UnderCut For an Indian Girl

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Priya is working as HR . Her hair is very long and it is hip level straight . side part and well maintained. she has good volume .her mom was saying her to tie her hair . She always kept opened .One Sunday she wanted to go for trim and straightening. She saw a new shop opened in her area and they are painting the boards .

It was morning 8 AM and she decided to try this new shop for the trim . She went inside .she was wearing shorts as she was returning from gym.
There was one old man siting and the shop inside also was having few works going on the things were not arranged . she asked is this shop opened for customers.
The man replied yes mam please come in .

she went in and sat in the styling chair. The stylist touched her hair and told we have summer special offer going on .would you like to try that special.She asked whats that .He asked Where you are working .she told Private Company as HR.He told let me take care and rotated her from mirror facing the entrance and she was watching the workers painting.The barber started to start his work .Priya told i don’t wanted major haircut.he took sprayer and started to spray and told her ok ok. trust me.

Started to spray and comb .he sectioned her hair.she was watching the entrance and thinking .the barber took trimmer and told madam please bend .and bent her head .She told ok and also told please not too short . he told just bend madam. and took trimmer and started to trim the back hair.she don’t know whats happening .his hand was holding her head tightly and passing the clippers back and side .once he is satisfied he lifted her head and came in front.he passed clippers to the front also little and removed her bangs .switched off the clipper and smiled at her .

one of the worker painting board came in started to paint inside cupboards and told board is drying .he told ok and rotated Priya facing the new person .he looked Priya head and smiled and asked the barber what haircut you are giving her .he told watch it . took shaving cream and razor . she asked what is that . he told hold still and took razor and placed front of forehead and removed two inches from forehead .then started to shave the side and back smooth . her complete half head was shaved . only the top hair is left out.he lifted Priya face and told over .

now only trim is pending the barber told .Removed the top section . every thing was covered the side and back .but the front shaved was still showed .
he took comb and scissors and snipped fringes for her which covered the shaved front portion .

once done he rotated her to face the mirror . she looked like she has only fringes cut . remaining hair doesn’t look any change. he snipped few inches and gave her smile told Its Over.

She paid him and left the shop. Once she came back home she was thinking what everyone will say .her mother saw her and asked did u went for haircut . your hair still remains same mess .i should have taken you to the shop . next time i will come with you . now go get ready.she left . Priya was happy like no one able to see her under shaved head .she only enjoyed herself the new cut .

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