Tricked into a perm with Mom

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This was on a Thursday in the late 70s. Mom was getting really nervous and also excited about her visit to Jane’s salon today which was deliberately chosen on a quiet day as Jane had persuaded her to get her first perm done before her usual roller set this time. I wasn’t entirely sure what a perm was but it was certainly making mom very anxious.



Jane was a very attractive lady in her late 30s and who was always changing her own hairstyle and got off in forcing her clients to have regular changes of style and colour. She had a senior stylist Lucy work with her and who was also attractive but even more bossy and had a very dominant nature which she often took advantage of when unwilling clients (mainly young girls or submissive housewifes) needed a little push! There was also a very pretty young lady, Charlotte, who worked the reception and shampooed hair.  I was  a 13 year old boy with quite long hair (as was the fashion then) and often went with mom to her hair appointments at Jane’s and then would go on to help her do the weekly shopping after. I normally got my hair cut monthly at the local barbers but didn’t particularly like to have to queue and especially knowing that two of the three male barbers were not good and just butchered your hair with the clippers given half a chance.




I liked to go along to Janes with mom and had crushes on all the salon ladies and they always fussed around me. I found Charlotte sweet and Lucy intimidating. Lucy often sort of flirted and teased me always asking if I want her to do my hair too as she would love to get hold of it. I think she is what you would call a MILF and knew it. Whilst I sat there and watched them working on ladies and girls at various stages of their appointments (whether being put in a salon gown, hair washed, haircut, rollers in, the highlight cap on, being doused in hairspray etc) I realised often found myself getting aroused and would stare and sometime discreetly have a fiddle. I hoped no-one was aware, however, I think Lucy had often noticed and smiled to herself having seen my arousal making a bulge in my trousers.




Today we walked up to the salon, the net curtains not allowing anyone a view of this femme inner sanctum. I felt privileged that I was allowed to enter this ultra feminine world. Not many men or boys did. We entered the door at 2pm, the little bell tinkled, a wall of all the lovely aromas of perfume, salon products and hairspray and the hum of a hairdryer hit us.  As did the very pink decor. We were welcomed by Charlotte with a warm smile, she helped mum out of her coat and sweater and then took one of the bright pink shiny nylon salon gown off the rail, held it open, slipped it over her arms and shoulders,  and wrapped mum up it in fully covering her pretty dress, then tying it tightly at the back and waist. She said it’s  your first perm today, isn’t it? You’re gonna look amazing and ran her fingers through it. Mum looked scared. Charlotte then took my coat and hung it up, held out another gown and joked asking me if I wanted to try a nice pink gown on too and get my hair done, then laughed. I shook my head and blushed. We sat down.




Lucy came over to see us and teasingly ran her fingers through my hair and lightly scratching my scalp with her bright red nails. hello handsome you gonna let me look after that lovely hair of your’s today this time, my it’s quite long. I guarantee you would love the experience as you seem to like watching all our lovely ladies and girls getting theirs’ done, don’t you, and your hair would look so great with some Lucy magic. Better than when you go to that old barbershop. I would want to be first in the queue as all us ladies will be fighting over you after I have finished with you. What could be better than a beautiful sexy hairdresser like me pampering you. I guarantee you would like the experience. I would like it too! I gulped and blushed.




Mom said well actually he is well overdue for a trim so if you have the time and if he doesn’t mind. I’m sure you’ll do a better job than those barbers do and I can tell he seems to like you.



Lucy scraped her long nails over my temples and over my crown again. I would really love to, more than you will ever know believe me, and would be thrilled to, and would do a great job but once Mrs Jones has finished under the dryer in a minute or so I have to comb her out and spray her, then I have a first cut, perm and set appointment for a girl straight after. Maybe next time, put him in the appointment book and there will be no escape then. I’ll be gentle with him. Grhhh she purred and then miaowed.



