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(This is a follow-up to Collared, but is also stand alone. I think. https://www.hairstorynetwork.com/stories/collared/ )



Marybeth chewed her lip as she ran the clippers up Dana’s nape, trimming away the few jet-black tresses that insisted on remaining longer than a quarter of an inch. Although she’d been doing this on a regular basis for almost a year now, it was still no less nerve-wracking to know that one small slip could ruin the entire style and send both her wife and herself into hysterics of despair and apologies.

Despite loving how Dana looked with the soft, silky near-bowlcut pixie that her chelsea had grown into, Marybeth sighed. “It’ll be nice when your growout reaches the bob stage, where maintenance trims would require nothing more than being able to cut a straight line.”

Dana carefully looked over her shoulder, her smile wrinkling her cheeks just beneath her beautiful dark brown eyes. “I thought you liked it short?”

“I do. You look amazing,” Marybeth insisted as she turned the clippers off and gently blew the last of the clippings away from Dana’s neck. She leaned in close, nuzzling her nose against Dana’s soft skin and placing a few kisses just below her hairline. “But I also like things to be easy.”

Dana’s attempted mmmhmmm melted into a soft moan at the kisses. “We done?” she asked.

Marybeth used a soft towel to brush Dana’s adorable, naked ears clean and ran her fingers through the freshly shorn cap of glossy blue-black locks atop her head. Her bangs were still the longest tresses she had, almost long enough to tease her eyebrows when swept to the side, but the rest was catching up at about a half an inch at a time. “Yup, all good.”

Dana stood up, brushing clippings away from her light pink camisole and moved in front of the mirror. She smiled, as always after every trim, and ran her hands back and forth through her thick mane. “I feel like having you for my wife is some kind of cheat code for looking good.”

Marybeth smiled. She set the clippers down next to her shears and stepped behind Dana, nuzzling her vulnerable neck again as she slipped her arms around her wife. “Having such a gorgeous subject is a cheat code for being thought of as a good hairdresser.”

Dana leaned back against Marybeth, sighing softly. “I can’t wait until it’s at least chin-length again. Just enough to play with a bit more, you know?”

Marybeth nipped at Dana’s ear. “I dunno. I like having your ears so easily accessible.”

“You promised.”

Marybeth grinned, loving the way the mistress/pet aspect of their relationship sometimes bled into other areas. “I said nothing that would contradict that promise,” she teased, smiling at Dana’s reflection. She then looked to her own, with her chin resting on Dana’s shoulder, and at the wealth of chocolate brown locks piled atop her own head in a loose, barely-contained bun. “I think I’m just a little jealous of how cool you are no matter how harsh this heat wave we’re going through gets.”

“Really?” Dana arched an eyebrow.

Marybeth smiled. “Yeah. It must be nice not to have a whole bunch of long, heavy hair clinging to your neck and back like you used to.”

Dana turned in Marybeth’s arms, and Marybeth eagerly accepted the soft kiss that was offered. As Marybeth leaned against her wife, pressing the younger woman back against their dresser, Dana’s fingertips slipped up the back of her neck. A moment later, Dana disappeared behind a curtain of thick, brunette locks as Marybeth’s bun came undone, the silky lengths of her dark waves tumbling free into her face, around her shoulders and well down her back.

Dana giggled, a sound that never failed to make Marybeth’s heart flutter, and traced the straps of Marybeth’s bra with her mischievous fingertips. “You have some pretty heavy, clingy hair yourself, Hon.”

Marybeth quirked an eyebrow. “Which is why I was wearing it up.”

Dana brushed a few of the locks hanging in Marybeth’s face aside, twirling them around her fingers as she smiled. “You know, we could make this a little less tedious for you to deal with. A little less cumbersome in this heat.”

Marybeth tilted her head to the side, pretty sure Dana was suggesting Marybeth let her cut her hair shorter, but she just couldn’t bring herself to believe it. While her hair had never been as glorious as Dana’s ass-length mane at its peak, she still liked to think it was rather beautiful in its own right, falling nearly to her waist in thick, heavy waves that basked in the sunlight with warm undertones and hidden highlights.

“You.. you think I should get it cut?”

Dana shook her head, smiling. “No. I think I should cut it.” With her free hand, she showed off the silver shears she suddenly held, clicking them open and closed a few times. Her smile became a little more mischievous.

“You? You’ve never cut hair before.”

“Not yours, no.” She ran her hand back through Marybeth’s mane, sliding her fingers through the thick locks and pressing her lips close. “I promise I’ll keep it very simple, so you don’t have to worry about it looking bad. Not that you ever could look bad.”

