Two Girls Buzzed at the Barbershop

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Stephanie and her friend Monica were walking toward the shop with the barber pole. Stephanie needed to get her hair trimmed and her mother said they couldn’t afford the fancy styling salon any more now that her parents were divorced, so she needed to go to the local barbershop.

Nervous, having never been to a barbershop she asked her best friend to come along for support. Stephanie at 15 was petite with tiny boobs and had a cute long brunette bob and thought she would just get it trimmed.

They stood outside for a long time looking in at the strange unfamiliar place filled with guys, not a girl in sight. The five barbers had noticed them outside.

Finally they slowly stepped inside and one of the barbers smiling said, come right in girls and have a seat, we’ll be with you in a few minutes.

They looked really nervous. He said I’m Charlie. Stephanie, your mother called and told us you were coming, we’ll take good care of you.

As summer was approaching, the shop was full of boys there for their summer shearing. There were about 8 boys and a couple of men ahead of the girls but with 5 barbers it went quickly.

The two girls watched as most of the boys were mowed down to crew cuts. A couple were getting flattops.

Finally it was Stephanie’s turn and Charlie looked at her and said next. Stephanie just looked at him, and he said, come on, have a seat.

Stephanie walked slowly to the chair and sat in the large old fashioned barber’s chair that seemed to swallow her. He took out a tissue and wrapped it tightly around her tiny neck, then draped a striped cloth cape around tying it securely in place.

Her friend said I can’t believe you’re sitting there in a barber’s chair about to have your hair cut by a barber. You look so cute and vulnerable with your head sticking up out of the cape.

She started to tell the barber to just trim her bob, but he cut her off and said, don’t worry your mom told us what to do. She again said, I just want a trim.

Ignoring her, he combed her hair then picked up his enormous heavy duty Oster 76 clippers and changed the blade. She looked at them with terror. She didn’t know what he was going to do with them. Are you going to use them on me? He said you bet I am.

He then tilted her head down to her chest, flicked on the switch and placed them at her nape, plowing up all the way up the back of her head. Monica let out a loud holly shit, and said,Stephie, he’s skinning you bald.

Stephanie said, oh my god no. Charlie said your mother wants it short for the summer, and continued to run them again up the back again and again.  Just sit still and don’t give me any trouble.

He then placed them next to her ear and sheared the sides to stubble. Monica watched in horror as her friend’s perfect cute bob was buzzed down to nothing.

When he was finished Stephanie looked like a little boy with shaved sides and back. He lathered the sides and back and used a straight razor on petite little Stephanie.

Stephanie was about to cry. Monica couldn’t help but giggle and said, Steph you really do look like a little boy.

Charlie released Stephanie from the chair, then turned to Monica and said your next sweet cheeks. Monica said i’m not getting my hair cut, I’m just here with my friend.

I’m afraid not honey, Stephanie’s mom said she talked to your mother and she agreed that you should get your hair cut too. My mother would not do that.

Well your mother called a few minutes later and said you should get the same haircut as your friend. She also said that you were not to leave here without a haircut and if we needed to we should just hold you down and buzz it all off.

So let’s go cup cake, just have a seat and we’ll be done before you know it.

Well ok, but I just want it trimmed. Monica had beautiful long blond hair half way down her back.

As Monica sat in the chair and the tissue was tied around her neck, Charlie said your mother was clear that we’re to cut your hair like Stephanie’s.

Monica started to get up as two of the other barbers held her down and Charlie strapped her arms to the porcelain arm rests and one strap around her chest. We have these for kids like you that are difficult. Usually for boys but now and then for a difficult girl.

Monica was crying as Charlie said I’m going to enjoy this one as he placed the cape around her, and picked up the clippers.

So I’m just going to give you your friends boy cut, but if you open up your mouth or give us any more trouble I will do as your mother said, and I will shave your head like a cue ball. So sit back and enjoy.

He said, at least you won’t look like a boy like your girl friend, not with that rack of yours, referring to Monica’s large firm D cups.

Stephanie sat there watching her poor friend and said, you better just stay still or else you’ll be completely bald.

Through all of this most of the guys all had stiff erections and were hard as a dorock, as they watched the girls being buzzed.

When Charlie finished he released the girls and said that will be $8  each. The girls couldn’t believe they had to pay for little boys haircuts at a barbershop.

Charlie said, Monica you’re lucky I didn’t go all the way. With your attitude I was about to skin you bald, but decided that you two should have matching little boy cuts and would look cute together.

The two girls hugged each other and cried as they walked out together holding hands.

As they walked home, they couldn’t stop touching and feeling each others napes and heads.

Monica said, I was so turned on watching you sit there under the cape with your head sticking out, and the barber buzzed your cute little bob down to stubble with those massive black clippers.

Stephanie said, oh my god, me too. You look so hot with short hair. And seeing them strap you down and cut off your long blond hair got me so horny.

The girls couldn’t wait to get home and spent the next several hours rubbing each others heads and fondeling each other.

They both knew they loved each other, but they discovered they loved the other ones breasts and couldn’t stop sucking on each others tits. Funny, Stephanie loved Monica’s large D cups, and Monica was so turned on by Stephie’s tiny double A cups.

About two months later, their hair had grown quite a bit, so they decided to go back to where their sexual awakening accured.

Two barbers finished at the same time and said, ok girls you’re next. Monica said, Stephanie can go first, I want to watch my girlfriend get buzzed. The barber, with a knowing smirk said sure honey I understand.

As Stephanie got into the chair, she said she would like a flattop with the sides and nape shaved. Monica chimed in and said, be sure to use the big black Oster Clippers, we both love that.

The other barber said you girls are really into this aren’t you?

The barber tied the tissue and cape tightly around little Steph’s neck then proceeded to skin her sides and nape. The barbers watched the two girls, obviously turned on and excited by the shearing.

Soon Stephanie’s perfect flattop was finished and as she was released from the chair, Monica jumped into the other chair and the barber said so what will it be, as if I didn’t know. She said, you know what I want. Skin me good.

When they were both done and about to leave, one of the barbers asked, did you both cum in our chairs. They both smiled and said, yes twice actually, while we were watching and again when you were buzzing us. It’s such a turn on.

The barber smiled and said, next time, we’ll buzz your pussys and shave your snatch, that will make you really cum. Their eyes lit up.

With that they left, holding each others hands and rubbing the others nape.

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