Although blushing, I relaxed and realised that was a close call. Jane came over to Mum, fussed with her hair and confirmed she was definitely giving her a perm today no matter what and that she would need to cut it slightly different and into layers for the perm  and some length will need to go. She would have to use the extra strong solution as it is virgin hair to ensure that the curls took well. It will be a big change but she was gonna look damned hot and not to worry, just enjoy some of the new sensations which she was sure she would.  Most housewives she had done it on enjoyed it and aparently were getting a lot more attention from their husbands too. Certainly her husband didn’t leave her alone for weeks when she got her’s done. She will not let her back out of it this time, as last time, she wanted more time to think about it and ended up with just a shampoo and set. Because of that her hair had got pretty long. Mum gulped and looked a bit nervous and ran her fingers through her fairly straight mid length hair and resigned to her fate tried to object but Jane just shushed her. She knew Jane always looked hot and knew what was best for her clients but was nervous about a big change and was also secretly finding her self getting slightly aroused and wet with Jane being so touchy feely and forceful in taking over how her hair will look. Jane looked at me and also said that I should really get Lucy to do my hair sometime and then asked Charlotte to give mum a nice shampoo and special head massage with a deep conditioning treatment to relax her. They went off to the backwash and I watched Charlotte place a shampoo cape and towel around her shoulders and guide her back into the basin. Charlotte  smiled at me and gave me a wink. I wished it was me in the shampoo chair and started to get aroused. Mom closed her eyes, was smiling and sighing and seemed to have relaxed a little.



I looked across at Lucy. She was in her private work station which had frosted glass dividers at the sides to give some privacy, a forward wash sink with numerous capes, products and tools on hooks and shelves. She was just taking the hair dryer hood off Mrs Jones and then untied and removed a pink hairnet. Then she put a pink frilly cape over her shoulders and removed the rollers.  She looked great in high heels and a tight short black pencil skirt and a tight fitting short sleeved red silk blouse. Red stockings covered her slender legs.  Her well formed breasts were standing out and her nipples were faintly erect. She had bright red lipstick on to match her nails, stockings, and blouse. I felt a further stir in my loins and crossed my legs. She looked across at me noticing my action and stared at my groin, gave me a knowing smile, winked, and licked her lips. I felt myself get harder.



She soon had Mrs Jones all combed out to a bouffant curly style and gave her a lot of extra hold hairspray for what seemed like a minute, and released her from the cape and then the salon gown which she placed on the back of the chair.



By now Mom had been shampooed, a cutting collar fixed around her neck  and Jane had started her haircut. She looked in shock and in a trance as lots of wet hair was being snipped off and was sliding down the cutting collar and gown into her lap and then to the floor. Jane just kept chopping saying I told you we need to take a fair  bit off. Mom was silent apart from the odd gasp. It was probably now shorter than mine.



Mrs Jones left with a spring in her step knowing that she was looking her best and her husband always paid her a lot more attention on hair salon day. Then Lucy sat, and very close, to me waiting for her next appointment and crossed her silk clad legs and as her skirt rode up I could see her panties. I could smell her lovely perfume. She asked if I had enjoyed the show and if I was  enjoying watching Mom’s  hair getting cut shorter than normal. She said it was a pity it wasn’t my hair sliding down the cape and could I imagine what a thrill it would be and she would really like to get me in her chair. She had some ideas to change it up a little as she ran her fingers through it. I gulped and felt my arousal stir. She did say not to worry I don’t bite. She even asked what I thought about some frosted streaks being put in! I blushed and gulped again and also found myself getting more aroused at the same time.  Not wanting to offend her I said it was a shame she couldn’t do it today, although no streaks for now, I did need a trim and I would have let her do it. I bluffed knowing that her next appointment was due any second.



Mom’s  hair was now littered around her, the cutting collar removed,  and a large red heavy pvc cape flipped out and put securely over her. It covered her fully body and went down to the floor. Jane started to roll the shorter hair on some small rollers. She still seemed dazed.



Charlotte then shouted over to Lucy, who was now preparing her station ready to do her next perm, that her next appointment had called in sick and wasn’t going to make it. I thought that was strange as I had not heard the phone go.



As if by magic Lucy was stood in front of me holding open the same pink salon gown which had just been taken off Mrs Jones. Some of her curly blond hairs were still on it. How fortunate, come on then I can do you instead now just like you wanted, sweetie, it will be such fun. Take your hoody off. Lets get you in this nice gown. Is that okay, mom? She asked.



