Twin Deception (Part 2)

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Twin Deception (Part 2)

For greater enjoyment of this story, please ensure that you have read “Twin Deception (Part 1) before continuing.

It was Friday morning and for the first time this week, Caitlin felt as though it was actually worthwhile to get out of bed. She was going to see Magdalena in the afternoon, her friend and the owner of the “The True Self” hair salon that Caitlin regularly visited for her haircuts. She desperately hoped that Magdalena would be able to fix the issues with her look, or at the very least provide a shoulder to cry on, as well as give her some good advice.

Four days earlier, Caitlin had been tricked by her twin sister Nicole into attending a makeover event for a photoshoot at “Ideal Image Beauty Salon & Services” that had drastically altered her hairstyle and many other aspects of her appearance. In order to avoid undergoing this transformation herself as the salon had originally scheduled, Nicole had persuaded Caitlin at the last minute to take her place at “Ideal Image”. She had deliberately withheld from Caitlin her knowledge that the makeover session would be in line with the theme of “The World of Goth & Punk Fantasy”.

As a result, Caitlin’s hair and body had undergone several very noticeable changes. Most of her beautiful waist-length brown hair had been shaved off completely and the rest dyed black, leaving her with a kind of extreme asymmetric bob with a severe side shave. Along with the back of her head, the entire right half had been shaved bald, with the remaining hair falling to the side to just barely cover her left earlobe. On top of that, both of her ears had been pierced multiple times, as well as her nose and belly button. Neither had they spared her private parts, completely shaving her pussy while forcing her to dress in a very revealing costume for the photoshoot.

As she did every morning this week after showering and just before having breakfast, Caitlin stared at herself in the mirror, hoping in vain to find her former looks restored. At least the tattoos from the makeover that she had thought were permanent had turned out to be only temporary. On the morning after the makeover, she had been able to remove them with soap, water, and heavy scrubbing. But the other modifications to her appearance had been made to stay and could not be hidden easily.

As a student at the local college attending regular classes, she now endured strange looks and shocked reactions from many of the people that she saw in public. While some of her fellow students still talked to her briefly when they saw her, others seemed to avoid her entirely. Especially the lecturers and professors, who ignored her completely, but stared at her with disgust when they knew that she was not looking at them. On top of that, the manager at the shop at which she worked as a cashier had sent her home from her regular Thursday evening shift, telling her not to return for the next one unless she did something about her looks.

Caitlin knew that she could not endure much more of this continued awkwardness and discomfort and that was why she had made the appointment with Magdalena in the afternoon. Maybe Magdalena could fix her hair and do something to hide the many piercings that she now sported. But even more than that, Caitlin needed to be able to express her anger and unhappiness to a person whom she could trust. She was sure that Magdalena was the right person for this.

After enduring yet another unpleasant morning, Caitlin arrived outside Magdalena’s salon at 2 pm in the afternoon.  Magdalena Wolf had been the regular hairdresser for both Caitlin and her sister Nicole for the past two years, ever since the twins had moved to the city. As country girls that had grown up on a small farm, they had felt a bit lost in the big city on their own. They found Magdalena to be a good listener and someone in whom they could confide. Magdalena also noticed that she too benefited from her interactions with the two young women.

Magdalena was forty-five years old, married with two teenage sons, but had no daughters of her own. She found that she enjoyed acting as a kind of parental figure to the girls, playing not only the role of a sympathetic friend but also acting a person of authority when she thought the girls needed it. Nicole and Caitlin both greatly respected Magdalena not only for her skills as a hairdresser but also for her opinions and advice.

At 5”10, she was quite tall and attractive, with a curvy figure and firm breasts that were the envy of many women younger than her. Her shiny black hair was cut into a blunt bob at lip length with thick bangs that extended just past her eyebrows and drew attention to her large piercing bottle-green eyes. After years of experience as a hairdresser, Magdalena had concluded that maintaining an attractive exterior helped draw customers into the salon and also set a high professional standard for her employees to follow.

When Caitlin entered the salon, Magdalena was busy cleaning up after the previous customer and preparing her styling area for the next client.

Upon seeing her, Magdalena stared blankly at Caitlin and the fearful expression on her face for several seconds before finally recognizing the person that was standing in front of her.

“Caitlin ……… O my God! What happened to you, you look so different! How?” Magdalena exclaimed in shock.

Caitlin rushed forward and buried her head in Magdalena’s chest, sobbing uncontrollably. The anguish from the past few days had been too much for her. Magdalena took her to the private room in the back and told her two salon assistants to take care of any new customers and appointments until she was finished with Caitlin. Magdalena patiently comforted Caitlin until she was able to stop crying and finally tell her story.

“Nicole tricked me! She had signed up for this makeover session and photoshoot at a fancy salon. But they must have told her something about the extreme styles that they were going to do, because she chickened out and convinced me to take her place. And I was dumb enough to fall for it. You can see the results yourself” Caitlin had started sobbing again.

