Twin Deception (Part 1)

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Twin Deception (Part 1)


The phone rang and Nicole answered it.

“Is this Miss Nicole Williams?”, asked a woman’s voice.

“Yes, Nicole speaking”, Nicole replied.

“Miss Williams, this is Monica from “Ideal Image Beauty Salon & Services”…. Just calling to remind you of your appointment for tomorrow, Part II of the personal transformation series that you started last March. Do you remember how to get there?

“Yeah, I know where to find your salon, I will be there!”, said Nicole, enthusiastically remembering her first visit to the salon earlier in the year.

“Great, I am glad that you can come. We will expect you at 6 pm. The financial arrangements will be the same as last time; you have all the further details in the contract that you signed. Expect the entire transformation and photoshoot to go late into evening, maybe until 10 or 11. We do not have the time and money to spread out the event over several days this time. You will be our last model for the photoshoot.  And….”, Monica hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“One more thing: our new clients come from the avant-garde fashion scene…. The theme of tomorrow’s transformation will be “The World of Goth & Punk Fantasy”. We will see you tomorrow then”, said Monica, rather quickly, hanging up immediately without awaiting Nicole’s reply.

For a moment, Nicole was stunned and left speechless. A chill went up her spine. “The World of Goth & Punk Fantasy?!!!!”, she exclaimed. This was not at all what she had expected! In fact, this seemed to be the very opposite of the glamorous transformation that she underwent last time at the salon. Certainly, the nature of this makeover was going to be very different from her first time at “Ideal Image”!

Six months ago, she had signed up for the first session of the “Personal Transformation” event at the salon. After initially feeling somewhat apprehensive, she had been pleasantly surprised by the results and the experience at the salon in general. As well as serving regular customers during salon hours, “Ideal Image” also carried out various salon services for several hair & fashion modelling agencies that specialized in professional photography.

The theme of Nicole’s first “Personal Transformation” session had been “Glamour & Glitz”, a photoshoot event organized by a well-known agency from L.A. Nicole had been pampered with spa treatments, and her hair had been styled and colored for the first time in her life. All of this while getting paid $500 for allowing the salon to change her appearance as they had seen fit. Nicole had not regretted having signed up for this event one bit: she had gotten luminous blonde highlights, a subtle but sophisticated haircut, a stunning —and expensive!— outfit to wear and keep…….. and she had met Tony.

Tony Salamone was a freelance photographer from a very wealthy family who had been hired as one of the photographers for the photo session at Nicole’s makeover in March at the salon. He had instantly become smitten by Nicole upon meeting her, immediately asking her out on a date after the photoshoot had finished. They dated for several weeks before Nicole moved in with Tony to his penthouse suite in the summer. She had fallen in love with Tony, who also seemed to adore her. Through Tony’s support, her financial problems had disappeared instantaneously. They spent many hours together in the summer, with Tony often playing with her long waist-length hair, stroking it endlessly before making love, again and again……….

But was this about to change now?

Nicole snapped out of her daydreams. She had allowed herself to reminisce and to drift away from reality……., and the realization that she would probably look very different tomorrow if she were to visit the salon as she had pledged to do. While completing the first Personal Transformation session at “Ideal Image” six months ago, she had signed a long and complicated document with the salon and its affiliated clients, formally agreeing to do both of the transformations at the salon for a total of $1000 at $500 per session. She had most definitely needed the money at the time and had been excited to change her appearance, so she had omitted to read all of the fine print of the contract then, only becoming aware of all of the details after the transformation session had already taken place.

The document in question was a legally binding contract that made provisions for severe legal consequences if she were to breach the agreement in any way. Moreover, it granted permission to the salon to make any changes to her appearance as they saw fit without the possibility of being sued for their actions. When she had finally read the entire document the first time, Nicole had realized that the salon had really given her a sweet deal in her first transformation, sparing her from any drastic and perhaps even permanent changes to her appearance such as tattoos or extreme piercings.

Would she be as fortunate with her second visit? She doubted it.

But if she chose not to go, would Tony pay for her legal costs if she needed to go to court? She was not completely sure. Although Tony had been devoted to her in the first few months of their relationship, he had lately often given the impression that he admired her mostly for her good looks alone. Especially her long and beautiful hair. Tony had even insisted that she bleach it platinum blonde and she had complied most willingly at the time; she had been excited about actually becoming one of those “blonde bombshells” seen in movies and magazines. But she did not enjoy the long and frequent salon visits and painstaking upkeep that were now necessary to maintain this look.

