Two brunettes and a blonde barberette

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Two beautiful long-haired brunettes had decided it was time to get their long hair cut. They had looked at several hairdressers and their choice fell on the sexy dressed blonde Fenna. They wanted to play with Fenna. They would make sure that Fenna would first play with their long brown hair, comb it and eventually cut it off and then shave both ladies very short. The long brown hair was left with Fenna. They thought Fenna would use it for her, perhaps to caress herself if she fantasized about the two brunettes she’d had in her chair.

Both brunettes were quite fond of the sexy blonde hairdresser, her long blonde hair was beautiful and soft looking. Together they had already discussed how they would like to play with Fenna, Fenna had to be driven mad by the beautiful bodies of the brunettes. They wanted to be caressed by Fenna’s slender hands in the barber’s chair, which was not impossible because they wanted to be cut without a cape and they both had put on skirts that sat just above their breasts. So Fenna would be allowed to wipe cut hair from the shoulders and breasts, but with her bare hands, they would ask (or order actually, the ladies saw Fenna as a nice girl who they would like to give assignments … like the main ones their hair cut into spines). They weren’t even sure they would also want to shave Fenna, something that brunette 1 seemed very nice. Fenna would then sit in her own hairdressers chair, the blonde hair would fall off by her own clippers. 

Number 1 was exited, she had the longest hair and would be the first to get a haircut Meanwhile looking at Fenna and see if she liked all that cutting of long brown hair. Number 2 already saw Fenna as an ideal Sub, which she liked to take to bed. Number 2 fantasized that their blonde Sub would spoil them both after the haircut, she needed to be turned on for that. She would watch Fenna cut Number 1 and slowly try to arouse her. So she could get excited about cutting Number 2’s long brown hair. Number 1 would then further excite Fenna to make her fit for their own pleasure. They both felt like running their hands through the blond locks, or the comb and brush (as a prelude to cutting). They were curious about the body of the sexy blonde hairdresser … could they start stroking her with the cut locks and get her turned on?


Fenna was unaware of anything when she saw the two ladies enter her salon. Number 2 secretly locked the door and closed the sign in front of the window. Number 1 talked to Fenna, she longed for the hands in her locks… fingers that would lift her long hair and let the scissors crunch briefly on the head. Fenna was surprised by the assignment to mill the long hair. She took her long hair out of the bun and quietly enjoyed the waterfall of brown hair… her imagination took a leap that startled her… saving this brown hair to caress herself with it. She combed the hair well until it was smooth. Then 2 came up behind her and whispered that it was time to start cutting.

“Grab her hair, lift the lock and cut it off her head, feel the hair let go and enjoy the softness …” Fenna cut the lock and indeed enjoyed it … She showed the lock at 2 , who fanned the lock over 1 and dropped it to the floor. Fenna thought it was a bit of a shame, nevertheless she took the next lock, while the hands of 2 slowly started playing with a blonde lock. She spoke softly to Fenna, that she should enjoy the hair of 1. She asked if Fenna wanted to tell her what she was going to do, then I could enjoy it. Her hands slid down through the blond hair, ended at Fenna’s buttocks. She whispered that she liked Fenna, her blond hair that was so long. She also asked if Fenna wanted a brown lock for herself. That she had to cut it right now.

Fenna got turned on and lifted up an amount of brown hair which she quickly cut and put away. Number 2 was satisfied and said that to Fenna. She had Fenna cut another big lock of hair, she told Fenna she wanted to put it around her neck. Fenna was turned on, brunette 2 was also beautiful, she felt the caress on her buttocks, but ignored it. She wanted to enjoy cutting nr 1. And now she cut off a nice amount, gave it to 2. She twisted the hair and put the lock around Fenna’s neck. She gently kissed the neck around which the lock was placed and softly told that number 1 would like to be caressed … Or she could not cut some locks into pieces and then wipe off 1. Fenna thought it was exciting and pleasant that kiss. She lifted a number of strands and above the body of 1 she cut the strands into pieces of about ten centimeters and shorter. The brown hair fell right over 1, completely according to the assignment.

Number 2 played with Fenna again, she gently stroked her neck and cheeks with her own lock. She asked if this turned on Fenna… who agreed softly and said she loved the two ladies and the cutting of this hair very much. 2 then commanded Fenna to wipe the strands from 1’s body. Fenna slid her hand over 1’s clothes. 1 took the hand and led it to her crotch, where much of the hair was gathered. Fenna gently brushed the hair back there to the floor. But 1 held the hand and slid it under her skirt, where Fenna felt the warmth. 1 told Fenna that she wanted to be fingered by the blonde hairdresser, that she had been fantasizing about it all along. Fenna turned the chair so that she was standing in front of 1 and could be more accommodating. 1 took the opportunity to stroke the blonde hairdresser. Fenna allowed it, and was slowly undressed by 1. 2 stood by and played with the blond hair and kissed Fenna from behind. She whispered that Fenna should cut 1’s hair naked, because she wanted to too. But 1 needed the blonde hairdresser, she wanted to be satisfied in the chair. And the naked Fenna left her hand on the crotch, gently she got down on her knees and sat between the legs of 1. Number 2 stroked Fenna’s blond hair, fingered some strands and took the scissors from the table …

to be continued?  leave a reply,  suggestions welcome!  


inspired by a few hair cutting videos (Nbr 61 / 64) of two long hair ladies on :

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