Marybeth had the sense she should probably run, but a certain thrill building inside her kept her rooted in place. She’d always had a weak spot for taking non-financial risks. “How… how short are you thinking?”

The mischievous smile became a purely bright one, consisting only of hope and innocence mixed in one giant Good Feeling container. Marybeth felt Dana’s hands on either shoulder and was spun away from the mirror, coaxed into taking two steps toward the bed as the younger woman pushed herself away from where she’d been trapped against the dresser.

She definitely wasn’t the one who was trapped now.

“I think we kind of set the precedent to not tell each other what we have planned, right?”

“Oh god.”

Dana laughed delightfully. She kissed Marybeth’s shoulder and gathered her long, dark tresses down her back. Marybeth tried to sneak a peak at their full length in the mirror over her shoulder one last time, but Dana’s fingertips at her temples guided her to look away again.

“I promise it will not be considered short,” Dana insisted. Carefully, she put a wide-toothed comb to use, and Marybeth bit her bottom lip as she nervously realized she might not get to enjoy something like this again for quite a while. As much as she trusted and loved her wife, she wanted some kind of guardrails in place.

“Okay, I realize you’re not collared at the moment…”

“Nope, I am not.”

“…but just know that whatever you do tonight, I’m going to be the long-haired one out of the two of us until I say otherwise.”

“So if I cut it short and you decide to keep it short…”

“You get to have short hair for good, too.”

“Roger, ma’am.”


Dana gave a diabolical, teasing laugh, and Marybeth suddenly couldn’t wait for them to both be old enough to make their 15-year age gap seem insignificant. She moved around to Marybeth’s front, smiling and curling a finger under her chin for one more kiss as she smiled. “You will still look lovely and business-lady-like when I am done; you’ll just be a lot cooler.”

Marybeth took a deep breath as her hair was combed a little more, bringing thick locks forward to fall across her breasts. Dana leaned back and hummed thoughtfully for a moment, just long enough for Marybeth to raise an eyebrow. “Just a healthy trim is probably the way to go,” she offered.

“A way, yes. But a very boring way,” her pixied bride asserted. “I seem to recall you having opinions about how easy it should be to see someone’s breasts.”

Marybeth’s eyes widened as Dana stepped forward, using two fingers to take hold of the silky tresses falling across Marybeth’s left breast.

“I think I kind of agree with that,” Dana said, her scheming fingers pressing just beneath Marybeth’s collarbone. She lifted the gleaming shears and slipped the blades above her fingers and around those heavy, dark locks. Slowly, she closed them, filling the room with a long, torturous crunching sound as at least a few years’ worth of Marybeth’s hair was cut away.

Marybeth gasped as it became all too clear that, already, her hair was going to be shorter than she’d had it in decades… maybe since her early grade school days.

“There we go,” Dana murmured. She leaned in to kiss the top of Marybeth’s unhidden breast as she dropped the shorn locks to the side. She then gathered up the locks hiding Marybeth’s right breast and gave them the same treatment, leaving them barely long enough to brush the top of Marybeth’s shoulder.

Marybeth scrunched her eyes closed and whimpered as Dana stepped behind her. “I’m already regretting this,” she said, making another squeaking sound as she felt Dana take hold of another hank of her beautiful hair and snip it away with a decisive crunch. From the corner of her eye she watched the lock fall to the floor as Dana tossed it aside, followed by another and another. There was a new breeze brushing against Marybeth’s back as Dana moved behind her, and it was creeping further and further from her left shoulder toward her right with every crunch of the cruel blades.

“You’re moving awful quickly,” Marybeth said, annoyed with the bit of panic making itself evident in her voice.

“This is just the rough cut, my Love. I’m gonna have you sit for the detail work.”

Marybeth raised an eyebrow at that phrase. Detail work? Did her darling bride become a fully licensed stylist when she wasn’t looking?

A few more nerve-wracking crunches followed, along with a few more gentle caresses of steel against skin almost at the height of Marybeth’s shoulders, ad then the scissors fell silent. Dana stepped in front of Marybeth again, shears trapped between her teeth and lifted her hands to caress Marybeth’s cheeks and then slide back into her hair, ruffling the length that remained.

As much as she loved the feel of Dana’s fingertips playing against her scalp, Marybeth couldn’t help but focus on the fact that her hair simply wasn’t touching her shoulders at all as Dana played with it. Like, not even a little bit.

“Good gravy, I love how easy it is to play with now,” Dana said around the shears. Her smile still managed to be bright, and she nodded toward the mirror behind Marybeth. “Take a look, and then have a seat.”

