Undefeated No More

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*Please note that I have taken inspiration from another story I read years ago but focussed a lot more on the haircutting parts. I hope it is alright that I have taken some liberties with the story*

Mistress Kara nervously puffed on another cigarette in her balcony. She had gone through almost an entire pack from the start of the day. She glanced through her balcony windows into the living room where the hanging clock was about to hit exactly 4 o’clock. She knew it was time and looked down below onto the street where a distinct white Porsche was pulling up. She was very familiar with this car as it belonged to her rival Mistress Ariel.

“Of course the bitch wouldn’t be late today” Mistress Kara uttered as she put out her cigarette and headed inside. She closed the curtains behind her and then started to remove all of her clothing. Her naked body shivered as she was dreading the thought of what was about to happen. She tried to moved her butt-length raven locks in front of her tits to preserve some of her modesty but it wouldn’t change the fact that she was now stark naked and about to submit to that 5’2 blonde haired bimbo. As per the stipulations of the agreement, Kara (now completely naked), unlocked her door and left it slightly open. She then picked up a dog collar which was attached to a leash and dropped to her knees in the hallway with her head bowed down. She had never been in this submissive position with her hands above her head presenting the dog collar for her new owner. Time seemed to have frozen for Mistress Kara. Her arms were already aching from holding the collar up while waiting for that bitch to park her car and claim her winnings. She was cursing and swearing at anything and everyone: “I bet that fucking bitch is taking her time on purpose”, “why couldn’t I have won…”

Mistress Kara was previously undefeated in the wrestling competitions that took part between the mistresses at the D-Club. It’s all for fun and games and none of the mistresses thought lesser of a Mistress for losing. However, Mistress Kara had always been one to show off her victories and was so confident of winning that she often made ‘private’ side bets with the opponents.

It had been such thrilling fun previously, with stipulations and forfeits agreed before the fights. She had always been sure to collect her ‘winnings’ and humiliated her opposing mistresses in the past. Mistress Ariel, who was also undefeated, had agreed to the side bet as well. She had to really, otherwise it would give a mental edge to Kara. Mistress Kara had also upped the stakes given they were both undefeated – boy she was regretting that now.

Click… Clack… Click… Clack… A tingle went up Mistress Kara’s spine as she heard footsteps approaching.

“Well well well, would you look at that! Seems like the bitch is house trained. Good to see you’ve found your proper position in life Kara” Mistress Ariel said as she let out a laugh.

The First Forfeit – Foot worship

Kara was already staring on the floor and could not help but notice her conqueror’s footwear. Mistress Ariel was wearing a really slutty pair of high heeled black shoes.

“Well, get started then bitch. You’re already staring at my feet begging to be my submissive. Lick them all over!”

This was it, the moment of truth. Kara was contemplating telling this bitch to fuck off but she would face some severe repercussions from the referee of the side bet and the head of the D-Club, Mistress Lucy. Besides, Kara’s competitive spirit wouldn’t allow her and she was already awaiting the rematch. She also knew kneeling here naked and wearing the dog collar was symbol enough of her defeat.

Kara then leaned forward, extended her tongue and began licking tentatively at her rival’s leather boots. She ran her tongue around the toe area timidly and then worked her way up the sides.

“That’s it doggy, you clean them all the way around. Next you can lick the soles and finally the heels. You’ll take them all down your whore throat” commanded Mistress Ariel.

Kara could do much else than accept her fate. She waited as Ariel lifted her foot to lick the underside of the shoes and then taking the long heel down her throat and sucking on it. Kara felt so weak and pathetic kneeling there like a dog and doing that. She came to realise what her previous opponents must’ve felt like. Strangely though, Kara felt a little aroused by it all. Maybe it was the loss of control, maybe it was the humiliation but something about this was slowly turning her on.

Kara continues to suck and lick her opponent’s foot and then worked away on the other foot as well. Ariel then rested the sole of her foot on Kara’s face and used her big toe to tweak at Kara’s nose and further humiliate her.

The Second Forfeit – Spanking x 100

Mistress Ariel then became tired of seeing her rival suck on her feet (and it took a while), as she grabbed Kara’s leash and walked her through her apartment towards the sitting room for the second of Kara’s suggested forfeits.

Mistress Ariel donned a condescending adult speaking to a naughty child type voice as she sat herself in a hardbacked chair.

“Now you’ve been a very naughty girl haven’t you Kara? Haven’t you!?”

There was a hesitation as Kara considered telling the older woman to go fuck herself and get the fuck out of her chair and her house. But she did no such thing, instead she rose on shaking legs ( and not just because she had been on her knees for so long) and allowed Ariel to grab the leash and use it to pull Ronda forward and neatly over Ariel’s knees in perfect position for a good, hard spanking.

When Kara had suggested this forfeit she had imagined how humiliating it would be for the older woman to be spanked and treated like a naughty child by her. Well, now it was her that was finding out. It was humiliating in the extreme and she was almost crying with frustration as Ariel slapped her arse cheeks again and again bringing up a warm sensation on her pale skin.

Bizarrely though, that sensation was more than a little pleasurable, certainly in a physical sense. It really didn’t particularly hurt her and if there was any doubt of her arousal before during the foot worship by now there was none and lying as she was there was no way for her rival not to recognise that fact.

