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“No I know it’s a risk but wouldn’t it be great to have a sugar daddy?” Ryleigh said while brushing out her long blonde hair.

“Well yea but I feel like it could backfire and turn into something you didn’t sign up for” Monica said wearily.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know but from what I’ve heard there’s some odd guys out there”

“I’ll take my chances. Whatever it’ll be will be worth it for a good chunk of change” ryleigh said enthusiastically.

“I guess. Where would you even find one?” Monica questioned.

“I don’t know I have a few ideas. We could go to the marina. You know like the place where all the rich guys keep their yachts.”

“What if he makes you do anything drastic?”

“Well then we will cross that bridge when we get there. Come on finish getting ready so we can start looking”

“Not we. You.” Monica said sarcastically.

Both girls finish putting on their makeup, Rayleigh decided to wear a short sun dress that showed her cleavage, with yellow and blue flowers on it. Monica wore a crop top and booty shorts.

Monica and ryleigh had very similar hair. Ryleighs hair was waist length and had a gorgeous shade of light blonde, while Monica had dirty blonde hair that hung down to her belly button. They both obsessed over their hair and was easily their favorite quality about them.

Their skin was a very similar bronze tan with no tattoos or blemishes. They each had perfect bodies resembling an hour glass figure.

“Ready?” Ryleigh said opening the door to her apartment.

They strode outside together and walked to the marina.

As they ventured down the docks weaving between yachts, they heard a woman call out to them.

“What are a couple beautiful woman like yourselves doing here by yourselves?” The woman asked flirtatiously.

Caught off guard, ryleigh stuttered a few words which had no resemblance to the English dictionary.

“Don’t just stand there looking at eachother, come aboard. Both of you” the wealthy looking woman requested.

Monica turned to ryleigh and without saying anything ryleigh started walking towards the ninety foot vessel. Monica quickly decided to follow her best friend.

The woman reached her hand down as to help each of the girls step up onto the deck.

“So… I have an assumption on why you’re roaming around here.”

“Oh uhm” Monica started but was quickly cut off halfway through talking.

“You both are here to find someone that can take care of you and all your needs. And I can provide that for you. However there will need to be a few changes made. Oh and by the way, my name is Vanessa.” The woman said, who couldn’t be older than 40.

Ryleigh thought to herself ‘this could be exactly what I’m looking for. Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous’

Monica liked the idea of having a sugar momma instead of a man but was weary of the talk about needing changes.

Vanessa slowly walked around the girls in circles, eyeing them up and down and checking them out.

“We’ll it appears you both have perfect bodies and seem like you’d be cut out for it. However, like I said there will be changes.”

“What kind of changes?” Monica chimed in.

“Wouldn’t it be a little more fun if you didn’t know until you committed?” Vanessa said seductively.

“Starting off, both of you will have a starting allowance of five grand a week, plus bonuses. You’ll live with me whether I am on the yacht or at one of my many houses around the world.”

That sounded great to ryleigh but Monica was still anxious about the changes. Especially now that she wouldn’t know until after she committed.

“Any questions?”

Ryleigh and Monica both blankly stared at eachother.

“We’ll if there are no questions then let’s proceed. Follow me into the galley where you will sign your contracts.”

Vanessa turned away and started walking across the deck. Right before she walked through the sliding glass doors she exclaimed “we don’t have all day. Chop chop.”

“What did we just get ourselves into?” Monica whispered to ryleigh as they began to follow Vanessa. Both glancing at Vanessa’s perfect body as she walks. Every step producing her ass to jiggle and shake.

Vanessa pulled out two chairs along a rather expensive looking desk.

“Sit down I’ll be back im going to grab your contracts now”

She walks off and leaves the two blondes alone.

“What kind of changes do you think she means? Do you think this is gonna turn out good?” Both whispering to eachother.

“I’m not sure but for the money, anything seems worth it.” Ryleigh concluded.

Vanessa swiftly walked back into the galley and placed a contract and a pen in front of both women.

“You will be locked in to a 10 year contract. I will provide and take care of anything you’d want or need.” Vanessa said confidently.

Monica didn’t want to sign this but when she looked over at ryleigh she saw that her best friend started signing her name, which made Monica sign it as well.

Vanessa took both contracts away from the girls and dropped a highly revealing bikini set in front of each.

“Strip down and throw these on now” Vanessa expressed in a demanding tone.