Nevertheless, Tony continued to insist on all of this and paid for all of Nicole’s required trips to the salon, turning angry at Nicole whenever she suggested that she might get her hair cut or stop bleaching it so that it would be easier to manage. Such moments were not pleasant and had introduced a source of tension to their relationship. Although they still spent much time in the bedroom, they now talked far less often with each other than when they had first met. No, she felt unable to confide in Tony now! She was simply not sure how Tony would react to finding out about her binding contract with the salon, let alone a potentially drastic transformation to her entire appearance. Would Tony still love her?

Nicole undid her long ponytail and flipped back her platinum tresses, which now fell down her back, reaching her waist. She walked over to the mirror in the bathroom. Despite the effort that was needed to maintain her current look, she still loved her white-blonde locks. With her slender athletic build and large and full breasts, she was used to getting more and more attention from men since going platinum, not infrequently causing Tony to accuse her of “flaunting herself at the guys”, as he put it.  A “World of Goth & Punk Fantasy” was most likely going to result in some changes and she was not sure how she would deal with this. And how would Tony react? She would probably have a drastic haircut and more than likely an extreme hair color — and who knows what else done to her?  Was she really going to let them ruin her looks?

Still glancing at the mirror in admiration of her reflection and with a sense of dread at the prospect at losing it all, a germ of an idea came to her. Her twin sister Caitlin! Of course! If she could convince Caitlin to visit the salon in her place, her problems might be solved! Even after the twins had become adults, many people had great difficulty telling them apart, as they shared the same height, were both slender and athletic, and had the same long light brown hair, at least until Nicole had bleached her hair.

But that rather extreme transformation had taken place well after her first transformation session at “Ideal Image” in March and she had always selected her usual and much less expensive hair salon for her subsequent hair appointments instead of the elitist and overpriced “Ideal Image”. Monica and the other staff at Ideal Image had never seen her with platinum hair. Surely, they would not notice if Caitlin were to take her place!

She continued to mull over the problem. Convincing Caitlin to do this would not be entirely easy. Caitlin was studying Commerce & International Relations at the local college in preparation for a professional career in the business world. A punk or goth transformation would likely not be at the top of Caitlin’s agenda and she would probably not go along with the idea simply because Nicole asked her to do so. Sure, the twins had been close for much of their lives and had shared an apartment as roommates ever since they had turned eighteen. Soon after having left their family farm to move to the city together, their parents had died in a car crash and Caitlin and Nicole had become still closer to each other.

But then Nicole had become Tony’s girlfriend and moved in with him in the summer, leaving Caitlin behind. It was likely that Caitlin was still bitter over this—and maybe also more than a little envious of her sister’s new personal and financial circumstances. Nicole thought that it was possible.

She was going to have to be clever. After thinking it over some more, she decided that the best way of getting Caitlin to go along with her plans was to give her sister just a part of the information about the appointment; only those details that would make Caitlin more likely to agree to her suggestion. With a sly grin, Nicole reached for her phone to call her sister.


The Next Day

Just before 6 pm, Caitlin Williams stood outside the entrance of “Ideal Image Beauty Salon & Services”. She was not completely sure it had been the right decision to agree to Nicole’s plan of taking her place at the salon. Unlike her sister, she was a college student with serious plans for her career. She was not an aspiring model!

But ultimately, her sister had convinced her to go along with this deception. It was unlikely that anyone would find out and Nicole had also promised to give her all of the money from both the first and the second session: a grand total of $1000. This was a lot for a college student and part-time store clerk such as herself.

Another important aspect also played a role in her decision. More than she cared to admit, she was also curious and excited about getting a makeover, something she had never actually experienced herself. She had seen how confident and happy Nicole had become after her day at the salon earlier in the year and maybe this transformation today could work some magic for her as well: a new look, more confidence,……….. Maybe she would meet someone, fall in love……

Nicole had told her a few more details about the appointment. For a second, Nicole had sounded as though she was providing a disclaimer about the event, telling her that that this salon session “might be a little different than my first session in March, maybe not quite as glamorous as mine, but you will love your transformation.”

But other than that, Nicole had fed her with unbridled enthusiasm in her recollection of her salon day in March:

“It was so great. The people at the salon were all really nice, they gave me all these make-up and hair suggestions. You’ll get the full hair and spa treatment, a new outfit, and it will be a lot of fun. You’ll see!”.

Although Caitlin had been unsure at first as to why Nicole was simply giving her a free makeover, her sister’s sheer enthusiasm had gradually dispelled her initial apprehension. Maybe Nicole was feeling guilty about leaving her behind when she had moved in with Tony and wanted to make it up to her in this way. And $1000 in cash would certainly be a welcome gift that she could really use, whereas Nicole would probably not miss the cash much at this point anyway…

Caitlin checked her appearance in the store window of the salon one last time. She admired her reflection and thought that she would not have to shy away from any comparison with her sister.  They were both twenty-years of age, slim and athletic at 5’8 and 120 lb. Caitlin thought that she was just as pretty as Nicole, even if she now looked a little more understated and subtle in comparison to her bleach blonde sister.

