Two Hot Sisters

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It was only the first week of April but the summer heat was already getting unbearable. Kiera was basically living in her bikini at this point, except when she was by the rooftop pool at her parent’s house, that was a swimsuit free zone.

Kiera’s younger sister Kaylee was much the same. The two sisters were similar in a lot of ways. In terms of appearance, they both had toned, thin, athletic physiques owing to their gym rat lifestyles, as well as having nice thick, straight black hair. That last one had one minor problem given another similarity they had, they didn’t fare well when the mercury rose.

This summer had barely started but already was no exception. Kiera was spending her afternoon by the pool in the buff (times like these tempted her to burn all her bikini tops). Kaylee then joins her.

“Don’t mind if I copy your outfit?” Kaylee jokes just before she too strips down to her birthday suit. Kaylee sits down on the other pool chair and the two start chatting.


“This heat is gonna kill me!” Kiera complains.

“Ugh, same!” Kaylee replies.

“At least we can strip down up here, but even without my swimsuit it’s bad.” Said Kiera

“I’m with you girl, what else can we do about it?” Asked Kaylee

“I dunno, I feel like I’ve tried everything.” Answered Kiera.


They both just sat there for a while as their tan lines faded. Then Kaylee had an idea.


“What if we try going bald?”

“Bald?!” A gobsmacked Kiera replied.

“Yeah, bald. I think we would cool down easier if we didn’t have hair.” Kaylee clarified.

“C’mon sis, I don’t think that’s gonna work” Kiera retorted.

“Yeah it will, I remember when I got my undercut in Junior High, it felt real breezy. And I’m pretty sure our hair catches more heat cos it’s black, let me just look it up.” Kaylee grabbed her phone quickly to verify this. “Yup, it does.”

“I dunno about this” said a nervous Kiera.

“How ’bout I go first and see if you like it?” Suggested Kaylee.

“Sure” said Kiera.

“Great! I’ll be right back” said Kaylee


Kaylee then threw her towel on and went downstairs. She returned a few minutes later with her boyfriend’s clippers, shaving foam and triple blade razor.


“The men’s stuff should give a closer shave, I’m sure the skin on my scalps tighter so no need to worry about cuts” Kaylee explained. She then asked Kiera “will you do the honors?”

OMG she’s not playing around Kiera thinks before answering “absolutely!”


Kaylee sits on the poolside floor just in front of Kiera’s pool chair while Kiera figures out how the clippers work. “No guard” requests Kaylee right as Kiera powers them up. Kiera’s heart races as she starts by clearing a line right from the middle of her sister’s forehead all the way to the crown. Once that’s over with she has no problem doing this over and over until her head is sheared all over.

Kiera was fascinated with what’s left of Kaylee’s mane. Just fine stubble that looked like tiny ground pepper and felt like sandpaper. “Can you do the next part sis, please?” Kiera heard as she was snapped out of it. “Yeah sure, no problem” Kiera replied.

Kiera picked up the shaving cream and started smearing. After she was done she took out the razor.

First she did the top of Kaylee’s head, then the sides, then the back. With each stroke, her shiny smooth scalp became more uncovered. After the last stroke of the blades, Kiera picks up her towel, wets it with the pool water and cleans up Kaylee’s newly revealed chrome dome.


“Wow you look like a bad bitch!” Kiera exclaimed.

“You now?” Asked Kaylee.

“Fuck it, let’s do this!”


Kiera then swapped places with her sister and the whole thing happened again.


As the sun was starting to set, Kaylee wets the towel and finishes returning the favor her big sister had just given her.

They watched the sunset together as it’s reflection lit up their smooth, cueball like heads.




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