This wasn’t the type of girl Monica was but what could she do? She put her name down pen and paper. She couldn’t get out of this.

They would both be thirty years old by the time the contract was up. And that was a long time for Monica.

Ryleigh was the first to strip out of her sundress. Followed my Monica who was a bit skidish at first. She’s never had to get naked in front of anyone before. Let alone someone she just met.

The bikinis given, were very revealing. The bikini tops were very skimpy and showed a lot of their breasts. The bottoms were pretty much a thong with straps that sat high on their hips. They both had the same color, it was an aqua blue which contrasted against their tan very nicely.

“My, my, you two look stunning. Why don’t you both take the day to roam around the ship and learn where everything is. And incase you were worried, there is plenty of liquor and weed here!” Vanessa said with a hint of niceness.

“Actually we were going to go back to our apartments and grab our belongings.” Monica spoke up.

“Oh you won’t be needing any of that. Besides, I’ll buy you anything your hearts could ever want. I’ll have my people cancel your rent and have everything there thrown away. We leave port in two hours.”

Vanessa quickly left the galley and went in to town to shop for jewelry, which left the two young women alone on the ship. They decided to explore one of their new homes for the next decade.

Ryleigh decided they should start at the front of the ship working their way back, deck first. They made their way to the bow and started to explore.

The hand rails around the yacht were gold plated, with a heli pad with a matching helicopter. The helicopter was a very expensive Bell, black in color with gold and rose gold accents. Ryleigh and Monica have never seen an aircraft so beautiful, they haven’t even been close to one before.

They walked around to the stern of the ship and found a beautiful three level deck staggering up to the helm room where the captain would operate the vessel. On the far back of the deck was a small crane with four jet skis, a moderately sized boat, and other various water toys.

The next deck above the last, had a elegant looking bar with a lounge area. Ryleigh pictured herself mentally kicking back with a piña colada in hand enjoys the views.

As the two walked through the main doors back in to the galley Monica threw her hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie matching her new bikini set.

Walking down one of the hallways, ryliegh commented on how many doors there were. And with that they started going in to each room. The first four doors led into beautiful sleeping quarters, each with their own bathroom.

The fifth door they went through opened up into a strange room. It resembled a hospital room, with an operating table and many more medical tools and devices.

“This is strange, why would they even need this on a boat?” Monica questioned with hesitance in her voice.

“I imagine it’s here if someone got hurt out at sea” ryleigh replied.

“Yea I guess you’re right that makes sense”

The sixth room turned out to be a hair salon with a couple chairs and lots of hair styling and cutting tools. Modeled almost exactly like a high end salon you would see in Beverly Hills.

“I wonder if she has a stylist on board, it’d be nice if I could get my split ends taken care of” ryleigh said with a hint of excitement.

“We’ll I guess we have 10 years to figure that one out”

As they left that hallway and went back to the galley, Vanessa was there waiting for them.

“I hope you two had a chance to explore a little bit, we had a change of plans and are leaving port in about 15 minutes. Please allow me to show you both your rooms”

Vanessa got up and started walking with purpose to the sleeping quarters, Monica and Ryleigh followed.

She opened the door to one of the rooms which had a door leading to another room.

“These two rooms are for you both. There is a door connecting the two incase you wanted to spend time together in private.” Vanessa’s voice trailed off as she started opening up dresser drawers.

“In here you will find all your new clothing, new jewelry and personal effects. Both of you have the same outfits as you will be matching eachother for pretty much every day for the next decade”

The two women stepped forward to take a closer look. The clothing ranged from excersize outfits all the way to high end fancy dresses. Everything looked very expensive and designer.

Ryleigh opened another drawer exposing gorgeous gold jewelry

“I could get used to this. Are there certain days where you want us to wear certain outfits?” Monica asked.

“Great question honey, frequently I will choose what you will both wear. However there will be a couple days a week where you can wear whatever you pick up at port.”

Monica took a closer look at the drawer housing bras and bikini tops.

“What size are these? Im not sure my tits are big enough to fill these”

“Hmm interesting, I’ll have that fixed” Vanessa replied.

Three loud horns sounded off implying the ship was pulling out of port.

“We’ll ladies, we are heading out to sea. Say good bye to everything here for the next 10 years” Vanessa said with a grin.

“So we never really went over what you want us to do every day?” Ryleigh asked.

