Twins Tamed

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Standing before Mistress, were twin sisters of East Asian descent. Both had perfect slender bodies with olive-toned skin. Their facial features exhibit the epitome of oriental beauty. Most stunning of all was their hair. Rivers of raven black silky hair spilled down their backs with the ends reaching just below their petite asses. Song-Mi and Song-Mei were absolutely identical in every sense. Both had the same hair length and with centre-part. But that will change very soon after the initiation ceremony.


Mistress beckoned them to brush each other’s hair. The twin sisters obliged, and took turns caressing each other’s hair. Their hair seemed to shine even more with each stroke of the brush. When Mistress is finally satisfied, she beckoned both of them to step forward before her.

“Upon Master’s request, we will now decide on your initiation outcomes.”

Mistress held out her right hand, revealing a bunch of farm animal figurines on her palm.

“Take your pick.”

After a few seconds of thought, Song-Mi picked up the dog figurine while Song-Mei chose the horse figurine.

“Good. The dog figurine gets to go first.” That was Song-Mi’s cue.

Leaving Song-Mei behind at the front room, Mistress led Song-Mi into the back room to begin the transformation. A high stool stood at the middle of the brightly-lit room. Four video cameras were positioned around the stool, each covering a different vantage point. They were motorised and remotely operated. Mistress ordered Song-Mi to strip down naked, to which she obliged. Her jet black hair contrasted nicely against her light-toned skin.

“Master will be very pleased,” Mistress remarked upon seeing the Asian sub’s gorgeous body. “Now sit on that stool.”

The video cameras tracked Song-Mi as she moved to the centre of the room and sat on the stool. She retained her emotionless composure, following the assigned script.


Mistress pulled a trolley to her side. It was filled with an assortment of hairdressing tools. With a rat-tail comb, Mistress skilfully combed out and sectioned Song-Mi’s hair into four parts. The front, crown, back, and nape sections were secured with clips on top of Song-Mi’s head.

Mistress released the nape section and combed out its full length. Mistress then placed the comb at the middle of Song-Mi’s back. With a scissors-under-comb technique, Mistress snipped off an 18 inch lock. She continued until the nape section had all been reduced to mid-back length, effectively halving the initial length. This first section serves as a guide for the rest.

After checking to ensure the guide section is even, Mistress released the next section down. This section was thicker than the initial guide section. The 3 feet long silky hair cascaded down Song-Mi’s back and concealed the shorter nape section. But not for long. Again using a scissors-under-comb technique, Mistress chopped off the river of black silk to match up with the guide length underneath. 18 inch long cuttings littered the floor.

Mistress then release the final bulk section from Song-Mi’s crown. This was the thickest section, thick enough to conceal the shorter section. Mistress combed out the section and evened it out. Using the same technique as before, she severed off this last bulk section. Each closing of scissor blades sent more 18 inch locks to the floor. The mound of cuttings grew to a sizable pile. When Mistress was done with the back, half of Song-Mi’s hair was on the floor, leaving her with a mid-back length blunt cut.

Mistress then stood in front of Song-Mi to work on the final section. She undid the triangular wedge section in front and combed them straight over Song-Mi’s face. At this point, this was where it was the longest, because it had not been cut yet. The long veil stretched all the way down to Song-Mi’s lap as she was seated. This section would be the bangs. Mistress combed it all the way down, and then placed the scissors right at Song-Mi’s eyes. With three snips, the 30 inch long strands fell under the blades and dropped onto Song-Mi’s lap. She now sported thick, brow-length bangs, blunt cut straight across.

Just 10 minutes ago, Song-Mi’s hair reached below her butt, all one-length. After chopping off half of the hair, the sub’s hair had been reduced to mid-back length with bangs. Even though it was still long by normal standards, it was a drastic change, considering the initial length. Mistress brushed out Song-Mi’s hair, marvelling at her creation.

To complete the initiation ceremony, Mistress gathered the longest hair cuttings from the floor and weaved it into an unique collar for the sub. When she was finished, Mistress secured the collar – made from the very hair hacked off – around Song-Mi’s neck! At this point, it all made sense now to Song-Mi; this was her initiation ceremony since she chose the dog figurine earlier.

“Song-Mei, you’re next!”

When Song-Mei walked into the room, she almost didn’t recognise her naked sister with shorter hair, especially the bangs. She gasped at the amount of hair cut-off, and wondered how much her own hair would get cut. She didn’t have to wait long, for Mistress quickly stepped in.

“Looks like you drew the short straw. Now strip.”

Song-Mei hesitated at first, but then dutifully stripped down naked. Mistress had Song-Mei seated on the stool, and proceeded to gather the super long hair into a low ponytail. Mistress secured the ponytail at shoulder length with an elastic band. Just like her sister’s hair, the black water fall down her back was a magnificent sight to behold. Song-Mei was initially puzzled as to why her hair was tied up for a haircut. Realization sunk in when she saw Mistress pick up a pair of very large shears.

“No… don’t cut off all my hair!” she blurted out, with tears starting to well up in her eyes.

“Shush! Silence!” Mistress glared back at Song-Mei. The fierce stare was all it took to put the sub back in her place. Song-Mei remembered the script, and swallowed her pride.

“Good girl.”

Mistress then proceeded to hack off the ponytail at Song-Mei’s shoulders. The thick hair put up quite a fight but in the end, the metal blades chewed right through. Just like that, Song-Mei’s butt length hair was reduced into a roughly cut long bob grazing her shoulders. Mistress held up the 2 feet long trophy victoriously and then draped the severed ponytail across Song-Mei’s lap to mock her. Song-Mei tried to hold back her emotions, but could not stop tears from dripping down her face. Song-Mi watched all these in shock from the side of the room.

“Let’s clean you up.”

Snap! Bzzz!

Mistress switched on an electric clipper and pushed Song-Mei’s head down such that her chin touched her chest. Song-Mei jolted at the foreign sensation as Mistress brought the clippers down on the back of her neck. The clippers went up the nape, buzzing away another 8 inches of hair and stopped where the occipital bone was. Mistress repeated the process until all of Song-Mei’s nape section had been buzzed off, leaving behind 1/8 inch stubbles.

Mistress then put away the clippers and went for the scissors and comb. With a scissor-over-comb technique, Mistress skilfully carved out the bob haircut she had in mind for Song-Mei. Starting with the back at the occipital bone level, she angled the scissors steeply down as she worked on the sides towards the front. More hair rained down on Song-Mei’s shoulders and lap as Mistress scissored away. The previously roughly cut shoulder length hair was sculpted into a steep A-line bob with the back at ear level and the front much longer at 3 inches below the chin. It was a very sophisticated and sexy long A-line bob!

All these while, Song-Mi was there at the side watching her sister’s drastic makeover. While shocked at the loss of so much hair, she also found it arousing. Her hands instinctively found their way to her crotch, pleasuring herself as she watched her sister’s transformation from butt-length to a sexy bob. Song-Mi wondered if her sister would have felt and done the same if she had been there to watch her makeover.

After Mistress was satisfied with her newest creation, she took the cut ponytail from Song-Mei’s lap. She took a special belt and attached the ponytail to it.

“Now put this on.”

At that moment, it became clear to Song-Mei the meaning behind the horse figurine she chose earlier. As if the bob haircut was not humiliating enough, she now had to wear her cut ponytail on her bum, like a horse’s tail. And so the twin sisters were initiated that day, one as a dog – forced to wear the cut hair as a collar – and another as a horse – forced to wear the cut ponytail as a tail.

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