Twenty minutes later, Magdalena knew everything about Caitlin’s situation, the modifications to her hair and body and exactly how Nicole had behaved towards her. Anxiously, Caitlin asked the hairdresser whether she could make her appearance a bit more presentable in her eyes.

“Hmmm, honestly, I do not think we can do much about the piercings at the moment. The holes could get infected if we tried to remove them and we want to avoid that. I guess you will just have to live with them for a while. Just make sure you do not ever touch the pierced areas with your hands, except when cleaning the wounds with disinfectant. Once the wounds have healed a bit, we can take out the piercings out if you wish. You won’t have to live with them forever. Although there might be a small scar or two when the holes close up”, Magdalena advised.

“Who knows, maybe you will not find your new jewelry quite so awful after you get used to it.  And people will get used to your new look as well, too”, she continued, in an effort to comfort Caitlin.

Magdalena then turned her attention to Caitlin’s hair.

“The hair is also quite the challenge. Why did they have to make the side shave so extensive and cut off the entire right half of your hair? If it were a bit smaller, it would be much easier to hide.”

Caitlin agreed. In the past few days, she had tried to see what she would look like if she combed the hair on the left side of her head in the other direction to cover her exposed right side. She found the results to be unsatisfactory, however, lacking any true style. Her asymmetric haircut was very extreme, but at least it represented some sort of style. In a bizarre way, it wasn’t even completely unattractive, she thought. And it was better than being completely bald. She did not want to be bald right now. Her appearance had changed enough already!

“Of course, we could simply buzz off the rest of your hair and then you would be back to your natural hair color in no time once it grows out”, suggested Magdalena, almost as if reading Caitlin’s mind.

“ I don’t think I am quite ready for that” Caitlin objected.

“Sure, I can understand that. You have already lost so much.” answered Magdalena sympathetically. “A buzz cut would also make your other features more prominent….. and you probably do not want your piercings to stand out even more just now. You would really have to put on some heavy make-up all the time to draw attention away from the piercings and your lack of hair, and you might not have the time or money to do that.”

Caitlin nodded in agreement. As usual, Magdalena’s advice was practical and made sense.

Magdalena continued: “About the color……. I could try and remove the black and dye your hair back to a color close to your natural light brown. But that would probably require bleaching it, causing a fair amount of damage. It’s not exactly easy to get rid of this black color, you know. Do you think that it be worth it for only a quarter of your hair?” inquired Magdalena.

“ No, probably not. I guess I will be a dark-haired girl for a while longer” said Caitlin resignedly after considering the question for a moment. She turned to Magdalena once again.

“Could you at least help me with the front? There are always strands of hair falling in my face. It’s annoying”

“Sure thing, Caitlin. I can do that”, answered Magdalena.

Magdalena motioned for Caitlin to sit down in a salon chair and draped a black cape over her shoulders.

She proceeded to wet Caitlin’s hair and sectioned off a section of hair at the center-left portion at the front Caitlin’s head. A few snips of the scissors later, Caitlin had side-swept bangs that extended to just above her eyebrows. At least on the left side of her head. Caitlin was satisfied that the loose strands of hair would no longer be bothering her.

“As for those eyebrows…….” Magdalena again inspected Caitlin’s ultra-thin and highly-arched eyebrows, shaking her head.

“If you want my opinion, you would do well to shave them off entirely and then draw them on. They look like they were simply drawn on already and that way you could at least control their shape. With a black eyebrow pencil and a brush…… , and some practice drawing them, you could have some cute brows to match that black hair of yours and try out a few different looks…..” Magdalena suggested, perhaps not entirely seriously, in an attempt to cheer Caitlin up.

Jet black brows to match my dark thoughts and my bitterness, thought Caitlin to herself. She considered Magdalena’s words but wanted to discuss the other main issue for which she came before it slipped her mind.

“I also wanted to talk to you about Nicole. I tried to call her many times in the last few days, but she refuses to pick up her phone and talk to me at all- I still can’t quite believe that she would deceive me like that. This morning, I sent her pictures of my new look, but still no reaction. The only thing I found was an envelope with $500 and an unsigned “Thank you” card in my mailbox.” Caitlin’s voice now trembled with anger. “When I see her, I am going to do to her what she did to me. I will rip out that platinum blonde hair of hers at the root. She’ll look like a freak!” Caitlin could barely contain herself.

“Caitlin, calm down. Please” Magdalena said politely but not without a certain firmness. “Nicole probably feels at least somewhat guilty about what she did and is trying to avoid having to face the consequences. She was probably not completely aware of exactly what they would do to you at that salon. Although I do agree that she needs to be taught some sort of lesson……..” Magdalena paused in silence and collected her thoughts.