Mom’s head was now totally covered in small curlers which Jane was starting to douse it with a pungent solution. Mom still dazed just nodded and said it was a good idea as long as he agrees to whatever you chose to do. Jane added that it was a great idea and that Lucy was good at persuading young girls to go with whatever she suggested, and boys even more so, with her cougar charm. It would be interesting to see what she does to him.



I could not offer any objections now so just took my hoody off saying okay just a trim then. Charlotte with a knowing smile hung it up and said my my aren’t you the lucky boy, Lucy’s got you in her web now, mmm, enjoy. I was told to put my arms out and Lucy tucked the collar of my shirt in, slid the pink nylon silky gown over my arms, moved around behind me and fastened it tightly at my neck and around my waist, deliberately brushing the back of her hand against my crotch, then ruffled my hair. The gown was warm and comfortable and smelled of Mrs Jones perfume and the hair lacquer she had been doused in. Lucy said, Oh, don’t these gowns feel and smell so nice, bit girlie, but you look so cute sweetie, no escape now until I release you. You can’t exactly go running down the street in this can you? Come on over to my station and take a seat and let me decide what I’m going to do with you. I noticed I had no say in it, it was not we but I!



She took me by the hand, I liked the way the gown swished as I nervously walked over and sat down in the comfy chair, still warm from Mrs Jones, in the little cubicle area staring at my reflection in the mirror, my head with untidy overgrown hair sticking out of a very femme pink salon gown, with this sexy dominant MILF stood behind and over me. She picked up her comb and started to assess it and ruffled it scraping her long nails all over my scalp and nape again. She pursed her lips deep in thought with what to do. I started to get aroused and the bulge was notable through the salon gown. She then put her hand on my shoulders and massaged them for a while and which felt great but added further to my arousal. Suddenly she leaned forward pulling my head back into her breasts by wrapping her arms around my chest then whispered in my ear. Right sweetie, I know your little secret. You’re a hair fetishist and get aroused watching all things hairdressing and which your current boner is just confirming, she put her hand down and gave it a pump and squeeze. You are now going to agree to everything I’m about to suggest otherwise it won’t be your secret anymore and mommy might not be too impressed. Agree and it remains my and your secret only. You and your Mom don’t know this, but there is no cancelled perm appointment.  You’re it, always were, I tricked you into getting into this chair then to admitting you need a haircut. Now I’m going to have so much fun and you will too. I haven’t had a boytoy to play with for a while its normally sweet little girls or daughter in laws of clients. It really turns me on and my pussy gets so tingly and wet.  She finally whispered remember you must say yes when I ask you a question and stuck her tongue in my ear.



She then released me and stood back and shouted out to Jane and Mom that as it was a cancelled perm appointment she had more time available than just to give me a little trim and thought it might be fun and that I might enjoy a full girlie salon experience, a  proper layered cut and a perm, just like Mom’s, which would be nice and a great look. Jane and Mom thought that if Lucy thought that, then she should go for it, if I agreed.



Lucy looked at me and said mmm so handsome, what is it to be? Of course I had no option other than to blurt out yes. OMG what have I done. I blushed, gulped and felt my arousal getting bigger.



Lucy started to tidy  some things on her counter and in a flash lifted my gown up and deliberately tipped a nearly empty cup of coffee over my trousers. Oh I am so sorry sweetie but if we get your trousers off I can put them in the washer then dry them whilst we do your perm and they won’t be stained then. She stood me up and I undid them, then she helped me pull them down and off but with a glint in her eye she put a finger to her lips and also yanked down my boxers and took them off too releasing my stiff cock. I realised this was no accident. No one else could see this due to the glass partitions. She gave my balls and stiff rod a caress and a squeeze, put a towel on the seat and sat me down. I was now naked below under the gown. She then got some straps and tied them around my wrists and secured my arms to the chair. I could not move now. Not going anywhere now sweetie. Finally a heavy big shiny pink PVC cape was flicked out and put around me covering my entire body to the floor and hiding everything underneath. To anyone looking, nothing was untoward.