“We’ll it’s quite simple. Anything your hearts desire for the most part. Most of the day at sea you can spend lounging around, smoking pot, driving the jet skis… But there will be some duties.”

“Duties such as?”

“Well we will spend a good bit of time in bed if you get what im saying. When we arrive in a new port, you will accompany me around shopping, and being sort of an eye candy. We will spend a significant amount of time in France and many other countries. Especially the islands along every coast.”

Ryleigh and Monica both looked at eachother. Ryleigh was loving the sound of everything however Monica was slightly hesitant. She’s never been with a woman romantically. All though she liked the idea better of being with a sugar momma over a man. Not to mention Vanessa was one of the most sexy women she had ever seen.

“There’s a bit of silence after I said that. I trust you both are okay with that?”

“Sounds lovely to me Vanessa” Monica replied, surprising ryleigh that she had said that.

Vanessa turned to ryleigh awaiting an answer.

“Perfect to me”

The three women talked and were shown around the ship for the rest of the night.

It was getting late and both Monica and ryleigh started to get a tad bit tired.

“We’ll girls, you better get to bed we have a big day tomorrow.”

“What do we have going on?”

“You’ll see, don’t worry you’ll love it” Vanessa said while turning and walking away.

The next day rolled around, Monica went into Ryleughs room to make sure she was awake and ready for the day.

Raleigh noticed there was already an outfit picked out resting on top of her dresser.

Monica walked back to her own room and found the same outfit on her dresser as well. She picked it up to throw on. It was a loose black and white sundress that was short.

After she threw her new outfit on, she walked back to ryleighs room and together they walked to the galley to meet Vanessa.

“Ladies! I hope you two had a good nights sleep, are you ready for the day?”

“Yes I think so, I love the outfit you planned for us today. So last night you said we had a big day today, what does that entail?” Ryleigh asked while twirling her blonde tresses with her fingers.

“I’m so glad you asked, I have my co-surgeon coming aboard today to help me with your new bodies!”

“Uhm what do you mean co-surgeon?”

“Yea what about ‘new bodies’ what’s that supposed to mean?” Ryleigh asked

“ wouldn’t you both just love free plastic surgery from the worlds finest? I mean where do you think I’ve made all this wealth?”

“You are not doing shit to my body”

“You did sign the contract… did you not?”

“I did” Rayleigh replied.

“Besides you haven’t even let me tell you what my plans are for your bodies. You two already have a nice hourglass shape, I would just like to accentuate that hourglass shape.” Vanessa said with a grin.

“Yea and how would you do that?”

“By giving you a bigger bust, a Brazilian but lift…” Vanessa was cut off by Monica.

“I kinda like the sound of that. I mean if it’s free and that’s all you’re doing then I’m down for it”

“I’m glad you see it that way. Ryleigh?” Vanessa asked her

Monica gave her the look. The kind of look that says ‘don’t make me do this alone’

“Fine but I’m not gonna be happy about it”

“We’ll let’s go get both of you prepped then” Vanessa says as she walks down the hall to the surgery room.

Monica follows quickly behind. Ryleigh follows with shaky legs. She loved her body and never wanted to alter it in any way. But Vanessa was right she did sign the contract. Her body was Vanessa’s for 10 whole years.

“Strip” Vanessa commands.

Both girls take off their matching sun dresses and each girl lays down on each metal surgery table.

The crisp coolness of the table made ryleigh gasp. She heard someone wheeling something into the room. She looked up and seen another woman walking in, similar age as Vanessa, with a tank which she assumed was some sort of gas to put her to sleep for surgery.

“Ladies I’d like you to meet my co-surgeon Ashley. She will be helping me today.”

Ashley was stunning. She had bright blue eyes, long jet black hair, and a nice ass. She handed Monica and Ryleigh a mask.

“Both of you will hold this mask to your face and inhale for 30 seconds. It is anesthesia for your surgery.” Ashley stated.

“Vanessa we are only doing what you said earlier right?” Ryleigh asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes hunny now just breath in to your masks and you’ll wake up in to time with a completely perfect body”

Both girls started breathing in the anesthetic. Vanessa started eyeing both of them up and comparing the two. After about 20 seconds of breathing in, Vanessa spoke up.

“On second thought how would you too like to be twins?” Vanessa implied with a devious grin.

Ryleighs eyes went wide in fear. Monica didn’t hear what Vanessa had said.

“WHAT?” Ryleigh started to scream but was cut off as she dozed off. Monica’s anesthetic took its turn right after.

