Triplets always …..

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Triplets always …..
By JimB ©opyright April 2016

“What do you think she is up to now?” Amy said to Marci.

“All very mysterious.”

“Calling us over to her place but not being here,” Marci, the eldest of the triplet by eleven minutes, said to Amy, who shook her head.

Not from a reluctance to answer her sister, just from sheer awe at the question.

“With Lynn,” Marci replied.

“Who would dare guess!”

The three honey-blonde triplets had mimicked the identical-patterns of triplets for nineteen years in looks, tastes and deed.

But, as they entered their ‘twenties’, there was increasing signs of divergence.

Lynn was, undoubtedly, always the madcap of the three.

But, now!

“How do you think her blind date went?” Amy giggled.

Marci grinned back, joint conspirators in their sister’s love life, which they firmly believed needed their help.

Amy slipped off her top and stood in self-critical appraisal in front of Lynn’s huge mirror. She pursed her lips and with a deep breath, inflated her generous bosom.

“Mmmm not bad!” Marci was impressed and quickly shrugged off her shirt to model with her sister.

The triples were well endowed and did not pass up the chance to show their body off to others.

Their hair tumbled in its honey tones around their bared shoulders, giggling and sharing at each other.

They posed in varied seriousness, their reflections merging then clearing.

The door opened.

They did not hear Lynn enter, as they giggled still.

Then, something made them turn, suddenly, startled and shocked.

Perhaps a small noise, a glimpse of a third reflection in the huge mirror.

Or, that secret sense of being whole they had, of their third-part joining them.

A click as their sister hit the switch for the bank of overhead spotlights above the mirror.

The harsh white light freezing Amy and Marci.

Impaling them in its glare.

Then, Lynn stepped into the light’s outer edge and the girls gasped, Marci’s hand flying to her mouth.

“Guess what your ‘blind date’, you two set me up with, did as a hobby?” Lynn told them as she stood furious and pale, the spotlight emphasizing her shiny and completely shaven head!

“What happened, I mean how, I mean…!” Marci stammered, something she never did.

She was basically speechless.

“Did he, I mean!” Lynn inquired speechless. “Did you let him do this to you?”

Her furious face quickly turned into tears.

Lynn had a hard time telling what happened, weeping and blowing her nose in between sentences.

“We met at this bar, as you told me.

“He recognized me by the red ribbon in my hair,” she cried louder as she realized she used the word ‘hair’.

“He was really nice.

“We had a drink, we went to that new diner on Route 56.

“There was something about him, about his voice, that was so comforting.

“So, calming.

“I felt very much at ease and when we got to his place.

“I felt right at home.”

Lynn was not making this up, that was for sure.

Had this guy really did not made her feel at ease, as much as she told them, she would never have gone to his place.

Marci might.

Amy would surely have.

But, Lynn, crazy as she was, knew exactly how to limit the typical male’s desire to jump into bed on the first date. She always managed to get away with it without losing a new boyfriend, too.

This guy must really have had done something special to make Lynn go to his place with him.

“He had me lay down on the couch and talked me into letting him hypnotize me. He told me it was perfectly safe.

“And, I guess the way he had been talking, all the time, already took me half the way because he only needed a few more words to have me deep under,” Lynn began.

“It was really strange. He had complete control over my mind.

“He poured me what he called a glass of wine.

“And, although it clearly said ‘Coke’ on the bottle, I was convinced it was and tasted like wine.

“Then, he made me get uncomfortably hot.

“So, I undressed to cool down a bit.

“He complimented me on my blonde bush and asked me about it.

“I told him how proud I was to have blonde pubic hair.

“Then, he showed me some black hairs and he suggested I let him cut them off, to leave only blonde hairs.

“I knew I only had blonde pubic hair.

“Yet, I was convinced I was seeing black hairs, too.

“So, he started to cut off the black hairs, which didn’t exist.

“As he showed them to me, after he cut them, and made me confirm they were indeed black.

“Something inside me said they were blonde.

“But, what I said out loud was they were black.

“After he cut off all my pubic hair, I let him shave off the black stubble. After that I saw a completely blonde bush.

“But there was none.

“I look, there was no hair left, yet I kept seeing a blonde hair.”

While Lynn was telling this, she had unbuttoned her dress, and opened it to show her hairless pussy to Marci and Amy.

Normally, Marci and Amy would have been shocked at this sight, because all three were very proud of their blonde bush and would never voluntarily give it up.

But, the sight of Lynn’s shaved head, was much more overwhelming.

“He made the heat go away,” Lynn continued telling them.

“So, I put on my dress again.

“He sat me down on a chair. He complimented me on my hair and started brushing it.

“First he brushed from front to back, then he started brushing from my neck upwards.

“It felt good. I felt so relaxed.

“He had me talk about how relaxed I felt and how good it felt to have my hair brushed.

“Then, he changed to another device, which he called an electric brush.

“I recognized the device somehow.

“But, his voice was so convincing, I accepted this was an electric brush.

“He turned the electric brush on, because that’s what my mind though it was.

“My mind was not capable of realizing it.

“The vibration of the clippers against my neck felt good.

“So, much better than the normal hairbrush.

“I was asked to tell him how good it felt.

“He ‘brushed’ my hair, upward on my neck, with the electric brush, and from front to back.

“While I was constantly talking about how good it felt.

“He had me close my eyes before he started again with the clippers so I didn’t notice what was happening.

“Then, he said he was going to shampoo my hair and put some kind of foam all over my head.

“He massaged the foam, which was really shaving cream, into my head just like he was washing my hair.

