Unexpected haircut

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Clara is a 40-year-old woman, quite tall and with a short cut that reaches her ear lobes. She is a hairdresser and in her salon she always tries to get pretty girls into shorter styles because she thinks long hair is no longer the trend and because she likes to see long locks falling to the floor after cutting them . She often succeeded in her intent and when she failed to convince the girls to cut it short she pretended to miss a few strokes of the scissors so that she had to fix it and cut more. It seemed like any other day as she sat in the salon waiting for the next customer and that’s when outside the shop a girl caught her eye. A delivery had been made to the nearby shop by a girl in the uniform and cap of the shipping company but what caught Clara’s attention about her were her long black locks that hung down her back and reached to the bottom of her butt of her. Clara tried to get closer to see her better and heard her neighbor greet “Hello Vanessa, see you next delivery” and the long-haired girl returned the greeting and walked away into her van. The long black hair that hung from that girl’s head was literally driving Clara crazy who ardently wished she could put her hands in it and cut them as short as possible but having never seen her in her living room she thought of how to attract the prey and catch her off guard. In doing so she began to search the internet for some products that she could order and among the various shipping companies there was also the one where Vanessa worked. The plan was simple she had to order something to have it delivered and hope that Vanessa was the one to bring it to her then she would have thought of how to convince her to sit in her chair and be able to cut her hair. After a while she bought the products she needed and placed the order hoping to see her unsuspecting victim of hers.
Two days had passed since the online purchase and towards closing time the shipping truck stopped right in front of her salon. From inside he saw Vanessa get out even if without the usual uniform but with a completely black outfit and with the package in her hand. The sound of the bell indicated her entry into the living room and Clara approached the girl to welcome her:

“Good evening, come in,” were Clara’s words as she pointed to an armchair

“Oh no, I’m the delivery girl and I have a package for you,” Vanessa replied

“Ah, too bad. I thought you wanted a treatment” Clara’s tone didn’t hide her disappointment even though she knew very well why Vanessa had come to her salon.

As she signed the receipt for the delivery of the package she noticed that Vanessa wore her very long black hair in a French braid that ended midway down her back while the last part of her hair was loose and reached down to her butt.

“Here’s your signature. Are you sure you don’t want to freshen up or maybe let’s check the state of your hair?” Clara hadn’t given up on persuading Vanessa to sit down and she knew that one way or another she wouldn’t let her leave the hall as she had entered.

“No no thanks. I love my long hair and I often go to the hairdresser to get special care to make it strong and stimulate growth”

Those words were like a challenge to Clara that she knew she had lost on the good and there was nothing left but to act her way.

“Goodbye then,” Vanessa said as she turned and headed for the exit.

Clara wasted no time and quickly grabbed Vanessa’s long braid and with great force pulled it towards her.

“Aaaaaah!” Vanessa yelled as she tried not to fall as Clara pulled her towards the chair

With a final tug Clara sat Vanesse in the chair while the young girl tried to free herself from the grip of her assailant.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” yelled Vanessa trying to get up Clara kept pulling the long braid down and forcing Vanessa to look at the ceiling.

“I’M CUTTING YOUR HAIR” Clara replied as a wicked smile spread over her face and from her trouser pocket he pulled a pair of shiny scissors

“OH NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” but Vanessa’s words were not listened to and Clara inserted the blades right at the base of Vanessa’s neck and began to cut the thick braid:


Vanessa’s hair was very thick but Clara kept cutting and as the scissors made their way from one part of the braid to the other the tears began to flow all over Vanessa’s face

“Please no, stop!” she tried to beg Vanessa but after a few more strokes of the scissors her grip on her head ceased and her long braid hung helpless in the hands of Clara who smiled at this vision.

“Now choose do you want me to fix your cut or would you rather leave my salon in this state?” Clara teased Vanessa as she threw the braid down her legs.

Vanessa was distraught and as Clara ruffled her hair she saw that she had no choice but to even out the damage on hers.

“Fine, just let me fix them,” Vanessa said as she straightened up in the chair

Clara picked up a cloak and placed it on Vanessa and picking up the comb and a spray bottle, she first wet Vanessa’s hair and then combed it. After a little preparation Clara began to cut Vanessa’s hair with extreme care and precision. Vanessa was still shocked by what had happened and while she saw Clara at her work she also cast an eye on her braid on her legs. Clara was an expert hairdresser and it didn’t take her long to undo the damage she had done and bring her hair up to chin length and after the last cut of the scissors she turned on the blow dryer and began to dry her hair. Vanessa.
The young girl was amazed by the new look and she mostly thought it wasn’t as bad as she thought before starting.
Clara finished drying her hair and after a last look at her client he took the cloak off her and with a smile she asked “what do you think?”
Vanessa was strangely happy and after standing up and admiring herself in the mirror she returned the smile and said “it’s really beautiful, I like it!”

Clara put down her cloak and concluded “this is offered by the house but from the next one you will pay them like all the others”

“I don’t know if there will be a next one,” Vanessa replied

“Then I think I should order something again and repeat today’s adventure,” Clara retorted

Vanessa’s smile counted as a yes and turning away she said goodbye to Clara and left the hall

A little later Clara was sweeping her hair off the floor and as she saw the braid on the counter she thought “I’ll see you soon Vanessa”

The end

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