Marybeth turned, but before she could even see the mirror, she was frozen in place by the mounds of hair – her hair – splayed across the floor where she’d been standing. Just gorgeous, beautiful locks of soft, chocolate brown hair, nestled into piles of wildly perfect waves and curls, forever discarded. And as she looked down, what remained of her splendid mane slunk forward, falling in a curtain on either side of her face, no longer able to be held back behind her shoulders by its own length and weight.

Slowly, she looked up, taking in the sight of the now-jagged edges of her hair, chopped so brutally just below her slender shoulders. It was so short! Like, okay, maybe not short-short, and definitely not as short as Dana’s or a lot of women’s, and maybe really particular stylists would insist it was actually medium length, but – for her, it was short!

“My hair,” she whimpered, running her fingers through the truncated tresses and pressing them to her cheek.

Dana, meanwhile, rolled her eyes and grinned. “Come on, drama queen. Have a seat and let me make you beautiful.”

“It’s so much shorter than I expected already.”

Dana patted the barstool they used as a stylist’s chair. “I’m sure it is.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Marybeth whimpered as she sat, lifting her bare feet from the carpet and setting them on the bottom rung of the stool.

“I believe you were the one who said all a bob required os being able to cut a straight line.”

“I’m gonna have a bob?” Lord, that sounded so short all of the sudden.

“Oh my word,” Dana laughed. “You already do! I’m just going to make it neater. And sexier. And maybe a bit more powerhouse-like, so men and women alike will tremble in fear when they sit across from you in a boardroom.”

Despite trying to be dramatic about the situation, Marybeth had to admit she kind of liked that idea.

Without warning, cold spritzes of water hit her cheek as Dana began wetting and combing her hair, tidying up the mess she made with her rumpling a few minutes before. Using a few clips, she restrained most of Marybeth’s hair, leaving just a small bit hanging free down her neck and past her shoulders. After a few warm-up clacks with the scissors, however, most of those locks were sacrificed to the style guides as the cold, steel blades slide across the back of Marybeth’s neck, a few inches above her shoulders.

Marybeth’s jaw dropped as much as it could with her head tilted forward at Dana’s behest, and she almost stopped breathing as more of her locks were set free from the clips atop her head and shorn away. Soft plops followed every cruel crunch as the shorn tresses fell to the floor.

“I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to walk on your hair when it dries. So soft and silky against my toes!”

Marybeth whimpered. “I’m glad one of us is enjoying this.”

Another giggle, followed by more crunchings and shearings. More and more clips were loosened, and more and more thick, heavy locks fell away as Dana worked. Ever so slowly, with time seeming to have come to almost a complete standstill, Marybeth’s wildly shorn mane was sculpted into something sharper, something a little neater, with a length that left her shoulders and the base of her neck completely naked.

Using a straightener she hadn’t touched since her first shearing, Dana sculpted Marybeth’s abundant waves into something straighter and sleeker, though Marybeth couldn’t see exactly what. But when Dana took a moment to step back and asses her work, Marybeth seized the opportunity to swing her head back and forth, feeling the silky, shiny length that remained brush against her cheeks.

“It’s so light!” she gasped.

Dana smiled. “That was kind of the point.”

“Can I see it?”

“Not yet. I just need to add one more finishing touch.”

Marybeth furrowed her brow as Dana grabbed her comb and stepped forward, Lifting Marybeth’s chin with a curled finger before she began combing a curtain of her dark brown hair forward. Dana was a perfectionist about it, at first taking sweeping strokes with the comb and eventually picking and choose what seemed like singular strands of hair with her fingertips.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” Dana answered. “As opposed to not being able to see at all right now.”

Her lips scrunched to the side in concentration, Dana trapped the thick curtain of hair between two fingers and carefully assed their placement, lowering them just a bit and then just a bit more until they remained just under Marybeth’s eyebrows.

“Dan, what are you doing?” Marybeth asked, a panic building. “I’ve never had bangs…”

The shears paid no heed to Marybeth’s fear, and with one long, solid, seemingly neverending and deafening schnichtk, they sliced away the gathered curtain and left the relatively long locks hanging loosely between Dana’s fingers.

“Well, you’ll never be able to say that again, my banged beauty,” Dana said with a smile. She dropped the shorn bangs to her side, and combed through what remained, humming softly as she snipped and picked at the newly formed fringe. “And I think you’ve been holding out on the world, because you look absolutely amazing with them.”

“I better not look like a little girl.”

Dana glanced down, her raised eyebrow as she took in the sight of Marybeth in her lacy bra and boy shorts caused Marybeth’s cheeks to warm. “Not a chance,” she whispered.