Satisfied with her tied-back ponytail and neat appearance overall— unusually for her, she had put on a little make-up, an elegant black sleeveless top and her only pair of designer jeans-— she opened the door and entered, looking forward to her first ever appointment at a fancy salon.

A short, stern-looking woman with horn-rimmed glasses and beady eyes greeted her at reception. Her dark hair was cut into a very short pixie cut. In Caitlin’s opinion, she seemed rather ugly.

“It is good that you are here, Miss Williams. As you will remember, my name is Monica and your appointment will start immediately. Madame Marie Eve is still finishing up the last model so you will wait just a little longer. You will wait here. We will come to get you to go to the private area once the stylists are ready.” Monica had simply barked out her instructions in a mechanical and somewhat threatening tone without even looking closely at Caitlin.

“Here is the outfit that you will wear for the photoshoot. You must change once the model ahead of you has finished. We will show you where to go.” Monica continued barking out instructions while handing Caitlin a black zip garment bag.

‘She doesn’t really go with the elegance of a salon such as this’, Caitlin thought quietly to herself while taking the bag from Monica. Maybe she is just there to make sure that all of the models do as they are told and don’t leave if they have second thoughts about their pending makeover…..

Just then, a young woman in a long black salon cape no older than Caitlin emerged from the hallway leading to the private area of the salon. She seemed excited and was wearing a cap that covered her entire head so that Nicole could not see her hair. Monica immediately turned to the girl that had entered.

“Miss Smyth, have they already finished with you? That is sooner than expected.”, she asked the young woman.

“No, they just gave me a bit of a break to get a glass of water. The color is just doing its final processing and they still have to do the final cut. And all of the rest is still to come; I can’t wait to see what they have planned for me” the girl addressed as Miss Smyth replied in a bubbly voice.

“Well, make sure that you are ready to go back when Madame Marie Eve wishes to continue with you. Do not be late”, Monica grumbled and sat down behind the reception counter, turning away from Nicole and Miss Smyth.

The young woman identified as Miss Smyth turned to Caitlin.

“Hi, I am Danielle!”

“Caitlin!”, replied Caitlin.

“Are you as excited as I am about this session?” asked Danielle.

“Errr…….. Sure”, answered Caitlin. “Can’t wait to look like a movie star!” said Caitlin.

“Movie star?” Danielle seemed amused.

“Well, I am not sure whether that’s what they’ll do, Caitlin. I think Madame Marie Eve is going for something a little more ….. alternative today. Suits me just fine. I really wanted a complete change. My hair has been long and boring for far too long. Just take a look!”

Danielle pulled out a picture from her purse and showed it to Caitlin. Caitlin recognized Danielle in the photo: a young woman with inconspicuous ash brown  bra-strap length hair, dark eyes, and a big smile.

“They have already cut most of it off and put all kinds of chemicals in as well. They have not let me see it yet, but I am sure it will be very different…. much more exciting than what you see in the picture”, Danielle continued in an excited voice.

“I think I have to go back so they can finish up now. Maybe I will see you later. Just can’t wait to see the final look!”. Danielle announced,  skipping away back through the door leading to the private area.

Caitlin was unsure of what to make of Danielle. To some extent, she felt energized by Danielle’s infectious enthusiasm. On the other hand, the changes that they were appeared to be making to Danielle’s appearance sounded quite extreme. Maybe there was something that Nicole had failed to mention about the nature of the makeover. She pulled out her phone to call her sister. No reply; her sister appeared to busy with something or other. She sent her a text message, asking her a couple of questions about the makeover. After not receiving a reply, she put away her phone in mild disgust. Her sister was not going to help her just now.

She decided that she would ask more questions when summoned by this “Madame Marie Eve” who seemed to be in charge of her transformation. She did not want to have anything quite as drastic done to her as they seemed to be doing to Danielle. But she could not do anything about all of this just yet until she was instructed to go to the private area to meet the stylists. Monica certainly did not sound particularly communicative and was not going to help her, that much she knew. All she could do was wait.

She considered that maybe she was getting anxious over nothing. Maybe they had simply asked Danielle about what she wanted done and agreed to do their best for her. Danielle had certainly sounded as though she was getting the makeover that she wanted for herself; there was really no reason to think otherwise. And yet……….

Caitlin grabbed a few magazines from the reception area and decided to pass the time flipping through the latest fashions. She hoped that she would end up looking like one of those fashion models once she was finished today.

