Typical Florida Girl

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I was your typical South Florida beach girl, drop dead gorgeous with long flowing sun-kissed blonde hair that rested at my waist. Standing at 5’4 with the body of a goddess. Having a sizeable set of DD titties, a skinny waist, and thick ass i was certainly living my best life at being 19 years old. I lived on my own in a small house near the beach. I spent most of my free days outside either by myself or with my best friend Ally. We had many routine hobbies such as longboarding around town, skimboarding/surfing, fishing, and especially day drinking while tanning on the beach or around town. We rarely drove anywhere considering my house was close to everything we just rode our longboards everywhere.

I was always wearing outfits that accentuated my body. Some more revealing than others but its not like it mattered. i was young, loving life, and loving my body.. I mean why shouldn’t i have? Everywhere i went there were always guys and girls looking at me. I guess they loved my features from everything
between my body to my long flowing hair turned heads everywhere i went. I of course loved the feeling of attention. I felt powerful.

It was a sun beaming Friday morning when Ally texted me. I had woke up to my phone dinging, reaching for it it was of course Ally asking if i wanted to spend the day together. I messaged her back “yea totally i’m down for anything. Just get here when you get here and we’ll figure it out from there.

After rolling out of bed, getting coffee started, and stretching, I started brushing my hair out and thinking on what i should wear for the day. As i was brushing my hair out i got lost in the mirror staring at my luscious blonde locks. Lots of women would pay top dollar to have my hair color. Lucky for
me i was naturally a blonde and being out in the sun all the time caused my hair to be beach blonde, thanks to the sun. i snapped out of it and started rooting through my clothes deciding what to wear. Not knowing what we were getting into today I threw on my favorite aqua colored bikini. The top exposed my breast quite a bit, while the bottoms were revealing leaving my ass hanging out. i decided to throw on some leggings as well. I could always take them off if it got too hot or if we decided to tan.

Ally walked into my house wearing a similar outfit. Her mid-back chestnut hair was weaved into two french braids. Walking in with her longboard i figured we’d be skating around town all day.

“hey girl, you almost ready?” Ally asked

“yea i’ll be ready in a minute. let me finish my makeup real quick.” i said while putting on mascara. I never over did it with my makeup. It was enough to make me look hot, bot not too much to the point that itd be labeled as super caked up.

“So I take it we are going skating today?” i said while putting my makeup back in drawers.

“Yup i figured we’d skate around today, stopping at the beach to tan and drink or maybe getting some food.” Ally implied

“Right on, I already got my board ready. Wanna smoke a bowl before we head out?”

“Of course, I rolled a couple joints so we can smoke and skate or toke on the beach.” Ally said excitingly

After I packed the bowl, Ally and I took a few rips each. Once we started feeling high, we both walked out of the door, hopped on our boards and took off. We were skating through down town and not long after we embarked, we made it to the beach.

Ally would always have a lightweight backpack on. we’d throw everything in there we would need for the day. Some of the usual contents including a couple of towels, a speaker, a few joints, tanning spray and a first aid kit just in case.

Once we got to the beach, we both took our leggings off and layed down our towels on the sand. We both applied our tanning spray which left us glistening and looking sexy while tanning. Before I layed down i put my hair up in a high bun. Ally turned on the speaker while i lay down. It was an absurdly hot and humid day reaching temperature of 99-103 degrees. I was so sweaty and hot that any loose strands of my hair were constantly clinging to my neck and back slightly annoying me.

Two and a half hours later we decided to go grab some food. I got up, let my hair down and brush it out, shook out my towel so i didnt get sand everywhere. Ally followed right after. i decided to not put my leggings back on due to how high the heat was getting. I didnt mind, it was only going to draw in a bit more attention.

“Got any ideas on where to eat?” I asked tiredly

“Actually yes theres an amazing food truck three blocks away”

“sounds good lets head over there”

Ally lights up a joint on the way there. We took turns puff puff passing until there was nothing left. I began getting frustrated by my hair sticking to my body as we skated. Having long thick hair makes me so hot especially on heat like today. i threw my hair in pony tail to atleast attempt to stay a bit cooler. I was having absolute no luck.

