Two talk show hosts

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Note: this is a work of fiction, although the event that triggered me to write has happened, as you’ll notice when following the links in the text.

And the two protagonists, well, imaginary actions inspired by existing ladies (as most of my stories).

= I’ve made some textual improvements on 23rd of december =


Two talk show hosts


Let me introduce the two ladies…

Wilma and Fidan are both talk show hosts on national television. Usually they work on different days. By exception today they were on duty at the same time and shared their dressing room with each other.

As Wilma had a crush on her collegue, fate clearly favoured her…

Wilma is a young woman with straight blond hair that often comes to a little over her shoulders. Sometimes it is even a bit longer, if she hasn’t had a haircut for a while. And most of the time she wears it loose, with a long lock of hair falling over her forehead just above her eyes. In one word: sexy.

Fidan is a brunette, with long thick hair, usually put in beautiful long strokes, which sway with the movement of her head. That long hair has recently been shortened a lot, unfortunately, which has significantly reduced the amount of waves in her hair.


Action …

The young blonde presenter has long looked up to her experienced colleague, atrracted to her beautiful long dark brown locks. Locks that were now cut a lot shorter.

As a sign of solidarity with Iranian women, Fidan had cut a big chunk of her long hair in front of the cameras. Afterwards she had let her hairdresser cut her hair all over a lot shorter, the same length as the cut lock.

Wilma thought that statement was very special and wanted to tell Fidan.

“Oh Fidan, I think it’s so brave and daring of you to cut such a big chunk of your hair. When I was watching the program I could see how beautiful long your hair was, how smooth you had it brushed, it was really to feast on. Therefore I was totally unprepared for your actions.

I really didn’t expect that you yourself would cut such a long lock.  Because your hair has always been so long, with those beautiful abundant swaying strokes. And now it’s actually, eh… short for you. It will probably take you years to get it back to its old length.

It is still beautiful, but eh, I loved your long hair. ”


And reaction…

“Thank you, sweet of you for telling me this. The sacrifice was great yes, my hair is indeed a lot shorter now. But luckily it can still have nice strokes, even if it is just over my shoulders. It will now be about as long as your pretty blond hair, don’t you think?”

Wilma caressed her own blond locks, she noticed that the straight hair felt soft to the touch. The length was well past her shoulders, reaching just above her breasts. She had already thought about shortening it, back to about her shoulders, as she wore it mostly these days.


“Yes Fidan, I think we have just as long hair now. And you’re right, your hair is still beautiful with those strokes that I admire so much. Something I can forget about that with my straight hair. There’s not much to do about my haircut. And above all, I don’t dare to make such a statement as you have made, although I do support the cause.”


What if…

Fidan ran her hand through her colleague’s blonde hair. She felt how soft it was between her fingers, she also felt an excitement growing… what if she could just cut this hair? The thought of that made her very horny and wanting.

She brushed back some of the blond hair, stepped closer to Wilma to get a better grip on the long hair. Then she looked quietly at Wilma’s face, who calmly underwent the actions.


“I think it’s possible to change your haircut, you have such a beautiful face. Short hair will suit you best.

By the way, your hair is very soft, I guess you just washed it this morning. What do you use?”


Slowly she stroked the locks, let the long blonde hair slide through her fingers, quietly enjoying the length and softness of it. In her mind she already had a pair of scissors in her hand to harvest some beautiful locks. She suppressed the urge to touch Wilma more intimately and let the hair go. It fell back into the mass of blond hair, which now had to be brushed again before appearing in front of the camera.


“Eh, well, nothing special, some natural product that my hairdresser sells. It was washed this morning, at least then it’s good. If I don’t do that, my forelock keeps falling back into my face or the make-up needs to spray a layer of something on it. I really don’t want that.


So, you think I can wear my hair shorter. I’ll ask my hairdresser…


How short should I cut it, not that I’m planning to do it now, but, suppose you had a say in it?”