“ I will have a few words with her and think about what can be done. She is my last customer today at 5; I was able to just fit her in for a root touch-up for her bleach blonde hair.”

Magdalena grimaced after mentioning Nicole’s hair. She had always thought that going platinum blonde after having moved in with her boyfriend Tony had made Nicole look superficial and trashy, turning her into a blonde bimbo. Unfortunately, she acted like one all too often in the past few months, thought Magdalena.

“Anyway, leave it with me. We will find a way to settle this. And your small cut & consultation with me today is free, on the house, of course.  Please be in touch and try to cheer up. This too shall pass.”, she told Caitlin, who had now calmed down at least a little.

Magdalena then looked at her watch, realizing that she needed to get back work as she still had a busy afternoon scheduled before the work week would end. She turned away from Caitlin to look for her employees. Caitlin left the salon.


Nicole’s Visit

It was ten minutes after five when Nicole arrived, late for her hair appointment at Magdalena’s hair salon “The True Self”. She had spent much of the day shopping for new clothes, shoes and new make-up, and had lost track of the time. As she had done often lately, she used the credit card that her boyfriend Tony had given her to do her shopping. She didn’t really look at how much she was spending on her self-indulgence.

‘Hopefully, Magdalena will not be too mad at me for being late’, she thought to herself. ‘I am lucky that she was able to fit me in to do my roots.’

“Hi Magdalena, I am so sorry that I am late, I lost track of the time”, said Nicole to Magdalena upon entering the salon, dropping her shopping bags next to one of the styling chairs and sitting down.

Tony would be returning from his out-of-town photography assignment and she wanted to look her best for him. Dark roots that clashed with her platinum blonde waist-length hair would not help. Tony was usually in a better mood when she dressed up and made herself beautiful just for him, and the sex that followed often provided ample reward for the time and effort required to maintain her look. At least, this strategy usually worked well. But lately Tony had seemed more distant towards her. That was one reason why she seemed more anxious, less sure of herself than usual.

The other concern on her mind was the situation with her sister Caitlin. Since Caitlin’s unwilling transformation at “Ideal Image” as a result of her treachery, Nicole had simply wanted to forget the matter as quickly as possible. Caitlin had tried get in touch with her several times during the week, but Nicole did not know how to respond. She just could not face Caitlin, especially today, now that Caitlin had sent her a selfie of her new look to remind her that the wounds were still fresh and that she was certainly not about to forget them.

She felt that she really did not need any further reminders of what had been done to Caitlin. On Wednesday, two days after the session at the salon, she had already been sent an email from the organizers of Monday’s salon transformation. It contained a file with many photos of what the salon believed was “Nicole Williams’ initiation into the World of Goth & Punk Fantasy”, with the organizers of course being unaware that the pictures actually showed her sister Caitlin’s photoshoot.

Nicole had been horrified; it was awkward and painful to see what they had done to Caitlin. How her hair and face had been mutilated, her pubic hair shaved off, and her navel ornamented with a belly bar attached to a jewelry piece that looked like a silver skull. And to see her sister in such a revealing costume was also rather disconcerting, even if she looked attractive in it— or perhaps even because she looked so attractive like this. ‘ She looks a Goth version of Snow White, she had thought, not without a hint of envy.

But at the same time, she had been quite relieved that she had escaped the drastic transformation that Caitlin had undergone. Maybe she just needed to drop a few more $500 bills in Caitlin’s mailbox and Caitlin would eventually forgive her……. or at least stop sending her nasty texts in an attempt to make her feel guilty.

She tried again to dismiss these thoughts as Magdalena addressed her.

“Glad that you could finally make it, Nicole. Sit down and we will get started” Magdalena seemed to be in a rather bad mood today, thought Nicole.

“Oh yes, Magdalena, please just do my roots; that would be great. They definitely need the touch-up.”

Magdalena had already prepared the chemicals and tools that she was going to use on Nicole and seemed eager to get started.

“Have you been in touch with your sister lately?” Magdalena tried to sound as casual as possible while brushing out Nicole’s hair before wetting it in the wash basin.

“Sure. She is as busy as ever studying and preparing for exams, though. I just don’t see her as often as I used to”, said Nicole, hoping that Magdalena would change the subject. But Magdalena would not do her the favor.

“I heard that she got a really eye-catching new look at “Ideal Image”, that fancy salon in the business district. New hair, new clothes, new everything. Do you know anything about that?” asked Magdalena.

Nicole turned around with a surprised look to face Magdalena. She paused for a moment before regaining her composure and answering the question.

“Oh that… well, that was originally an appointment that I made for myself months ago. But uh, I was busy with ….. work, my job as a waitress, you know, and couldn’t make it. The salon was paying for the transformation and it was a one-time event, so I thought it would be a shame to let the offer go to waste. I thought that I would do Caitlin a favor, let her get pampered a bit, get an exciting new hairstyle. And….. she got a bit of money out of it, too!” Nicole had now turned away from Magdalena again, finding difficult to look Magdalena in the eye as the hairdresser was busy with the chemicals that she was going to use to treat Nicole’s hair.