She said right stay there whilst I put your trousers in the wash. You can sit and visualise what you will look like with very curly hair, you did know that is was a perm is, didn’t you?  I sat there looking at myself knowing I was well and truly at her mercy and that she had planned this. I could see my rod poking through the gown and cape and felt some pre cum dribble out.



She came back, said right lets get started, turned the taps on, put a towel around my shoulders and grabbed the hair at the back of my head and forced me forwards into the pastel pink  basin and gave me a very firm forced forward shampoo. It was total dominance and I realised I had no control or say in what was happening, but it aroused me.  No nice relaxing backward shampoo from Charlotte and looking up at her pretty face for me, although the shampoo did smell very nice and floral. I was soon sat back up with my long straight wet hair combed around my face.



Lucy then picked up a device  that looked like a little battery attached to some thick rubber straps. She lift up the cape and gown and attached it around by cock and balls and covered me again with the gown and cape. She then pressed a button on a remote controller on the counter and the device started to vibrate slowly around my privates and felt exquisite. I gasped.  My boner grew some more and was poking the cape up and I dribbled some more pre-cum. She looked at me in the mirror and slyly smiled. That nice, she asked? I nodded and blushed.



I’m so pleased you want to go for the perm you’re gonna love it and to look like Mom too. Just need to get the cut right first. Not so much to be chopped off as your Mom though. I’m not going to let you see it until the rollers are in and span the chair away from the mirror so I was facing out to the salon. Charlotte gave me a smile. Lucy pushed my head down firmly and snipped away at the back and started to snip the required layers in. When she came round to the sides she deliberately lifted the cape off and rubbed her pussy against my restrained hands until her short skirt rode up and eventually I was touching it through her panties. They felt wet. OMG, she was getting off on this. When she came round the front she lent in, undid the top buttons of her blouse and gave me a full view of her breasts with her nipples now erect and pointing through and out of her silk blouse. I could smell her sensual perfume. She was  also humping my knee with her pussy and her breathing got heavier and she sighed every now and then. I do love it when I have a transformation victim all restrained in my chair, as you can feel I’m so wet. This got me more aroused and, with the device providing a sensual constant vibration,  I realised I was in trouble and if this was to carry on I was going to come and could do nothing about it plus I was being given what was going to be the same new hairstyle as my Mom at the same time, the thought of which turned me on even more. I had dreamt of this but could not believe it was actually happening!



She then combed forward and snipped my bangs straight across, and announced my haircut was all done. It felt strange and weirdly exciting hearing and feeling my hair being cut but not seeing how it looked. I could not see it but it felt shorter and Lucy said it was and that it was now also in uniform layers around my head with short straight bangs across my forehead, my side parting now gone (whatever that meant); Ideal for a perm. She  undid the big pink cape and flicked it out removing all the bits of my mousey coloured hair and then fastened it tightly around my neck again saying it needed to be tight to prevent any perm solution getting on my clothes. Also it was covering up my bound arms and erection. Then she announced it was time to make me a curly sweetie and kissed my forehead.


She picked up small rollers off her little trolley and tightly wound my hair around them as bit by bit my head started to fill up with rollers and start to feel tight and heavy.



Jane poked her head around the partition and asked how it was going, praised my new haircut, and announced mum had to sit for quite a while as her curls developed and she was going to do a long to a purdy wedge restyle cut on a girl who was booked in by her mum but she wasn’t aware of the change .. yet. I gulped again, as I recognised the girl’s name as being a girl in my class. My first thought was wow if she’s getting a wedge cut there was going to be a lot of hair chopped off and secondly I was panicked as what if she recognised me.



The girl, Denise, walked in looking quire nervous and was soon wrapped in another pink salon gown and Charlotte took her off for her shampoo. She hadn’t recognised me in the mirror, why would she, as I sat there in a pink salon gown with the big feminine pink cape over it and a head half full of perm rollers.