An opening

She ran her hands through her locks, examining the beautiful long lock that hung from left to right over her forehead as she lifted it. She also let the hair fall back into place, an erotic gesture for the good listener. And Fidan was a good listener.

Fidan decided to give her excitement a further chance. She found the blonde very attractive and wanted to play with the long blonde hair, and more of course…


Wilma was clearly receptive to her attention and had no problem with the touch of her long blonde locks. Fidan had a plan to get Wilma’s hair into her possession…and surprise her at home.

Her hands now went a bit more extensively through the locks of her colleague. She lifted the forelock, laid it back and brushed the hair behind the ear on the left side. On the right side she left the hair loose.

She was looking for an uneven haircut, which would look great with Wilma’s straight hair. One side very short, the other longer. In both cases a lot of blonde hair would be lost, but Fidan knew that Wilma would look very sexy. And that she certainly wanted to enjoy it, she longed for the taste of the blonde. She wanted to kiss her intensely, to feel her warmth and to feel more locks slip between her fingers, but first she stroked the cheeks where the blond hair hung. Her finger gently touched the skin beneath her hair, following the blonde’s jawline for a moment. She wanted to test how far Wilma would take her.


Erotic thoughts…

“I’d like to cut you really short on one side, cut your hair to within an inch or so. That means I’d have to use clippers. The other side I would show off your beautiful hair. I’d take your locks up and cut just below your jawline, a bit shorter then you usually wear it. Straight line from below, I find that exciting.  From the back I would also like to cut you very short. A kind of asymmetrical bob you’ll get, or maybe even shorter… You will see a lot of your blonde hair falling…You may even want to keep some of it. ”

Fidan looked deep into her blue eyes, seeing a twinkle there that betrayed excitement.

“I’d like to cut you honey, make you even more beautiful than you already are. Watching your blonde locks fall to the floor, it will surely please you.”

She moved closer to Wilma and whispered “admit that you want this, let me cut it for you.”


Erotic feelings…

Wilma now also felt the excitement growing in her body, Fidan’s words and the touch of her locks released erotic feelings. The beautiful woman who wanted to cut her hair, could there be more? She felt Fidan’s breath on her face.

Giving in to that tickling in her stomach, acknowledging that she had had an orgasm while watching Fidan and two other women on TV cut their hair…

And now, this offer…


She put her face forward and her mouth met Fidan’s lips and for the first time stroked the beautiful brown locks, which was a pleasure for her lusts.  And she also felt drops of juice moistening her panties… knowing that this was what she wanted!

She wanted Fidan to be pleased with her, for Fidan to run her hands through her hair again.

Getting cut by Fidan… cumming for Fidan, as proof that she did this for her, Fidan her idol.


Approval and reward…

Fidan whispered as she now caressed Wilma more intimately..

” I assume this is a “yes” baby? That you want to surrender to my hairdressing skills. I want to cut your blonde long hair…”


“ Oh yes dear Fidan, I want to be cut by you, and I long for your hands through my hair.

You may have it, it is for you, just like I am for you.

I want to be yours!

Do whatever you want to me, to enjoy me.


Cut my hair, please, make it the way you want it.

Kiss me, I want to feel you inside me!

Put your hand in my pants, experience what I feel for you.”


She kissed Fidan fiercely and the tongues played together, sucked Fidans tongue into her mouth, enjoying every second of it. Meanwhile Fidan held the long blond hair tighter, in her rapidly runing thoughts already enjoying the events yet to come.


Fidan stroked Wilma’s crotch, unzipped the trousers, slipped her hand inside and slid her fingers into the panties, noticing the wet spot, which made her laugh…

Wilma would get even wetter once they started making love., she would get this blonde beauty turned on and cumming after the scissors had done their job. And she would surely enjoy Wilma’s freshly produced juice.


But let’s not forget, there still was this surprise at her home with “which” she could give Wilma a lot of pleasure…as she herself occasionally had when she needed extra warmth in her bed.


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