“ Are you sure about that? Because that’s not exactly what I heard from Caitlin.” Magdalena’s voice now possessed a more malignant undertone.

“Yes, sure, that’s what happened……..”. Nicole

“And I thought you didn’t need to waitress much anymore and only worked the weekends since moving in with your boyfriend” Magdalena interrupted her, ever more aggressively.

“ Well,….. err, they needed an emergency replacement for Monday evening at the restaurant” stammered Nicole. She had a strange feeling that Magdalena knew more about this than she was letting on and didn’t believe a word of her convoluted explanation.

“Well, if you say so. But you should still talk to your sister again to make sure that she is alright, because some of the changes they made were a bit drastic.”

Magdalena’s voice sounded less sharp now. All of a sudden, the hairdresser seemed to concentrate more on her hair rather than continuing to press the issue.

Nicole was surprised that Magdalena had stopped asking questions and could quite not figure out why she had been left off the hook. Nevertheless, she was happy that the interrogation had ended.

“Right, I’ll do that, thanks for the advice, Magdalena,”, Nicole replied in relief.

Nothing more was said for a while, as Magdalena focused on working on Nicole’s hair. Now that the questioning had stopped, Nicole felt herself relaxing as Magdalena’s sure hands navigated the precious hair on her head. She closed her eyes. There was no reason why she could not enjoy the moment, especially as she was in the good hands of a masterful hairdresser who had always done a good job with her hair.

After some time, Magdalena announced that the Nicole’s hair was now ready to be rinsed.

“Do you want a trim as well, Nicole? It looks like you have some split-ends.” Magdalena inquired.

“Yes, if you think that’s best. That would be lovely.” replied Nicole.

Magdalena took her scissors. But instead of trimming off an inch or two at a strand near Nicole’s waist as she had anticipated, Magdalena suddenly moved the scissors up her back to quickly make a cut just above Nicole’s shoulders.

In her hands, she held a thick strand Nicole’s mane, a strand that was at least fifteen inches long.

Nicole jumped up with horror.

“What the hell are you doing, you said a trim. This isn’t a trim!” Nicole shouted at Magdalena and was about to stand up and turn around to confront the hairstylist behind her.

But Magdalena was already in full-flight and venting her own anger at Nicole:

“Sit down and listen, Nicole. I did not want to believe everything that Caitlin told me at first. I even gave you a chance to tell the truth about what happened. You tricked her into the makeover without caring about what might happen to her one bit. All you thought about is your own looks and saving your own skin. You asked for trouble and now you’ve got it!”

She lifted the strand that she had cut off at Nicole’s shoulders and shoved it in front of Nicole’s face for her to see, then dropping it to the floor.

“Take a good look in the mirror, Nicole. You are no longer a blonde. Welcome to the club of raven-haired girls!”  Magdalena proclaimed.

Magdalena was holding was a fistful of hair in her left hand that she had cut off from Nicole’s tresses. This hair was not blonde, but jet black! Instead of touching up her blonde roots, Magdalena had applied black hair color to Nicole’s tresses and secretly changed the young woman’s entire look under her very nose!

Nicole sat down in shock, speechless for the moment. Her platinum blonde hair was no more. What would Tony say? Her eyes began to swell up with tears. She had gotten used to her bleach blonde hair, reveling in its luminous shine and the attention that came with it. And now a pale-faced dark-haired girl with a huge chunk of hair missing stared at her as she examined her reflection in the mirror in utter disbelief. It was difficult to process this sudden change.

Magdalena continued admonishing Nicole:

“Initially, I only wanted to dye your hair black, so that you could experience just a little bit of what Caitlin went through with her transformation. You know, they shaved off most of her hair and dyed the rest black. But after hearing your lies and excuses, I think you need an even bigger lesson. You are now going to get the makeover that was originally intended for you at Ideal Image. Hair, piercings, everything! Be prepared to look like your twin again. You might hate me for this now, Nicole, but you definitely deserve it!”

Getting up once again with her now dark tresses swirling around her wildly, Nicole was ready to counter Magdalena’s threats, but she could not think any convincing counter-argument. Deep down, she knew that Magdalena was right. But she was nevertheless horrified at her predicament. She thought of all of the changes that had been made to Caitlin: the shaved areas on her head, the nose and ear piercings, the navel piercing with the shape of a skull…… Nicole was now quivering with panic.

A few seconds later, her survival instincts kicked in and she decided to get out of the salon as quickly as possible. She made a dash for the door. But Magdalena was alert and quickly grabbed Nicole before she could leave. Nicole was no match for the strength of the hair stylist.