A while later, Caitlin decided to unzip the garment bag and look inside to examine its contents to satisfy her increasing sense of curiosity…. and also her concern about her fate.

The clothing inside the bag was all black. It included some rather skimpy-looking articles: fish-net tights, together with a black garter and suspender belt, a tiny leather thong, and a black corset or bustier with lace. There was also a black leather jacket, which was by far the largest item in the bag. And a pair of high-platform black leather boots!

As Caitlin examined the contents of the bag, she became restless and started to pace back and forth in the reception area. What sort of changes to her hair did the stylists have planned to go along with this kind of wardrobe? Maybe she did not want to find out. Caitlin was unable to calm down and continued to pace around, losing any sense of how much time was passing.


The Master Stylist

Suddenly, a strange woman entered the room. Although she wore five or six-inch black pumps, she was still short, standing only at about 5’3, Caitlin guessed. Her hair was a bright red, obviously unnatural, extending to her shoulders while permed in the tightest curls that Caitlin had ever seen. She was wearing tight black leggings with a frilly pink skirt that only came up to mid-thigh. In combination with her very tightly-laced black corset, she did not look at all like a distinguished master stylist to Caitlin, but rather like a cross between a dominatrix and an eccentric fashionista.

As the strange woman standing next to her began to speak, Caitlin was a loss for words once again.

“Good evening, my name is…. Madame Marie Eve. You must bee …la belle Miss Veeliamm”. Madame Marie Eve started in a nasal sing-song sort of voice with a definite accent. Without waiting for the startled Caitlin to reply, Madame Marie Eve continued.

“Come with me, Miss Veeliamm, we have much to do.  Let me offer you a glass of vine and then we can talk and create…..create the new you!”

Rather forcefully, she grabbed Caitlin by the hand and led her to the private area at the back of the salon.

“Eeere, Miss Veeliamm, drink this!” Madame Marie Eve handed Caitlin a glass of red wine. Caitlin took the glass and quickly drank its contents. Good wine, she thought. ‘Maybe this salon does have some class after all’.

“Now, Miss Veeliamm. Please go to the changing rooms and put on the costume. They are behind yoo! Madame Marie Eve pointed Caitlin to door of the changing rooms behind her.

At this moment, the door behind Caitlin that led to the changing rooms changing room opened and out stepped a figure dressed all in blue.

“Hi Caitlin, glad to see that they are finally coming around to ya”, said a bright voice.

Caitlin turned around. She recognized the voice as Danielle’s, but certainly not the girl in front of her. Caitlin’s jaw dropped as she took in Danielle’s new look in utter disbelief. Danielle was wearing ripped-up skinny blue jeans, a light blue denim jacket and a very tight black leather crop top that barely concealed her large breasts, showing ample cleavage. Her hair—or rather what was left of it— was colored a bright red, almost certainly artificial.

Caitlin looked at Danielle more closely. Except for the bright red bangs that extended just past Danielle’s eyebrows, the stylists had shaved the rest of Danielle’s hair off. She was almost completely bald now! On top of that, the stylists had inserted five silver five hoops through each ear, a silver hoop through her lower lip, and a large gold septum ring into her nose that reminded Caitlin of the nose rings sported by bulls that she had seen on her family farm when growing up.

“Do you like the hair, Caitlin? They told me it was called a chelsea cut. I absolutely love it! My roommates won’t be able to say that I look boring now!, continued Danielle.

“No, they certainly can’t say that.” Caitlin did not know what else to say as she was still in a state of shock. Was the same fate awaiting her?

“ You should see the other piercings. For some extra cash, they had me do some nude shots and pierced my nipples, belly button and pussy, too! Wanna have a look”

“ No, thanks, that’s OK.” said Caitlin.

“Do you go to the college downtown too? Yes? Maybe you’ll see me around on campus. It shouldn’t be hard to spot me now. See you later!” chirped Danielle cheerfully as she left for home.

Caitlin had heard enough. These people were all crazy, especially Danielle, who seemed to enjoy all of the extreme things that they had done to her. Caitlin turned around and made straight for the exit.

“Not so fast, Miss Williams! You agreed to do this and you will stay until the transformation is complete. You will be forced if necessary.”, said a commanding voice that Caitlin recognized from earlier in the evening.

Monica had entered the room, along with another person who carried a black whip and several thick ropes. Caitlin was not completely sure if it was a woman or a man: the person was very short and flat-chested, but powerfully built and had only the faintest dark stubble of hair that exposed a pair of large protruding ears.

“Moira, would you restrain Miss Williams if she does not comply?” Monica turned in the direction of the strange person who had entered.