Ashley turned to Vanessa, “so what all are you thinking we do?”

“We’ll for starters, let’s remove two ribs on each side for a tighter hourglass, how bout we give them perky double C boobs?”

“Perfect idea, what else?”

“Definitly a Brazilian butt lift” Vanessa said

“Yess that’s what I was thinking. Anything done to their face?”

“We’ll like I said I want them to be true twins. I want both of them to look exactly the same. From face to body.”

“Do you want one to have the same face as the other? Or both of them completely unrecognizable to how they both looked prior?”

“Ding ding ding, the last one. I don’t want them to recognize themselves at all. I want their faces to be the face of a perfect super model. A mix of gorgeous with drop dead sexy.” Vanessa said with high expectations.

“I think we can do that.. shall we get started?” Ashley questioned with a demeaning grin.

The two world class plastic surgeons made speedy but quality work on their new canvasses. Making sure to not leave a single scar after the short recovery that would be given.

The two girls bodies were shaping up flawlessly. They started off from bottom to top. Working their way from the ‘BBL’ all the way up to their breast, which were now the perfect shape and perkiness that Vanessa had in mind. Flawless double C cup titties.

The two dominating surgeons took a quick break and soon got back to work. With in no time they had their faces completely rearranged and resculpted into a flawless super model looking faces.

There was no doubt in Vanessa’s, nor Ashley’s mind that the girls would be unrecognizable. Two completely different women.

About an hour after surgery, Monica and Ryleigh were woken up. Both were groggy and very sore.

Ryleigh awoke in a panic not remembering right away where she was or what was happening. She looked over to her right and saw Monica with her face wrapped up. This sent chills down ryleighs spine.

As she reached up to her own face she felt that hers was wrapped as well. Then It dawned on her on what Vanessa said as she was passing out.

“What the hell did you do to our faces?” Fear and upsetness took over Rayleigh.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll thank us later. You’ll get to see in a few days once your faces are recovered.”

“What is this about what are you two talking about?” Monica perked up and asked.

“We’ll I just thought how fun it would be if you two were twins. You know, not just with your bodies but your faces too.” Vanessa sarcastically sneered.

Monica couldn’t find anything to say and looked down at her new body. Everything was pretty much wrapped up but she could see the mound on her chest under the wraps. She could feel a heavy soarness going down her ribs to her ass.

“Oh and I took a few ribs out which will make your waist 10 times smaller. You can thank me later.

Her new face hadn’t registered in Monica’s head yet but she was starting to feel excited to see how her new body healed up.

“Now that surgery has ended, we will be putting you both into a medically induced coma for the next week so you won’t be in pain during recovery. And that way you’ll be able to see your new selves all healed up”

“Wait a minute, I still can’t believe you did all this. This is so fucked”

A week later it was time for Monica and rleigh to be taken out of their comas.

Monica was the first to wake up. Her vision opened up and saw Vanessa standing in front of her with a big smile. She looked over to the other operating table where ryleigh was.

She did not see ryleigh at all. She couldn’t even recognize the lady laying down next to her.

Soon the other girl woke up and immediately turned to where Monica was. She was unrecognizable either.

“Monica?” Rayleigh asked with her voice shivering with worry.

“Ryleigh? I don’t even recognize you at all. You’re… youre hot. Like way more hot than you used to be.”

“I could say the same about you. But what the fuck do I look like?”

“Good morning, sorry to intervene ladies, I think I can answer some questions.” Vanessa said excitingly as she tossed each girl a mirror.

Monica looked in the mirror first and turned to ryleigh with a very shocked look. Ryleigh met her gaze with tears in her eyes.

“See ladies I told you I would make you twins. And don’t lie you know you’re hotter than any other woman in this earth. Besides don’t worry all about your new face, check out your new bodies”

Raleigh stood up and walked in front of a full body mirror. She couldn’t believe she was looking at her self. She had big boobs, an extremely skinny waist, and an impeccably shaped ass.

“Incase you haven’t noticed, both of you are the exact same. From the bottom to the top. Oh and by the way Monica, your clothes should fit now…”

The whole day was spent with Monica and ryleigh attempting to accept their new identities.

Monica was having a much easier time dealing with it than Rayleigh. Ryleigh was an emotional mess for the better half of the day but started to like her new self.

