried her mother to Barb as her sister sheepishly tried to hide her shame.

”You are grounded, young lady”,Fran could hear her mother holler at her sister and Barb’s wails almost made her smile.

Her mother joined her at the table, she ran her palm through the lawn of the flattop cut,”And, how was yours cut?”

”Barb left me on a street corner”,said Fran,”I was bored”

Her mother scoffed,”Don’t do it again”

The phone rang and her mother picked it up.

”Hello”, said her mother, her face sank and drained of color,”Oh my… She was what?… I was told that her and Barb must’ve played hairdresser or something cause her hair is short to”

Fran wanted to smile but ate with a straight face, she wanted to see what style Gertrude did to Melody.

And later that day, she would see the final result.

Melody wore a baseball cap over, covering up the massacre that was her tresses.

When she took it off, Fran covered a laugh with a yawn; Melody’s top was shaved, except for two long locks that drooped down her scalp, the backside of her head was bobbed and her sides were buzzed and carved with a diagonal pattern.

She was a living circus.

One day, when Fran’s hair grew to a descent length, she went down the way that was the cause of the insanity that was Halloween.

She stopped in front of Gertrude’s house and decided to knock on the door.

Gertrude opened the door,”Ah, my dear. Come for another cut?”

”I left my tiara here”,replied Fran.

Gertrude smiled, it was another cut for the tiara.

Looks like Fran had no other choice so she entered the house and was escorted to the chair, the tiara laid on its seat.

Gertrude dug it into Fran’s hair and sat the girl in the chair, she gentlemanly took Fran’s coat and set it aside.

Fran found herself in the same red cape and Gertrude gathered up much of her tresses.

”Ready, my dear”


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