“I should warn you, Miss Williams. Although she doesn’t say much, Moira is lethal with that whip of hers.” Monica threatened Caitlin.

Moira waved her whip as if to threaten Caitlin and gave off a loud grunting sound. Maybe that monster is not capable of talking, thought Caitlin.

A couple of seconds later, Caitlin decided to try her escape. But Moira was too fast and too strong for her. She grabbed Caitlin and dragged her to hair styling station at the center of the room without any difficulty whatsoever. Caitlin struggled and tried to break free of Moira’s grip, which she did momentarily. But Moira was able to recover and lashed out with her whip, cracking it over Caitlin’s wrists. Caitlin cried out in pain.

“You bitch. You will pay for that!” she screamed.

But Moira simply pushed her to the chair and sat down on Caitlin, putting her enormous weight against Caitlin’s body. Caitlin could now no longer move at all and was stuck in a very uncomfortable position. She now realized that there was no escape and indicated that she would no longer put up a fight. It was better than being crushed by that monster!

“Miss Williams is now ready for you, Madame Marie Eve” sneered Monica, who had watched the struggle not without amusement.

“I am not Nicole Williams. I am her sister. You can’t do this to me.” screamed Caitlin in desperation. It did not matter now if Nicole got in trouble for deceiving the salon. She just wanted to escape to prevent herself from being made to look like Danielle. She needed to get out of this situation as quickly as possible!

But it did not appear that Monica was even listening. As far as she was concerned, the fashion agency had their model and the salon would get paid for their work. Nothing else seemed to matter to her.

“Best to do the hair now and have her change into the costume later”. ordered Monica.

Madame Marie Eve now draped a large black cape over Caitlin’s shoulders and gestured the two assistant stylists dressed in white lab coats to get start.

“Do not worry, ma belle Miss Veeliamm, each modelle will be beautiful with er own unique look. You will look like yourself and not like anybody else, you will see! You will be unique!” she promised Caitlin.

“First…… zat ponytail must go”! Madame Marie Eve made a gesture and one of the white-clad stylist approached Caitlin with a pair of large scissors.

Caitlin gasped. She was about to lose years of growth of hair in a matter of moments. She wanted to get up and run again but could sense that brute Moira watching her every move.

The assistant grabbed the ponytail in her hand and began cutting. The scissors made an audible scrunching sound as they chewed their way through Caitlin’s long and thick brown hair. It took several minutes and Caitlin recoiled with anguish at every snip the scissors made.

Finally, the scissors cut off the last strand of her ponytail. As the mirror next to the styling booth had been covered up, Caitlin could not see the havoc that the scissors had wreaked on her hair. But she could no longer feel the presence of hair on her back and knew that her appearance had been changed drastically. Indeed, the assistant had cut off her hair into a very rough bob that was essentially level with her hairline at her nape and left the base of her neck exposed. Caitlin shivered at this newfound exposure to cool air on her neck;  she could not remember the last time that she had been left with such short hair.

The stylist now put down the scissors.

“And now…… la couleur, the color!” tweeted Madame Marie Eve in her high-pitched voice.

The second stylist approached with a bowl with a dark and fowl-smelling solution Evidently, the color that was going to be used on Caitlin’s hair was ready.

After first washing Caitlin’s hair, the two assistants began painting pieces of Caitlin’s hair and putting each strand in shiny aluminum foils. Caitlin shuddered. She had lost most of her hair already and now her natural hair color was going to be taken from her as well. She glanced at the paste that was left in the color mixing bowl. It seemed to be getting even darker; would her hair turn dark as well? Caitlin tried not to think about what was happening as the assistants finished applying the mixture to all of the hair that remained on her head. Soon, her entire head was covered in foils.

“While we wait, we must do somezing about those eyebrows, so they will be as beautiful as my own!” Madame Marie-Eve motioned to one of the assistants again, who approached Caitlin while carrying a tray containing tweezers and a safety razor.

Caitlin did not like the sound of that. She looked at Madame Marie-Eve’s face. The master stylist’s eyebrows had been plucked into two extremely high ultra-thin black arches that looked almost as though they had been removed entirely and simply drawn in with an eyebrow pencil.

‘Oh my God, they are going to destroy my eyebrows as well’, Caitlin thought to herself. Although Caitlin had on occasion used a pair of tweezers on her brows she usually restricted their use to plucking away a few stray hairs without altering the shape of her eyebrows very much. Caitlin recoiled with trepidation at the thought of losing most of her brows. She imagined that she would look like a sort of alien without her full brows when finished and that growing them back to their usual shape — if they grew back at all —would be less than straight-forward.