I refocused on my dilemma as the last loose bit of hair was put in a roller. Lucy then put a rope of cotton wool around my hairline under the rollers. She span the chair to face the mirror and smiled. I did not recognise the face staring back at me. She picked up a bottle with a nozzle on it and said that it was now time  to be made permanently curly just like  Mommy, no going back! She leaned in and gave me a kiss on my lips and flicked her tongue in my mouth, it felt good, then pulled my head back and soaked the rollered hair in the foul smelling perm solution. I knew there was no going back now and whimpered. After a short while a pink plastic processing cap was placed over my head and Lucy said it would take 30 minutes to do it’s work and said she was going off for a cigarette.



I looked in the mirror. Jane and the girl were now at a station behind me, a cutting collar put around her shoulders with her long wet hair hanging all around her. She looked cute. Her long hair then put in a pony and Jane chopped it off. The girl was asking Jane what the hell she was doing and crying. I heard Jane say that her mother had asked her to restyle her to a purdy cut and was sorry if she didn’t know but that was what she was getting. Anyway, she said, you are gonna look real cute and all the boys won’t leave you alone once she was done with her. If you don’t like it we can always go shorter to a cute pixie. Jane then combed her hair forward cut a load off leaving bangs and then quickly followed that shape and length around towards her ears and around the back. She said it was popular with girls and young ladies and in fashion. It was too much for me and I groaned and came in a big gush and felt it dribble down my groin onto the towel I was sitting on. The vibrator kept going and I soon started to get hard again. Soon Denise was left with the finished cut but only after her head had been pushed forward and the clippers had been used to tidy her nape up. She looked in shock but was smiled as her nape was being clippered.



Meanwhile Charlotte had rinsed the perm solution off Mom’s hair and Jane asked Lucy to blow dry the girl’s new wedge whilst she put the neutraliser on Mom. I stared into the mirror and fantasised about Lucy who was stood their looking hot finalising the girl’s new drastic restyle. I thought how great it was that I was able to be in a ladies salon to witness that and not even be recognised by the girl, Denise. Soon still in tears her hair was set in place with a good dousing of hairspray and she was released from the gown by Lucy who gave her a big hug and said how pretty she looked and, now that she had taken the plunge, how she thought that she should get a perm and highlights or a pixie next and that she would love to do it for her. Denise was unrecognisable. To be fair, I thought she looked dead cute and sexy and so much better than with the old long straight hair.



Lucy then turned, smiled, and slowly came over to me her heels clicking on the floor. Right then sweetie, did I hear you come, let’s check down below and then get you all rinsed out and neutralised shall we? She lifted up the cape and gown to inspect what was happening under there. She said, ahh I thought so, you are enjoying yourself aren’t you? Did you like Denise’s cute restyle? We just love to restyle girls as well as boys here and it’s even more fun when they’re not expecting it! She cleaned me up a little with tissues and licked and sucked the top of my cock until it was hard again and which felt amazing. She stood up and whispered in my ear. My, my sweetie someone does like being in my chair. Did you enjoy watching Denise’s haircut whilst you sat there in you rollers and cute pink cape, tied to my chair and not able to prevent yourself from coming?! You’ve come and got hard again already. I’m really horny and it’s only fair that you’re gonna make me come in a while. She put a towel over my shoulders and pushed my rollered head forward and down into the basin again. I closed my eyes tight and enjoyed the firm and dominant way she was treating me. It was not too long until I was sat up again and Lucy dabbed the rollers dry with the towel. If you’re a good little darling I’ll let Charlotte lose on you at the backwash to rinse out this neutraliser and give you one of her best head massages and a little surprise as a treat. She’s not quite so sweet as she appears, all the boys, and even most ladies seem to love that, your Mum certainly does.  She then tilted my head back, kissed my forehead, then my lips, and started to apply my neutraliser which felt cold on my scalp.



I heard a shriek from Mom and she shouted out oh my good Jane what have you done it’s so short and so curly. Jane said don’t worry about it, they all say that the first time. You look cute. Just enjoy the feelings and wait til we’ve set it in rollers, tidied up your nape and finished it with hairspray. Trust me all the husbands go mad for it. I’ll do your make-up to look a bit tarty as well so its a dead cert you’re gonna get so laid tonight. Now I am going to soak and set it in firm setting lotion, hand me these rollers will you.



