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this is the story of how i shaved and had sex with my tution techers (vandana)
vandana had long hair till her hip i always wanted to see her bald
she was divorced and  had a very good figure
and as yes she used to live all alone it made my dream come true without the fear of anyone else knowing about it
my tution time used to be after 6pm and it used to be the last batch of day and i was the only student in that batch
i had joint her tution 2 months ago and since then i was planning to have sex with her and also shave her
one day my mom and dad had to leave for our native place due to some emergency for a week
so this week noone was there to stop me i could do anything and i decided to not go to the college
and go to a mall to spend time
just beside the mall was a big grocery store and vandana maam had just stteped outside of that shop and she saw me
and she called me near her and asked me why didnt i go to the college i answered her that woke up late as no one is home
then she told me to help her carrying the bags till her house
i didnt had any choice but to say yes and go with her
after we reached her house she called me inside and gave a glass water as i was sweating due to carrying those bags in bright sun light
while drinking i was thinking that how should i start a hair conversation with maam
after drinking water i told her that u have very long and beautiful hair
she said back thanks with a smile
then i asked her that has she ever measured your hair length
she said no
i asked her that can we measure it now
she was quite surprised with me as being a boy asking so many hair related question
but she told yes to me
she went inside and brought a measuring tape and a comb then she started combing her hair
i asked her if i could comb her hair and to my surprise she told yes for that
she then handed the comb to me
i happily took it went behind her and started combing her hair
as i was combing i was smelling her hair and she noticed it but didnt reacted to it
after combing for some 10 mins i asked her for the measuring tape to measure her hair
her hair was almost 30″ lonng but with uneven and damaged ends
i that heat i asked her that when was the last time she trimmed her hair
she said it was roughly 5 months earlier
then i said her that she needs a trim
she agreed with me and asked me to give her a trim
i could not believe my ears and said yes
she then got a pair of scissors and gave it in my hand and said that i should not cut more that 2″ i agreed
and combed her again for 5 mins more and then chopped 2″ of her hair and asked her where to throw the chopped hair
she took it from my hand and threw it in dustbin
but my dream was to shave her and not give her a trim
and i knew that she had a hunger for sex
soo i told her that can i ask you a question but promise me you will not get angry
she said yes go ahead
then i asked her that when was the last time u had sex
there was pin drop silence in the room
and i was scared that she might give me a tight slap
but nothing as such happened infact she gave the answer and her was ‘ it has been more that 10 years since i had sex ‘
then i told her that we could have sex to satisfy you
she thought for a while and agreed
then we went in her bedroom and started kissing each other and undressed each other then she gave me blowjob
and we had sex for almost 2 hrs and then i played my card
i asked her if she was satisfied or not she said she was satisfied
i said ok and told her that u should give holiday today for tutions she asked why i said we still have somethings to be done
she was confused but agreed and put a message on the tution group abouth the holiday due to some personal work
and asked me what else is remaining i sat beside her and told her about my dream of shaving her
she was in shock listening my dream but i told her that her hair will grow back and that we could have sex whenver she wanted
she was still in doubt but i somehow managed to convince her and she said yes at that i was on cloud nine and gave her a tight hug
then i asked her to bring a trimmer
and then i told her to make a braid
and put a band at her shoulder she did it the same way
i then made her sit in front of the dressing table and then i took the pair of scissors and chopped her hair at shoulder level
i kept the braid on her lap and asked for two more band she handed me and then i made two ponytail and asked for the trimmer and started shaving her
she was clean shaved under 10 mins then i took the braid put it in a carry bag and was about to leave then she stopped me and asked if i could have sex with her tomorrow after tution
i agreed and told her that if anyone askes you about headshave tell them u had a vow thats why you are cleaned shaved

the end

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  1. You dare, sex with a teacher… in most countries forbidden 🙂 But as long as both enjoy it, I have no problem with it, it is fantasy still.
    I love the idea! Use some more white lines in your text! And a few pics might help to visualize this wonderful teacher…

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