The stylists proceeded to pluck Caitlin’s eyebrows. With every action of the tweezers, Caitlin winced in discomfort. To get her mind away from this unpleasant sensation, they had given her another glass of wine and this had helped to relax her somewhat. But it still seemed to take an eternity before they decided that Caitlin’s eyebrows were finally finished.

Now it was time for the salon’s assistant stylists to turn their attention to Caitlin’s hair once again. One by one, the robot-like stylists dressed in white removed Caitlin’s foils and rinsed out her hair in the washing basin. Caitlin’s locks were now much darker, but still she could not see what had happened to her hair. Evidently, Madame Marie Eve was pleased with the result and nodded in satisfaction.

“And now, it is time for the artiste to work a littel magique” Madame Marie Eve announced. She grabbed a pair of scissors and began making snipping motions with them in the air, in anticipation of letting them loose on Caitlin. It seemed that she could not resist doing this part of the transformation herself and was enjoying this process way too much for Caitlin’s liking.

The two assistant stylists now began using hair clips to section Caitlin’s hair. With great precision, they pinned up the hair on her crown to expose the hair on the back her head. Evidently, they would first cut the hair at the back of her head.

Madame Marie Eve suddenly grabbed a pair of hair clippers and turned them on.

Caitlin opened her mouth in alarm and wanted to scream. Clippers! She had never had a haircut with clippers before but had seen what they could do on her late father’s head, who often received very short haircuts with such a device.

Before Caitlin could protest, Madame Marie Eve placed the clippers against Caitlin’s neck and began moving them up along Caitlin’s nape, gradually moving towards her crown. Several tufts of dark hair fell gently onto the black cape that covered Caitlin’s shoulders. Caitlin realized that the master stylist had not put on a guard and knew what this meant. The back of her head was soon going to be hairless and her scalp exposed to the world. And maybe not only the back of her head. Caitlin began to cry softly. But she could do nothing to stop this.

Bit by bit, the clippers worked their way up the back of Caitlin’s head. Madame Marie Eve had begun on the left side and cut a path from the bottom of Caitlin’s neck all the way to the top of her ears. She then repeated this shearing action from another spot at the base of her neck again and again, gradually moving towards the middle of Caitlin’s head with each path the clippers were taking.

Soon, the entire left portion of the back of Caitlin’s head was reduced to stubble, with all hair that was below the level of the top of her ear having been removed. Madame Marie Eve had gone over any spots that she might have missed the first time with the clippers and made absolutely certain of that. About a quarter of Caitlin’s head was now without hair!

The great stylist then turned off the clippers, put down them and began to eye her handiwork. Maybe she will leave me alone now, thought Caitlin, noticeably relieved that the brutal shearing action had ceased for the moment. Although she had lost a lot of hair, she was relieved that the clippers had stopped short of her crown and the front of her head.

But it soon became clear that Madame Marie Eve was not finished with the clippers just yet. Her assistants now started to section off more of Caitlin’s hair. Apparently, the hair on the right side of Caitlin’s head was next.

As before, Madame Marie Eve turned on the clippers and began tracing a path up Caitlin’s head, this time starting near the bottom of Caitlin’s right ear. But she did not stop at the level of the top of her ear as before; she simply kept going, moving towards the front of Caitlin’s head.

Caitlin was horrified: although she could not see what was being done, she could sense that the clippers had gone a lot further this time and irreversibly altered her hairstyle at the front. She knew that whenever she now looked anyone in the face, it would be impossible for them not to notice that a part of Caitlin’s crowning glory had been reduced to stubble. True enough, a clear path of visible scalp now extended from the back of Caitlin’s head all the way along her ear to the edge of her right temple.

And Madame Marie Eve was not finished yet! She repeated what she had done with the first pass of the clippers, creating still more areas of stubble on the right side. Soon, the entire right side of Caitlin’s head was bald. And still Caitlin could not see the full extent of the damage that had been done.

Madame Marie Eve now put down the hair clippers for good. She removed the hair clips that held together the still long hair on the left and middle portions of Caitlin’s hair and quickly combed out this hair, letting it fall to the left side of Caitlin’s head.   Her scissors  cut a straight line along the bottom of Caitlin’s ear, who now had a blunt one-length cut on her left side at a level just below her left earlobe. At least her left ear would not be exposed to the world.

Expertly, Madame Marie Eve used her thinning scissors to complete the look and signaled to the stylist that the haircut was now over. She instructed the assistants to put some hair styling product on Caitlin’s hair to keep it in place, falling sideways across her head to the blunt line stretching from the bottom of her left earlobe to the level of her lip. Caitlin did not know whether she should be horrified at what had been done or relieved that at least the haircut was now over. At least they had left her some hair and not made her completely bald!