“Don’t even think about leaving, Nicole. You will stay until this is finished.” Magdalena pointed at Nicole’s hair. “Just so you know: If you try to escape again, I will simply lock the doors from the inside. And restrain you, if necessary. Then all of this will be less comfortable for you. You won’t leave until I decide that you are done with your transformation. Don’t make this any harder on either of us.”

“You stupid bitch, this is illegal. You will go to jail for this. And Tony will get a good lawyer to make sure you won’t have a cent left to run your precious hair salon!” Nicole had recovered her ability to fight back.

“I am not so sure about that.” replied Magdalena, with just a hint of uncertainty.

Just at this moment, Nicole’s smart phone ringtone sounded. Nicole answered it. The caller was Tony.

“Nicole.” Tony said curtly.

“Tony! You are back!”

“Not quite. I will be back on Sunday, everything has taken just a little longer than planned. Listen, Nicole, I wanted to say….” Tony was cut off by an anxious, panic-stricken Nicole.

“Tony, please listen to me. I am at The True Self salon. My hairstylist has gone crazy and wants to destroy my looks, shave off my hair and turn me into a freak. Please,  get the police and get me out of here. I’ll explain everything later. Now help me! Quickly!” Nicole hastily blurted out her plea.

But Tony did not appear to be listening to her carefully. He seemed irritated.

“Nicole, have you finished? You sound like you are getting hysterical.”

Nicole had the impression that Tony was not really interested very much in what she was saying. Either that, or perhaps she sounded too frantic to make herself properly understood.

Tony continued: “Nicole, a colleague of mine sent me some pictures. A friend of his was the head photographer at a photo shoot at Ideal Image on Monday of some slut that looked a lot like you. Looking at the pictures again, I am pretty sure that it must have been you. I don’t think your nerdy sister would have the balls to do something like that.”

“Tony! No!” Nicole tried to cut him off, but Tony simply continued, getting angrier with each word.

“You whore! Did you see yourself in that fucking kinky outfit! Flaunting yourself at the guys again, were you?” It was now Tony’s turn to sound hysterical.

Nicole desperately tried to reason with him.

“ I can explain, that wasn’t me, it actually was my sister, it was her choice…..” She was getting angry herself now and had a hard time coming up with logical arguments. Although the pictures of Caitlin were racy, Tony had no right to speak about her like that. Especially since he himself actually loved to look at girls in provocative outfits. Or better yet, at completely naked girls.

That was the irony of this conversation. Tony himself had insisted that she keep her own pussy hairless for him and had persuaded her to get a small shiny gold navel piercing herself. And he had certainly bought her many outfits that were at least as revealing as those that Caitlin had to wear at the salon, getting her to pose for him when they were alone. Nothing that Caitlin did in the pictures was really any saucier than what Tony regularly asked from his girlfriend in the bedroom.  And Tony had taken a few pictures of her like that for his own pleasure as well.  The only difference now was that the pictures from “Ideal Image” were not done to please him. Tony was such a hypocrite!

She started insulting Tony.

But once again, Tony did not seem to be listening.

“ You disgust me! What did you do to your hair? And your face? You must have gone crazy. Anyway, I want you out of my suite by Sunday when I return. It’s over, Nicole.” Tony sounded forceful and as though his mind had long been made up.

“But Tony…” Nicole burst into tears. It was all too much for her. She had lost Tony and was going to lose her good looks, all in the same evening.

Tony finally came to the end of his rant.

“ I do not care about your excuses. Doesn’t matter anyway, bitch. I have decided that Jolene will be moving in with me. See you on Sunday, for the last time, you slut.”

Nicole began to wail loudly and uncontrollably. It seemed that her life had fallen apart, all within a few minutes. “All that effort to look pretty for him, and he leaves me just like that.” She let out a loud scream.

Magdalena moved towards Nicole and tried to calm her down. She did not know what to do. Despite her anger at Nicole’s shallowness, she felt sorry for the poor girl. As Nicole’s phone conversation had become very animated, it was impossible not to hear what was being said. She had long thought of Tony as a selfish and possessive brute who had tried to control every aspect of Nicole’s life, including her appearance. Undoubtedly, it was Tony who had put pressure on Nicole to bleach her hair to a platinum blonde color and probably do all kinds of things with him in the bedroom. On top of that, he had likely been seeing this “Jolene” for weeks and had only decided to tell Nicole now that he had already made up his mind to dump her. Nicole would be better off without Tony, that much was certain.

Magdalena wondered if she should go through with Nicole’s punishment. Like her sister, she too had lost much this week. Perhaps there was no need to be overzealous with her punishment. Maybe she could give Nicole a decent shoulder-length bob with an undercut and just a single edgy piercing to occasionally remind her of the ordeal that her sister Caitlin had experienced at Ideal Image. That would probably be enough.

Nicole had stopped crying and sat down again in the salon chair, exhausted.Magdalena gave her a big hug.