“Then, he presented another strange brush, which was really a straight razor.

“He wiped the foam off my head with the brush.

“All the time I did not realize what was happening.

“He put me to asleep and when I woke up I felt a very strong urge to pee.

“So, he told me where the bathroom was and told me it was all over.

“I tried to remember things but everything was still very vague and I couldn’t concentrate, yet.

“Because I had to pee.

“I pulled up my dress up as I sat down. I noticed I was not wearing any panties anymore.

“Then, I saw my shaved pussy and started getting mad.

“But, I had to pee first.

“So, I could not rush out and start screaming at him.

“While I sat on the toilet I noticed my hair wasn’t falling forward as usual.

“So, I felt my head.

“Then, I was really mad.

“I ran out of the bathroom screaming, yelling and I started hitting him all over.

“I don’t know how long I kept screaming and slapping him before I simply ran out the door.

“I cried all the way home.

“I don’t know if people were staring at me.

“They must have.

“I was still in a daze. I wanted to wake up, to find it to be just a terrible dream.”

By the end of her story, Lynn was sitting on the bed, almost curled up crying.

Marci and Amy tried to comfort her.

But, there really wasn’t anything they could do. They told her over and over how sorry they were.

How they would make it up to her. How they would support her.

It took Lynn another ten minutes or so to calm down a bit.

She was a mess, all sweaty. A tear covered face, hot, still shaking.

Finally, Lynn managed to stand up and walked back to the door to get a bag she had put down.

There was the faint noise that alerted the girls when Lynn entered the room.

From the bag she retrieved a set of clippers.

“Oh no!” Amy and Marcy began telling Lynn.


“Look, we’re sorry, we’ll make it up to you somehow.

“But, we’re not letting you cut our hair off, never!” Marci took the lead, defending both Amy and herself.

“Look, we’ll buy you a wig, identical to our hair style.

“Nobody will know the difference!”

Lynn was determined.

“You two got me into this mess!” she harshly said to her sisters.

“We have always been identical!

“We will remain so.

“Whether you want it or not.

“You can either cooperate now or else have it done when you’re not expecting it.

“In your sleep maybe.

“Or, maybe in public.


“There will be no way you can protect your hair day and night.

“It all has to go.

“So, you might just as well let it go here and now.

Lynn was right of course.

The two sisters knew they would not be able to stand being different very long.

Once their mine was set to it, the clipping itself was pretty uneventful.

The clippers were very effective and reduced the two heads to stubble in only a few minutes. Slowly Lynn took her time moving the clippers over her sisters’ head.

She wanted them to enjoy the pleasure she felt, unbeknown to it at the time.

With each pass their blonde hair tumbled to the floor forming a blonde pile.

Clipping her sisters pubic hair proved pretty erotic.

The vibration of the clippers brought both sisters near a sexual climax they had never felt before.

The three sisters hopped in the shower together as they used to do often, before they got their own place.

They had fun with the razors.

Lynn lathered her sisters head one at a time. Making sure each was well lathered.

Amy slowly shaved Mari’s head as Lynn stood back and watched.

Watching the face Mari made as Amy shaved a little then showed her the razor with the lather and blonde stubbles before rinsing it all off the razor.

After a few shavings Mari felt her shaven head and closed here eyes with smile said, “This feels very smoother.”

When Amy had Mari’s head completely shave she turned on the shower and let the warm water flow over her smooth head. She closed her eyes as her fingers washed the excess lather from her head.

Lynn lathered Amy’s head as Lynn took the razor from her.

“You are going to enjoy this,” Lynn told Amy as she turned to back to Lynn.

Lynn shaved the back of Amy’s head, first.

She stood back as Amy turned left and watched her eyes close as Lynn began shaving the left side of her head.

Amy raised her left hand up to feel the shaving but Lynn grabbed it and stopped her.

“You have to wait,” Lynn told her as Mari motioned her to turn her body so the right side.

When Lynn had Amy’s head completely shaved, she was allowed to feel the smoothness.

Her eyes closed, she smiled. Her fingers moved slowly over her shaven head.

Lynn knelt before her sisters and began lathering the stubbed bushes.

Slowly spreading the lather than massaging over their bushes.

Without warning Lynn gave each sister’s pussy a little internal massaging.

Amy and Mari were surprised by Lynn’s internal massaging because neither of them had ever done this before.

They closed their eyes as each one began brushing Lynn’s smoother hairless head.

This caused Lynn to a finger in their other opening, which her sisters slowly stood upward.

Shaving Amy a little then Lynn.

When Lynn was finished shaving her sisters, each showing the excess lather under the warm water of the shower.

Stepping out the shower they each dried their self then the other one.

Lynn made sure their pubic area was well dried.

Then, they stood laughed at the sight of their shaven head and pussy.

After toweling off and getting dressed. They looked into the full-length mirror and burst into laughter again.

They hugged and kissed.

Lynn went to get the plastic bag again.

“Here sisters, you have been real supportive.

“So, I got a present for all of us.”

From the bag she retrieved three identical wigs, not very unlike the hairdo they had less than an hour ago.

Lynn put hers on first, to show it off to her sisters.

“You look really cool!” said Marci.

As Amy put on her wig, she added, “Maybe we should keep it this way.

“After all, a wig is so much easier to style and keep clean.

“Why don’t you come over to my place next Sunday, for another shower and shave?”


“OK, let’s do it,” Marci said.

“But, I don’t know about my pubic hair. I always liked it so much.

“We’ll see about that next week.”

A smooth ending …..
JimB ©opyright April 2016

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