Voilà! Your new hair……. it is complete! But before you can see, you should put on your outfit and we will finish the rest of your new look!, exclaimed Madame Marie Eve.

Caitlin was too tired to put up much of a fight and simply wanted this day to end. She quickly went into one of the changing booths to change into her prescribed costume. The outfit was even more revealing….. and more slutty than she had realized when she had first peaked inside her garment bag.

Perhaps a little giddy from the wine she had consumed, she struggled to put it on. It took a while before she was able to put on the fishnet tights, garter, suspender belt and the tiny leather thong that only just covered her sex. And the lace-up corset was designed to be extremely tight and was certainly tiny; it left her midriff and navel exposed and her barely covered breasts looking as though they might be freed from their restraints and pop out at any moment. Only the leather jacket successfully reduced the near-nakedness of her body somewhat, and Caitlin did not hesitate to put it on to cover herself as much as she could.

Unfortunately, the leather jacket was not quite long enough to reach beyond her navel. As she rarely trimmed her bikini line, there were downy brown pubic hairs extending in all directions from the leather thong, clearly visible to anyone who looked at her there. Quietly, she left the changing area and to rejoin Madame Marie Eve and the rest of her staff in the salon station of the private area of the salon, embarrassed at the prospect of being ogled when dressed in such revealing clothing.

Upon her return to the salon station, Caitlin noticed that the styling crew at been at work as well. A few tables had been put together and covered with white linen; the entire area that covered was more than long enough for someone to stretch out and lie down.  She also noticed the many new items that were strewn around the room: make-up palettes and utensils, jewelry, bottles of disinfectant, rubbing alcohol, and other medical implements, tattoo needles and stencils, as well as equipment for body piercing.

‘What have they planned for me now?’, wondered Caitlin, realizing that her ordeal was far from over. Once again, she looked around the room to see if there might be a way to escape, but Moira stood next to the exit, poised and ready to prevent her from leaving if required.

“And now for the final stage …. of your new beauty!, chirped Madame Marie Eve. “Please, lie down on ze table.”

Caitlin did as she was told. She really did not have much choice.

‘This is it’, she thought. ‘They will turn me into a freak for good.’

As soon as Caitlin had stretched out on the table, Madame Marie Eve began to examine her costume and her body, slowly shaking her head.

“Zat bush, Miss Veeliamm, it will not do”, Madame Marie Eve pointed at Caitlin’s pubic area.  She called her assistants, who then gestured to Caitlin to take off her thong so that they could have access to her pubic area.  Brandishing first a set of medical clippers and then some shaving cream along with a safety razor, the stylist proceeded to denude Caitlin’s pussy. Evidently, it was their intention to remove all of her pubic hair and make her smooth down there!

With her sex becoming exposed in this manner, Caitlin began to turn red with embarrassment and discomfort, as the stylists were invading her most private area. But the stylist’s repeated touching of her pubic region soon began to elicit sensations of quite another kind in her; she could feel herself getting aroused and felt a kind of dampness in between her legs……., a feeling that was not at all unpleasant….

But alll too soon, the assistants had completed their task, leaving Caitlin’s pussy completely hairless and smooth. Caitlin gasped; she now looked like a little girl in her most intimate place!

After the assistant had finished working on Caitlin’s pubic area, she was told to put on her leather thong once again, allowing Madame Marie Eve and her staff continue their work on the rest of her. First, they attached long acrylic fingernails onto her fingers. After an application of several coats of nail polish, both her toenails and her now very long fingernails were completely black.

They now focused on her upper body. Caitlin felt the numbing effects of some sort of anesthetic applied to both of her ears and also her nose.

Caitlin pleaded with the stylists. “Please don’t do this. They’ll fire me from my job if I get any extreme piercings.”  But no one seemed to listen to her. Meanwhile,  one of the assistants drew out a piercing gun and some earrings. They were ready to start piercing her body.

As the assistant stylists began their work, they told her to brace herself for a little bit of pain. Caitlin then felt the first brief stab of pain in her right ear. The assistants repeated this several times, far too often for Caitlin’s liking. After a while, Caitlin lost track of what parts of her body had been stung. She was very tired now. As the stylists continued to subject her body to further modifications, she nearly fell asleep several times, only to be awoken again and again by short bursts of pain.

Voilà, we are now finished” Madame Marie Eve’s nasal cooing made her wake up again. “welcome to the world of Goth & Punk Fantasie, Miss Veeliamm! Just as you have been promised”, Madame Marie Eve proudly announced, waking up the groggy Caitlin.

Caitlin was now no longer asleep. ‘So that was it, the World of Goth & Punk Fantasy’, she thought to herself. That was the goal! To turn her into someone’s sick fantasy of what a goth or punk should look like. And my sister knew about it the whole time!