“Don’t worry, Nicole. You don’t need Tony in your life. As for your punishment…., well, maybe we can tone it down just a little. You still need to be taught a lesson, but perhaps we can find a style that works for both of us. I was thinking of a cute bob with a side cut, and maybe a single piercing for some additional spice. But first, let me get you some Kleenex” Magdalena left to look for facial tissues to wipe away Nicole’s tears.

“Th…. thanks, Magdalena.” Nicole looked at her gratefully and began to sob again.


The Final Look

Suddenly, a figure ripped open the front door and entered the salon, heading straight for the still distraught Nicole. It was her sister Caitlin, who appeared to be extremely angry. “You deceitful slut. Look what your salon did to me!” she shouted, pointing at herself. Nicole could see the maniacal look in her sister’s blue eyes and was scared. She wanted to get up and run but seemed to be paralyzed, unable to prevent herself from staring wide-eyed at Caitlin as she took in her sister’s new appearance in person for the first time.

Caitlin seized her chance and grabbed the hair clippers that Magdalena had left on the counter. She turned them on. Before Nicole was able to react, Caitlin forced them against her sister’s forehead and start running them up along her crown. The clippers mercilessly cut away everything in their path. Magdalena had not attached a clipper guard onto them.

“Nooooooooooooo. My hair!” shouted Nicole. A large path of nearly white scalp extending from the middle of her forehead all the way to middle of her head had been shaved into Nicole’s waist-length mane. “Caitlin, you bitch, I will kill you.”

Nicole had gotten up and wanted to lunge at Caitlin, who was more than ready to fight her.

Thankfully, Magdalena had been alerted to the skirmish between the two sisters. Using all of her strength, she separated the twins and convinced them to sit down in two salon chairs that were well apart. Caitlin and Nicole continued to give each other nasty looks.

“Enough is enough, ladies! You both need to grow up! Where is all of this going to end? Just calm down now while I think about what to do” Magdalena thundered.

Magdalena needed another moment to steady herself so that she could regain her ability to think clearly.

“I am sorry Nicole, but Caitlin really took a large chunk out of your hair. There is really no way of repairing the damage to make it look ‘normal’ ” Magdalena sighed.

“The only solution is to cut your hair off and shave it all to a uniform length. As Caitlin was so ruthless with those clippers, this means that you will be just about bald. Don’t worry, it will grow back eventually.”

Nicole looked in horror at Magdalena. Her hair would be gone! All those years of growth and care. Within a few minutes she would have only stubble in places that were adorned by her long blonde locks just an hour ago! She gave Caitlin a look that could kill. Her sister was grinning triumphantly and looked like she was about to start laughing.  Magdalena saw this and gave Caitlin a stern look. Immediately, the smile disappeared from Caitlin’s face.

Magdalena turned on the clippers and proceeded to work on Nicole’s now black mane. She finished the path down the middle of Nicole’s head that had been started by Caitlin, leaving a clear track of pale scalp extending from Nicole’s forehead to the base of her neck.

Magdalena now moved the clippers to the front of Nicole’s right temple. Going front to back, she cut a path from the temple all the way to the hairline near Nicole’s right ear. Large chunks of raven-black tresses fell to the floor. She repeated this several times until all of the hair on Nicole’s right side had been removed to stubble to match the middle of her hair. Only the left side of her head still had any hair left.

‘Now I almost match my sister’, thought Nicole with bitterness. It was not a pleasant thought and she began plotting all of the things that she would do Caitlin once her own ordeal was over.

But Magdalena’s humming clippers interrupted her thoughts of revenge and began to clear away the hair on her left side. A minute later, she had a very short buzz cut. Magdalena solemnly turned her to the large mirror on the wall behind her so that she could see her new look.

“Maybe you will grow to like it. Or at least not hate it completely before it grows back. It is not the end of the world, you will see. With the right make-up for your face, a bald head might actually suit you. I have seen many girls who look quite attractive with it. You would be surprised..”.

Magdalena continued. “Now about the rest of your punishment, we said that you were going to get a piercing. That should not be a problem, as this is another service for which my salon has been equipped. We do ears, noses, belly buttons……..”

Nicole shuddered. She had hoped that Magdalena would have forgotten about the piercing. Well, maybe a second earring in both of her ear lobes would not be so bad, she thought.

“ I think she should get a septum ring. Like the bulls on our farm used to have growing up” Caitlin shouted out suddenly.

Nicole was horrified at this suggestion. She did not want to look like the cattle on her farm. But Magdalena was evidently taking Caitlin’s suggestion entirely seriously.

“Hm, I think that’s fair.” said Magdalena. “Especially as you are only getting one piercing while poor Caitlin got pierced more than ten times……” It sounded as though Magdalena had been convinced. She quickly got out the salon’s selection of piercing jewelry and readied her piercing equipment.

