Trust Me

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I run my hands through his hair, it’s reached about two inches all over and has begun sticking out at the sides. “Will you please let me give it a try? It will look so much better if we take the sides down a bit, I promise.”

He looks at me with hesitation. He knows I’m right, but after giving himself an ill-fated buzz cut two months ago he is hesitant to touch his hair again while it grows out. Isaac was used to longer, messier hair. By the time he cut it it was close to 6 inches on top and he brought it down to less than half an inch. The shortest it had ever been- I was disappointed I hadn’t the chance to see it in person before it grew out. I barely even got photos of it while I was away as he hated how short it was.

I take his hand and lead him to the kitchen, sitting him down in one of the red bar stools. Wrapping my arms around him from behind I kiss his neck and ask “what are you nervous about?”

He swallows before responding. “I just don’t want it too short.”

I kiss him on the forehead before reassuring him. “I won’t take it shorter than the longest guard you have, I promise. I won’t even touch the top aside from blending it into the sides. Maybe some other time we can get fancy and try something else, but I know you’re meeting my friends this weekend so I won’t risk trying something complicated and giving you something you’re not comfy with.”

“Maybe….” His resolve is waning and I know he’s about to give in.

I walk around to the front of him and tip his chin to look me in the eye. “Do you trust me?” I ask.

“Yes of course I do, but this is different. You’ve never tried this before.”

“I’m not asking you to trust that I’ll do a good job because you’re right, I haven’t done this before and I don’t know how it’ll go.” I pick up his hand and run my thumb across the back of it. “But trust me not to purposefully fuck up. Trust that I took the time to watch videos and do research, that I will go slow and that I know what you’re comfortable with.” I run a hand down his chest until it stops at the bulge between his legs. “Trust that no matter how this goes it’s ending with your dick in my mouth.”

He shudders with pleasure and says thickly “I trust you.”

I grin back at him, “I knew you would.” I brush my fingers across him once more before heading to the bathroom to get the supplies.

I lay out the tools along the counter and open the package of the plastic Cape. He raises an eyebrow at me. “What? I was already at the store for scissors, figured might as well get one of these too. Would you rather I’d used a garbage bag instead?” I give him a wicked grin. “But just to be safe, you’ll probably want to take your shirt off as well so we don’t get hair on it.”

He shakes his head at me, amused. “Uh huh. For ‘safety’, definitely the only reason you’re asking me to do that.” But he obliges and removes his shirt as I wrap the Cape around him.

I shrug and say “I plead the fifth.”

“You’re Canadian.”

“Okay new plan, don’t argue with the girl about bring clippers to your head.” I turn them on with a pop and feel the vibration in my hand. Isaac immediately blanches and I feel guilty.

“Hey now,” I say, softening my voice. I put the clippers down on the counter and wrap my arms around him. “We don’t actually have to do this. Yes sure it could be fun, but I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want. I know how much your hair is tied into your confidence and anxiety. If you’d rather I can take you to one of the local spots tomorrow to get it done. Or you can let me try and if it’s bad we still go somewhere and fix it. Or hell, we can even let it stay at this fluffy stage. Your choice, always.”

He gives me a nod, marginally less pale than earlier.

“Yes you want to leave it? Yes go somewhere, or yes I can do it?”

He swallows and nods again before responding. “You can do it.”

“Alright,” I kiss his forehead and then go about sectioning it with a comb. He doesn’t have much length to section, but I put a few clips in the top to divide it from the sides and keep it from accidentally getting cut. I turn on the clippers, waiting for him to wince but he doesn’t this time. Before he has the chance to panic again, I run the clippers up the side, flicking my wrist when I reach the top, and watch the light brown hairs fall to the Cape. I run the clippers over that spot a couple times ensuring it’s all an even length before moving to the next. I fold his ear down, careful not to knick it and stop when I’ve reached the back.

I repeat the process on the other side, the only sound in the room that of the clippers. Neither of us say a word throughout, me because I’m concentrating, him because he’s anxious but doing the best to manage it. Even for someone with such short hair to begin with I’m amazed at how much has settled on the cape and the floor. I’ve taken him down about an inch and a half already and the feel of running my hands up the freshly buzzed hair is wonderful.

With the sides done I move onto the back, carefully trying to follow the shape of his head. Once I’ve finished that step I move back to the front to take a look at him. Slight tuffs stick out from where I flicked my wrist and I’m thankful we’re not in front of the mirror so he can’t see the in between stage.

I pick up the comb and the thinning scissors and make my way around his head, blending the longer bits with the shorter until it’s a nice gradient. Every time my hand strokes the soft fuzz I feel a soft flip in my stomach and it’s all I can do not to forget the haircut and take him right there.

Satisfied with how it looks so far, I go back to the clippers and pop the guard off. Isaac blanches again and speaks for the first time since I started. “We’re going shorter?”

“No,” I promise him. “This is just to clean up around the edges, make it look more finished. You would look damn good with the sides even shorter, but we’re not doing that today, trust me.”

He nodes at me before keeping his head steady again. This time I’m nervous, if I fuck up it’s going to be hellishly difficult to recover the haircut. Going painstakingly slow I carefully go around his ears and clean up his neckline. I briefly consider trying a taper, but I don’t want to push my luck too far tonight.

Once I finish I remove the clips from the top of his hair and mess it up a bit with the new style. Taking in the full view my heart pounds, I’m so attracted to him in this moment. Short sides I can run my hands against but long enough on top that I still have something to grab.

I remove the cape from around his neck and kiss him hard on the lips. I trail kisses down his chest until I get to the waistband of his jeans and begin to undo them.

“Should I be concerned you’re doing this before you’ve even shown me what it looks like?” Isaac asks me.

“No,” my voice thick with lust. “Absolutely not.” Once free, gripping his thighs I spread them apart. I make eye contact with him as I place his entire cock in my mouth.

“Shit!” He barks, before sighing and leaning back in the chair. He grips his hands in my hair as he fucks my mouth. We continue like that a while, with me periodically running my hands up his thighs and playing with his balls until I feel the grip on my hair tighten. I squeeze the backs of his legs and drag my nails down as he cums in my mouth. Standing up, I drink every bit of him down and give him a smile. I fix the hair that got mussed up during our tryst and take his hand. “Ready to see the results?”

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