Two new employees

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“Anything?”asked Marie to her sister Esther.
Esther shook her head,”Nothin’”
The two siblings had been laid off from their jobs as florists of Queen Bee’s bloomers and they were becoming increasingly desperate for a job.
“Here”,said Marie, pointing to an advertisement for two positions at a female barbershop.
“Cutting hair”,eyed Esther,”I dunno”
“Come on”,Marie explained,”The hours are good and weekends off”
Esther was still not convinced, Marie sighed,”Fine, but I’m not going to the interview alone”
“Alright”,said,”I’ll go with you”
Marie beamed,”Oh, Esther. If you change your mind, you can still apply while I’m having my interview”
“You wish”
Marie called the place and got an interview with miss Alina Hoover.
“Be here by twelve, tomorrow morning”,said the mistress of the shop.
“Yes, ma’am”
The next day, both girls hopped in the shower and spruced them up to be presentable.
Marie and her sister walked briskly to the shop and were a bit intimidated by the atmosphere of the shop.
The barberette met them at the door,”Morning, ladies. Come in”
The boss of the shop was tall and lengthy, her head was covered with a beanie and two hoops were only visible outside the cap
The two sisters entered and Marie said,”I’m here for an interview”
“I’m aware, this way”
Esther sat on a chair that lined the opposite wall as Marie was walked to the manly barber’s chair.
“So”,said Marie, a bit nervous as the head stylist took up a cape,”Should I list what experience I have?”
“Sit”,ordered the barberette.
Marie slowly edged herself in the chair.
“What are we doing?”sheepishly asked Marie.
The boss lady flipped on the cape but before securing it, she tied up Marie’s throat with a paper strip.
“Uh”,mouthed Esther as her sister became increasingly nervous.
Marie had her dirty blonde locks in a bun that was swiftly undone.
The boss lady sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand, then she removed her beanie with said hand.
Both sisters gasped, the barberette was dead, skin bald.
Marie thought the same style would befall her.
She was right, the barber took up her comb and dusted off her guard less clippers.
“Chin down, babe”,said she, tilting the girl’s head down to her chest.
But she changed her mind,”Nah, head up, babe”
Yanking up the scared girl’s head, the barberette started combing her hair back and started up her clippers.
Esther wanted to leave but feared for Marie if she did.
“Eyes closed”,ordered the barber, Marie followed suit.
With that, the clippers were slid into the layers of blonde and as they traveled, they left only super-small stubble if not any.
Marie’s brow scrunched and unscrunched as her head was buzzed almost to the skin.
Jerked this way, her right side was buzzed.
Jerked that way, her left soon was to.
Back on the chest, her backside was buzzed down also.
Finally upright, Marie opened her eyes and covered her mouth at how much hair lay on her lap and floor.
Her head was nothing more than a stubbly lawn that needed a tidy up.
The boss lady mixed up some cream and lathered her girl.
Lather, hot towel, lather again, and let it sit.
Her scalp was pure white now and her barber slid her razor on a leather cloth attached to the chair.
“Standard cut”,said the boss lady,”For all new employees”.
Marie was more shocked at how she spoke rather than what she said.
Razor on scalp, the barber whittled all the down her head and when she was done, Marie had a clean scalp.
The cape was thrown off and Marie got out of the chair, rubbing her head and smiling sheepishly.
“You”,the barber pointed to Esther,”Come”
“Uh… I’m not applying for this job”
The barber looked annoyed,”You came in with her, no?”
“Yes, but…”
“Then you’d applied by accompaniment”
Esther scoffed at the absurdity and headed for the door.
The boss lady grabbed Esther and plopped her in the chair.
Every time she would try to get up, her shoulders were pushed down.
The pressure of the she-wolf quickly exhausted Esther, she submitted herself to have a cloth sheet placed over her but she consciously didn’t like it.
“Hey, babe”,said the boss lady, referring to Marie,”You can take this”
Esther watched as her bestie walked behind her and placed her hands on her shoulders,”I’m sorry”
Esther’s dark-brown braid was undone and brushed.
Marie took up the clippers and dusted them off.
With the hum audible, Marie continued her post behind Esther and with a sweeping hand, Marie brushed all the hair back.
Right on her hairline, the clippers reaped the sea of chocolate tresses and made stubble in its place.
Esther was silent during this, she couldn’t believe her sister would do this.
Crown, left side, right side, and back were all buzzed off and lathered: two coats.
The boss barberette handed Marie the shining razor.
Edging over her sister’s head, Marie tried not to cut her.
But all went well and a hot towel later, both sister’s tops shone like gold.
The barberette smirked and clapped at Marie’s accomplishment.
“Uniforms are in the back, you two start Monday”

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