“Oh. My. God! You are getting off on this! You fucking dirty bitch! Jeez look at you you’re soaking!”

These comments and the truth behind them quickly turned Kara’s facial cheeks the same colour as her ass cheeks, which continued to be stung by more and more spanks. Ariel made Kara count down the last ten, pausing a different amount of time before each one landed. After the hundredth and last spank, Kara rolled off her foe’s knee and instinctively rubbed at her red ass and pouted a look that Ariel couldn’t help but laugh at.

The Third Forfeit – Writing on loser


With Kara already on her knees in a submissive position, the blonde Ariel demanded she put her hands behind her back for the next forfeit to begin. Once Kara had acquiesced, Ariel delved into her handbag to produce a nice, thick black marker pen. This was something Ariel has especially been looking forward to doing.

Kara flinched as the pen came at her face but she held her place as Ariel scrawled in thick capital letters the word “LOSER” right across Kara’s forehead. Ariel laughed and wished more than ever the rules of this little bet allowed public proof, she dreamed of a picture of Kara like this making the rounds at the D-Club but she too would keep their sportswoman’s agreement. Still the look on Kara’s face as she knelt there was nearly as satisfying.

Ariel then scribed “PROPERTY OF MISTRESS ARIEL” on Kara’s butt cheeks before writing the rather more crude “SLUT” on Kara’s left tit and “BITCH” on her right one.

“Lie on your front bitch” demanded Ariel and though it stuck in her throat, Kara reluctantly obeyed and Ariel spent the next few minutes writing what felt like a short story all along the length of Kara’s back. And when Kara asked what she had written, Ariel just smirked and said she could try to work it out once they were done.

The last bit of writing saw Ariel write the words “GLASS JAW” along the length of Kara’s jaw, much to her annoyance.

The Fourth Forfeit – Haircut

Mistress Ariel then grabbed Kara’s leash once more and walked her to a very large mirror in Kara’s bedroom. The huge floor to ceiling mirror was right in front of a bed and Kara kneeled there patiently in between the bed and the mirror. Mistress Ariel then pulled out a couple of items which made Kara’s eyes pop.

It was another one of Kara’s suggested forfeits but it was still a shock to Kara’s system to see the clippers and scissors being pulled out.

Kara sighed and asked politely “What haircut am I getting?” in the hopes of Ariel going easy on her.

“Sit quietly now girl, you will find out soon enough” replied Ariel mockingly.

Ariel then ran her hands through Kara’s hair and twisted the top into a ponytail. “Mmm so nice and soft that hair is. I’ve had dreams about this moment ever since I beat you”. Whispered Ariel into Kara’s ears.

Ariel then plugged the clippers in and set on the bed behind Kara. “I want you to look at yourself as you lose whatever pride and beauty you had left. I bet you’ve never had your hair clippered before bitch”.

CLICK. The clippers turned on and a loud buzz followed beside Kara’s left ear. Ariel held Kara’s head tightly by the pony tail on top while holding the clippers with her left hand and moving them up the side of Kara’s head. Kara’s long brunette locks started to fall all over her naked body. Mistress Ariel worked her way very quickly to the back of Kara’s head as she pushed Kara’s chin all the way down to her chest. Kara felt a tingle go up the back of her head as she could hear more and more hair get clippered. She could see piles of hair on the floor now while her head was still pushed down.

Mistress Ariel then roughly pushed Kara’s head to the left as she started to work on the right side of Kara’s head. As Kara glanced in the mirror, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The left side of her head, and now the right too was completely rid of any hair. She could see her pale white skin on both sides and imagined it was the same in the back. Ariel had taken the buzzed sides quite high up her head too, well above her ears.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ariel blew some hairs out of the sides of Kara’s head and stopped the clippers at last.

Ariel then undid the ponytail on the top of Kara’s head. Kara knew exactly what was about to happen and closed her eyes as she accepted her fate. Mistress Ariel started using the scissors and chopped away roughly at the top of Kara’s head. After a good few minutes of shearing, the noise finally stopped. Kara still had her eyes closed and was awoken by a hard slap to her face.

“Voila” yelled Ariel in excitement as Kara finally opened her eyes to see the final cut.

Kara could not recognise the person staring at herself in the mirror. She had gotten a sever undercut a short choppy haircut on top. How could she show her face at the D-Club with any pride again until her hair grew back.

“You got what was coming to you bitch, don’t look so sad. You’ve humiliated plenty of opponents before, you deserve this completely” mocked Ariel.

A tear started running down Kara’s cheek as Ariel started laughing and knew the submission was complete.

“Well this was fun Kara, see you soon at the club! Oh by the way, the writing on your back! I just wrote our forfeits for our re-match, after all I get to set the terms this time”.

Ariel then departed with a large clump of Kara’s hair in a zip lock bag as a souvenir. Kara spent the next half hour trying to work out what Ariel had scrawled on her back, using a couple of mirrors. She made out a few of the stipulations eventually… TATTOO, PIERCING, ANAL FUCKING, COMPLETE OWNERSHIP.

Kara thought to herself, she had to win the rematch…

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