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Your Sister is accepted into her dream School, there is just one little Problem

She is sick and can’t attend the School enrollment, which is mandatory.

So your Mother comes up with an Idea, you attend instead of her.

After all you are her Twin Brother, just play a bit sick, don’t make too many Friends and so on.


“Mom do I have to?” you ask.

“There is nothing that can go wrong. It’s important for your Sister. If she doesn’t attend the School’s enrollment, she can’t go to the School.” answers your Mother.

After a bit of back and forth you agree to do your Sister this favor, in return your mother buys you a new video-game.

At the day of the Enrollment, you get dressed as your Sister.

School Uniform, Check.
School Backpack, Check.
Hair tied, with a pink Hairband, into a high Ponytail, that hangs a bit past your Shoulders, Check.
Enough Makeup to enhance the appearance and complete the disguise, Check.
Finally, your Sister’s ID with all the other papers, Check.

Your Mother drives you onto the School Ground and says her Goodbye as you mix yourself under the other new Students.

What you don’t notice is that the Gates are being closed behind you and then locked, as you with all the others enter the Main Building.

You and the others are being led into a large hall, presumably the Gym, indicated through the squeaking of your Shoes and presents of some Sports Equipment dangling from the ceiling and walls.

On some kind of wooden Elevation stands a Woman, letting her view glide over the new arriving Students.

“Welcome to the Rose-Quartz Academy for young Ladies. For the next few years, this Academy will be your new Home, and we will be your Family.” began the Woman.

“Few years? Awesome, my Sister will be gone for a while.” you think, happy.

“You will learn proper Manners, how to adapt into any Situation and not to be overwhelmed by Male Individuals.” explained the Woman.

“Furthermore. All content beyond our Walls is prohibited, for the time you are here your Family will only be notified if there is a Problem or to notify them on your Grades.” the woman continued.

“Wait what? Nonononoo that can’t be right, I am just here to replace my Sisters at this Enrollment. I need to set this straight and get out of here.” you think and make your way to one of the Teachers, who you can see at the Sides.

“We want our Students, we’ll groomed and focused on their Studies and not on irrelevant things, so we will give each of you a simple introduction Haircut.” she continues.

Some voices began to swell.

“I know that some of you don’t want to lose your precious locks, but do you really want to trade a blooming future against some hair, which will, in fact, grow back? Furthermore, each and every one of your parents already paid for your time here, and there will be no refunds.” she explained further.

You have made your Way through the crowd of Girls to one of the Teachers, while the Woman was talking, not really listening to her.

As you arrive you see the Teacher, standing behind a folding Chair, with a Cape draped over the Back and with Scissors and a Comb in Hand, ready for her first cut.

“Looks like someone couldn’t wait her Turn and start early. Well no Time to waste then, hop on.” commanded the Teacher as she took the Cape and gave it a flick, waiting.

Without really noticing, you take a step back, as you see this.

Around you, some of the other Teachers have already started their Work of cutting the Hair of some of the other Girls.

Red, Black, Blond and Brown, Curly, Straight and Wavy Hair began to pile up as they worked their Scissors and other tools.

You feel a sudden push from behind and briefly lose your balance, you stumble forward right onto the Teacher’s Chair.

“There you go, wasn’t that hard.” she says, smiling while she catches you with the Cape and seats you down on the Chair.

“Such lovely Hair, I am sure you spend a long time combing, making Ponytails and braiding it or let someone else have a turn on it. But Academy Rules are Rules.” the Teacher says as she took the Hairband out of your Ponytail and began to brush your hair out.

“Think Fast. I need to say something. Something that gets me out of here.” you think as the Teacher brushes your hair and divides in into multiple parts.

She steps in front of you, takes the front part of your hair and combs it straight down.

8 inches of healthy light brown Hair tumbling into your lap as she slices through it with her Scissors.

You are stunned, frozen in place, unable to make a single sound or move at all, as she proceeds to cut your hair.

“Maybe a bit more.” she says and cuts your new bangs even shorter, letting them end right above your eyebrows.

“Your brows are a mess too.” she noted and uses some tweezers to thin them out.
She’s combing the right side of your hair and shortly after you hear the hungry Scissors strike again, accompanied by the feeling of cold steel at your chin, and more Hair falling to the Ground.

Again and again the Scissors strike your Hair, every time your Hair loses the fight and falls to the Ground.

The Teacher continued with the left Side and reduced your Hair again to your Chin.

Many Eyes were on you, about 10 other Girls standing In a group in front of your Chair, their Eyes following each Chunk of your Hair on its Way down and darting back up to you as it hit the Ground.

You are unable to really focus, find your Eyes looking at them, precisely their Hair, and your Mind shows you them in one of the Chairs getting heir Hair chopped off against their will.

Meanwhile, began the Teacher worked at the back of your Head, combining and cutting your Hair until its length matches the other sides.

“Nearly perfect, maybe another inch?” she asked if she needed any confirmation from you and proceed to cut your hair without delay.

After another cutting session, which reduced your hair even further than she already announced, she also used a small handheld clipper to shave a portion below the cut line, then was the cape removed, and you could finally stand back up.

You didn’t know what to do, so the teacher guided you to one of the doors into an adjoining room, where another Teacher was waiting.

You didn’t have time to look for a mirror to see exactly what the first teacher did to your hair.

The second Teacher sat you down on another Chair, still shocked from the experience you didn’t resist and without a warning or any word from her whatsoever clicked something to your left Earlobe, you fell a short pick and shortly after another at your right one.

Your hand went up to your left ear and felt a small plug in the Earlobe.

After that, the second Teacher held a small Mirror in front of your face, you could finally see what the Teachers had done.

Your Hair was cut relatively short ending neatly around your lips with thick straight cut bangs above your thinned out Eyebrows, each Ear had a small white plug in it with was perfectly visible without any interfering Hair.

You are speechless, never not even in your wildest Dreams were you imagining that something like this could happen, you were looking like your twin sister, but the Haircut lets you look much younger than her.

You remember some old photos from the time when you and your sister were even younger, she had exactly this Haircut.

“Look ahead.” commanded the Teacher as she took the mirror away.

You couldn’t do anything to save yourself, and even if you would find something, it would be too late.

You look ahead, after she commanded you again, and a Flash occurs, indicating a camera.

You blink a few times as the Teacher hands you your new Student ID.

“Welcome to the Rose-Quarz Academy.” was everything she said as she pushes you out the next Door into the Courtyard to the other Girls, all with similar Haircuts and small white Plugs in the Earlobes, ready for the next few Years of Academy life.

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