“No, Magdalena, please don’t! I’ll look like a freak. I’ll never be able to get into modelling!’ pleaded Nicole.

“For once, think about something else than yourself and your looks. What about Caitlin? Do you think she wanted those two nose rings? And all those hoops in her ears? Anyway, we can take out the piercing once the wound has healed. I will help you with that once it is time.” Magdalena remained firm.

After a rather painful poke through her nose, Nicole was sporting a large gold ring through her septum. When she first saw her reflection, Nicole wanted to smash the mirror in disgust. The gold septum ring seemed to dominate just about every other feature in her otherwise beautiful face.

Her sister Caitlin, however, could not hide her glee. “She looks just like Otis, our former prize bull on the farm. Or like that crazy freak Danielle at the salon on Monday.” Caitlin started sniggering and Nicole again looked like she was ready to attack her sister. Once again, Magdalena had to intervene.

“When will you two ever learn? Hair grows back and jerks like the Tony’s of this world come and go. But you two will remain sisters until you grow old. Is that not important to you? Think about it for a minute.”

Magdalena turned towards Caitlin, examining her. “Actually, I think that it is best that you get the same hair style as your sister.” Caitlin’s grin instantly disappeared from her face. “ Maybe if you look more like one another again, you will stop fighting and realize that you really do have a lot in common. And that can actually get along if you try.”

Magdalena was determined to carry through her plan and showed no mercy with Caitlin. Aided by her suddenly jubilant sister, she forced Caitlin down into the chair and soon reduced the front left portion of her hair to stubble to match the rest of her head. For the first time in many weeks, the twins again had the same hair style. A buzz cut!

Caitlin did not want really want to look in the mirror now, but found herself turning towards it nevertheless. Short stubble covered her entire head. Although she had not exactly appreciated her extreme side-cut and new black hair from the Monday makeover at “Ideal Image”, she thought that the dark hair color actually suited her, giving her an exotic appearance.  And the extreme contrast between the longer hair and shaved portion had made her look quite wild and rebellious, qualities that she sometimes wished she possessed in greater abundance.

But now that new look had been taken from her as well. With her new buzz cut, her two nose piercings and ultra-thin eyebrows stood out to an even greater extent. She was a freak and now every last bit of hair, the key feature that in her eyes had defined her femininity, was gone!

While Caitlin was still looking at herself in the mirror in disbelief that Magdalena had punished her too, Nicole was curiously examining her new appearance, rubbing her hands over her shorn stubble. It was so strange to have a new surface of skin to touch on her head. She found that the experience was actually quite pleasant and even ….. arousing, in a way.

Magdalena, who had been watching Nicole’s exploration of her nearly-bald head with interest, stretched out her arm as if to summon Nicole to come towards her. With a grin on her face, she pointed to Caitlin, gesturing her to do the same.

“Shall I let you in on a little secret of mine?”, she asked the twins in a much more conciliatory tone.

Without waiting for an answer, she moved her right hand behind her head and tugged at the base of her neck while clutching her hair from the front with her left. All of a sudden, her black hair was lifted up high into the air above her head, revealing a shiny and hairless white scalp below. And there was no trace of any eyebrows on her face, either!

Not for the first time today, both Caitlin and Nicole were left speechless by Magdalena’s actions. “A wig! But Magdalena, you’re, you’re ………… completely bald!”, exclaimed a stunned Nicole.

“Just as you are now, girls!” Magdalena grinned.

“How? Why? asked Caitlin, still not believing what she saw.

“Before I answer your question, come and feel this.” She pointed to her head.

The twins touched Magdalena’s smooth head. “Mmm, that feels good” Magdalena reveled in having her smooth scalp stroked.

“It was something that my husband Simon and I discovered” Magdalena explained.

“After we got married, we had quite a lot of fun in experimenting with the way we looked. Different hairstyles, colors- you name it, we tried it when we had the time and opportunity! We got a lot of………, ahem, pleasure from changing each other’s looks. “Magdalena said sheepishly, as if she were just a little embarrassed by this revelation.

“One day, we decided we would try the bald look. We both loved it almost right away, especially touching each other’s smooth heads and feeling the same smooth sensation elsewhere on our bodies …. and have kept the look ever since. It turns out that we like being smooth the best” She hesitated once again before continuing in a hushed voice.

“And ………..  we have regular private shaving sessions together….. so that we remain smooth and hairless from head to toe. We had been thinking of getting all of our hair lasered off and removed permanently. But then we would not be able to do the shaving together…..” Magdalena seemed to be blushing just a little after having revealed such intimate details of her life.

Despite their continued animosity toward each other, Caitlin and Nicole could not help exchanging a knowing glance as if sharing the same thought simultaneously. Who knew that their hairdresser was so kinky!