It was very clear to her now why Nicole had wanted her to do this! She had only thought of her own needs and simply tricked her to avoid being made to look like a freak herself.

She was quite angry now, but also felt an increasing soreness in her face and around her belly button. Maybe the anesthetics were wearing off? What did she look like now? She wanted to examine everything they had done to her body, but before she was able to take a really good look at herself, the stylists ushered her to the make-up station. They now began preparing her face for her photo session. Twenty minutes later, she was ready for the cameras.

As she headed to the photography area, Caitlin was able to think a bit more clearly. She had been extremely angry with the sadistic staff of this horrible torture chamber of a salon all evening, but now realized that the stylists and even that deranged Madame Marie Eve were simply doing as they had been instructed. Everything was actually Nicole’s fault for persuading her to go! She was the one to blame!

A sense of determination to see her sister punished for her deception swept over her; a conviction that helped steady her nerves and helped her get through the photography session without bursting out in tears. She simply followed all of the instructions and advice from the photographers. All things considered, the photo session went well and she was soon finished.

Not wishing to linger any longer at the place of her torment, she headed for the changing rooms. The more quickly she could leave this horrible place, the better. She changed into her street clothes as rapidly as possible, quickly took the envelope containing her cash payment of $500 from Monica at reception without saying a word and went home.


A Final Look

After arriving at her apartment, Caitlin headed to her bathroom to look in the mirror so that she could finally see everything that had happened to her appearance this evening.

She dreaded this moment but was also somehow excited in a strange sort of way to see her new look. With her heart beating rapidly, she turned on the light and gazed wide-eyed at her reflection in the mirror.

The figure staring back at her had jet-black hair that was swept to the side, framing the left side of her face and extending in a blunt cut from just below her ear lobe to her lip. The other side of her head was completely hairless. This was no “ordinary” side shave, but rather a half-shaved look in the literal sense; they had shaved off all hair to the right of her center part! As the back of her head and nape were also hairless, three quarters of her head were now bald and contained no trace of stubble anywhere! Caitlin cried; she had not expected the haircut to be quite so severe. And the combination of the dark black hair with the whiteness of the shaved areas of her scalp certainly made her look that much more extreme! It would take some getting used to!

As she had expected, the salon had liberally applied make-up to her face; she now sported an extremely pale porcelain complexion. Thick black eye shadow completely engulfed her blue eyes. She also wore extensive mascara, huge false lashes, and black lipstick. Her eyebrows had been reduced to two extreme arches just as she had seen on Madame Marie Eve’s face earlier. A stereotypical goth look, she thought. This was not the type of transformation that she had dreamed about.

But the extreme make-up was dwarfed by the other changes that had been made to her face. With further trepidation, Caitlin began to closely examine her ears. Both had a black cross dangling down from the earlobe and five shiny silver hoops, extending upwards from the earlobe in a row along the side of the ear. Her nose now contained a silver hoop on the left side and a black crystal stud on the right side. Caitlin recoiled in horror. These piercings were not something she could simply cover up!

With further dread, she examined the rest of her body. Her navel had been pierced and furnished with a silver navel bar attached to a small shiny silver skull. Although she had sometimes secretly thought about getting her navel pierced, she would never have picked this kind of jewelry for her belly button. There was a good chance that anyone who saw her midriff would find her intimidating and bizarre. She would not be displaying her navel any time soon to anyone!

She also appeared to have two large tattoos. A black crow on her lower left arm and a large skull that covered most of  the inside of her right thigh. At least the skull tattoo would not be seen when in public, Caitlin thought. Even if the black crow could only be hidden by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, this was something positive. Finally, she found her pubic area to be completely hairless, as she had expected. She could not help herself, closed her eyes and stroked her denuded pussy, finding the touch sensual and arousing. But this feeling only lasted a few moments; soon Caitlin opened her eyes and was exposed again to her new drastic look that confronted her in the mirror.

She simply could not take in the full extent of these changes and cried out aloud, cursing her sister. It was all too much for her. She felt as though her identity, her sense of self had been damaged severely, or even destroyed. She was no longer the innocent and studious brown-haired girl with the long hair, but someone else entirely. A freak? Or a grown-up and liberated woman who did not depend on her looks and what others thought about her? Someone who was now free to discover herself?

Caitlin did not know the answer to these questions but told herself at this moment that she would get her revenge somehow for her sister’s treachery. Her hair would grow back eventually and maybe some of these changes could be reversed. But for now, she would have to live with the consequences of her twin sister’s deception.


End of Part 1. Part 2 to follow shortly.

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