Marybeth tried to pout, but the attempt was ruined when Dana cupped her cheeks and drew her lips close, bestowing a long, soft kiss with a bonus nose-nuzzle afterward. “Go take a look, my love. And if you don’t like it, consider it an inspiration for our next play session.”

Marybeth let the nose nuzzle linger, looking into her spouse’s beautiful dark eyes. Marybeth chewed on her bottom lip as she stood up, forcing herself to take a deep breath before stepping in front of the mirror, much like Dana did back before the holidays last year when her own hair had been cropped short. Funny how history seemed to repeat itself, wasn’t it?

Marybeth almost clamped her hand to her mouth when she saw herself, but the gasp she attempted to smother was never actually born. Her light brown eyes widened as she saw the woman looking back at her suddenly go serious. Her hair–her beautiful, shiny, straight dark brown hair–fell to about mid-neck, where it finally gave in to the slightest bit of curl to caress the sides of her throat. It shifted and shimmied easily with every turn of her head, completely free from brushing against her shoulders or getting stuck behind her back.

Her locks, as short as they were, seemed to hold so much more life than when they’d been weighed down by all of the length before, and Marybeth instantly fell in love with how easy it was to gather up and back, its silky lengths captured between her fingers and baring her ears before thick wisps began falling free to tease her cheeks and neck.

And those bangs – those thick, heavy, shiny bangs that completely hid her forehead entirely. They didn’t make her look like a little girl at all, but rather a totally serious business woman with the way they fell perfectly in place. They demanded her eyes be given the attention they deserve, and provided so much emphasis when she lowered or raised a skeptical eyebrow. All she could think of was Luis from the Ant-Man movies saying, “Look at my hairdo, I’m all business!”

It was a powerful haircut; a lovely one at that, too. She could imagine the looks she would be getting in her meeting with clients, or when giving reports to the Board of Directors. And then there were the looks she’d be getting from other women, wondering if they could pull off the look as well as she did, and, of course, the looks she’d get from her wife.

She turned to Dana, who was suddenly the one looking nervous as she chewed her thumbnail. “So?”

Marybeth smiled, feeling every bit a tigress who stumbled upon a helpless doe. “It looks amazing.”

Dana smiled brightly. “Really?”

Marybeth took a step forward, and then another, watching Dana’s elated expression slowly melt into one that wondered whether she should try to get away or try to get closer. Marybeth gave her no such choice, taking hold of her hands with one of her own and lifting them high as her other grabbed Dana’s waist, pushing her back and pinning her against the bedroom wall.

Dana squealed, suddenly trapped, as Marybeth leaned forward and licked her lips. “I love how much of a risk you took with this,” she whispered, moving her lips to Dana’s neck as her hand slid from Dana’s waist to between her thighs. “Knowing how you might not be able to grow your beautiful hair out as long as you had hoped just because you cut mine.”

Dana whimpered softly, wriggling as Marybeth kept her pinned in place. “Well, like I said… as long as mine can be chin length, I’ll be happy, so… I have to admit that’s why I didn’t cut yours shorter.”

Marybeth stopped nuzzling Dana’s neck, but continued caressing with her fingers. She met Dana’s abashed gaze and held it for a moment before letting her own expression convey sorrowful sympathy. “Oh, Sweety. You didn’t really think this through, did you?”

Dana’s brow furrowed, her eyes searching for an answer she couldn’t grasp even as she tried to muffle the moans that were encouraged by Marybeth’s slowly-moving fingers.

Marybeth smiled, and flicked her gaze upward. Dana followed suit, her face paling as she looked at Marybeth’s bangs.

Marybeth nodded, her smile bittersweet. “You’re plan would have been perfect if you hadn’t given me bangs. But since you did, I guess you better hope I decide to grow them out. Otherwise, it looks like you’re going to remain my,” she leaned in to Dana’s beautiful, naked throat again and punctuated each word with a kiss, “perfect…pixied… princess for good, never again having a hair on your head longer than my bangs.”

She met Dana’s eyes again and smiled. “And, my darling pixie-girl, I unfortunately have to admit – I really, really like how they look on me.”




I hope you enjoyed it! Any thoughts or comments are welcome and appreciated – I always hearing what you thought did or didn’t work.


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  1. This story, and its prequel which I just read, are super hot. Nicely written. I love when the passion between the couple in these stories feels deep and genuine. I look forward to reading your other work!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I don’t always write stories with passionate partners like this, but I have to admit really enjoying it when I do. It just adds something to the whole transformation experience.

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