I gulped as I knew I was supposed to be having the same done as Mom and if she was shocked with how she looked what was it going to be like for me?  Lucy told me I was done and had a little wait for the neutraliser to work and that Charlotte will collect me for my treat at the backwash later. A bit later I noticed Jane walk by with a gowned lady, who looked in shock, and who had a full  head of small rollers in her hair held in place by a pink hairnet and pads over her ears. She was led to the seats where the dyers were and one placed over her head and a hum started as it fired into action. It obviously was mom, I hardly recognised her. She looked flushed and gave me a meek smile and I did the same back in the mirror.



Whilst Mom sat there and I waited for my neutraliser to sink in, Charlotte washed Jane’s hair and then Lucy gave her a trim and set her in rollers, gave her a passionate kiss on the lips, and placed her in a pink hairnet and she sat under the dryer next to Mom. Jane even looked hot with rollers in.



Charlotte walked up to me, untied my restraints, and said come on lover let’s get these perm rods out, get you rinsed and see what these cute curls look like. I’ll treat you to one of my best head massages and a little surprise too. The pink PVC cape was removed and we walked over to the backwash. She wrapped a shampoo cape, then a towel over my shoulders and gently held my neck and leaned me back. This is so much more a sensual and intimate experience than a forward wash she said. She took the rods out and said oooh these are so curly and cute just like your Mom’s. My erection got harder and pre cum dribbled out. She then rinsed my hair out, shampooed it and then put something else in, conditioner I guessed, and started to give me a really sensual head massage for several minutes and ground her pussy into my hand and arm and let her bosom brush my face. I felt that another orgasm was building up as the gentle vibrations continues in my crotch. She noticed my pole getting bigger which was so obvious as I was reclined and only had the gown on and whispered in my ear my, my big boy somebody is enjoying themself a little too much.  I am too and this is making me so wet. I think I’m going to come any second, she gasped and ground her pussy harder onto my hand and I felt it spasm and her panties get soggy. She then kissed me on the forehead and said thank you. At the same time Lucy came over and said you two seem to be having fun. Told you she is a bit ferel. She had the remote in her hand and pressed the button to make it go on full power and laughed. I gasped and lost my breath and within 30 seconds had come quite strongly. Lucy said well he certainly has a cute cum face, kissed me on the lips, kissed Charlotte on the lips, and then she and Charlotte laughed.



Whilst I was still laying back in the backwash Charlotte then did something to my eyebrows which stung a little then announced they looked much better. She rinsed out my hair again. I was soon towel dried, my hair wrapped in a towel, the shampoo cape removed and led back to Lucy’s station. The salon gown swished again and the soft silky nylon material felt nice against my bare buttocks, cock and legs. I looked in the mirror but my hair was totally covered by a towel but my eyebrows were practical gone and were now in a thin arch. Lucy span the chair around so I couldn’t see my new curls and then removed the towel. I saw a look of shock on Mom’s face and Jane smiled and just said cute, just like mommy!



I was soon doused in some lovely perfumed setting lotion and tightly set in rollers. Lucy then picked up a large pink hairnet with a grin, held it over my head and let it float down and then fastened it tightly around my head and tucked some pads under it and over my ears. She turned the chair around slowly and I saw myself. She grinned. I saw a younger version of Mom’s head sticking out of the pink salon gown, quite cute I thought, then realised it was me and gasped. I was led over to the dryers and placed under the one next to Jane. She took my hand and said not to worry and that I was gonna look really hot and that I now need to go to Lucy everytime if that’s how she can make me look. She said it it been a real turn on for her. She then led my hand up her thigh under her dress, I felt her stocking top and suspenders. I was aroused again. She started to take it higher over bare flesh just as we touched the edge of her wet panties an alarm went off and she said damm that’s me and Mom done. You stay here and watch me finish mom off as you’re gonna look similar when Lucy’s done with you.