We get to the food truck and both ordered. We both had mini tacos which were amazing, a little pricey though. i suggested we skate around town a little longer while we thought of something else to do.

“All this hair is starting to really annoy me” i said frustratingly

“Well i can see why. Its so thick and so long. I’d offer to braid it for you but thats not gonna help at all.”

“Lately its been really aggravating me. Its always getting in the way but its so pretty so ive been trying to deal with it”

“I mean i have an idea but you probably wont like it or even consider it” Ally said

“And what would that be?” I said. hearing that made me a little nervous of what she was gonna say.

“I think I have scissors somewhere in the backpack”

Hearing that idea made me shutter. I have never had short hair. The shortest my hair has ever been was at the small of my back. Its pretty much always been down to my waist. i hesitated before I said anything. Ally started digging through her bag to find the scissors without me replying. She noticed i looked very nervous and worried. I started to find words but she cut me off.

“Come on! you would rock short hair! Let me cut it! please? I have a haircut that would look stunning on you in mind”

“It certainly would be a solution but i dont think i could cut my hair. Its so pretty and it would take forever to grow back.”

“Yea but thats assuming you want to grow it back” Ally said almost instantly. Hearing that made me concerned.

“What do you mean? Like how short would you even cut it?” I always have gotten compliments about my hair.

“Come on just trust me. Im not gonna tell you how short or anything like that.. you just have to see afterwards. Lets flip a coin. Heads i win and you have to let me cut your hair.”

I froze when she said that. I dont know what i would do loosing my hair. I dont even know how short shes going to cut it or how its even gonna look. All I could muster up to say was “okay i guess lets do it then”

Ally pulled out a quarter and flipped it. It was heads alright. I suddenly grew more anxious not knowing what was in store for my hair. Ally looked excited, She already knew how short it was going to be severed at.

She went to work on brushing out my hair then pulling it all to the back and tying it off in a ponytail. I couldnt feel how high up it was but I could feel that it was definitely above my shoulders. As she was getting my hair ready i looked at our surroundings. We were on a walkway going along a smaller sized lake. The lake was a bit choppy so i couldnt even see my reflection in the water. That meant all my trust was in her.

Without even saying anything she grabbed my ponytail tight with her left hand and wielding her scissors in her right hand she held the blades up right above the hair tie. She had tied my hair right below my nape.

As sudden as Ally pulling my hair was, I heard the first crunch of the blades sawing through my well loved hair. She started from the right side of my ponytail to the left. I cringed when I heard the unmistakable sound of the first chop. Followed by two more. As she cut more and more pieces of hair started to spring forward shadowing my face. I started to see how short she was really taking me. My heart beat faster at ever snip.

Then the last snip came. With Ally still holding my ponytail tight, my head sprung forward. All my hair was now in a ponytail dangling by Allys hand. She giggled as the realization set in for me. I couldnt feel any hair touching my shoulders or my neck. As i turned my head to look at her, my newly severed hair swung and swashed around. I ran my fingers through my hair and the hair stopped about a tenth of the distance it would have minutes ago.

After the immediate shock i started running my hands through my hair more. i pulled my phone out and used the selfie camera to see. My hair was now chopped way shorter than i thought. My hair was sitting in line from hair line to slightly above my chin. I was shocked… extremely shocked.

“You look absolutely gorgeous! That suits you so much better than i expected” Ally said while simultaneously twirling my ex-ponytail in her hands.

“I cant believe you cut it so short! What were you thinking?”

“Look again, it suits you so much more than your waist length hair! Its not gonna keep you as hot, hair is not going to stick to you constantly”

“You’re right i just cant believe you would cut that much hair off!” I said frantically

“You’re going to love it trust me”

She was right. I did love it, it only took me about 10 minutes of freaking out to realize i loved it. We started to skate away and she was right. It did keep me a lot cooler. When i felt the wind blowing my hair around so easily it made me feel amazing. My head felt way lighter too. None of my hair could fit in a bun or a ponytail but that didnt matter anyway. I didnt need to, I felt so light and cooler. I felt way sexier than just a few minutes ago. From having waist length hair a moment ago to having a slightly above chin length bob was the most intense and odd amount of pleasure ive head…


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