Monica was somewhat excited to see herself in her new fitting bikinis. She threw on a very revealing thin bikini set and tossed a matching set to ryleigh.

“Well were twins now so I guess we better start dressing like it.”

After dressing themselves they went off to find Vanessa.

“My my, you two look fabulous. Are you getting used to your bodies?” She said as she watched the two goddess like twins walk in.

They both surprisingly blushed and smiled as vanessa talked to them.

“Today we are pulling in to Fiji, I want both of you to west exactly what you have on now. We are getting off the ship in an hour.”

An hour passed and the twins walked side by side with Vanessa down the tropical streets of Fiji.

Ryleigh was starting to get uncomfortable as she was not used to all this attention. No matter where they went there were people staring at them with their jaws dropped.

Monica however was feeling the most confident she ever had been. As they walked, the recoil of their newly shaped asses had everyone staring.

There was a slight breeze flowing through the twins hair. Setting small tangles in their long blonde tresses,

Vanessa tugged a lick of Monica’s hair in a playful manner.

“Perhaps we should do something about this when we are back on the ship.”

“Oh what do you mean? A trim?” Ryleigh asked as she mentioned when she first boarded she would like to cut her dead ends off.

“Hmm I’m thinking more of a French bob… maybe a change in color too. What do you think Monica?”

“I love my new body but I do not want my hair cut or dyed.”

Vanessa didn’t reply which added a sense of fear into the twins. She felt sexually thrilled seating fear at worry into the twins.

For the rest of the day both girls kept fidgeting with their hair, fearing what would come when they were back on board

The day passed too quickly for the twins to enjoy their possible last moments of long flowing blonde locks, which used to be their favorite feature about them.

Ever since the surgery, both had new favorite features. For Monica it was her whole body, from her face to her tits.
For ryleigh it was her ass and waist. However both women did love their sun bleached hair. It was the last thing linking them to their old bodies.

Once back on the ship, Monica had hoped that their sugar momma had forgotten the comment she made earlier. An hour passed, making them think she did forget.

“Can anyone guess what time it is?” Vanessa asked cheerfully. After a moment of silence between the twins, she spoke back up again.

“Time to loose those lucious blonde locks. Haircut time!”

Vanessa started walking down to the room with all the hairstyling devices.

Ryleigh hoped that they weren’t actually loosing all their hair but quickly figured that there was no way of getting out of Vanessa’s control. Which she was started to grow to be okay with.

They followed Vanessa while running their fingers through their hair for one last time.

“So… who would like to go first?”

“I- I’ll go first” Monica spoke semi softly.

“Good. Not get in the chair.”

“So seeing how we will be in France in a few days, I think you would look lovely with a short, permed French bob.”

“Oh I almost forget, you won’t have any blonde for a while. I think I vibrant ginger would suit you. We’ll both of you for that matter.”

Vanessa pulled Monica’s hair back and instantly started hacking away at her ponytail. Monica cringed at ever noise following each snip.

‘Snip’ ‘snip’

The cutting went on for what felt like hours to Monica. The last cut came up and the shearing of the scissors sounded louder than the previous.

Monica’s head flung forward with the pressure of hair being relieved. Her hair now sat at her chin in a very choppy manner.

Vanessa seductively threw her bundle of hair on Monica’s lap. She turned around and made eye contact with ryleigh who was still standing.

Without saying anything she walked behind ryleigh and started sawing her hair off. She stood there in shock feeling each crunch of the blades severing her treasured hair.

Once the last king strand was cut, Vanessa walked back in front of ryleigh and dropped her hair on her feet.

“There now that we have the bulk out of the way we can really focus now.”

Vanessa started sectioning Monica’s hair out making sure to part her hair in straight lines.

Rayleigh was still standing in the same spot where Vanessa violently relieved her of her mane. She stood in shock not daring to reach up and touch her hair.

The feeling of no hair cascading down her back and over her bobs was a very foreign feeling to her. She no longer had anything to hide behind.

She stood and watched Vanessa cut her first section. Monica could feel the cold blades of the scissors inch across her nape, just slightly above her hair line.

She twitched every time a clump of hair rolled down her back and on to the floor. The sound of the scissors closing between the blades was loud in her ear. Too loud to be able to hear her own thoughts.

Ryleigh couldn’t look away, just watching Monica’s hair get progressively shorter and shorter made her feel uneasy knowing she was next.

Vanessa cut the remaining sections into a very short French bob just below her ears but well above her hairline. She saw her master move into her field of vision right in front of her.