Mom was sat down and the cutting collar put on her again. Jane gently removed the rollers. I could not hear what was said but she looked a little concerned then her head was pushed firmly forward and down leaving her nape exposed and Jane grabbed some clippers, they fired up and Jane gently ran her hand up  and after slowly pushed  the clippers quite a way up her  nape several times. Jane was grinning and lifted Mom’s head and said something which I couldn’t hear over the dryer noise and kissed her. I could see in the mirror that Mom was flushed, gasping, but smiling.  Eventually Mom sat there flushed and wide eyed  looking at herself. Her mid length hair was now a mass of uniform short barrel curls sitting half way up her neck and surrounding her face, just below her ears and above her eyebrows. Jane snipped at a few curls which dropped to the floor. It seemed strange to see all her old longer straight hair on the floor still with the small curls sitting on top. I looked over to the floor in Lucy’s booth and saw all my cut straight hair laying there and gulped as I realised I may have some curly ones to add to it too. Jane picked at Mom’s hair, took the cutting collar off and emptied half a can of hairspray on it. I could smell the heavily perfumed hairspray from across the room. Jane then untied and released Mom from her gown. She looked so prim, but hot, stood there in her pretty dress and new hairstyle. after giving Jane a big hug and a kiss she went off to the waiting area and said she was nipping next door to the shops.



Jane sat down in her own chair and Lucy put a sheer pink lacy combout cape over her shoulders and took her rollers out. They seemed to be flirting a bit with each other and I could see Lucy was grinding her pussy on Jane’s hand and that Jane had faced her palm up and was stroking Lucy’s pussy with her index finger. Jane was soon done and look so hot with her hair freshly trimmed and coiffed. She stood up and they both looked across at me. Jane sniffed her fingers, looked across at me, then licked them and then gave Lucy a big long passionate kiss. I found this so erotic that my cock was fully erect.



Then an alarm went and my dryer stopped humming. Jane came over, took the hood from over my head  and said okay lovie it’s time to finish you off, so to speak, and show you the final result. She whispered in my ear that Lucy was close to coming and if I rubbed her pussy and clit and finger her a bit more she was going to. She led me over to Lucy who was waiting in her area and sat me down facing the mirror then turned the chair around again. Both Charlotte and Jane watched on as the hairnet was taken off and the rollers gently removed. My hair felt lighter and the curls bounced as my head was moved around. Lucy was humping my hand and legs again but harder this time. As my hands were free now, I felt up her skirt, put her panties to one side and stuck my index finger up into her tight, very wet, and warm love hole and vigorously pushed it in and out, strumming her clit with my thumb. She gasped and I felt her pussy twitch and spasm then spray her juices all over her silky panties and on the sleeve of the gown. She kissed me passionately and whispered thank you and that she needed that as she finds doing restyles and doing Jane’s hair such a turn on.



She then put a cutting collar around my shoulders and snipped at my hair to get it just right. She and the other two kept making comments about how well the curls had come out, what a lovely soft cut and how pretty my hair looked. I noticed some tight little curls slide down the collar onto my gown but was shocked to notice that they had a pink tinge in them. I thought surely that was the lights or the pink gown showing through.



Next Lucy clicked on the clippers and said think we might go a bit higher up than Mom’s and get you a really smooth sharp hairline.  She really enjoyed them, let’s see if you do, shall we? Please assist Jane. Jane stepped forward seductively and slowly with her heels clicking on the floor. She stopped close in front of me and leaned forward and pulled my head tightly into her breasts and then tilted it down firmly totally exposing the back of my head and nape for Lucy to do as whatever she wanted. I could feel Jane’s erect nipples brushing against my cheeks through her silky blouse and I could smell her rather erotic perfume through my nose which was nestled in between her cleavage. I could not move and then I felt the vibration of the clippers touch and tickle the bottom of my nape and Lucy gently and slowly run them up the back of my head what seemed a long way. Little curly clipping fell down into my lap. This seemed to last several minutes. The vibrations, unable to move,  and being dominated by two hot women felt so erotic. Lucy turned off the clippers but Jane still held my head down and tighter to her breasts, I was barely able to breath. Then I felt the vibrator being turned up to a fast pulsating mode. Jane whispered come for me sweetie and I gasped and released the biggest and longest orgasm I had ever had. It seemed to last for minutes. Then the vibrations stopped and Jane released me from her grip and said well seems like both mother and son like those clippers, aren’t they just devine? I now realised that mom must have had an orgasm when Jane clippered her neck too!