“What I am trying to tell you both is that changing your looks is not as a big deal as you think. None of the changes that have been made to your looks are actually permanent for life and hair grows back quite quickly when it is healthy. I am sorry about some of the liberties that I took in making changes to your looks today, but it did not look like you were going to learn to respect each other again without my intervention. If you had both taken your appearance less seriously and focused on more important things…… you would not both be just about bald right now” explained Magdalena.

Caitlin and Nicole had to admit that she had a point.

Magdalena continued:

“But together with the right person and not some jerk like Tony, it can actually be a lot of fun to play around with changing each other’s looks. Once you find the right guy, it’s actually something you can explore together as a couple and enjoy. As long as you also consider your partner’s wishes and are not always insistent on getting your way with absolutely everything”

Magdalena paused briefly and sighed. “Unfortunately, not everyone that you will meet is so tolerant of people who do not look the same as them. That is why I want to show you something else.”

She led them to a glass cabinet at the back of the room, revealing at least two dozen human hair wigs. She then opened up the cabinet and allowed them to have a closer look at her wig collection.

“If you wish, you can each borrow one or two for a while.  I can help you with make-up or anything else you wish to do as you wait for it to grow back. It’ll be my pleasure. And you might find it quite fun to change your looks a few times while you are at it. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to keep your hair short?”

Both Nicole and Caitlin ran over to hug Magdalena at the same time.

“That would be great, thank you so much, Magdalena!” they blurted out almost simultaneously.

“It’s late now, girls. I do want to go home at some point today. I have a family too, you know. Please choose a couple of wigs and I will look at getting this place cleaned up.”

“There is something else I want to try first, though” objected Nicole.

“I want to know if what you say is true…….. you know, about whether being smooth is really the best.”

Magdalena looked at Nicole incredulously. Then she asked Caitlin: “You too?”

Caitlin nodded in agreement. Magdalena sighed. She was going to have to wait a little bit longer to go home.

Grudgingly, but not without a smile, she found a few safety razors and some shaving cream. Magdalena lathered up the shaving cream on the twin’s heads and proceeded to remove all traces of the hair on their heads. Taking her time, she carefully stroked first Caitlin’s and then Nicole’s scalp until both of the twins’ heads gleamed under the salon’s neon lights. The twins were enjoying the experience quite a bit.

“Now do our eyebrows, too!” exclaimed Caitlin and Magdalena did them the favor. Like the rest of their bodies, their head and face were now hairless and matched that of their hairdresser! They were smooth and bald in every way.

After Magdalena had finished making them completely bald, the twins could not resist staring at themselves in the mirror. Both had the same bright blue eyes that appeared to be even more beautiful and noticeable now that their hair had been totally removed. And the lack of eyebrows gave both girls an even more exotic look. Maybe this look was not quite as horrible as they had initially thought. Nicole and Caitlin stared at their new image in amazement, and started going over their their freshly-denuded scalps with their hands. It felt so strange, and actually quite pleasant,

The twins could not stop touching their smooth scalps again and again, experiencing the sensual pleasure of having completely hairless skin on their entire heads for the first time. Judging by their reactions, it would probably not be the last time they would be indulging in this, thought Magdalena.

Finally, the twins were ready to pick their hairpieces. After exploring the different looks that the wigs offered them, Caitlin selected a golden blonde shoulder-length wig with a layered cut. Nicole chose a short orange-copper chin length bob with very thick bangs that covered her eyebrows, a wig that greatly resembled the one that Magdalena had been wearing earlier in every way except its color.

Anything that did not remind her of Tony and her days as a platinum blonde siren would be great, thought Nicole. Both twins were pleased that the wigs covered not only their entire head, but also their ears.

I can live with this, thought Caitlin to herself. When wearing the wig, only the two piercings in her nose betrayed the fact that Caitlin had undergone an extreme makeover and did not exactly look conventional. But nowadays, many young people had a small piercing, an unusual hair color, a tattoo or a side shave to express their individuality and to stick out in a crowd. As long as their look was at least somewhat ‘normal’ overall, Nicole and Caitlin would not get nearly as many blank stares and nasty looks as they would otherwise. Magdalena’s wigs would make it possible.

Magdalena sighed again. The twins were not quite on normal speaking terms with each other yet, but this evening had still been a good start to the their reconciliation, she thought. Maybe this was the last time that they would behave so treacherously and maliciously towards each other. Magdalena certainly hoped so.

“It has been a long day. Let me take you home.” offered Magdalena and the twins gladly accepted.

The three beautiful bald women were about to leave the salon, but first wanted to take one final look at their matching bald looks in the mirror. They snapped a few pictures, each sporting big smiles. This would be a day that they would remember for a while.

Then they were finally ready to leave. The three of them passed through the entrance of the salon into the cool September evening. Instead of having put on the wigs, all three chose to carry them in their hands. Maybe they would not be wearing their wigs right away after all.

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