Monica could feel her sectioning something out in the front of her head. Vanessa slowly combed down the chunk of hair she sectioned out.

While maintaining eye contact with Monica, Vanessa chopped the hair away into a set of bangs sitting above her eyebrows.

Vanessa disappeared for a second and return with a solution in a mixing bowl. Soon enough Monica could feel and goopy liquid being applied to her hair. It was chilly but felt good.

Ryleigh continued standing in fear, watching her twins hair turn from platinum blonde into a ginger color within the first minute.

Vanessa then directed ryleigh into the other chair while Monica’s dye set in.

Within no time, Vanessa had her hair sectioned and began cutting. Much like Monica, each snip felt like an eternity followed by a thud hitting the ground as her hair fell to the floor.

Something started to awake inside of her as more and more hair was cut off. She began to feel horny, slowly soaking her bikini bottoms with her throbbing pussy. She knew she couldn’t let her twin or Vanessa notice.

She gasped which nearly turned into a moan as her bangs were cut.

Ryleigh felt the same solution that rid her twin of her blonde being applied to her own hair. Once she was fully saturated in the dye, Vanessa began washing the dye out of Monica’s newly short hair.

Once the time was up for ryleigh, she started washing the dye out of her hair too.

“We are not done yet”

“What could you possibly do now? You’ve already chopped our hair all off.”

“… finishing touches” Vanessa replied sassily.

She picked something up off the counter and approached ryleigh from behind.

“Head down” she said while simultaneously pushing ryleighs chin into her boobs.

A pop followed by a high pitched hun echoed through the air.

“What is tha-“

Vanessa cut her off by plunging the guardless clippers into her hair moving up her nape. Repeating the movement until her nape was completely hairless.

Raleigh’s hands instantly reached to the back of her head and ran her fingers across the very small stubble engulfing her nape.

While Vanessa set to shaving monicas nape, Ryleughs fingers then migrated from her nape up into her freshly bobbed hair. Her heart sunk for a second as her hair abruptly stopped flowing through her fingers. She felt even more turned on and let out a small moan that was only heard by Vanessa.

“Both of you on your knees now.” Vanessa demanded.

Monica was the first on her knees. Vanessa reached down to her and gently grasped her chin and lifted upwards.

“Close your eyes dear”

As soon as Monica closed her eyes she felt the familiar feeling of the clippers used kn her nape. Except for this time they were placed directly at the side of her eye brows.

Vanessa slowly moved her clippers across Monica’s face, demolishing her eyebrows in its path. She brushed them off and turned to ryleugh.

Instead of being gentle, Vanessa grabbed a handful of ryleighs hair and pulled backwards.

Without hesitation she drove the clippers through her eyebrows. Raleigh let out another moan. All she could feel was an intense hormones and the vibrations oscillate across her face.

Vanessa uncovered the mirror and revealed her work. Ryleigh ran her fingers through her hair once again and nearly came just based on that. She was fully into this whole situation. She couldn’t stop feeling powerful, and drop dead gorgeous.

Monica was in shock after losing all of her hair. Both twins have had long blonde hair their own life. She was falling love with her new hair color.

“We’ll ladies I hope you had a great haircut. This cut will be maintained every week for the next 10 years unless I think otherwise.”

“We are in France today. So go get dressed, your clothes are already laying out.”

As the twins walked towards their room they couldn’t stop but enjoy the feeling of their hair bobbing and swashing around the cheeks.

The clothes layed out were a very expensive looking- high end shirt dress that showed almost all of their cleavage. The dress was very tight and showed off every part of their body.

They followed their mistress off the ship and into France.

As they strode through the streets, a gentle breeze blew through their fresh bobs. Their security blanket was gone, so they had learn to deal with feeling naked without their hair. The chilly air blew kisses into their shaved napes, causing to shiver slightly.

They felt powerful, especially Monica, who absolutely loved her new self. Ryleigh also loves her new identity, but absolutely lives for her new short hair, swishing across her shaven nape with every step she takes.

Hope you enjoyed this story, there will be a part 2 eventually. Comment any ideas you have that I could write a story about or if you liked this one!

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  1. First of all, great story! From the start I liked the direction this story was going. And you’ve not lost sight of the haircuts by adding other things in as well. I can’t wait for part 2!
    Maybe the next operation could be for them to get tattoos? ????

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