Lucy then stepped out of her panties and dried her pussy on a towel and then lifted my gown, removed the vibrator and cleaned me up down there. She then reached for some shaving foam and smeared it all over my nape. It must have had menthol in as it felt all tingly. Then she gently scraped it off with a straight razor which again felt great. She said, there that is a so smooth now, no stubble at all. She replaced the cutting collar with a pink lacy comb out cape,  combed and flicked at my new curls for ages then grabbed a can of perfumed firm hold laquer, which smelled really nice, and covered my whole head in a mist for about 20 seconds. Let that dry and repeated it once more.


She then went and got my now dry trousers and boxers and said we better get these back on you, stand up. Only she picked up her damp silky panties and slipped them up my legs saying that we were gonna do a pantie swap and I could have her’s as a souvenir. Although damp I loved the feel of the silk material as they rode up my legs and went over my genitals and buttocks. My trousers soon followed, Lucy put my boxers on up and over her stockings,  and I was sat down.



Lucy circled me and asked the other two what they thought. They both agreed that it was a great restyle and I looked so cute and pretty and they knew I would like it as they had noticed how interested and aroused I had always been when sat watching their clients have their’s done. They clearly agreed I had enjoyed myself given the orgasms they have had to clean up and Charlotte and Lucy agreed they and Mom had enjoyed theirs’ too.  Jane stated she hadn’t come yet. Charlotte said that if Jane does her hair for her she will get her off whilst she does it. Lucy offered to lick her out whilst she was laying backwards having her hair washed and  a head massage from Charlotte. These were 3 highly sexed ladies and I started to feel arousal again as they discussed there sexual preferences in front me.



Then the comb out cape was removed from my shoulders and Lucy said let’s see what you think sweetie. The chair was slowly turned towards the mirror and Lucy held up a mirror so I could see the back. I saw a cute very curly head of short hair, with a pink tinge in it, sticking out of the pink salon gown. This person looked like a cute female version of me and a younger version of Mom. The person had thin arched eyebrows too. It did look cute. I stammered oh my god what have you done, pink, my eyebrows, so curly, so short!



Charlotte said oh yes don’t you look amazing I could jump you here and now. The eyebrows and pink were my surprise for you. I did the pink rinse whilst washing your hair, I bet you thought I was putting conditioner on. I like to see the look of shock on our ladies faces when I’ve done it. It will wash out after a few washes but you can’t wash your hair for at least 4 days after the perm so you’ll  just have to enjoy it until then. The eyebrows had to be done now your bangs are above them. They look so much better thinner and arched like that.


Mum walked back in saying although shocked with her own hair she has just had a lot of attention with it whilst out and mainly from men but also some women. Then she saw me and said what a great job they had done, said how lucky that Lucy had become available, and hugged and kissed all 3.


Lucy then gently untied and released me from my gown and tidied my collar. I looked strange with so soft and feminine hair yet in male clothing which now had the smell of Mrs Jones perfume and the fragrance of salon products.


Another mother and son walked in and Jane greeted them saying hello Suzie you looking forward to your first ever perm. Oh, also Lucy’s had a cancellation so she can do your son’s hair too, if you like. She leaned in and rustled his unruly mop and said It looks like it needs some attention and a restyle and Lucy is really good with young men. Lucy winked at me. He blushed. I thought .. this salon is good, 2 more restyles coming up,  and that he is in for a treat. Him and his mother were soon wrapped up tightly in the gowns just taken off us and walked off with Jane and Lucy to their stations.


Charlotte helped me back into my coat, Mum paid and we both left the salon with the tinkle of the bell behind us. I loved the the trail of the salon aromas that followed us and the cool breeze on my smoothly shaved neck.

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  1. What a great, sexy story. I especially enjoyed all the detail around perming, hair products, and styling. If I were that young man, I’d be in for a weekly set and session with the ladies. Keep up the great work, and I hope there is a sequel.

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